Watch What Happens Live With Porsha and Nelly!


Porsha and Nelly are on WWHL tonight and Andy begins by making fun of Porsha saying “Siamese cats”  when she meant “Siamese twins.”  It seems Porsha still doesn’t get that she made an error there. Oh, Porsha.  Next,  Andy wants to make sure she didn’t miss Phaedra making fun of her wig and tiny head on tonight’s episode of RHOA. Porsha went off on a Porsha rant about Barney’s  dinosaur cousin that she thinks Phaedra looks like. Andy read some illiterate (seriously) statement that Kordell made about not being gay.

Porsha’s Questions:

The caller thinks Kenya is jealous of Porsha, what does Porsha think? I think that she sees me as competition for some reason and now that I’m single she really sees me as competition but this season Porsha 5.0 is not having it this season.

Why would you go on national TV and insinuate that your ex-husband is gay? Well, first things first, whether he was gay or down low has nothing to do with why we broke up. The reason we broke up is because of the treatment. She says for her it was the way I was being treated. We just grew apart.

Um…. no honey, he dumped your ass and you found out on twitter. You were blindsided and said tonight on RHOA you had no clue why he divorced you.  You professed your undying love to him until the very bitter end. Ain’t no shame in that but you can’t change your story now.

You came across as a gold digger on this show, all you talked about was money and carrying designer bags. Did you love Kordell or did you marry him for his money? Really?  Well that’s a odd gold digger who was asking to work last season so that doesn’t really add up.

I feel like this caller doesn’t even watch the show. Porsha was over the moon for Kordell.

Neither Porsha nor Nelly could figure out how to play the ass game. Sad.

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9 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Porsha and Nelly!

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Nelly’s diamond earrings were HUGE….. 15kt each maybe.

    • lol. Maybe 3. which is HUGE for earrangs. Don’t you think these guys get pissed taking their bigass chains out of the lockbox for the show only to have Andy rip them off their necks and wear them himself? He does it all the time!

  2. love2hatebravo

    When you’re in a crappy marriage, you’ll tell a lot of lies, to yourself and to the world, in the attempt to fight for the vows you made. I don’t particularly like Porsha, but Ive been in her shoes to a degree, and I understand where shes coming from. She was very publicly humiliated after some very loyal , misplaced displays of deference to her husband. We’be all been young and stupid in our relationships, and we all have the right to change our story as we grow up.

  3. Seriously....

    Sigh…@ Nelly refusing to play the ass game when it was a male picture.

  4. Porsha pretending that the divorce was mutual in any way shape or form speaks volumes of her intelligence and perception of the general public. That being said, no one thought she was gonna grow up and become a brain surgeon in the first place…

  5. Xanadude

    One of the worst WWHL ever … Nelly grunted out monosyllabic non answers and Porshe..well, she looked good but girlfriend did not come across as too bright.

  6. JoJo

    After only 2 episodes and a WWHL appearance, ‘Porsha 5.0′ has only succeeded in confirming she thinks she’s one smart cookie but then she opens her mouth & removes all doubt; she’s a very spoiled, very immature 31 year old; and she’s all about the ‘coin’ and the material.
    If she played her cards right at all after the humiliating divorce, like display an inkling of humility, the show could be a bonafide stepping stone for her; but I doubt she’s going to gain any fandom with nothing but a pretty head, little as it may be.

    • JoJo

      Oh hell, that didn’t come out right. I meant, Porsha comes across as thinking she’s one smart cookie, then she opens her mouth and removes all doubt about everyone thinking she’s very slow on the uptake. Geesh.

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