WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Mark Consuelos

WWHLOkay, Let’s just see if Brandi hits on Mark Consuelos. Because excuse me Kelly Ripa, I TOTALLY WOULD. *pause* ANDY NEEDS A NEW HAIR STYLIST DESPERATELY. Wait  right here while I tell him. Sorry I am back. Someone needs a fag hag. JUST SAYING.

Brandi’s boobs are hanging out, and she has molested Andy’s dad many times in appropriately. He seems to be encouraging that. BUT he apologized to the Canookians for not calling them immigrants. Dear God. This is why the rest of the world thinks we are morons. Hang on, let me tweet him again. I still don’t think he gets what he did wrong. WHITE PEOPLE are not immigrants?  Come on Andrew.

Andy straight up asks about Joanna and Mo.  Brandi says, ” Joanna had sex with Mo.”  DUH. I thought we all knew this was why Yolanda was cast? Mohammed fucked Joanna and Yo don’t play. BIG MISTAKE MO. HUUUGE.  Brandi says it is one of  many of Mo’s affairs. But it was just when Joanna walked up to her, because she was a friend of Yolanda she had to go.

Brandi Questions:

Are you still dating your realtor boyfriend? Do you have a thing for Latinos? What about Mark?  She goes to the Mark question and says she doesn’t do dimples any more. It’s deformity. Andy follows up after she says that Mark is married blah blah blah and she admits she still fucks the realtor. But I DON’T BELEIVE HER.

Meanwhile Mo tweeted in that he and Joanna do  have a relationship as friends for ten years. ROFLMAO, um she was bought and paid for ONLINE unlike Yo who was bough and paid for in real life. They can argue about the differences in that later. EXCEPT. He married Yo and was supposed to keep his dick in his pants. She certainly married UP as we say. After Mo, and well, he should count his blessing he  gets  to see her at all due to Bravo filming and her generosity.  Keep begging Bravo for air time Mo. We know the true deal and I would NEVER publish what I know here. I would advise you set a good example for your children. Not just a financial one but a MORAL one.  Should you have any morals left you wish to instill.

Oh I got off track. Sometimes I know too much.

It’s game time and I am done.  Fill  me in on ….what I miss!lol.


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16 responses to “WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Mark Consuelos

  1. Urethra Franklin

    I thought it was funny that Lisa thinks being an immigrant from Canada was a hardship. #ImmaMoronToo

    Andy’s hair looked like either Beavis or Butthead. Which ever one has the high ass hair.

  2. TT do you watch the good wife?

    • JrLeaguer

      I watch it, but with all of the other crap that we DVR around here, I have not gotten to it yet. :)

      • Dede

        I just recently started watching the Good Wife. I asked for the DVD’s of previous seasons for Christmas so I can get caught up. I had no idea it was so darn good!!

      • You have to watch it trust me you will love it @dede it’s so good and its seems as if its going to get even better with Peter in office and Alicia starting her own firm I’m not liking her right now I think she was wrong going behind Will’s back after he took her in

    • Dede

      @Saint hella – I am definitely going to have to catch up on previous seasons/episodes now. I happened to catch it when Amazing Race ran late and somehow I just kept watching the GoodWife. It was the episode where she and another attorney got fired. I was completely sucked in! LOL

  3. LoriNYC

    I love Brandi’s outspoken honesty. I don’t doubt that Joanna Krupa had an affair with Mohammed. Clearly Yolanda has moved on to bigger and better things and is over it but that doesn’t make it right. I love Joanna though too. Just admit it and move on. No one believes you. Just like with Mr. “Girls Gone Wild”!!!

  4. puravidacostarica2

    Loved the little “Pretty Woman” bit you threw in there!! Great recap. And, um, hell yeah, I would do Mark too.

  5. pfffttt

    Tamara, look up the after show with Brandi. JoAnna tweeted a snarky comment about Brandi, and then Brandi had a HILARIOUS response. Andy’s parents reaction was so funny!!!!

  6. Cathy

    Tamara, is there any way you could get someone to spill what happened between Brandi and Mark during the bumper from commercial? They were showing Kim’s dog stuff, and as usual, there were the reaction shots at the bottom left of the screen. Mark seemed very angry, was shaking his finger at Brandi, and lip-reading as much as possible, he warned her “don’t you say… something and that he was “so pissed off”. And when they came back there was a weird vibe. Find out and report back!

  7. Tamara

    I do find it weird/ gross that Mohammed would make the remark about Joanna’s girly parts to Brandi. But she swears Lisa was there and heard it too.

    The best part was Mark saying that just by looking at Joanna he thinks that it’s probably true!!

    • Tamara

      On twitter Lisa and Joanna are joking about what Brandi said. It’s pretty funny. But Lisa doesn’t NOT seem to be backing up what Brandi said on the aftershow

  8. What I seem to have missed somewhere is the smelly crotch accusation. Did Brandi say that mo said that about Joanna? And did she pass along that accusation on this ep of wwhl? I saw the show but do not recall that.

    • It was in the after show part of WWHL. Brandi said Mo said that Joanna has a smelly pussy. Then Mo started tweeting about Brandi being scum, and tweeting (not calling, tweeting) Yolanda that she knows he has never used that sort of language and that he and Joanna have been friends for over ten years) Brandi says that Lisa was with her and heard him say it. Lisa tweets a denial. Yolanda is pissed that Brandi is making her kids father the center of an Internet scandal and it all blew up in her face.

      • Ok. I watched it. I can not believe she said that. Joanna is right. I can see why Brandi is no longer married. And why she can’t even keep friends or fuck buddies

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