Lydia Stirling McLaughlin QUITS Real HouseWives of Orange County


This makes me so sad.  I think it may have something to do with how her mother was treated.  But according to USWeekly,  Lydia has quit RHOOC!  The rumor mill has it that Alexis and Gretchen were fired for lack of storyline. So, RHOOC will have a major shakeup.  Only Vicki, Tamra and Heather are still standing.

From USWeekly:

Typically chilled out during her short tenure on the show, McLaughlin assures  Us that there’s “no epic story” or feud behind her decision to  leave the show. “I never wanted to make a career out of being a housewife.  That’s never really been a dream of mine,” says McLaughlin, who shares kids  Stirling, 4, and Maverick, 2, with husband Doug. Although producers asked  McLaughlin to come back (“I was really flattered!”), she explains, “I want to  build my brand outside of the Housewives — I’ve always been really honest with  the producers about that. I knew that while I was filming it that I probably  wasn’t going to be doing it again.

I will miss you, Lydia. You were a breath of fresh air. And we could all us some fairy dust. Lydia is probably the richest person on any RH franchise and doesn’t need to do this. You can expect her to fund her own reality show soon.  She  could buy and sell Andy Cohen ten times.


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52 responses to “Lydia Stirling McLaughlin QUITS Real HouseWives of Orange County

  1. Gingersnap

    I liked Lydia and feel sad to see her go. Ryan Culberson will go down in HW history as being a real dickhead. It will follow that punk for a long long time. He has that coming for not acknowledging any wrong doing to Lydia’s mom, Judy, the pothead. I thought Judy was cool and very well mannered not to tell Ryan to put it where the fairy dust don’t sparkle.

  2. Tamara

    Lydia was fun! I loved her big bright eyes and her positive attitude. But she probably made the best decision for herself. I would have hated to see her brought down to the cattiness and pettiness of the reat of the cast

    • Joan

      I agree. She was the reason I hung in for one last season to see if I could stick with the series. She was my favorite! Classy lady. Guessing I won’t watch next season.

  3. Tango

    Is she really that rich? Richer than Adrienne or Lisa V? Whoa. I think I was the drama with her ma too. She was very independent and no-nonsense and was not going to stay on a show with that kinda bs. Good for her.

  4. Rain

    Is Tamara fired??

  5. lori

    This makes me sad too. I definitely liked her very much. Can’t say I blame her after what happened to her mom. Didn’t know Tamra was fired too. I thought it was just Gretchen and Alexis. Four housewives to replace… should be interesting. Who’s left… Vicky and Heather I guess?

  6. Kate

    I’m curious to see what her brand is. Everyone seems to have a brand these days.

  7. i liked her, too. dont know how much of a storyline she had either but i liked both her and her mother. glad she called out bad behavior, too. very sorry she’s leaving so soon.

  8. Tamara

    No Tamra is not fired. In fact today she posted that she was I her way to Hawaii and tagged Vicki and Heather in the comment. As well as hashtag #H50(Hawaii 5-0) #Bravo #rhoc #season9. So I assume filming has begun and that is where their trip is this year!

  9. ZenJen53

    Another poor decision on Bravos part. The conservative Lydia n her liberal mom was refreshing. Plus Judy is good friends with Stevie Nicks how effing cool is that? Bring Jeana Keough back. She’s dating, Kara’s getting married! Bet Colton is handsome n Shane is better than Vicki’s SIL .

  10. Nicole

    Sorry to see Lydia go. She and her mama were sweet. One time she was on WWHL and Andy showed a clip of her doing her own reporting at a young age. Glad to be rid of Gretchen. Can’t stand her. Don’t like Tamara either but I guess she makes enough stinks for herself so they keep her on. Accckkkk, Tamara gotta stop doing Botox on her lips. Actually, many of them have weird, thin looking Botox lips. And Vicki’s nose IS like a pig. oink oin – and she screeches like a pig too!. It’s entertainment, they are harmless though.

  11. Yeah – > Tam-ruh isnt fired.

  12. Sorry to see her go TT do you know what’s going on with rhony

  13. karen (@kreim)

    Glad to see her go. I did not like her at all but loved her mother.

  14. medicated fan

    I am sad to see her go. She didn’t have much of a storyline, but I felt she was true to herself without being overbearing. She never let the other woman take her power. Will kind of miss her.

  15. Jarlath

    Does this mean Gretchen won’t be marrying Slade

  16. Her bug-eyed face scared the crap out of me.

    • terry macon

      Forget the money she and her husband or family have, she have brains. Who
      Wants to be on the oc housewives who have men that are losers running the
      Show and treating women and their friends like shit. Good for you Lydia. Judy
      I know you are proud of your daughter.
      God Bless you.

  17. HersheyKiss

    I really hate to see her go. She was a nice person with a brain!! Her mother was very nice too. I can’t blame her for wanting to pursue her own branding without having to give Bravo a piece of the pie. I thought it was awful how Vicki’s SIL treated Lydia’s mom Judy about a house/furnishings that aren’t even his. Since there are only Vicki, Tamara and Heather left, doubt if I will watch another season. Good Luck Lydia!!

  18. Belinda

    Huh ? What ? Are we talking about the same person ? The bulemic/anorexic stick with the spooky eyes and the huge teeth who had
    “humorless dimwit” stamped on her forehead ? She probably quit so she could binge and purge in private.

  19. MaggieG

    Since she was on the short list of truly wealthy (family wealth) HWs the show provided exposure for her other ventures. I guess she hoped for increased circulation of her magazine & more attention to her jewelry line & whatever else she stamps her name onto in the future.

  20. Good move, Lydia. While I think she was one of the best things to happen, I do understand her decision. She’s too rich and too normal for this show. She doesn’t need the negativity in her life.

  21. lori

    I don’t know if it’s true or not but I saw somewhere on the internet that she may be pregnant?

    • That would be cool. Most sane husbands don’t want their wives in fucked up situations on national TV where tables could be flipped, etc. When they are preggers.

      I just watched WWHL with Kandi and Kenya and Kenya was all trying to pretend she was pregnant.

      • Tamara

        What the heck?!? How did Kenya pretend to be pregnant?!? How rediculous!!

        Best of luck to Lydia and her family in the future though :)

      • Someone called in and asked if she was preggers because she was covering her belly with her arms the whole night (fat chick technique…lol) She said she had been asked that a lot lately, and gave Andy a look. Kandi was like, girl stop playin’!

        On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 1:28 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • lori

        You’re kidding!!! That’s funny. I’ll have to make sure not to delete that one.

      • lol funny you should mention that. I was there to do a mass delete and thought, don’t Kandi and Kenya hate each other? Maybe I should watch this one…

        On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 1:28 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • lori

        I’m out of luck. I already got rid of it. :(

      • shirley

        I am all kinds of confused Nene tweeted something about pressing charges on Kenya? I thought she was pressing charges on Marlo?! or she just pressing charges on everyone getting in her line of fame!!!? she bugging though! its not that serious!!

      • Jesus with these people and dragging their castmates into court. Nene can’t be serious about pressing charges on Kenya for touching her ear. Just trying to ratchet thangs up.

        On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 8:02 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • lori

        She’s beyond diva, in HER head.

  22. Flo

    How does she make her money?

  23. shirley

    lmfao @tt pressing charges for touching Nene’s ear!! lmaoo ! apparently Nenes ear is mad out gold!!!

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