Real Housewives of Miami Finale Recap

RHOM real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-joanna-romain-wedding-15 When last we left the Joanna Wedding saga, everyone was hungover and had overslept. They were supposed to fly to San Diego from Vegas  at 8 am. Like that was even possible?  Who gets up at 5 or 6 am in Vegas to fly home? You might as well just stumble straight to the airport without sleeping. At any rate, they are now in a rental car driving across the California desert.

At some point they must have survived and gotten back to a studio to do talking heads. But WTF with Joanna’s hair? Did no one have a hairbrush? Lisa is seriously hungover and they have to pull over so she can puke.  They flashback to waking up and they discover Lisa sprawled out on the floor behind the bar.

imagesCANYX2XDSomehow they make it to the rehearsal dinner on time.  Joanna has tons of family there. Romain’s parents did not attend, but his brother flew in from Brazil.

Lea and Adrianna have another teary-eyed discussion about the rift in their friendship. Adrianna is begging for forgiveness. And then Lea says the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard in my life. She says, “Once I see that the core of somebody, and the root of who they are is evil or negative, I don’t want it in my life.” Really now.  Lea keeps some despicable company. Thomas Kramer, Joe Francis, that guy in jail for killing someone in a DUI, the list goes on. I think it is pretty evil of her to keep doing this push pull thing with Adrianna. Either make up with her or stop talking to her completely.

My GAWD Joanna’s hair in her talking heads! I just don’t understand it! She is usually so meticulously groomed.

Peter shows up to surprise Alexia. It was a very sweet scene. Somehow Roy Black and RJ appeared at the wedding.  What is this new thing with clapping at weddings when the bridal party walks in?  Y’all know I don’t like changes in the rules. :)  Everyone looks stunning. Lisa’s groomsman is a hottie. HA! I soon as I typed that, I hit play and all the girls were chatting about the hot Brazilian guy. RHOMlisa

The ceremony was beautiful. It went off without a hitch.

The show ended with a group hug.  And sad news for Lisa. It seems her surrogate changed her mind.  The group hug doesn’t last through the reunion though as Lisa and Joanna already hate each other again…


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16 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami Finale Recap

  1. pfffttt

    There were rumors that JoAnna had an affair with that ugly Mohamad dude in Beverly Hills, while he was married to YOLANDA from RHOBH. I think Adrianna is talking about that when she calls someone a “home wrecker.” This reunion should be good.

    Big mistake of this season was not making Ana a full time Housewife. I think her storyline of getting a new man, divorcing, and her career as a chef would have been good coupled with her feud with Lea.

    She really exposed Lea at last years reunion. I loved it when she said that Lea was “pushing cold creams out of her pinto in Waco, Texas.” LOL

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Joanna will never be on BH. I think Lisa VP has a lot of clout with Andy Cohen and because of her affair with Mohammad, I don’t think she would be allowed on.

      • pfffttt

        Check out JoAnna and Lisa Vanderpump’s twitter. They both hang out together when JoAnna is in Los Angeles and Modammad joins them.

  2. pfffttt

    Also why is JoAnna on this show? I think she’d be better fit for Beverly Hills since she mainly resides in Los Angeles, has a big house there, says her career is there. The only reason she is in Miami is because of Roman and the show. Even Roman tweeted that he is in LA more often than Miami…

    South Beach has tons of models that could fill the role of the drunken hot party girl with a temper.

    Also, Lea just doesn’t fit the mold of what a Miami Housewife should be. She is just waaaay too old and boring. Miami is a party city with tons of hot women who would bring drama.

    Casting needs to dump some girls if this cast gets renewed for a 4th season, and bring on some people who will “bring it.” It’s Miami, casting for the show should be EASY.

  3. Shirley

    Didnt love Johanna’s dress! Adrianna had a fabulous dress!! Why was the priest reading Roman’s vows?

  4. ZenJen53

    I think Roy Black had Bravo to shut Andy Ana down. On twitter when asked about Lea n the folder this was her response @anaqooks “a nice tell all from “Madge” would be great whenever it doesn’t breach said contracts #damncontracts” indeed. Unquote. I also believe that’s why she was demoted.

  5. While i think Adriana is sincerely apologetic for what she’s done and how she’s treated Lea, I do think Lea has EVERY right to now not want her in her life. Go read her blog. She lists off the despicable things Adriana has done, including the rift between their sons. Lea may keep horrible company, but at least her horrible company is loyal to her. Can’t say the same for Adriana, and I think Lea makes the right call.

  6. JrLeaguer

    Not buying the waking up late. The on set producers would not have allowed for that since it would mess up their on camera deal with the airline, so I have a feeling that the drive was planned all along. Bravo is the known as the KING of product placement in their shows. Joanna looked like a hooker in her Fredericks of Hollywood gown and I do not get the strange Spanish accent she seems to fall into since she is Polish and has lived here since she was a small child. Someone should also tell her that a bride walks down an aisle…not a runway as she kept referring to. When I look at the other “Weddings by Bravo” her venue etc. was just meh. I do adore her mother and I am glad that her sister finally grew a pair. I wish they would put her on the Beverly Hills franchise….they would eat her alive!!!

  7. lori

    I totally agree with you Tamara about Lea either making up or just being done with Adrianna. What she is doing is very mean. She is so disingenuous. I also found her statement about how if you’re holding a grudge, you don’t go out to lunch with someone, etc. (of course you can do both at the same time), which totally contradicted her saying things like “If I never see Adrianna again, that would be fine with me”.

    I have a feeling that something that we don’t know about must have gone down between Johanna and Marta. Their relationship seemed so different. Marta seemed very withdrawn from Johanna, and I noticed that every time Johanna said I love you to Marta, Marta’s response was “thank you”.

    I’ve definitely started to like Alexia a lot more these last two episodes. She seems like the only sane one in the bunch. I think she really handled herself well when Lisa was attacking her on that bus. I know I wouldn’t have been as calm as she was considering the nasty things that Lisa was saying to her, it seemed, for pretty much no reason at all besides complete drunkenness. I can’t wait for the reunion!

  8. bunniecarrot

    I am not a fan of Adrianna once she started all that brigade of bullying (yes bullying, that’s a word that gets thrown around a lot now a days but this time it fits) or Karent. It was disgusting, and full of jealousy. Now with the Joanna situation, and Lea because she got caught in A LIE but blames Lea and everyone else I have LOATHED ADRIANNA. However for her to go apologize to Joanna’s mother was very, very, very, big of her. That was very respectful, and thoughtful to keep the mother of your bashing in your apology. GOOD FOR HER!!! Alexis I can like as long as her oldest son the wannabe gangster isn’t involved. I can never forget how she sat and tried to excuse her son’s VILE BEHAVIOR against that innocent, sitting duck, homeless man. I’m surprised that Tamara is such a fan of her Alexia after that. Lea….well she’s Lea, she bores me. The one married to the plastic surgeon annoys me. I wish that toothpick would flutter away. Other than her infertility issues, she really doesn’t have any “problems” like real life problems. Lenny works so she can continue to get botox, buy that house on star island, do absolutely nothing productive all day, start a stupid ditzy designer (insert purse, hair line, clothes, shoes, wine, etc whatever it is these bravo females are peddling) line. I just wish she were gone.

    • lori

      I do agree with you 100% about being disgusted when Alexia made excuses for her son’s despicable act, and that really started me on the path to not liking her. Before that, I could take her or leave her. The last couple of episodes, I have actually started liking Alexia, but when her son Peter is involved, I do have a hard time watching. But he is her son, and he was put through the ringer with the general public regarding that situation (as he should have been), so her knowing that, I guess she just really wants to try and move past it, while sort of addressing it on the show at the same time. What is a mother to do? I’m sure she agrees that what her son did was absolutely awful, but she doesn’t want it to define and ruin his whole life going forward. I mean, it happened, and she can’t change that. I would also like to think that off camera she said a lot more to him about how wrong that was and being disappointed in him, etc. (I reeeaaaally hope so), but of course she’s going to try to avoid him going through the bashing all over again. Maybe she feared that if she talked about it more on camera, it would start the hate ball rolling again, and knowing that he already went through that and is struggling with a lot of other demons it seems, the last thing she wants to do get the public to focus on it all over again. Mother’s want nothing more than to see their children do well and be happy. She has also made clear that she has a lot of guilt from other things regarding his upbringing. I wish HE would address it and show some remorse though. I think that could really benefit him. And if he doesn’t feel remorse, unfortunately Alexia (or anyone else for that matter) can’t make him feel it. Naturally it is most mother’s instinct to protect their children, no matter how horrific the crime. Even mothers of murderers.

      As far as Lisa not having any problems other than trying to get pregnant, according to Johanna, she also has some sort of a drug problem too. We will hear about that one at the reunion, and I, for one, am looking very forward to next week’s show. Supposedly the fur is going to fly!

      • bunniecarrot

        As a mother I still can’t excuse or coddle that behavior. And he doesn’t show an ounce of remorse. He’s a wannabe sociopath gangster. I don’t think he has the street toughness in him but he GLORIFIES IT. No pass. And Lisa possible drug problems? Eh I can see her popping vicodins lol so I’m definitely tuning in!!!!

      • Alexia loves her sons. A LOT. I talked to her when Frankie was in the hospital. Our kids sometimes act out and do horrible things. It doesn’t mean their mothers stop loving and protecting them. They do whatever they can to rehab the problem. Alexia was very sweet to me when we emailed.Y’all know I over share. She is very, very sweet and genuine. I promise.

        On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 8:12 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • lori

        Me too (on your whole last sentence)!

      • lori

        ^ that was in response to bunny.

  9. Back from travel catching up. Five minutes into the Finale, I’m sick. What a scripted bunch of crap. From filling the rooms with trash and decorations in the pool, to everyone being “asleep” although the cameras are rolling and missing a flight and Lisa posed in a coffin….roman is now reading his lines in the phone. Are they that boring that this whole thing needs to be scripted?

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