Brandi Glanville Is Already Attempting Damage Control in Recent Bravo Blog

RHOBHBrandi2Brandi Glanville’s Bravo blog has some interesting things in it this week. She begins by talking about her parents and how during the first part of filming she had not been on speaking terms with her Dad.  That whole part of the blog seems to be an excuse for some of her upcoming behavior (i.e. falling down drunkenness). It’s all because she was depressed over a fight with her dad you see. We know that Joyce suggests Brandi has a drinking problem during this season and that causes pretty much the same type of rift as she had with Kim when she said that Kim needed rehab.  Full circle. RHOMjoannasleptwithamillionpeoplegif

Then she tries to undo the damage she did to her friendship with Yolanda by explaining her comments about Joanna.  Mohammed went off on  Brandi on twitter about her comments claiming he would never use such language, (smelly pussy) and that he and Joanna are just friends who have know each other for ten years. Even Joe Francis says differently there and he is supposedly BFFs with Mohammed. Go HERE for Exactly what Joe Francis had to say.  From Brandi’s Blog:

I have met most of these women only once and consider them friendly acquaintances — but I don’t actually know any of them personally other then Lea Black. As we all have seen from  watching RHOBH, last season Yolanda has said that fidelity wasn’t her ex-husband’s strong suit but that she and her ex have both happily moved on in their lives and now have a wonderful relationship that focuses on raising their beautiful children together. Given my own personal past, I am extremely sensitive to all thing infidelity and will always stand tall and have a friend’s back. Yolanda and I had both heard that this woman from RHOM had an affair with her ex during their marriage. While at a Bravo party this other woman stared to walk up to me and when she saw Yolanda turned and ran the other way (we walked away as well). We both thought it was very telling. Later in the evening when asked by one of the RHOM women why I was avoiding that certain person I simply said “I don’t want to be friends with a woman that sleeps with married men” and motioned towards Yolanda. That was all that was said. I was simply being a loyal friend and that was it. Later hearing Yolanda’s ex joke with Lisa and I about the odor situation, I assumed it all to be true. I don’t expect Lisa to back me up on this because of our current rift and her closeness with Yo’s ex — but it is the truth. While I know this is not my business to be involved with, I was inadvertently brought in and just trying to be a loyal friend. Of course it’s Andy’s job to ask all the  hard questions. I wish my name hadn’t  come up on the Miami at all, but it did and I was truthful in my answers. Anyhow Yolanda has asked me as of now to no longer comment on this subject and I will respect her wishes because she is trying to stay focused on getting her health back on track. So as of now if you ask me anything about this subject as (yes even you Andy Cohen) I will decline to answer. I think we all know I am a little passionate about the subject of infidelity because it hits very close to home for me. . .I have little respect for men that cheat and the women that they cheat with and that will never change.


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37 responses to “Brandi Glanville Is Already Attempting Damage Control in Recent Bravo Blog

  1. Can she get a proofreader or perhaps use spellcheck? A lot of people who praised Brandi for keeping it “real” and having no filter seem to be getting tired of her antics.
    Thanks for the posts about ongoing criminal trials! I actually referred to one in a summary I wrote for my “Criminalistics” class.

  2. I’m team Brandi on this one. She told the truth. The fact that Yolanda simply asked her to not comment any further without denying any truth to the claims is telling of who’s in the right here and who’s in the wrong. Lisa/Mo/Joanna are all lying. Shame on Joanna and Mohammed.

    • terry macon

      I’m team Brandi also, Bitches should leave her alone. Johanna,Kyle and Kim if
      You can’t take the heat stay out of the Kitchen.

  3. I preface my comment that I am a Brandi fan. But, damn girl!! Shut your friggin mouth! Prior to now I have always thought that the girls treated Brandi like crap. I never liked the passive aggressive comments made to and about her. I always thought Brandi was just reacting to the way the girls were towards her. I really liked her friendship with Lisa and I thought (and still do) that Kyle is a perpetual mean girl…..she pulls the same crap that she gets pissed when others do it to her. BUT…, I feel like Brandi is just getting to be too much. Going on these twitter rants and then when ppl respond negatively she comes back with just wait and see. Well, maybe you shouldn’t be commenting on anything before the show starts! While I admire her honestly, there is a difference between being honest and still remaining tactful and just not giving a crap who you hurt. I feel that if Brandi wants to continue to be honest and blunt she needs to be prepared for the backlash. Because those (like me) who have “defended” her before still feel there should be a certain level of tact within that honesty.

  4. MaggieG

    While contrite is a new look for Brandi (she must have really pissed Yolanda off) this does not have her voice. Still, she got someone to help express her remorse…that’s something, I guess.

  5. Katrina

    The fact that Adrianna brought it up at the reunion, says that Brandi and some of the other ladies were gossiping about it. Of coursr Yolanda is not pleased. I am sure she told Brandi in confidence. Brandi betrayed Adrian too. I’m sure Yoland did not want her daughter being exposed to all of that!

  6. Brandi was really messy for that one. Yolanda has kids by the man. Brandi has this habit of doing messed up things and then trying to rationalize it away afterwards. She was my favorite on RHOBH, but I realize now that she says such outlandish things because it keeps her relevant. Literally everything from constantly harping on Leann Rhimes, talking poorly about Taylor after her husband died, and just airing out people’s business, makes her a perfect housewife for Bravo. She serves up drama like no other.

  7. ZenJen53

    I think the majority believes. Hoanna slept with Mohammed. I’m sure its not a well kept secret. Joe Francis was brought on last season to spill the tea on. Hoanna n Marta. Andy knew this when he hired her to be a Housewife and his fingerprints are all over this,he orchestrated the whole thing.

  8. Undine

    I used to love Brandi but this latest incident has me giving her major side-eye. Plus the fact that she is on the outs with Lisa Vanderfabulous. Brandi needs to learn the fine art of shade. She could have put Joanna on blast without naming names. Or let it go. You don’t always have to go nuclear just because some catty bitch is catty. Her scrappy persona is starting to wear a little thin.

  9. I just love Brandi and she can do no wrong in my eyes. There’s always an assload of screeching when these broads act fake but we have Brandi here being real to as can be and she’s suddenly the devil.

    Be nice to Brandigoddess.

  10. Gingersnap

    Wow, what a watered down version of Brandi’s “truth”. On WWHL she very loudly proclaimed that Joanna FUCKED Mohammed. There wasn’t a whole lot of gray area in her statement. Oh, and she was “inadvertently” brought into a situation that she parlayed into a whole lotta attention for herself. Yolanda is displeased with her subject, and now Brandi is actually having to eat some of the shit that she dishes out. Swallow hard, you cruel bitch.

    • I’ve been a Brandi fan for some time. I think a lot of your opinions of her will change this season.

      • Gingersnap

        Last season I was a Brandi fan, then comes the Reunion and the shit stained pillow “truth” and I started getting tired of her truth being an excuse to be cruel. I’ll try to keep an open mind about Brandi, but I have to admit, at this point it’s pretty closed.

      • I like Brandi, too, even though she’s messy. She’s trying to avoid a lawsuit. And she doesn’t want to be on the outs with Yolanda.

      • Undine

        Ooh what’s the tea? From all appearances it appears Brandi has gotten a big head/ego. She was love able and like able initially, but she has ridden the wronged wife train far enough. I was rooting for her to come out on top but she is neither clever or grounded enough to pull it off. And rumor is she is now hobnobbing with Kyle? I can’t. With this. Bitch.

      • I have been a Brandi fan too but dang! It is getting a bit harder to be in her corner! The women she goes after though I usually can not stand so that does make it much easier to remain a fan of hers. For now anyway.

      • But Lisa Vanderpump is next …

      • I like Lisa. Brandi keeps saying it is just a bump in the friendship. If she goes after Lisa with the gusto she went after Adrianne last season I doubt I will be a fan much longer. I know Lisa is just as bad just more intelligent and charming when she goes after a person then Brandi is but Lisa is way more likeable. We haven’t seen her drunk on her ass anyway. Or with a tampon string hanging out of her kootch.

  11. therealdeb

    i think in this day and age so many people “water down” the truth or out right lie to avoid hurt feelings. brandi i think speaks before she thinks and that is what gets her in trouble. she calls a spade a spade and lets it all go, she does need to learn to be a bit more smooth about it. instead of soft hints about a situation she just flat out lets loose, i am sorta like that. where i differ is i have a smoothness that people wonder if i have really said what i have intimated. sometimes a raised eyebrow says more than revealing that someones snatch is smelly.

    • puravidacostarica2

      I agree. But, if one is at all familiar with and/or open to astrology, they will say “amen!” Or “yup” or “oy vey” when I note that the traits exhibited by Brandi are often associated with Scorpios and Scorpio Risings. Some Scorpios learn to sometimes control it but invariably, the #facepalm or #girlisgonnagetheatforthat comment will escape their mouths. Aries usually speak out of anger, but Scorpios usually lash out blindly and, damn, what comes out of a Scorpio’s mouth stings for a loonnng time.

      • therealdeb

        my 10 yr old daughter is a scorpio, that explains a lot.

      • RVA

        Oh dear! I am a scorpio and well…yeah!

        Just yesterday I put my foot in my mouth and I’m trying to figure out how to clean it up.
        I would love to read more about these scorpio traits and characteristics. Where can I find it?

  12. Everyone keeps saying that Brandi speaks before she thinks and it’s just not her fault. You know who else speaks before they think? Children. And what do we tell them? Grow up. It’s not an incurable affliction. Giving her a free ticket is stupid.

    One wonders though….seems like David Foster’s wife has been upset by this. Very powerful man in the entertainment industry, that. And Andy Cohen has been somewhat demoted. One wonders.

    Back to Brandi though: how one note and boring is a person who LIVES her life for and about a selfish personal cause. You picked a crappy guy who cheated on you. That was your stupidity because it seems like it was obvious. But, shit happens. Get over it. Move on. Stop hiding behind that like it is your ticket in life. It’s something you should be embarrassed about. Not wear on your forehead. The forehead display only makes you look weak and stupid. Sympathy has run out.

  13. Drake

    Brandi hates cheaters and infidelity, but we see her openly kissing a married woman on the show. Ok then. Is she saying if it’s between the same sex, it’s okay? What a putdown to the gay community. Why doesn’t anybody get this??? It is the same as if she was kissing another woman’s husband. If it isn’t, then we we are saying same sex relationships aren’t equal or don’t matter. The blind love and praise of her is very puzzling.

  14. So TMZ has footage of Brandi being so drunk on her birthday that two guys had to carry her to the car. Can you see why Joyce may have suggested she needs rehab?

    • JrLeaguer

      Having to be helped out of the club on your birthday when you are in your 20’s is one thing…but it just looks sad when you are over 40 and still doing it.

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