Porsha Stewart on Wendy Williams

I'm sorry, but If you are married to this....

I’m sorry, but If you are married to this….

Porsha Stewart is on Wendy Williams today talking about the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Porsha begins by giggling about how her mother gave up her master bedroom because she knows that Porsha is used to having lots of space and nice things. Wendy goes in on her right away telling her that her behavior is less than smart.  Wendy tells her that Porsha needs to get it together and live on her own. She has been spoiled by her mother and Kordell and she needs to grow up. Porsha says that sometimes when someone knocks you so far down your family and your support system is who brings you back up.

Porsha says that Syre’s mother “you know, moved to LA” so he came to live with them right after they got married. Porsha says she was an independent business woman before they got married and she gave it up to focus on Kordell and his son. Um, how old was she when she got married and what sort of business empire can someone run who thinks there are 265 days in a year? The divorce will be finalized in 30 days. Porsha has decided to keep her name.

porsha-stewart-urban-lux-magazinePorsha talks about being locked out of the house one night when she filmed until about 11 pm. She was talking on the phone with Nene when it happened. She pulled up to the house and there was a security guard there who told her that she could not come into the house!!!

Out of the blue Wendy blurts out, “Is Kordell gay?”  Porsha says what I can tell you is this whether he is gay or whether he is on the down low, that had nothing to do with our break-up.  AGAIN with this story. You have said many times you were blindsided, had no idea the divorce was coming and found out about it on Twitter.  The break-up  did NOT have to do with the treatment you were receiving Porsha. If that were true you would have divorced HIM. Porsha says that she talked to him about it early on based on persistent rumors about his sexuality while he was playing football. He basically told her that there was no record.

Wendy asks how old she is.  She is 32. Wendy tells her she only has about 2 minutes more of all of this cuteness and less than smartness before people start to think you need help. Porsha says the reason she seems all airy (she means air-headed) on RHOA is because they only see one side of her. MMMM HMMMMMM. She does not regret being on the show, her motto is no regrets just lessons learned.  Well you probably should have paid more attention to your school lessons back in the day dear.  Cute will only get you so far, and you won’t be cute forever.






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  1. love2hatebravo

    Wow, you really dislike her, huh. The “independent business woman” thing is not exactly true because she “worked” for the family nonprofit. But technically she did “work”, kind of. I think part of her looking stupid on tv is because its just hard to be on point all the time on live tv, or even semi scripted tv. Part of her airhead act is trying to keep her job as the airhead character. I really don’t care all that much about this stuff, I just feel for her as someone who has gone through a divorceas a primary caregiver/custodial stepparent as a very young person. You really don’t know what its like until you’re in it, and I find her general situation fairly authentic, by bravo standards. Obviously, this is is all jmo.

    • How is posting a conversation between two grown women me hating on Porsha/

      • love2hatebravo

        Sorry if I misunderstood. I watches the show and I didn’t read it as a dialogue recap, so I presumed I was reading your opinions.

      • lwickedgirl

        Your words do indicate you really do dislike this woman but then again it is your bog. She is a little dingy and she all so seems sheltered and naive. Having been in a similar position I can say life has a way of slapping you out of that and it is too bad. I loved wearing my rose colored glasses and I am sure Porsha loves hers. Her mother gave her the master bedroom and if I were her mother I don’t know if I would do the same but then again some women will bend over backward to spoil their children. This shows how Porsha got her spoiled attitude in the first place. The mom has a huge house and I am sure she is not slumming down in the basement eating gruel. I think Porsha should stay home with her mom until she marry s again only this next time she should have her eyes wide open.
        Didn’t she have a daycare center before she got with douche bag controlling Kordell? Well a divorce is heartbreaking and I am sure she is still trying to make sense of a situation where you are rejected so utterly especially when you placed your whole heart and soul in your marriage.
        As for Wendy Williams…blah.

      • love2hatebravo

        I agree, lwickedgirl. I think her mom was being really sweet and understanding and it seemed like Porsha was genuinely grateful. I think Porsha’s family is very tight-knit, southern, and Porsha seems a little naive and wounded, and I totally understand her staying with her mom. I did the same thing, and I’m an educated, professional person, but starting all over is hard. Wendy Williams is career-driven, urban, with a different cultural experience. I wouldn’t expect her to understand Porsha’s situation, but I thought Porsha’s was very polite to sit and roll with the lecture as an adult woman. She did a good job promoting het show, which was her job.

    • jarlath

      Your claiming Porsha is not lying about having been an ‘independent business woman’ because she worked for her family’s business invalidates your argument, especially as you place the work in quotation marks.

      • I put it in quotes because that is what she said. Going to feed the homeless once a year is not being an independent business woman. It’s contributing to your families charity.

      • love2hatebravo

        I’m thinking this was directed at my comment actually, and of COURSE she’s not an “independent business woman”. Duh. But her socialite activities promoted her family’s charity. People like her consider that their “career”. In her brain, she’s a career gal. Who cares. She can have it. Its not me but who cares. Nobody here is arguing or caring about another dumb remark made by Porsha Stewart. Come on, Jarlath. It’s all good.

  2. Seriously....

    Porsha is not as dim as she seems as she is working this divorce for all its worth. Perhaps because she is a new cast member and hasn’t learned the ropes yet, there is a vulnerability and openness to Porsha that makes me root for her.
    As for her changing the divorce story, I’ll cut her a break. When you were done so wrong and so publicly, flipping the script is sometimes the only way to show your face even if no one believes you.

    • I think she needs to keep her mouth shut until AFTER the divorce is final. I get divorce is brutal but no need to cut your nose off to spite your face until all the financials have been signed, sealed and delivered.

      I wonder if she will be allowed to see Syre, the child she raised from age 5 to 10? This must be impacting him. First his mother leaves him and now Porsha…(Not due to anything Porsha choose).

      • Katrina

        I doubt Porsha will have any rights to her step son. I am sure Kordell pefers it that way. I predict that Kordell will pay Porsha to keep her mouth shut. Porsha has nothing to lose!

    • love2hatebravo

      Exactly. And she even told the lawyer that she was confident he would pay her to keep his secrets. Divorce is war when conducted the way Kordell is conducting it. And she would not be speaking so candidly if she had anything to lose here. In fact, I believe Porsha holds all the cards- EXCEPT the custody card. The big loser here is the kid, because she is not going to be allowed contact and he has had a raw deal already.

      • Buck Henry

        Kordell doesn’t sound like the type to confide in her that he is gay and want only to use her as a beard, no way. He has been fighting that rumor for years and has did his best to keep it hidden if true (I think he’s bi). She is being so candid because she is wanting to stir up the rumors to get him to give her money to shut up. If he was going to do that, he would have done that already. He’s going out on shows saying he’s not this or that tells me that he knows she doesn’t have anything on him and is just making lies on top of the rumor that can’t be verified by her.

        She has nothing to lose because she has lost everything, so she will continue to badmouth and badmouth.

      • Where did you get the idea that I said Porsha knew she was just a beard? I certainly thought my implication was just the opposite, she thought she had a real marriage.

      • love2hatebravo

        I also feel she thought she was in a real marriage. Silly girl.

    • love2hatebravo

      I also agree that there is something open and vulnerable about Porsha’a response to this situation that reminds me of myself. I only wish I had had a loving parent to threaten to snatch my phone and stomp on it with her “size 10s” like Porsha’s mom, when I was in danger of sending angry texts. I love Porsha’s mom.

    • terry macon

      Amen,amen,Amen!!!! She is young and hanging in there. As we all know sometimes its hard to get up and shower when you have been knocked down. She is flying above all that drama. Keep up the
      Good work Porsha.

  3. Urethra Franklin

    Did Porsha just say that Kordell told her that were “No records” to support the gay rumors????? Oh LAWD that equals Whitney Houston saying, “Show me the receipts” when she denied being a coked out crackhead.

  4. Katrina

    I don’t think Porsha changed her mind about the divorce. Kordell filed for divorce. In the first episode, she said if Kordell would do XYZ, she would consider reconciling. Kordell’s behavior became worse. She is now looking at her marriage from a different perspective. She is trying to figure out Kordell’s motives.

    • Seriously....

      No, she is flipping the script on how it came about. No matter how Kordell was treating her she was not thinking of leaving. The man said enough, she said maybe we can work it out, he said no thanks and they’re divorced. At no point was it her choice. Kordell held all the cards.

    • love2hatebravo

      I think Porsha was brought up to very sincerely believe that divorce is something to be avoided at almost any cost. I was brought up the same way, and I was ready to take him back even after he moved his trick into the house where I was raising my stepdaughters for 5 years. It took me almost 3 years to get to a point of not feeling like a loser about my marriage failing, even though none of it was my idea and I did my best to make it work. When you’re raised like that, you act in a way that may seem inauthentic or immature to people who don’t have that cultural background. It’s almost like the Stockholm effect. Divorce is devastating. I don’t care who you are. So I try to have compassion for that.

      • Oracle5

        Wendy, Porsha and others who pose for PETA without clothes, because, you think that it is a cruel thing to do to animals in order to wear fur. Stop the hypocrisy, because, Wendy, Porsha and others, answer this question: What animal hide is manufactured for the leather shoes that you wear? GEICO farmer says COW e-i-e-i-o!

      • I don’t think Porsha has done PETA. The photo is for her new weave line, Naked Hair.

      • Gingersnap

        @Oracle5 ~ THAT wasn’t the Geico farmer, that was OLD McDONALD! Jeeze :) (I’m just teasing)

  5. Pre1

    This former “evangelist” is looking for fame. It’s very sad that “reality” TV breaks up homes. And people are willingly selling their lives for hosting gigs & such. I actually liked Kordell because he represented what most men don’t, (being a man). I don’t think he was controlling, I think he was doing what I saw my daddy & granddaddy do since I was a little girl. There aren’t many men who actually hold down their household. Porsha saw an opportunity and she ran with it. She didn’t file for divorce because she didn’t want one and neither does Kordell. He’s playing along for her. I blame Nene, ever since she & Greg’s “divorce”, happily married couples (Rasheeda & Kirk) are going through just for ratings. Last season Rasheeda vouched for her husband and her marriage, so did Porsha, how quick tables turned. Kordell even mentioned how he had to play along. In RHOA’s premiere you could tell that Porsha, her mom, and her sister were acting out a scene! Horrible.

    • love2hatebravo

      To be fair, they are all “acting out scenes”, though, right?

      • Pre1

        Yep! It’s just that the ones with Porsha & her family were horribly done.

      • love2hatebravo

        I had it on in the background so I wasn’t scrutinizing it, but it didn’t jump out at me as any more contrived than the rest of the show. Especially Mama Joyce’s whole routine. Mama was earning her SAG card for sure!

      • Oracle5

        Kordell and Porsha:Will the Real Prevaricator stand up or either take a lie detector test! Enough is Enough of hearing about the two of you fibbing!

    • Katrina

      I don’t think being the man of the house, means you have to control every aspect of the marriage. Marriage is a two way street. If a man is not willing to bend any, then his marriage was doomed from the beginning. Why do you think Kordell filed for divorce if he really did not want one? Porsha actually gave him an opportunity to work it out.

      • love2hatebravo

        Yeah, men do not typically file for divorce as a tactic, hoping to “work it out”. When they’re done, they’re done, and they’ve BEEN done for a while. Especially 2 time losers like this guy.

    • pfffttt

      If she wants to WORK and have a Nanny at the house from 9-5 what’s the problem? This is 2013. You think women need to be in the home, barefoot and pregnant all the time, while men “follow their dreams,” work, and make money?

      Kordell’s dreams are obviously football and sports. He played college, went pro, and is now a sports radio host, and he worked at ESPN… So the only thing a woman is good for is poping out kids, cleaning house, and changing dirty diapers? Give me a break.

      You need to be reeducated.

      • That is exactly the kind of wife Kordell was looking for. And exactly what he married. And then RHOA happened and women like you and Nene explained what year it was, and what her options were and it all went to shit.

  6. Pre1

    I recall hearing that Kordell filed for divorce because of the show. Porsha wasn’t going to be asked back, so she probably wanted him to do it. Sounds strange, but Porsha & her family are dogging this man, but this is the same man she vouched for during the reunion. I think Bravo edited the show to make him look like a bad controlling husband. Porsha knew what she was getting into and so did her family. Didn’t she say a family member or somebody introduced her to him? She didn’t know who he was.

    • love2hatebravo

      There are housewife blogs out there that go deep into conspiracy theories on all kinds of casting and production decisions. This guy had a reputation that was mediocre at best, from his first appearance on camera. Even my football fan husband noticed what I was watching one day, and was making comments that were mocking his bad reputation in the sports world. You vouch for your husband publicly when you’re trying to hold your marriage together. I fail to grasp the mystery everyone perceives in that basic instinctive act of self preservation when you’re married and coparenting a kid with someone.

      • There is no secret about why Porsha and Kordell divorced. He wanted her home with him. He also liked being on TV. However, the show was way more about her and she was out partying with Nene and the girls all the time leaving him home to do all the childcare that she was supposed to be doing. That’s what he married her for, as a beard, and as a homemaker. When she started doing things he didn’t approve of, he dumped her. Very simple. Porsha thought they had a “relationship” above and beyond beard and homemaker but they did not.

      • love2hatebravo

        ^^Exactly. Very naive on her part. Princess Porsha expected him to be more flexible about her new lifestyle. She tried to call his bluff, but he wasn’t bluffing. He should have had a prenup. I don’t get that part.

      • @tamaratattles I think that’s true but additionally, here’s my take: Kordell was the star when they dated and got married. He was the pro-athlete and she was a nobody. Then, voila, RHOA happened and her celebrity light began to eclipse his. He seems very egotistical and wasn’t comfortable playing the supporting role in that relationship. Just my opinion. :)

  7. Wendy’s Aftershow: Kordell needs to leave this gurl alone.

    • love2hatebravo

      I feel like it’s unproductive and mean to make the comment in the aftershow about how “well what did she expect, she got married way too young”. Even though it’s true, there’s nothing she can do about it at this point so it’s just mean. And I don’t understand why Kordell would even dignify these rumors by calling in to “tell his side of the story”. If it was all crazy scorned woman empty fabrications, wouldn’t he be wiser to ignore it? His PR person should be fired.

  8. Before I even get started, on a personal note, I’m OBSESSED with Wendy Williams’ Swarovski sailfish!!!!!! I NEED THAT! My dad caught a sailfish in Mexico and had it hanging in a wall in the house when I was little until my mom finally overruled him and forced him to put it in the garage. LOL… and pink is my fave color and I’m obsessed with Swarovski. Oh, and my dad is no longer with us…so you can see why I MUST HAVE THAT THING!!!! LOL.

    (Ok, sorry, I’m just freaking out over here. )

    Fuck Wendy Williams! Who is she to say all that stuff to Porsha? Be professional!! Yes, Porsha is an over-indulged, spoiled brat but Kordell surely knew this before he proposed. It becomes evident in the first 5 minutes (or less) of being in her presence. If her mom is stupid enough to give up her master suite to indulge her pampered princess, that’s her business. I know Wendy thinks she’s just “keeping it real” but sometimes, just SHUT UP!

  9. Joan

    Although her marriage seemed less than perfect, why is Porsha making it seemed like that’s why SHE ended it. He kicked her out. They both seem quite self-centered and entitled.

    • Thank you! I read most comments on my email as they come in so I was thinking there were a whole lot of people here who think it is “cute and sweet” That a 32 year old woman walks into her mother’s house and expects to get the master bedroom. And it was so “nice” of her mother!

      I don’t agree with Wendy Williams often, but in this case she is dead on. Porsha has got to grow up and learn how to take care of herself.

      Sure she is “naïve” she’s been cared for like a china doll her whole life. She could care less that Wendy basically called her stupid because first she told her that she is pretty, and that is the sole source of Porsha’s self-esteem.

    • love2hatebravo

      They are both the center of the universe, yes. They figured this oit 5 years into their marriage. It happens all the time. There are all kinds of family dynamics in this world. My sister was given an entire brand new free house to live in for 10 years before she moved out. It gave my parents an excuse to keep tabs on her right down the street for years. It wasn’t completely “free” after all and everyone is all up in arms right now trying to adjust to the new dynamic. Families are complicated. Who cares if she is the master? Odds are it was a completely producer-driven storyline anyway, to create controversy.

      I generally like Wendy Williams’ actual show, but I have seen the aftershow a couple times and found her repellent.

  10. If I didn’t have a nice guest room, I’d give my newly separated daughter my master. Then I’d lay in bed with her sometimes and let her cry and rant and say whatever she wanted. And watch lots of useless TV. I’d listen and listen some more to her hurt and regrets and sorrow. From her MOTHER, tough love, with a reality check, and getting back on her feet would come much later. She’s heartbroken and disgraced, give her a break.

  11. ei_lean

    I just watched the After Show of Wendy Williams and she is a ratchet ass mess

  12. Chaun

    I feel bad for Kordell, he married a woman who portrayed that she was what he wanted. She married a man who was what she wanted (Rich). How can you blame him for not wanting to be on a reality show. He knew the rumors where going to come back to life,impacting his livelihood. Really what career can you guys see Porsha having? She is coming across as a golddigger. The part about all he provided but she didn’t have money in her pocket. She was a business women as she said where was her $ she should have some since he was paying the bills. My hubbub and I didn’t bank totally together until almost 4 years of marriage. If my husband totally changed within 2 year of marriage I would think its only going to get worse and divorce his but. The only thing I think he did wrong was announcing the divorce on Twitter.

  13. Shirley523

    I love the shoes that Porsha wore,where did she get them/

  14. Asia

    Porsha needs to take responsability for being played out for money. Her mother said on the show that Kordell promised planes etc. Most mothers would of checked their daughter from the start if a man came over discussing what he’s going to do financially in one breath and turning a young girl into a nanny in another. Tina and Ike Turner 2013. I bet Kordell never discussed how much he respects women!

  15. ms.d

    I would not be surprised if the author is fugly. Those woman always hate on the beautiful woman. Stop thriving on your idea of being fulfilled by attacking someone who’s going through.

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