Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1We start this episode with a bit of good news for Kandi. Lord knows she needs some with her mother trying her best to keep her down. Kandi’s new studio is almost finished and it looks fantastic!  It’s very “Kandi” with the pink vinyl chairs in her office. Kandi talks to Don Juan, her manager, about her mother. Don Juan says that Mama Joyce may just be concerned about where she will fit in once Kandi and Todd get married. He says he has the same sort of concerns. Essentially, he is worried that Kandi won’t need him anymore, that Todd will take over as her manager. It sounds a little selfish, but it is true that once someone marries their priorities do often change and their relationships with other may indeed become diminished.

Kandi seems a bit offended and thinks Don Juan is only there for her checks. Well, he may not ONLY be there for the checks, but he is her employee and I think he is right to be slightly concerned. Todd and Kandi are already producing plays together and forming business deals on their own. If Todd does decide he wants to manage Kandi, then Don Juan could very well be out on the streets looking for his next paycheck.

Gif Credit: The fabulous T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

Gif Credit: The fabulous T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

At Nene and Gregg’s house, Gregg is doing the housework while Nene reads a magazine. Nene Leakes does not clean houses y’all.  Nene claims she can’t clean because of allergies, or the broom is too big, or she needs a nap.  Surely, these two have a maid, why are we evening going through this fake-ass scene?

Nene’s manager calls and pretends that Nene was going to have a bigger role on Glee this season than she ever was.  With the death of Cory Monteith ,  production was pushed back to deal with rewriting his death into the storyline. Nene’s character is in the high school scenes which has already become a secondary storyline at best.  I told you back in May of 2012 before Nene even started filming The New Normal that she would have a very small presence on Glee this season.  Cory’s death had no effect on her dwindling role, other than pushing back the production start time. Nene is clearly depressed that the Hollywood train is headed for the end of the line.


Cynthia and Peter head to the hospital for Cynthia’s fibroid surgery. She has some jitters and was a bit nervous when they asked her during her pre-op if she has a will. The mood is lightened a bit when the nurse asks her if she has shaved her “groin area.”  She seems caught off guard and answers, “um yeah, a little bit, I mean I did not shave it completely bald I just neatened it up a bit.”  So now we know more than we ever wanted to know about Cynthia’s lady bits. Cynthia asks Peter if he is nervous. It’s clear he is. But he really should have lied and said no. We literally go into the OR with TV cameras. Is that really necessary?

Porsha goes a bit Fatal attraction on the wedding album.

And speaking of crazy, Kenya is trying to move out of her house before her landlady drags her out by her hair. But first, she needs to have some sort of twerking fit.

Apollo is NOT happy with Phaedra and her drama. These two seems to be two steps from divorce.  LOL at the nanny with a comb stuck in her hair.

Riley seems like she has grown up three years in one! Kandi sure sounds like someone who ran off to Mexico and got married.

Peter was doing such a good job taking care of Cynthia until he brings up the sex topic.

I don’t know who to feel the sorriest for, Porsha or Kandi for having crying Porsha on her shoulder.  OMG at the Kordell shade.  He stole Porsha’s anal beads? Come on now.

Kenya in the wedding dress is so Kenya. I hope she enjoyed it. It’s likely the only time she will be wearing one. LOL at Conya’s description of Kenya, tall, black, medium build with weaves and contacts and implants.  I’m dying here.

Next week Phaedra and Apollo get into it over Kenya. Real ? Or just storyline?


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36 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

  1. Gingersnap

    Toot Toot…Do you hear that sound, NeNe? It’s the Hollywood Gravy Train heading out of the station…Toot Toot….

  2. I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* the picture of Kandi & Todd, it’s so beautiful & sweet! :)

    As for Nene & Hollywood…I hope she saved her ‘I’m a rich bitch” money, cause I think Hollywood may be a dream that’s ended for her. Hey, I may be wrong, but I don’t see anything for her in the future unless it’s a movie based in the South & they need a loud mouthed, nosy neighbor lady. Sorry, Nene, but ya gotta move on down the line to the next train stop, hon.

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      I agree about the Kandi/Todd pic. They both look fantastic and very in love.

      • Skeeter

        omg sorry I meant to post the ALL ABOARD to Gingersnaps post – my bad – this kinda shit happens at 3:45 a.m. lol

    • Skeeter

      ALLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!! LOL! I wonder how long it’ll take her ego to deflate. Notice when the show comes on and the group shot is there. Nene is the only one that moves and does a little kissblow. Oh well – my bad – I forgot she IS the star of the show LOL. *EYEROLL*

  3. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Maybe Ryan Murphy will stick Nene into American Horror Story. Maybe she’s the new Supreme! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fiona and Laveau would kill her dead in an instant.

  4. mamacita

    Tamara; I truly sorry about the “Ed” situation . Nothing worse than being hurt by someone you thought was a friend. I can tell you my attorney was not free either. And you are correct that people seem to make assumptions for the nice things we have because of others generosity . I have been blessed by friends and then people wonder where you are putting your money…. there are many people who have come to care for you ; Hang in there Tamara!
    You have something to say and so many of us are in your corner.

  5. pfffttt

    Atlanta has a lot of movies and TV shows that are filmed there. The Walking Dead is filmed in Peachtree City, 30 minutes South of Atlanta. USA’s Necessary Roughness is filmed n Atlanta. Lifetime has scripted shows filmed there. Why doesn’t Nene audition for some of those?

  6. Iwannano

    Phaedra’s little boys are sooooo adorable and Ayden(sp) is so vocal and expressive . His sentence structure is very advanced for a three year old. He is so engaging and bright! My thoughts on Nene; maybe she won’t protest the next time she is asked to go on Bethenny’s show. She got too big and bold too soon. Bloop!

  7. James

    I feel bad for Kandi. It seems like everybody in her life is worried about Todd to the extent it’s going to affect THEIR pockets. Even her daughter isn’t in her side (probably with encouragement from old messy joyce).

    Phaedra needs to put mr. Man Apollo in check. If joyce is worried about any man living off his wife it’s this one.

    Porsha was EVERYthing in that ombre maxi dress. I love those Siamese cats. They should get a little side web series going.

    Nene just keeps me kee kee’ing.

    • It's A Crazy World

      Riley is on her side … that was confirmed last night. I felt so bad for Kandi … but maybe she needs to see this…I’m sure it’s an eye opener for her.

      From what I am seeing, the only 2 people who have her best interest at heart are Todd and Riley.

  8. You can tell it is a full moon. Sorry those jackasses decided they needed to judge you. Crazies wee coming out of the woodwork last night. Even creating ghost accounts to say what they are too scared to say with their regular account. Sad.grim.pathetic.

  9. It's A Crazy World

    I smh at the entire Kandi convo with Don Juan. Yes, he’s her manager – but come on … Kandi has held on to her money for over 20 years – despite all the ups and downs with her personal life. Her businesses … have only kept growing. What an idiot he (Don Juan) is.

    Riley, bless her heart, sure seemed to understand – and disapprove – what Ms. Joyce was doing … Riley is in her Mother’s corner – and told Kandi…marry Todd if that is what you want. People will either get on board or get left….and that convo between mother and daughter told me right there that Kandi is a fantastic mother.

    There was a lot of back tracking on Twitter last night…LOL…but I’m thinking Kandi won’t soon forget any of this. I’m rooting for her.

    • Cami

      I understand why Don Juan had the conversation with Kandi. Whether she realizes it or not her life is about to change with this marriage. When you get married it’s not only a love agreement its also a business agreement. People don’t realize that you are taking on more financial and other responsibilities. It really boils down to change and this is a big change for everyone involved. I believe this is why momma Joyce express her concerns the way that she did.

    • Twilly

      I don’t think Don Juan is worried that she’ll lose all of her money as much as he’s worried that HE won’t be a part of that money anymore. Mama Joyce too.

  10. ZenJen53

    No, NeNe doesn’t clean house but someone needs to iron Greggs shirts. I’m speculating that ur Exclusive on Kandi n Todds wedding was accurate. Makes sense now. Kordell, Porshe isn’t going to practice, she’s come to play ball! Batter up. Phaedra Cynthia unfortunately ur men wanders n last, Kenya does not provide what KimZ brought to the table.

    • Katrina

      Gregg can iron his own shirts. I think underestimated Porsha! I think Kordell thought Porsha was stupid to fight back. I really hop Todd and Kandi are married. Riley said it best.

  11. Cami

    I feel like we saw the real Porsha last night. The scene between her and Kandi spoke volumes about how she really feels. I just wish that she was smarter and made some business moves and connections that would have set her up to be independent but she will learn. I want to know the real deal between Apollo and Phadrea. I feel like she puts on a front for the cameras and the real Phadrea comes out when the cameras stop rolling. Kenya is truly disturbed. Why would you put someone else wedding dress and dance around in it. I ready for next weeks episode.

  12. LoriNYC

    I’m so over Nene and her inflated ego. I’m glad she got her piece of the reality tv pie and used it as a jumping place to other opportunities but she’s not humble at all and that makes her unlikeable in my eyes. Kenya is out of her mind but she did have until 5pm to vacate and her landlord was clearly looking for an opportunity to get in front of the camera. I disagree with some people here, I think when Kenya put on that wedding dress it was hilarious and a good way to “stick it” to her crazy landlord. Apollo is so not happy and you can see it. He’s always texting someone. If these two last another year, I will be so surprised. Although, they do make such absolutely gorgeous babies. I feel really bad for Porsha and I don’t think that Kordell did the right thing by her at all. He showed her no respect whatsoever by ditching her on Twitter and locking her out. No wonder she’s running around insinuating that he’s gay. I don’t think it’s right but I get it. She does need closure. Kordell needs to be a man, sit her down face to face and give her the answers she needs. He could have 100 valid reasons for wanting to divorce her but the way he handled it makes him look so bad. I feel bad for Kandi, everyone is so busy counting her money. I get that things change when you get married but Kandi’s mother needs to get her own money and stop letting her daughter cater to her every whim. Joyce is clearly trying to manipulate Riley into saying bad things about Todd. She needs to stop immediately. Riley gave her mother the most profound advice ever. She’s a good little girl and Kandi should be so proud of her.

  13. Twilly

    I wish Kandi would realize that the people she is seeking advice and acceptance from are the same people that look at her with dollar signs in their eyes. Now Don Juan has every right to do that, but she should realize that he’s her employee first and her friend second. Mama Joyce is really making me question her motives. She seems pretty money-grubbing this season.

    • Katrina

      I don’t think it is really about boss/employee relationship. Kandi was very dependent on Don Juan for manager advice and now Todd has a lot of those same skills too. Don Juan has right to be concerned about his current position in the company. Kandi is talking about getting married and having more children. Kandi is not 18 years old and this will affect her lifestyle some. Kandi is head pf the company and

      • Katrina

        Kandi is head of the company and the main asset of the company, so her personal life greatly affects her employees. I think Mama Joyce is looking after Kandi the way she always does! If Mama Joyce wanted Kandi’s money, she would have taken it a long time ago!

  14. JrLeaguer

    Poor Greggerella has been demoted to cleanup detail by Nene. Kandi and Reilly had a sweet scene together. I get why her daughter is apprehensive about Todd. I think that she likes him, but she is being cautious. She does not have a close relationship with her biological dad and I remember how close Reilly was to AJ and to have him taken from her young life in such a tragic way would make anyone guarded. Aiden (sp?) is all kinds of cute. I am not worried about Porsha. She has a family name and money (Not Kandi money, but more than NeNe) and while she is humiliated, in the end, she will come out on top. Kenya continued to bring the crazy. Putting on the landlord’s wedding gown (that she could not even zip up) was weird and shows the type of character that she has. Poor Cynthia. She is so dense that she did not realize that is was a living will that the hospital was inquiring about and not who she is leaving her wig collection to. It is standard admitting procedure to have a living will on file in case they need to pull the plug. Things can go wrong with even the most simple of procedures.

  15. The 911 call was all kinds of funny.

    I wondered though: did bravo obtain the 911 recording? Or recreate it? Or tape it themselves and use it illegally? Whichever, they went to a lot of trouble to get the implant and colored contacts thing in there.

  16. I do think Don Juan’s questions were valid, but I’d bet shoe money that he wouldn’t have asked if he was working for a MAN that was about to get married.

  17. pfffttt

    From the looks of this season… Nene is like a non factor on the show. Hopefully this will be her last. What exactly is her storyline? She’s home, in Atlanta. BOOOOORING. Time for her to get the Bravo boot.

  18. Katrina

    This probably is Nene’s last season. I like all the new storylines. Don probably would not have a man those questions because normally don’t have to give up anything for wanting to be successful. Men are considered the providers, not women. However, there are women who have no choice to provide, because, there no other options.

  19. diamondgigi

    No much to comment on RHoA but I must say I love, love, love the pic of Kandi and Todd. This is the best I’ve seen Kandi look and she honestly looks like a lady in love. Porsha has egg on her face one week she want to put together a list of things for Kordell to do to save the marriage and the next she wants to call him all kinds of queens and allude to abuse so wrong. She just needs to move on with her life.

    • Crazy in NC

      I’m with you on that pic! GREAT picture of them!
      I wish Kandi would rock the dark locks more often. They flatter her face more, in my opinion.

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