Revenge is Really Getting Good! (And Confusing)

revenge_wallpaper_by_juliamoskvina-d5le46eRevenge is one of the shows I watch religiously but rarely blog about. A lot of that has to do with Sunday nights being so jammed packed with shows.  But I thought I would do one today as I try to jump off the crazy train and get back to reality. It helps to keep busy.

The previews showed a dead looking Nolan in the bathtub so I was dying to see what that was all about.  Apparently he was just basking in the afterglow of his first night with Patrick in the bathtub with ear plugs in. Based on the ransacked condition of the house, one can assume they had a rip-roaring good time. Amanda is NOT pleased at all by this pairing.  I am a bit confused about who Patrick supposedly killed. Anyone? Oh he cut Conrad’s brakes. I had forgotten about that.

Conrad has sold Grayson Manor!

Victoria and Patrick’s mother son relationship is creepy. Like for real creepy.

Sarah, the girl who was in the car when Daniel got into a DUI related accident is showing up. She had a major spinal injury that she is still being treated for years later. What’s the point of introducing her into the storyline? Hmmmm

I have lots of questions for you guys. My memory is horrible and it feels like years between episodes. WTF is going on with Charlotte? What is her sudden relationship with Jack about? Is she an investor in the stowaway or is she wanting a relationship with him?  Also, why is she trying to get Sarah fired from her bakery job?

Does Emily want Aiden or Jack?

Emily manages to sabotage the deal to buy Grayson Manor. Victoria still wants to move out.

Nolan and Jack team up and spill what they know about Emily. Jack convinces Nolan to end his relationship with Patrick. Jack goes to Conrad and tells him it was Patrick that cut the brake lines. Victoria and Patrick have another creepy meeting.  Victoria sends Patrick out of the country.

Emily shows up a Nolan and Jacks dinner meeting to tell them she will be disappearing in five weeks. ANNNNNNND the DVR ends early.

If you watch this, and can answer any of my million questions, I’d appreciate it !


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14 responses to “Revenge is Really Getting Good! (And Confusing)

  1. Tina

    I love Revenge!!! It is confusing though….so here’s what I can tell you.
    Charlotte is still angry at Conrad because she blames him for Declan getting killed and for her losing the baby. She’s close with Jack because of baby Carl. Charlotte got Sarah fired from the bakery so that she can offer her a job at the Stowaway because she wants her and Daniel to get back together. She turned on Emily cause she felt that she was turning into Victoria with her evil and vicious ways.

    I think that Emily still wants Jack but Jack no longer wants her. She loves Aiden but she has to exact her revenge and frame Victoria for her murder so that her and Aiden can ride off into the sunset.

    Hope this helps

    • Vanessa

      Charlotte is getting super creepy. Her vested interest in Jack and the Stowaway is her penance for Declan’s death, which was largely due to him being where he was cuz of her. She hates Emily now, and wants Daniel to reconsider getting married to her. She thinks Emily’s manipulation of her mother (as told to her by Victoria) wasn’t nice.
      Thus, her getting Sara fired from the bakery, and hired at the Stowaway, all a means for Daniel and Sara to meet more often, and for him to possibly stray from Emily.

      I think Emily wants Aiden, but then she has been known to say that before, and play him.

      The end of the episode showed Emily coming clean with her story to Jack and Nolan, which makes me think she’ll have all the boy toys helping her out for the seasons gunshot cliffhanger.

  2. Nicole

    yeah, I thought the way Victoria held Patrick was more like a lover. Bad acting? And I can’t remember but why is Charlotte mad at Emily again? That is why she is trying to put a wedge in between Emily and Daniel and that will mess up Emily’s plans. I think that “honeymoon” family cruise is where is she going to do something. In the preview, look like she gets shot and falls into the sea (where she will disappear forever – even though she can’t if they are going to continue the show).
    What else did I forget.

  3. SaraK

    Have watched this from the beginning and never missed an episode. So here you go with the answers TT.

    Back before we knew Patrick was Victoria’s son, Charlotte told Emily he had spent the summer with Victoria. As part of the “get Victoria” plan she leaked the info to Ashley. When it got back to Charlotte she knew it had come from Emily and she lost faith in her sister / sister-in-law to be. Charlotte accrued her of already acting like a Grayson.

    Tina is right, when Declan and fiaux-Amanda died, Charlotte glommed onto baby Carl and Jack. She is very anti-Emily now so when she saw how Daniel reacted to Sarah she saw an opening.

    This season has all about throwing obstacles in Emily’s path. Sarah is going to be another one. Daniel is not only still attracted to her, he also has tons of guilt. First he gets her hurt in a drunk driving accident. Then he leaves and never contacts her. Now he finds out his parents screwed her in the settlement, only paying for the initial hospital stay but none of the follow up or needed rehab. Expect to see some lip-locks there. In the previews Victoria is seen telling Charlotte she may be just what it takes to break up Emily and Daniel.

    I think Emily loves Jack in the “what could have happened” kind of way. He would have been perfect for Amanda Clark had everything with her dad had not happened. Adian knows who she is now. He not only accepts that, he is also willing to help her. In the long run I don’t see her with either guy because in both she is in control. She is not on equal footing with either one.

    You missed the BEST part of the show….the last 15 min. Emily dropped in on Nolan and Jack’s boys night. She admits that she was wrong and should keep them in on what she has planed. She tells them that when she is done she will disappear and they will not hear from her again. So what is her plan??! On 8/6 Victoria Grayson is going to be framed for the murder of Emily Thorne. Makes those scenes of her getting shot makes more sense.

    And that is my impression of the great UF.

    • OMG I don’t suppose I could suck you in to writing the Revenge Recaps. I really am not with it enough to follow all the details!

      • SaraK

        I would love too….I don’t know how to get all the awesome pictures but can send you all the words. Big shoes to fill though. You and UF are the examples I would have to live up to.

      • EXCELLENT! I do the pics (UF is always pissed at my choices) I can’t wait!

        On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 7:47 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • Urethra Franklin

      It was too short. HAHA, but well done.
      I wish I started watching Revenge & Scandal from the beginning, but I’ll have to jump on the train later.

    • Tango

      Ok…so what about Conrad? If Victoria goes away for “murder”, what is Conrad’s ultimate demise, or is he dead? I haven’t watched so I love that TT is recapping for us…is Conrad still around and kicking now or did the brake cutting kill him? I always hated him more than Victoria because I felt like he was the one who really caused it all…

  4. JrLeaguer

    I am going to take it back to the real world for a second. When Emily and Daniel were waking up, they were the picture of perfection. Since the actors that play these characters are a couple in real life, I wonder if they wake up looking so blissful, or is it like the rest of us with major bedhead and bad breath? I wonder if Emily Van Camp accuses Josh Bowman of snoring and if Josh tells Emily in his adorable British accent that she steals the covers?

  5. June

    I have been watching from the beginning also, and have a question for other fans. What happened to the Initiative? It was such a problem for everyone and now their far reaching tentacles have just disappeared. Maybe I missed something big somewhere, but I thought more of “them” would crawl back into the fold at some point but-nothing.

    • Tina

      Maybe the Initiative is re-grouping. I know they were partly taken down in the collapse of Grayson Global with Nolan’s Carrion program. I remember that when Nolan was sent to prison, it took at least 6 months before evidence contained within Carrion cleared him from being a domestic terrorist. I may have to re-watch season 2 again to remember it clearly.

      • June

        Thank you Tina. It just seemed odd that a global force (how they were portrayed) just vanished out of the equation. Maybe they will return next season, we have to have something to carry the show if Emily’s plan works. Which I am guessing will not fully work. ; )

    • SaraK

      The story stunk up the airwaves and they dropped it completely.

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