Taylor Armstrong Weighs In on Brandi’s Feud With Joanna

Taylor Armstrong is SCREAMING for relevancy and BEGGING to be on any reality show she can get. So she will be on the upcoming season of Couples Therapy with John Whatshisname with the likes of  the  other John Whatshisname from John and Kate Plus 8 and that one Teen Mom who makes butt sex porn. Only she will be appearing solo, because well, most guys don’t really want to openly date a butt sex porn chick.

Anyway, Check this out. It’s kind of awesome.


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22 responses to “Taylor Armstrong Weighs In on Brandi’s Feud With Joanna

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Although I don’t agree with what Brandi did at all, who in the hell is Shady Shana to talk? Her husband’s suicide and all the abuse allegations were the black eye (no pun intended) to that franchise. She should be the very last to talk.

  2. Joan

    Brandi does seem to like being the one doing the provoking. She just can’t seem to keep her mouth closed… Don’t know that if I were in Joanna’s place that I would have gone to the trouble of getting that T-Shirt, much less wear it knowing I’m going to be photographed!!! I’ll just sit back, watch em’ all head butt and see who is left standing!

  3. puravidacostarica2

    Oh puh leeze… Joanna is a whore and should be on Team Rimes. My bet would be that Eddie had a round with her as well, but couldn’t afford her. And while Brandi is by no means perfect, I believe her. That hoe-bag Mohammed (with the orgies and the creep factor) definitely said Joanna’s pussy smelled — just perhaps in a more elegant way. “Joanna has a pungent aroma coming from her flower garden that made my eyes water. It was horrible and I shall not pick flowers there again!”

  4. puravidacostarica2

    The key word in your blog is “openly”. Too funny!

  5. Tara C.

    I freakin hate How Anna krupa even more now! Brandi may have said some not so nice things, but I believe Brandi ! Joanna looks like a stinky puss kinda bitch ! And Taylor, I’d advise u to shut it! Brandi will release her wrath on you too!

  6. Brandi is a big mouthed shit stirrer who’s only happy when she’s making someone else miserable. Taylor may or may not have been an abused woman, who has taken her fair share of shit from Brandi. Both of them are social climbing fame whores. I don’t care about either one, but of the two, I’d say Brandi is the one who ruined the franchise, with a big assist from Taylor’s husband, the con artist.

  7. SumTypeOfWay

    Don’t care 4 any of these hoes but get real Taylor’s husband did assault her. Look at his history, his first baby momma and ex wife had a restraining order against him along with his second baby momma. So oh yea he he Chris Brown all of his females.

  8. Tango

    Joanna is a moronic slut. How does “Team Rimes” make a good comeback for what Brandi said? So you now support crazy Rimes for being a homewrecker cuz her enemy insulted you? It’s apples and oranges. She should be wearing a “Team Vagisil” shirt if Brandi is correct….lol.

    • Tango

      And Taylor needs to shut it. She was all friendly with Brandi last season when Mauricio was bein an a-hole, talking about single gals uniting or some crap and trying to hold her hand…

  9. belowsealevel

    It never fails to amaze me that these ladies refuse to fade away. When given walking papers, they claw to stay in the spotlight. It doesn’t matter what is exposed or what relationship is ruined, nothing is sacred or valuable to them other than fame and attention.

  10. Chaun

    I love when 2 very nasty, disgusting people go at each other. This should be fun to watch. Hoanna should have kept picking on Lisa, Brandi and Adrianna she should leave alone if she wants her skeletons to stay in the closet.

    • This whole thing is beyond crazy. Brandi needs to keep her mouth shut, although I believe what she said. I can see Mo at a party drinking a little too much and making this comment about Joanna. When Jo made the comment via text to Andy on WWHL about Brandi’s divorce it set Brandi off and she opened her mouth yet again. Now we have Joanna calling the tabloids so she can show off her new T-shirt. What a bunch of craziness.

      • Gingersnap

        I’m waiting for Adrianna to put on a Team Brandi T-shirt….

      • I am starting to see why TeeCee hates the “team” crap. It’s the sort of thing that is best used in moderation, if at all. Joanna’s Team Rimes crap has put me off the whole concept.

      • Tango

        Yes and this one doesn’t even make sense. This is between Joanna and Brandi, how does becoming “Team Rimes” fit in? If they want to be all high school and form teams, it’d be Team Joanna vs Team Brandi t-shirts for Taylor and the rest of the desparate hw’s who wanna be in the fray, with a knock down drag out verbal spar b/w Joanna and Brandi on WWHL followed by a viewer vote…lol. Someone needs to tell these broads how to be immature correctly. Leave Rimes out of it, this ain’t even her fight.

      • Gingersnap

        I’m not into the whole “team” mania either. I’m “team” whoever I hate the least per episode.

  11. JoJo

    So Brandi is at some off-screen Bravo party, tipsy, sitting w/ Audriana who is most likely dissing Joanna & even likely asked if rumors were true about Joanna and Mohamed. Since Brandi knows him and he seems ever-so-happy to make appearances on any Bravo show that he can: RHOBH, Shahs of Sunset, MDLLA., no-filter, rarely thinking ahead, Brandi eagerly confirms that she was told by Yo and Mohammed, that it’s true about Joanna and Mohammed.
    Audriana brings it up at the RHOM reunion, and Brandi is asked about it on WWHL, and instead of being coy, freely admits she said it and it’s true. It probably could have been left at that until Joanna decides to respond by praising Eddie for leaving Brandi. Gloves off now, Brandi adds the piece de restistance about Mohammed’s opinion of Joanna’s conch shell. Now numbnut Joanna is keeping the story alive dragging another crazy broad into the fiasco by having a T-shirt made and making sure she’s papped….like that’ll really get even w/ Brandi when even she keeps trying to leave the drama between her and LeAnn behind saying her kids are apparently happy enough with their bonus mom and telling her ‘fans’ to drop it.
    And all this cra cra can’t even be played out on the TV since the 2 crazy broads are on different shows. No matter, both have slim chance in their reality lifetime to rehabilitate their reps now. At least Brandi got those 2 books out before total self-destruction. And I was rooting for her in the beginning – and all Joanna has left is someone nice to look at in the morning – for a bit at least.
    Oh, Taylor has something to say about all this? I forgot already:)

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