Wil Heuser Explains the Nick and GM Monstor Truck Date

A bit of levity on a Friday night….

PS a quick stroll through GM’s twitter makes it seem like she spent all her stipend on plastic surgery! She unrecognizable. Maybe that was the point?

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6 responses to “Wil Heuser Explains the Nick and GM Monstor Truck Date

  1. Urethra Franklin

    OK people, this is the way to get a delusional psycho who can’t take a hint to unfollow you IN LIFE.

  2. Wil is hilarious. I love his videos. As much as I don’t like GM, I think Nick is a real putz. If it were not for GM, Nick would have been and should have been forgotten long ago.

  3. Urethra Franklin

    She came in 2nd place.
    $50,000 after taxes is probably $35,000.
    She bought a new LIME GREEN convertible Mustang.
    Probably gave a few $$ to Nick’s kick starter program.
    The girl is still broke, but I she is hawking her t-shirts that say BOOM, and Get To Steppin’.

  4. ZenJen53

    Lol great parody. I think Gilda Radner,original “not ready for primetime player” on SNL is laughing her ass off in Heaven! Gilda was one of a kind who perfected BaBa WaWa. Thanks for the memory Wil. Excellent

  5. That had my loling….. I needed a good laugh. Have a wonderful weekend y’all! And hang in there TT. I just lost my father on Halloween night. Your raw and real post about your family trials mirrored my own. Thank you for being a voice. Much love, Amy.

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