Some Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Tea To Hold You Over Until Tonights RHOA


Cynthia Bailey Hosts Fashion Show Outside A New Walmart

I have a couple sips of tea on Cynthia and Peter I really have not had a place for so I am going to stick here. First of all, yesterday Cynthia did a fashion show in the parking lot of a Walmart grand opening that also appeared to be a model search opportunity as well. While she was there she interviewed with an AJC reporter. During that interview she mentioned the foreclosure issue. As I have been saying, it is the landlord of the Bar One property that is facing foreclosure.  Property is foreclosed on, businesses go bankrupt.

The big tea was that landlord also owns the building across the street that Cynthia moved her business into.  This is NOT what Peter and Cynthia claim on the show where they make it seem like Peter bought the new building and will be Cynthia’s landlord. However, I believe that the property was foreclosed on during filming, so perhaps they bought both properties during filming, and Cynthia is struggling to speak about things “in RHOA time” rather than present time.  Frankly, I don’t think Peter and Cynthia could afford to buy what is likely millions of dollars of commercial properties.  We will have to watch and see how this situation pans out.

The other bit of Cynthia and Peter tea involves crime in their neighborhood. There was recently and off duty police officer working as a security guard in the area who was shot and killed.  Crime Stoppers posted a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the shooter. Peter and Cynthia doubled the reward contributing an additional $5000.

From the AJC:

Peter Thomas said he lives five minutes from his business and within minutes of the area where Smith was attacked, and believes that those residents and businesses that benefit from police protection should be willing to protect those officers.

“I wouldn’t want to hear that somebody who was trying to protect us was shot,” he said. “If this person will shoot a policeman, he’ll shoot anybody.”

I love that Peter is taking a role in the community and doing his part to give back. Hats off to Peter and Cynthia!

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11 responses to “Some Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Tea To Hold You Over Until Tonights RHOA

  1. I don’t trust Peter. Doubtful he has five thousand dollars.

  2. Stacey

    Dammit, I hate it when a doucelord does something good….Well done Peter

  3. eastjames

    Not sure if Peter has the money for all that but Cynthia probably does. Let’s not forget that she was a supermodel and they don’t come cheap. That’s the most likely reason her mom and sis didn’t approve of their wedding. I think the Atlanta housewives have the majority of ladies who are independently wealthy.

    • Buck Henry

      SHE WAS A SUPER MODEL the key word in that is WAS. She isn’t bringing down money like that anymore. The money she gets is from Leon and the child support and this or that modeling. Remember as with anything that deals with your body it’s a young persons game. Don’t get me wrong Cynthia is a very good looking woman and even looks good with that makeup on. But she still is over the hill and many of those modeling gigs have dried up except for the few that she know personally and/or need exposure (remembe two seasons ago).

  4. SumTypeOfWay

    The commercial properties did not cost anything near a million. It’s Atlanta not overpriced LA, they picked up the property for around 350,000$. They are hidden from property records under a LLC which was also bought by Peter. Therefore since the LLC changed hands and not just the property it’s not going to show on property transfer deeds.

    • The Bar One prop was listed at 1.5 mill shut the fuck up I am not in the mood to entertain fools tonight.

    • Buck Henry

      Peter doesn’t have the money, and he used what money that Cynthia had. Remember when they got married and how Peter just up and left and Cynthia was trying to find 1500 dollars and not her sister or mother or even her had that in savings and they where going to ask a father she hasn’t seen for years for the money. That isn’t he sign of someone that is making bank, that is the sign of someone that is living check to check and Peter is spending that check like crazy.

      Trust me SumTypeOfWay, we will be hearing bankruptcy this or that some time next year.

  5. SumTypeOfWay

    And Peter might no be a business mastermind but he’s not exactly the worse businessman. Hell Donald Trumps corporation has filed Bankruptcy 4 times and he “claims” to be a billionaire, even the LA Dodgers had to file bankruptcy. What non-entrepreneurs don’t seem to understand is when your business has more expenses, than income then it’s best to close down the business. Especially if u didnt sign a personal guarantee. Also is a way to break a commercial lease.

    • Buck Henry

      SumTypeOfWay, Peter isn’t an entrepreneur he is a conman pure and simple. He makes shady deals and try to use other people money to make his fortune and if it doesn’t work out he ducks and runs to another town. Except he found the perfect spot to keep his business going, Atlanta known for so many people wanting to fleece the other half that have money. There’s a reason why the call Atlanta Scamlanta. Peter has champagne dreams on a beer budget and not good bear at that. And that is why he keeps failing instead of building up slowly and having something, he wants to stop from the top and work his way sideways (not my saying, Jackie Mason said it similiarly on the movie The Jerk).

      Also I know how many of the big boys are able to keep playing and filing for bankruptcy and continuing, it’s real simple and many blacks didn’t and even today if possible believe it. And that is massive amounts of debt. The old saying that if you owe the bank 100,000 dollars it’s your problem. But if you owe the bank 100 million dollars it’s both your problems. That is what Trump and many others do, the banks have to continue to lend or find ways to forgive and allow him to continue in business because he owes them so much money. So they give him bridge loans or delay payments for years or months etc. etc.. In a sense Trump for the local banks and investors is to big to fail.

  6. I don’t know what to make of Peter.

    On one hand he seems like he’d be a good businessman, but on the other hand his reaction to what Gregg said to him* really made me question Peter’s character and integrity.

    He just seemed so baffled that Gregg would even worry about something like that.

    I just remember thinking I hope Cynthia got a pre-nup – but as fast as Peter seems to be running through her money, it doesn’t seem like a pre-nup would even work.

    *about being so embarrassed that Nene was making more money than him.

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