Real Housewives of Miami Blog Round-Up Foreshadows a Great Reunion Show!

Lisa Hochstein at Halloween Ball

Lisa Hochstein at Halloween Ball

I’m going to say it now, this season’s Real Housewives of Miami Reunion is going to be epic. Everyone is loaded for bear. I expect to see all of them literally sitting on “evidence” to buttress their arguments.  And the clues are in the Bravo blogs.

Lea goes all in on Adriana and her “evil core” without a shred of remorse. In her blog she brings up the last reunion once again when Ana went after her with a folder full of something we are not allowed to discuss. She says that she has more information on exactly who was involved in plotting that attack and implies that Adriana was in on the whole thing.

Also from Lea’s Bravo blog:

For those who support me, a very appreciative and heartfelt THANK YOU. And for those of you who think I should have been more forgiving and move forward with trust instead of trepidation, or pretend nothing ever happened — stay tuned for the reunion and then decide. I think you will agree that even with all the lies and camouflaging and pretense (and you’ve only watched a fraction of it), her core has now been exposed. 

Adriana doesn’t say too much in her blog this week. But both Lea and Adriana hint that the other has done something to harm the friendship between their sons. Expect that to be brought out at the reunion.

Adriana says:

It is so hurtful to see that her need for punishment and hatred is even stronger than the love for her own son and my son as well. Unfortunately her lack of maturity is so unbecoming, but I can’t change who she is. I forgive her, wish her the best, and hope she finds the kindness in her heart to stop hating, because hate only destroys the hater.

But that is just the pre-show fight. The real showdown will be between Lisa and Joanna.

Lisa posted a blog on November 4th before seeing the finale and another on November fifth after seeing the finale.  In the first blog, she explains how her life is perfect and peaceful and that being the peacemaker is just what friends do. She says that Joanna was clearly no friend of hers and couldn’t accept her helpful interventions.  The comments left for her are eviscerating! Nearly everyone one is nasty to Lisa. So she writes another one,  in that one she changes her tune from the tweets she tweeted about condoning her behavior in Vegas as a silly mistake to a deep regret and apologies to her husband and family etc.  She also goes to great lengths to imply that she has a job now, selling face cream at Lenny’s office. And she just held a Halloween Ball to benefit the Make a Wish foundation. She sells herself as all love and light and then goes in on Joanna again.  Remember at the reunion, Joanna said something that pissed Lisa off so much she threatened a defamation suit.

Joanna’s blog is about five sentences long. She says she and Lisa can fight and make up like adults. Let’s see if she does any making up on the reunion… I can’t wait!


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17 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami Blog Round-Up Foreshadows a Great Reunion Show!

  1. shirley

    showdown!! bring on the drama baby! cnt wait!

  2. Buck Henry

    I can’t wait, and it must be epic.

  3. pfffttt

    The reunions for Miami are always better than the actual season. LOL

  4. Xanadude

    Aren’t the reunions the only reason the show was renewed the first two seasons? The seasons themselves were lackluster, but the reunions (one of them was live, remember?) are epic. I can put up with 13 episodes of the show if they bring it at the reunions.

  5. Urethra Franklin

    I just can’t believe that people (the rich ones) who don’t need the money or the work put themselves through this bull shit… It’s not worth it.

  6. Absolutely wild but as a crazy person, sadly, I will be watching this lol

  7. Olive

    Wish Ana was there, folders in hand.
    Lay down Lea just lay the f down. Nobody wants to hear your cackle.

    • terry macon

      Maybe I’m old but when someone shows you who they are believe
      Them. Lea did help adrianna who did come crying to her about her
      Wanting her son to stay in pvt. School which she could not afford.
      And lisa asking questions about lea past what was that all about?
      Adrianna did hurt lea, but no good deed goes unpunished.

      • Not a Lea fan, but I sort of see the point. I have lots of nice people that donate to my site. If I suddenly produced a hot weathy French husband with a yacht (albeit a tear down) who is a very wealthy architect. I don’t think any of you would come back. It’s pretty much the same thing on a smaller scale. I ask for support (not just financially, but y’all support me emotionally SO MUCH and I am so appreciative) and come to find out you don’t really need that support? Kind of unforgiveable. That said I think Adrianna is very emotionally attached to Lea. And it is painful for her to beg for forgiveness and not receive it, but Lea says our minds will change after watching the reunion…

        On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 7:16 PM, Tamara Tattles

  8. Everyone is unnecessarily nasty towards Lisa. That shade of jealousy doesn’t look flattering on anyone. Joanna’s attacks on a drunk Lisa was one of the worst things I’ve seen a “friend” do to another friend.

    • You know I hate to agree with you, but I do. I am no Lea fan but she stands on solid ground on this one.

      On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 9:28 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Tara C.

        I miss Mama Elsa! She always breaks it down ! Marysol is usually fun , but this season we didn’t get to see that. I’m sure because mama Elsa’s health was so bad:( hoping to see her give it to Lea , at the reunion!

  9. Tara C.

    I personally LOVE Lisa ! JoAnna , or HoeAnna , as Adrianna USED to call her, is such a fake bitch! Marta , her own sister, can barely stand her now! Poor Romain ! The man is a Saint to deal with her ! She is a Vulgar human being to me. Just my opinion! Tamara , what’s ur take on JoAnna ?

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