Joe Giudice Has Another Run In With The Law!


Joe Giudice has had yet another run in with the law.  One would think he would be trying to walk the straight and narrow with two major criminal cases currently pending.  But not our Juicy.  Juicy was pulled over for reckless driving in a school zone last week.

According to

The already-indicted reality show hubby with a long history of driver’s license suspensions was cited by police last week in his hometown of Montville, N.J., for careless driving in a school zone, according to a copy of the citation obtained by ABC News.

Montville Township Administrator Victor Canning said Giudice, on Nov. 5, swerved into oncoming traffic lanes as a police car approached.

According to New Jersey motor vehicle regulations, Giudice faces a fine of up to $200 and/or up to 15 days in jail for the latest citation. State records show his license has been suspended 47 times since he first became a New Jersey driver in 1987.

 FORTY SEVEN TIMES?  Is that even possible? Dang!


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33 responses to “Joe Giudice Has Another Run In With The Law!

  1. Susan

    some people think the law is for other people and not them. Joe probably just laughed and said oh well!!!

  2. Urethra Franklin

    Suspended 47 times in 26 years? That’s almost twice a year on average. Thank goodness that there is no driving in prison.

    • He should have his licens suspended for good, and only used when he has to drive for work. Oh! I forgot he is going to jail for sometime (consecutively) on his driving issues, bank fraud, check grand, bankruptcy fraud; etc.

  3. Shellbelle

    47 times?! Holy balls!

  4. Shellbelle

    I’m sure it wasn’t his fault…

  5. TamarAngela

    Good Lawd…. I TRIED to like my home town folk but come on now!

  6. Katrina

    He must have been going over 20 mph or no seat belt. He has a lot of citations. He must have his license back; otherwise, they would have taken him straight to jail.

  7. Tara C.

    Honesty TT, I really want these two to do some jail time! I feel bad for the kids , but it’s time to pay the Piper! These two think they are above the law! It’s high time they face a Jury of their Peers and go “away” , as they call it in Jersey.

    • Tara C.

      And Furthermore ,Juicy Joe, A word of advice. When you are up on charges for other offenses, you don’t get into more trouble with the Law!! Juicy I hope u like the color Orange!

    • SaraK

      Let’s be honest…they have every reason to believe they are above the law when they get away with all they have. Why would you care about driving safely when you can get your licensed suspended 47 times and not permenately revoked? Without consequences for doing wrong, there is no reason to change behavior.

      • Anjannett

        Well clearly, when the state of New Jersey sees no reason to permanently revoke his license AND even if they did he would steal his look alike brothers’ license and birth cert. to again obtain a news license (oh wait, he already got busted for that personal choice), WHY would he ever think that he (or his dunce wife) SHOULD OBEY ANY LAWS of this nation that he isn’t even a citizen of??

    • Teresa

      In Tn.we know no one gets past all this with the law. But, we also know this can’t be all reality. Something is wrong.

  8. Tango

    How do you even get that many suspensions and still keep gettin reinstated? Somethin smells funny in that county…same way with the bankers that forked over loot on all their funny loans. There’s got to be a ton of backscratching/favors/bribes goin on in NJ.

    • You would think after the 4th, 5th, or 10th time the license would be permanently revoked. This has to be an error in the records or something no? In GA you get points for offenses and when you hit a certain number your license is revoked.

  9. i cannot believe they gave him his license back, that is nuts. the reason they think that they can get away with all this financial crap they pulled is because they have never been really punished for any of their wrong doing. i had a client who was trying to answer her cell phone (back when they were only flip phones) and she dropped it and tried to pick it up. she swerved, ran over a man and he damn near died, has never been the same, the damage to his brain was pretty bad, he could no longer work, lost his wife, his family because he was so not who he used to be. she was sick, it was one of the first accidents of this kind in our state and she was punished according to the law which wasn’t much at the time. she has also never been the same. that was one incident, a good driver, she did take her punishment. took her years to drive a car again, and that was after she was allowed to get her license back. see, she has a conscience, joe and his wife have none.

  10. Vivaladiva

    Come on now Joe knows as well as we all do that he is going to jail or going back to the old country or else he would not be so recklessly breaking the law. You know he is thinking what the hell am I gonna do, sit at home an do nuthin or be out doin whut I want until then?

    • Anjannett

      If this slimey gut bucket has no regard for the children that he is driving around at his child’s school, exactly what care does anybody think that he will have for any one else in any given circumstance that he happens to be driving in and around?

      The level of reckless disregard Joe Giudice has for everyone is so blasted obvious it’s criminal. And yet, he still has a driver’s license. His idiot wife still believes in this ratbag jaggoff. Then, there are the blind and stupid followers that equally tout their virtues (which are basically non-existent).

      What the H is wrong with the current state of any humanity, that sees a reason to positively support these scummy warts on the rear of bottom feeders??? Even family members should abandon ship on this couple of f-ups. They aren’t just rude, they’re sick!

  11. kisha

    I thought in NJ if your license was suspended 3 times, it gets permanently revoked. Or maybe that was a long time ago. Either way, the fact that he’s driving after he was busted with drinking and using his brother’s license is beyond me.

    • Mina

      That’s how it used to be in Jersey. There is some messy stuff going on here, no state allows this. Is there an official that they are in bed with, or what? I was a police officer, NYPD and in Charlotte in the 80’s and 90’s, and they didn’t play this kind of foolishness. I don’t know what goes on nowadays. I am in corp America now, so I am out of the loop. I have never seen such craziness. What license did he have on him at the time? Was it his, his brother’s, or someone else’s? I agree with Vivaldiva, he knows he is through in the end, so who cares anymore. Yeesh..

      • kisha

        Yeah, I’m from Jersey (still here), but I don’t really keep up with automotive laws. When I saw last season, I kept thinking “Why is he even driving?” I refused to believe that NJ would reinstate his license. Guess I was wrong. All I know is, if he still lived in Bergen County, Judge DeNice would have burned Juicy’s license. That dude does not play around with traffic issues.

  12. medicated fan

    Clearly, these people think the laws of our country do not apply to them. Someone needs to show them that they apply to all.

  13. peachteachr

    I really hate to disappoint you good people. My only brother was an alcoholic from his teenage years. On one weekend a few years (maybe 4) ago, he got 2 DUI’s in one weekend. He never lost his license except for short periods of time. I use to sit at home and wonder how to hope. Would it be a wreck where only he was injuried or some innocent person have their lives destroyed? There is some underground law enforcement routine here in Ga. where it becomes a revolving door for offenders. I could only watch in amazement each time he got a new permit. If it had been me, I’m sure I would have been put under the jail. My brother has been dead for almost 2 years so perhaps things have changed. Juciy seems to indicate otherwise.

    • Anjannette

      Bless Your Heart Peachteachr!

      The spirit/soul of your brother is working out the stuff he needs to still work out, on the other side. He’s a much better person/soul now there than he was here. And he is around you to give you the best of him, now because he loves YOU so very much.

      Always Blessings, Never Losses.

  14. Teresa

    If he isn’t a citizen, how did he get a license?

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