UPDATED: George Zimmerman Arrested in Florida

Zimmerman_Trial_genericThe Orlando Sentinel is reporting that George Zimmerman was arrested just over an hour ago on domestic violence charges involving his new girlfriend. The Sheriff’s Office, in a short news release, reported that the agency had arrested Zimmerman after being called to a disturbance on Topfield Court in western Seminole County.  Zimmerman’s new girlfriend, a 27-year-old blonde, lives in the 1300 block of Topfield Court. Zimmerman  is now in the Seminole County Jail.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up. I’ll post more if anything else important happened.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that the girlfriend is pregnant which makes the domestic violence charge an automatic felony. He is not eligible for bail.

UPDATE2: CNN is reporting Zimmerman is charged with a felony and two misdemeanors after pushing his pregnant girlfriend out of the house and pointing a shotgun at her. Apparently they were arguing inside the house and he broke a table and pointed a shotgun at her.


From CNN:

Bail for George Zimmerman, charged with felony aggravated assault and two misdemeanors on allegations that he pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend in Florida, was set Tuesday afternoon at $9,000 during Zimmerman’s first court appearance.

A Seminole County judge put conditions on Zimmerman’s bail: That he cannot return to two Florida addresses, except once to retrieve his belongings with law enforcement; he cannot have contact with the accuser; he cannot possess weapons; he must wear a monitoring device; and he cannot travel outside Florida.


Normally, a defendant is required to purchase his own monitoring device — which  can be pretty expensive — but Zimmerman’s lawyer said he’s too poor … so the  judge waived the cost.

During the hearing, the prosecutor also recounted  an additional domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred last week,  during which Zimmerman allegedly choked his GF and then threatened to commit  suicide. The incident was not reported to police.


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42 responses to “UPDATED: George Zimmerman Arrested in Florida

  1. Sandra

    Any idea why she’s the one in jail?

  2. Tamara he was living six miles from me when I was still living in Florida. The jail is less than a mile from my home that I am currently leasing. I remember everything of that time when he shot that young man and then got off. I hope he stays in jail. He is a loose canon.

  3. Katrina

    I hope he gets contol of himself before something else happens!

    • Two years later, no control of himself is even close. The other day, Zimmerman posted on social media a photo of Trayvon Martin’s body on the ground after Zimmerman had shot him, accompanied by a remark equally as sickening. There is no “cure” for his degree of psychopathy. Those who have paid attention know that this is just a continuation of Zimmerman’s usual kind of behavior. It’s really unfortunate that he has one shred of freedom. The Martin family and friends deserve to hear that many of us remember them with empathy and respect – and will not forget the injustice that they received, or the young man who was gunned down, their Trayvon.

  4. Tonia

    Sandra, I can see how you could think she was arrested but she doesn’t seem to be the one in jail, George was arrested, certainly NOT to my surprise. He received the opportunity to move forward with his life, however, he has chosen to pick up right where he left off. He will eventually meet with his true fate. God is always in control. It does not matter how one may think he has gotten away with murder, he will always suffer, that is something I will always have faith in. Remember that these little incidents are now public knowledge because he committed a crime that gained national attention. I do not believe for one second that this is new behavior. This is the very thing that led to the unfortunate shooting death of Trayvon Martin. If he is not held accountable for his consistent actions, he take the life of another. Even if it takes time, he will have his time.

  5. Belinda

    I see it from the opposite view. He is having such a hard time living with the fact that he was responsible for another person losing their life that he is unable to function as the, probably decent,human being that he used to be. The damage to him emotionally had to have been immense.

    • Stella

      No, he was NEVER a decent human being. He has previous domestic violence trouble, molested his cousin for years, assaulted a Fed Agent, thanked his homies on MySpace for taking the rap for him and doing 1 yr in jail, all before he murdered Trayvon.

      • kisha

        Very true. I saw his old Myspace page not too long ago, and he was talking about some girlfriend who had a restraining order against him, calling her awful names. He’s a mess. People are saying “Everyone needs to leave Zimmerman alone.”


        He’s the one doing this to himself. He thinks he’s invincible and above the law.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I can’t imagine that his guilt is causing this, George is a big old baby, if it was guilt he would probably stop picking up guns

  6. Dede

    I am disgusted with this man-child. He now things he is invincible because of the not guilty verdict. I hope he stays behind bars for a very long time.

    • Adam Friedman

      Agree completely, Dede. He is in the process of dealing with a “Karma-rang” : all the grief and horror this moron has perpetrated is now coming back at him.

  7. It’s times like these that make him getting off for killing that kid a lil’ more bearable. In fact, part of me thinks him having to live his life in a fishbowl OUTSIDE of jail is a far better prison than the slap on the wrist he would’ve gotten had he been convicted. Living in hiding, on the run from the media, scared of what others will do to him…far better punishment.

  8. Ashley

    Did he ever divorce his wife? I thought he was still married.

  9. Notice we don’t hear his brother, Robert, defending his actions any longer. Nancy Grace should have a field day with this story.

  10. steve

    this guy has slipped out of so much i hope this sticks to him..at nobody else was seriously injured.

  11. eastjames

    Who is this dumb chick who was dating him and possibly knocked up by him?

  12. Kelli

    Anything Tamara? Anything? You put up a huge defense for Zimmerman on your blog and now his true colors are showing AGAIN. He loves abusing women, fighting cops and killing children

    • Sigh. I didn’t put up a defense. I simply stated that the prosecution did not give the jury enough ammo to find him guilty.

      • AngieB

        After the Treyvon verdict, I talked to a prosecutor friend of mine here in Texas, who happens to be a black guy and was just as disappointed as I was, but he told me that under Florida law, the jury verdict was a reasonable one. He said that if they determined that Zimmerman feared for his life he was not guilty because of self-defense. He said that here in Texas, the jury would consider whether Zimmerman initiated, or participated in, the confrontation in determining whether he could claim self-defense. I hope I explained this right, because it was kind of technical. My friend did say, however, that Zimmerman should have at least been arrested and charged without the media pressure first, and that he thought the Florida law needed to be changed because it made it too easy to get away with a death that could’ve been prevented.

  13. cherry

    Please tell me if I am wrong for asking…..BUT WHY DOES HE CONTINUE TO PULL OUT HIS GUN AND POINT IT AT PPL? TT when I saw this on the news earlier I was at a lost for words. Guns are not toys and should not be used to “get your way”. Its like every time someone does something he does not like he whips out his gun like a child snatching up their toys and going home after they get into a fight with a friend. Ugggghhhh it frustrates me! Law enforcement does not seem to understand that this man has a problem with guns and his anger. The two do not mix well.

  14. ViVaLaDiVa

    you would think this IDIOT has some kind of mental retardation…you got off on a MURDER charge, you got off on a domestic dispute charge and you are still pointing guns at people??? i am seriously wondering if george zimmerman is mentally retarded!

  15. Katrina

    When George got away with shooting Trayvon, I am sure it validated his reasoning for pulling guns on people.

  16. Sunny in the desert

    Good, I have always known his time would come, it may not be now either but it will come. He’s a violent piece of shit but it doesn’t surprise me that he has access to guns. He could probably get a job at a daycare.

  17. steve

    lets hope the felony charge sticks, then he will not be able to possess a firearm and people might be safer.

  18. steve

    TT is there any tea why Mark OMeara no longer represents GZ? News just said he has a public pretender..defender i mean.

  19. steve

    $9000 bond 1500 feet no contact and NO GUNS for GZ or where he stays until jan. when he comes back to court. I bet right now before then he gets caught with a gun.

  20. amy

    Stella (or anyone): I never heard about when he assaulted a Fed or him molesting his cousin? Where did you read that please?

    • AngieB

      We can’t post links but it’s easy to find if you search on google. He’d been arrested for assaulting a police officer when a friend was being arrested, and his cousin and her family (on his dad’s side) say he molested the girl years ago. The cousin has spoken out on this. He was excluded from some family gatherings because of the molestation. He was never a good guy.

  21. George bailed out this afternoon. But NOT before Shellie had him served with divorce papers in jail. For some reason he has been avoiding being served for months.

  22. steve

    GZ cant go get his stuff. The judge said 3rd party has to do that WITH police present. No guns where he lives means NO armed bodyguards around him.

  23. Frank Taffe of HLN fame, bailed his ass out of Jail…smh. Ashleigh Merchant is on Jane Valez right now and it’s good!

  24. Sandra

    GZ was found not guilty based on evidence presented in court directly relating to the charges. His personality, and past history was out of bounds, as was Trayvon Martin’s. Just because he’s a jerk has no bearing on the court case.

    We should all be grateful that if we ever end up in court, we are not convicted because we are morons, idiots, or anything in our lives unrelated to the charges. Otherwise, we’d all be behind bars for one thing or another. I’m waiting to see how this all plays out. Could be his new GF is a psycho, too.

    • George is claiming that the girl went batshit when he said he was leaving her, and Florida. I just can’t imagine anyone flipping out about not being able to sleep with George anymore. Her story is way more believable than his. Plus it is very similar to the wife’s story.

  25. hearMeOut

    She just wants her 15 minutes just like his wife

  26. hearMeOut

    His wife is trying to distance herself from George and get on with her life.

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