UPDATED: Even More Charges Against Teresa and Joe Giudice !

Photo Credit AP

Photo Credit AP

If it’s Monday, it must mean more charges for the Giudices!  Today they were both charged with two new counts in the Federal case.

According to  NorthJersey,com:

The new indictment, returned by a federal grand jury against Teresa Giudice, 41, and her husband, Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, 43, both of Towaco, adds two new counts against each defendant: one count of bank fraud and one count of loan application fraud.

If you are counting, that brings the total up to 41. I broke down the original 39 counts here. That posts explains in detail the question Teresa keeps asking about how this is happening to them.


Here is tea on the latest charges from ABC:

According to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey, today’s “additional counts stem from a $361,250 mortgage loan that Teresa Giudice obtained in July 2005. In the course of obtaining the loan, she and (her husband) prepared a loan application which falsely stated that Teresa Giudice was employed as a realtor and that she had a monthly salary of $15,000. Teresa Giudice was not employed outside the home at the time.”

The new charges each carry possible maximum penalties of 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine. The couple is due back in court Wednesday to face another arraignment.

Seriously, how many mortgages did these two take out?

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42 responses to “UPDATED: Even More Charges Against Teresa and Joe Giudice !

  1. Stella

    The more, the merrier!

    • Linda Moore

      Come on, Stella! It’s very sad for their children!

      • Nicole

        Everything we do in life have consequences. Their children will learn to fend for themselves among families!

      • dee

        I agree I feel sorry for those girls.

      • Yuki wildstar

        I say F them all including the kids. if they get off that will show their kids that it is okay to do what they want and get away with it. Parents indulge their children and they grow up to be spoil brats. i hope that they throw the book at them and they get what they deserve.

      • Barbara

        It is sad, however YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW….they brought all this on their own….. no one forced them…..

    • Anjannette

      If they walk like a swindling duck. . .and talk like a swindling duck. . .how do you think that phrase is supposed to end???

      Seriously, is it just possible that maybe they didn’t think about what the consequences might be for all of the, I’ll be nice here, shenanigans they were putting out there??? And beyond that, did they even think about their children. . .at all!

      The ending of the phrase is. . .the Big Bad Swindling Goose (Fed’s, etc.) will bite your freakin’ head off!

      It’s not new news, that there is a 95% to 99% conviction rate for Federal prosecutions/trials. The Fed’s walk in with probably irrefutable evidence. Hence, their conviction rate.

      Feel as bad as you may choose to, about their kids. . .BUT. . .it’s their fault AND responsibility for any distress and bad treatment their children suffer period!

      I wouldn’t, in this or any other lifetime even think to do something even remotely like these two scoundrels have repeatedly done. And I’m thinking, YOU wouldn’t either!

      So, Stella, I’m with YOU!

  2. JrLeaguer

    I wonder if these new charges being added had to do with the sudden delay of his driver’s license trial?

    • The drivers license issue is peanuts compared to the federal charges they are facing. The state is second behind those charges and it may never go to trial, especially once they are convicted and put in jail by the feds.

      • JrLeaguer

        That is kind of my thinking too. I am guessing that the federal authorities had the state step aside so that they can focus on the big picture, so to speak. I was just interesting (to me) that the day that they announce the new federal charges, that the license trial got another delay. I cannot even begin to think what their legal bills must be up to by now.

    • Anjannette

      The delay for the state trial was carried out, I believe, a week ago.
      It may just be that the Fed’s have a line up of counts that they can add on like trickling it in for some type of effect on T & J’s decision making teams. The effect being to help T & J to make a plausible plea request. Sort of like a Cat and Mouse game, ay.

      • Urethra Franklin

        That’s exactly what the Feds are doing.
        They are putting both their heads in a vice and making it tighter. The government wants a plea deal and avoid an expensive drawn out trial. Though a trial is good for the blogging business.

      • JrLeaguer

        I think that you are spot on with this.

  3. Linda Moore

    Very sad for the kids! What were they thinking??

  4. lori

    I would think it probably doesn’t make a difference at this point, unless these newer scans were done much more recently than the other charges.

  5. Katrina

    I wonder how long it will take the prosecution to present those charges? Plus, there will be two different trials.

  6. jarlath

    When will this witch-hunt stop!


    • Gingersnap

      Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Feds.

    • Beachgirl

      I agree. Everyone knows they screwed up royally, The poor girls must be going through hell and all the media bashing I’m sure isn’t helping. I think the tv show was their down fall.

    • Kat

      Witchhunt? They allegedly committed a crime, so why wouldnt the feds do their job. They shold have been caught the 2nd or third time they did it, which is why they are going away for a long time, cause they they made teh feds look bad for getting away with it for so long?

  7. Vanessa

    In my opinion, I think Teresa’s the one who’s gonna have to face the music in jail. Joe isn’t a US Citizen, correct? He’ll probably be deported, and might have better luck bargaining with the Italian legal system.
    Their daughters will be facing a lot of changes, my heart goes out to them.

    • Janet

      He has to do the time in a US prison and then he’s deported to Italy. This is the end of their marriage. Also, since will receive so much time their sentences will not be staged. Sometimes when a husband and wife are convicted on related charges, the judge may allow one person to serve time first and then the other spouse goes in. I doubt that they get this kind of grace. Too bad Teresa blew the money on things. All that money would have been great to pay for a good defense attorney.

      • Sharnee

        I don’t think Joe will do any time his name is not on those documents he is not a citizen he will be deported I believe only Teresa name was on the loans

      • Mina

        Isn’t that what Jesse Jackson’s son and his wife are doing? He goes, then she will go. At least the kids won’t have to do without both parents. But they have relatively shorter sentences than what it seems Teresa and Joe will get. So, he will serve here, then when he gets out he goes to Italy? Well maybe they could all go and then they could still be together if they make it out ok? Crazy. Poor decisions turned into all this. You know they never dreamed in a million years this would happen. No one ever things anyone will find out when they do wrong.

      • JrLeaguer

        I am pretty sure that is what the Jacksons are doing. Lea and Andrew Fastow (Enron) were hoping for a deal where they could do this too because of children. I am not sure if the Fastows were actually allowed to do this or not.
        Sad that when everyone’s hands get caught in the cookie jars that they then start to be concerned for the welfare of the children. In the case of the Jacksons, I could not understand why Jesse Sr, and his wife could not take in the kids…or maybe his baby mama could pitch in with childcare. Teresa’s parents are much too elderly to take on three young girls, and Joe swore on WWHL that Joe and Melissa would not be on the short list for guardians.

      • Kat

        I doubt he will be deported. But he will definitely do some serious time

    • Janet

      Trying to impress others is what caused. And no one was impressed, because most people see through nonsense. Teresa is a dummy. All that money on handbags, furniture and cars. Nothing to show for it.

      They’re marriage is over. They’re both going to jail for a few years a piece. It’s done

  8. myinfo

    Feds adding charges is a big deal. Joe will get time.

  9. guccinara

    Lost his licence 47 times!!! now that deserves a round of applause. Well done juicy well done – go grab yourself a beer (with a whiskey chaser) and then you can give me a lift to the shops. Dont forget your wallet. Bring Milania too (the little sweet little cherub)

  10. What surprises me most are the banks that loaned this money to these scumbags. I work in a bank and before we approve a loan we do our due diligence and check everything out. If someone comes in for a loan and says they are a realtor, we would check with the state to see if they had a realtor’s license and make sure it is in an active status.
    I hope the courts throw the books at these people, I feel sorry for the kids, but Tre & Juicy should have thought of the kids in the first place. But mostly if throwing Tre in jail gets her off of RHONJ, it will be worth it.

    • Katrina

      I wonder if all these transactions happened at the same bank. I also wonder if it is bank(s) that the Federal Government had to bail out.

      • JrLeaguer

        I was wondering if any of the folks that signed off on these loans face any consequences. It seems that a lot of things were overlooked in the process to approve their loans. As Stephen posted, the loan people have to do due diligence during the approval process.

      • Multiple banks were involved. If you click the link it lists the banks involved for most of the transactions.

  11. G Money

    I don’t know what’s gonna happen to this poor family, but maybe it will make Teresa treat Kathy, Melissa, her brother Joe and their children a lot better. Oh, and I forgot Danyelle Staub!

  12. Kat

    I’m surprised their assets have not been frozen seeing as though they may be paying attorneys using the money they stole

    • Katrina

      I don’t think they can legally do that. You are innocent until proven guilty. If they had been caught laudering money and the Fed busted then, then they could freeze their assets.

      • Sunny in the desert

        They CAN freeze your assets. They can freeze assets adding up to the amount of fraud and beyond for any fines expected to be imposed. There is a Dr. at the hospital where I live that was just indicted for fraud, over a half million. The DA filed a motion to seize all his property and bank accounts. He filed a motion to see if he could have some of it released but he dropped it because he would have had to testify. Too risky. T&J could be getting paid in cash or just cashing any checks for money to live on. I live in California so the laws may be different but I don’t think so. If there is enough evidence for an indictment, then everything they own has a lean against it. Everything. If they sell anything, the Feds will levy another charge.

  13. Roger

    Teresa is truly an idiot. The state of New Jersey should revoke her high school diploma. Even her comments on the show belie her ignorance.

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