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I have been online friends with Asa, MJ, and at times Reza ( who blocked me last season) but  I am not sure I can keep watching Shahs of Sunset. OH LORD. MJ has called Mike over to express her dogs anal glands. No. Just Noe.

OMG More just NOE.  Lilly comes in to shop with GG and she said Hey Gurl Hey! I am sorry that is my special thing with @koppelformayor the my lil sis from another mother!  and father. Follow her she is in Cali and has LOTS of tea!  GG made out with Shayan at Lilly’s party but she has a boyfriend. Um, they were on a break.


Asa is  still pursuing her Diamond Water thang.   Supposedly, they spent half a million on bottle design alone. Sounds stupid to me. But whatever. I love Asa.  They are “testing the assembly line?” WELP it must be true. My major bond with Asa, aside from the fact I just like her is her bangles.  I have them too. And if we go on net weight, I keep PROMISING her I will win.  EVER.  So the fact that she did it, validated this scene to me. My bangles are HUGELY important to me. And Asa.  OMG. I now want the fucking DIAMOND WATER.

Reza kicked MJ out of his office so he could come in with Mike. Mike seemed to think this was a good idea. He is flipping from commercial to residential. Reza is supposed to help him. But um, Reza is an asshole who exploits his friends. MJ is going to list GG’s sister’s house for leasing.  The sister’s ex had sex with some bimbo on security camera.  MJ relates as her dad cheated too.

Reza is moving in with Adam.  I do not trust Reza. I don’t think Adam should either. He’s the most annoying man on the planet. Poor Adam. GET OUT NOW!  I am SO annoyed at Reza mocking his homeland. I am not even going to go there.

There was a lollipop head.  I forget what she said.

GG has a new boyfriend.  She invites everyone to meet him. Everyone arrives in a limo to dinner. LOL. Okay. Lilly is last to arrive.  And doesn’t drink.  OH pause the show!  Lilly doesn’t even know Mohammed, he offered his house to her for the SHOW. And MJ who is a fucking LOCAL says, ” I’ve been to his parties.”  And Lilly is all like, “Do you even know Mohammed?”  Child take a seat. MJ knows Mo through Sammi.  Take several motherfucking seats.  Please  don’t let this be a fake fight where Lilly tries to prove she is SOMEBODY because  she isn’t and needs to go back to Texas.

Dear GAWD. The hexagon jacket on Reza’s talking head. MUST STOP!

WAIT WAIT WAIT did lollypop head girl just call MJ UNEDUCATED? SERIOUSLY? How can the girl from the Texas public school system even….I just can’t with this.


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32 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap

  1. bunniecarrot

    Actually Texas especially the suburbs of Dallas have phenomenal public school systems. ASA ASA ASA…. is as shallow as she claims others are. Diamond water that she puts her energy into? I wish she would float away. Lilly’s brother is my favorite guy on this show because he was so cruel to Lilly. I giggled . Reza? He reminds me of swiper the fox.

  2. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    OK FINE I’ll watch the damn show again. I hate this show. But you make it sound so entertaining. And now I’m going rip my hair out in frustration watching these morons.

    • It is entertaining. I do not fault Reza with walking into his home and having a cute, really gay guy sitting in his living room. I would have been off track and pissed as well if I ever walked into my home an my husband was entertaining a gorgeous woman in m living room based on the fact that she was French/ German/ Irish, whatever? I think he became disconnected by walking into this scenario. I would have been too. The rest of the cray-cray came about from walking into this scene. I get it. I really don’t hink he meant or understood all he was saying. I think he was having a moment o WTF why is he in my home? The rest went cray-cray. Giving hi the benefit of the doubt

      • This is last week’s show’s blog. BUT I challenge you: should he have been angry at Sasha or angry at his boyfriend. Sasha was there as an invited guest. Would you be pissed at the blond or your husband?

        And honestly, for all we know, reza and his dude invite others over to make triple decker dick sammiches. Maybe this was a prospect. A mouse the house at brought for its fat owner’s pleasure.

  3. Galichi is only as GLAM as long as Ali lets her have the Black Card. Keyword: “LET”. Lilly needs to sit down and have a looong sitdown. Big ups to MJ for taking initiative to shut that bitch down.

  4. Ncfinedime

    Lily is so annoying. Supposedly shes a lawyer. Uh

  5. GirlBYE

    Actually I think with regards to MJ’s parents divorce it was her mom who cheated…LOL. I remember her saying something about her mom having a wandering eye or something along those lines

  6. Urethra Franklin

    I am ashamed to have the state of Texas mentioned in the same breath as the Persian Courtney Stodden. Her skin looks URNGE in the scene with her brother…and can we just talk about him for a second >>>>Side eye.

    Reza is a throbbing asshole.

  7. Stacey

    The reason MJ wears the hideously tight unflattering clothes is because she see’s her pics on Bravo and believes that is how she really looks! They photoshopped about 79 pounds from just her boobs alone.

  8. jakies mom

    Tamara, it was MJ’s mom who cheated, not her dad. And reading Lily’s r Bravo blog, she claims she confirmed with Mohammed that he never met MJ. I don’t believe her. She seems to lie ALOT since last year she was bragging how Ali pays for everything, credit cards, cars, etc. but not she has changed her tune. And she has started an extension line just like GG. Isn;t that what all friends do, compete with each other?.*sarcasm* Someone remove her please since she has as much of a storylineand relevency as Kim on BH and is just not interesting at all.

    • Olive

      She also lied at the reunion when attacking MJ (always …..) about how lawyers say you look downwards when you’re about to lie —- everyone laughed about it – and it was not even TRUE.

      Stupid orange lacefront bitch

  9. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I just watched the ep. Reza’s jacket almost broke my eyeballs. That is the carpet from The Shining! I won’t link, just Google “carpet from the shining” and you’ll see.

  10. Xanadude

    Andy WAS NOT happy with the Shahs on WWHL. Mike was stoned and incoherent and MJ just became a super bitch toward the end and stopped answering questions. You could tell by the Mazel of the Day that Andy was pissed.

    • Olive

      I thought he got his highest ratings that night. For WWH

      I think he had all his stupid job rearrangement on his mind. If he didn’t have his gay bestie Reza on then he wasn’t happy.

      Team MJ

  11. Vanessa

    I cannot stop watching the train wreck that is Shahs. Watching MJ and Mike’s chemistry together, makes me feel like they’d make a better couple than him and Jessica. He could also help her with her social skills. MJ is my fav, and I hate hate hate Lily.
    Could you be any more pretentious than Lily? I mean seriously, plastic should be her name. Her accent, her hair, her clothes….all look fake fake fake! Does she even watch the episodes to see how disgusting she comes off? Maybe someone should send her a DVD. She was all tight lipped in front of her brother, who called her out on some of her bad behavior. Then of course, talked down on him in her interview segments when he wasn’t around.
    Reza seems to be proving his sleaziness even moreso this season. I felt bad for both Adam and Mike, for the way that he uses and abuses them.
    GG…can’t figure her out yet. Was she siding with Lily cuz of Shayan sis and Lily being friends, or was she still upset with MJ for last seasons exclusion to her party?
    Mohammad. LOL. The guy is a multimillionaire, yet keeps trying to get onto Bravo screen time, whenever he can…Housewives, Shahs (Wasn’t he in an episode of Million Dollar listings too.) He’s majorly creepy.

    • Olive

      Completely agree with you on everything.
      I hope Reza loses fans this year. I don’t get how he has so many twitter followers. Do they not see what an asshole he is?

      Notice in real time– NOW— Reza is hanging out with Assssssa and Mike with MJ.
      That tells you everything.

  12. Xanadude

    Sleazy. Perfect word for Reza.

  13. So glad I did not stay up to watch this. (It is on eleven o’clock here in South America.) I loved the first season, got pissed off big time at Reza at how he treated MJ on the second season and haven’t seen this season. I will as always read your recaps TT as I can vividly picture all of it!
    Reza is a huge sleezy pig….I like MJ and for some strange reason GG too.

  14. Seriously....

    TT, I used to judge you every time you said you like Asa but now that I see it’s a love of bangles uniting the two of you, I still judge you but in a different way. Where I come from, it’s waist beads which is cooler than bangles 😛

    • In Libya where I was raised, the nomads used to use bangles as sort of their bank/savings account. Mostly silver bracelets. If they should be very wealth, they cashed the silver in for gold. I wore an armful of silver bracelets as a child until my twenties or so when mother gave me a gold one. I inherited one more. And then on a trip to gold street in New York bought a few that were cheap at the time. Then came “the big kahuna” from Tiffany’s. It was a birthday present to myself back when I had a job. :)

      Asa is a very sweet person, at least to me. I try not to be too judgey with her. We all have people in our life that get on our nerves or have up and down friendships with. Ours are just not on TV and edited by Bravo. :)

      • JoJo

        TT, your bond with Asa and the bangles reminds me of the last Shah reunion, when off-the-wall, straight jacket needing GG, had the audacity to tell Asa to sell her bangles to make her parents’ lives easier. I mean, GG, who’s 100% supported by her parents thinks Asa is selfish for not selling her bangles? What a world she lives in! Now this season I’m just not so sure that Asa believed a word of GG’s apology, but they needed to move on as a group for this season?

  15. Amber

    I used to like MJ but she’s becoming more of a train wreck each episode. From her poor fashion choices, to always getting in fights with people (GG next week), like why is she so mad that she wasn’t at Lilly’s party if a) she doesn’t like her and b) she did not respond to the invite? If you were so pressed to go then you should’ve responded to the invite or followed up and not the night before a party. I agree with Lilly on that part and I do think MJ is jealous/intimidated by her. She disliked Lilly from jump when really she should’ve just been pissed at Reza for dissing her for Lilly; it’s not Lilly’s fault that Reza is a terrible friend. But I do think that Lilly should have just let MJ come to the party at least since the dinner was assigned seating (insert side eye) and it would be so difficult to add one more seat. But why couldn’t she just come to the party as Reza’s “date” or something? GG brought her sister and I can’t remember Lilly and GG’s sister having any on screen interactions.

    I like seeing this nicer, calmer side of GG and her interaction with her sister and her kids. I feel so bad for her sister having to deal with this divorce drama and I always wonder why people like to put these painful moments on tv especially when you have young kids but I hope everything works out for her and her family.

    Oh and Mike needs to run far away from business dealings with Reza. I don’t know about Asa and that dumb diamond water crap, the bottle is interesting but that’s about it.

    • Olive

      I feel like MJ was not even bringing up the party and was just keeping it movin when Lacefront Lilly came at her …
      I think MJ was over it —
      I mean – an evite – to a formal sit down party? And no family members to your big party ? Did you see the NY Daily news article about the party? What a joke. That’s why they all made fun of it last week.

      I totally feel so bad for GGs sister. That is just beyond horrible

      • One can purchase twitter “followers” in large quantities. Said about nothing in particular.

      • Olive

        I totally totally get you

        But I feel like POS would have the gay contingent of high numbers.
        Lilly also has way too many numbers.
        Happy to see MJ is higher than ASs

        I know you meant no one in particular, but just saying ….

  16. JoJo

    After the 3rd re-run viewing, one thing stuck out of this episode: Lilly, everything about her has been irritating, topped by that unfortunate voice. BUT, when she was having the lunch with her family, this was probably the most real moment I remember seeing. For the first time I actually felt a little sorry for her by her brother’s words. And I thought he was cute as a button doing it; he looks exactly like the female version of her, unfortunately even her voice. If Lily would just de-hair, de-tan, de-makeup, and get a voice coach, she’s a very attractive girl. Her brother and sisters are very attractive. There was a real glimpse in how her culture and her family feel about her baring all on a reality show.
    But this all was just a moment, and I expect she will continue to irritate me. It’s not in Bravo’s nature to explore any deep reality, sigh!

  17. I’ve been slipping on the Shahs of Sunset lately. I agree with you Tamara..Reza is not to be trusted. He acts as if he’s such a prize. He used to be one hot mo fo when he was younger..Now? Not so much.
    I don’t know where this show is going but I’m trying to hang in there. I know the Real Housewives entire franchise is annoying the heck out of me. Brandi is on my last nerve! Is she now acting bi to keep her spot at the #RHOBH table? Oh my..and she called that other wife desperate? Hmmm..anyways! Miss you Tamara..Happy Thanksgiving girl :) Maybe we’ll have us a trial by 2014? Ya think? lol #jodiarias

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