Bravo To Premiere Three New Shows in January


Bravo is premiering three new shows in January. And yes, they are all reality shows. One is a couple yoga instructors that speak in a special “meow” language. The second sounds like RHONY meets MDLNY.  And the third one is set in Chicago and appears to have more males than females in the cast. Click through for details if you dare.

NEW YORK – November 18, 2013 – Bravo Media premieres three hot new series sure
to cure those winter blues and jumpstart the New Year.

On Thursday, January 2nd at 10:30pm ET/PT, get a start on those new year’s resolutions with two new faces of fitness guaranteed to make you sweat on “Toned Up.”  Katrina Dawn and Karena Hodgson have taken the web by storm with their website which receives over 1.8 million unique visitors a month and over 600 twitter mentions per hour.  Although the two are business partners, they are also best friends, roommates and much more.  Making no apologies for who they are, these women use their “yoga smarts” to push themselves and their brand to wild extremes. Whether they are speaking in their special language of “meows” or debating the merits of bug propellant, the dynamic duo have created an exercise revolution that has already inspired millions.

“Blood, Sweat & Heels” steps up Bravo’s style and sass beginning Sunday, January 5th at 9pm ET/PT with a group of up-and-coming movers and shakers in New York’s elite circles of real estate, fashion, and media. The women featured on the show include former “video vixen” turned realtor Melyssa Ford, real estate partner Brie Bythewood, modeling agency owner Mica Hughes, affordable-style expert Daisy Lewellyn, A Belle in Brooklyn blogger and author Demetria Lucas and style and pop culture journalist Geneva S. Thomas.  From Harlem to Brooklyn, life in the big city often resembles a small town when the women cross paths in their personal and professional lives. The self-starters built their reputations and successes without the help of a man, but they never underestimate the power of a girlfriend’s support. These independent ladies are aggressive in their pursuit of personal and career goals, but will the cost of success prove too steep as  they climb their way to the top?

Steaming up the cold winter season is “100 Days of Summer” debuting Tuesday, January 7th at 10pm ET/PT.    This new series chronicles a group of young, successful and driven Chicagoans as they navigate the ups and downs of their personal, professional, and social lives in the Windy City over one intense summer. Hooked into Chi-Town’s hottest industries, these nightlife impresarios, fashionistas, real estate moguls and entrepreneurs include Vincent Anzalone, Ray Austin, Tara Clack, Phillips Demming, Jay Michael and Pascale Wellin.  They all work hard in business, play hard in life and attempt to navigate the sometimes murky waters that fall in between. In desperate need of relief from Chicago’s long-lasting winters, these go-getters only have a scant 100 days to accomplish the lofty personal and professional goals they set for themselves. Some will succeed and some will fail, but they all will be changed forever.

So? Will you be watching any of the new shows? Or did a space just free up on an already tight Sunday night?


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10 responses to “Bravo To Premiere Three New Shows in January

  1. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I am tired, tired, tired of these shows that just get a group together and then manufacture drama. I don’t want any more of this kind of drama in my life or on my TV, so I won’t be watching the second two. I will probably try Toned Up and see what it’s like, but if they start meowing I’m changing the channel.

  2. eastjames

    Long time Bravo fan that won’t be watching none of this! Let’s all carry out a peaceful boycott by throwing on some Kinks, or some Bob Dylan or some (insert your favorite intelligent music here) and turning our TVs off.

  3. Reading this descriptions of these shows, it’s no wonder that Andy Cohen was “removed” from his position at Bravo. Other than the HW’s, Shah’s and Married to Medicine, everything else has been a bomb in the ratings department. No doubt these show will not deliver either. Surely someone at Bravo can come up with another dynamic than just putting idiots together with alcohol.

  4. Vanessa

    Seriously Bravo, instead of investing in trashy shows, spend some more money on your creative department. These shows sound a bit like, Work Out, Miami Social, and another one of those shows they’ve had with a bunch of different folks from different strokes of life.
    The shows they introduced last year, like Newlyweds First Years, Vanderpump Rules weren’t worth watching either.

  5. I could see Andy’s days with Bravo were numbered because Bravo’s ratings went in the dumper.

    Bravo messed up a major opportunity to be the industry pioneer of merging a network with social media.

    Think about it. I think the reason Watch What Happens Live was so popular at the beginning was because they were actually having people call in to their show – live – and ask questions AND they were reporting the score of the “question of the night” at the end of that show.

    Why were they so successful? They were wanting immediate feedback from their audience, and the audience loved getting their feedback heard right away.

    They were also interviewing the characters from their reality shows and you could only see them on that channel once or twice a week. They left you wanting more and feeling good because they were listening to you.

    Then they screwed it up by not wanting to hear from their audience any more – no more live calls AND not posting their audience’s comments to the blogs unless they agreed with what Bravo wanted the storyline to be.

    They further screwed it up by trying to be something they weren’t – Andy wanted to be a Johnny Carson with his own late night show. But the viewers only wanted to see the characters from Bravo’s reality shows.

    Bottomline, when Bravo decided they were going to TELL US what we wanted to see by forcing the storylines and shoving stuff down our throats, we revolted by changing the channel to some REAL drama (like Person of Interest, The Blacklist, etc.) where the acting is really good.

    Hence, Bravo’s ratings have dropped off, Andy’s gone, and they’re trying to pick up the pieces by putting more crappy shows on.

    Sometimes these network bigwigs need to get out of their own way and over themselves by LISTENING to what their audience is telling them the audience wants.

    Is it too late for Bravo?

  6. James

    Sign me up for Blood, Sweat and Heels. There was just enough coded language to tell me it will be an “urban” (hint hint) themed show. That being said, I wonder if tt will give it a chance.

  7. Katrina

    They have people call in and ask questions. I don’t think the audience is a good gage right now. Most people say they want more drama and the other half say they want a more realistic show. The fact is there are reality shows on most of the major channels and you can find a show to fit your needs. I think what hurt Bravo was the fact they had the blogging on there website and now we have twitter and other things.

  8. “special meow language?” What the flying fuck? None of these vapid show premises hold any interest. All the same old, same old — gather a bunch of hungry famewhores and throw ’em together in a big city.

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