Did You Watch MasterChef JR?

I did. And  I HATED the way that Tyler kid treated Sarah. He should have gone home that week and she should have stayed.  But is he a twin? Because in this viral video about kids thoughts on gay marriage,  his name is Troy.  I can’t be bothered to figure out if he is a twin, but he is clearly a California kid who wants to be in pictures…. I am sorry, I will NEVER forgive him for the Sarah thing. Kid or not.


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6 responses to “Did You Watch MasterChef JR?

  1. Maybe his name WAS Troy. I could not work up enough energy to try to like him. #sarah

  2. Rhurhu22

    Same kid…

  3. Varjak

    We loved this show! My 5 year olds were obsessed!! Troy should have gone home that week instead of Sarah. He was not a team player and was nasty for no reason.

  4. ZenJen53

    I’m pretty lucky in the men dept, I’ve never settled for less. So here goes my thoughts: Todd is a good guy, Mama Joyce shld be thanking God Kandi has found a man who isn’t after her money. I’m hoping TT’s source is accurate n Kandi n Todd married. Apollo, he’s a womanizer an so is Peter. Kordell hmmm those pesty rumors just have a ring of truth.

  5. ZenJen53

    Sorry TT this was obviously meant for RHOA post. My bad

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