Shahs of Sunset Preview of Premiere Episode

shahs-2-600As long as I am up I may as well watch the screener for Shahs of Sunset.  The paperwork says Reza turns 40 and moves in with Adam. MJ starts thinking about her biological clock. Mike and Reza’s work situation is not going well and Mike needs to make some decisions about his girlfriend. Asa sells her diamond water, and takes the crew to Turkey and Iran to reunite with long lost family. GG continues to be off the chain and it seems Reza has tired of playing with is new toy, “Persian Barbie” but she remains in the cast.

We should says something about Reza’s hair. Is he wearing wig as he shops for a Porshe for his  40th birthday? WTF?  I immediately see why Reza and Mike’s work situation is not going to work. Reza is basically just taking half of any of Mike’s new business but not sharing his own  listings. Any thoughts that Reza may have reevaluated himself after lastseason is out the window within the first five minutes.  Reza is buying a used Porshe.  I like that they are being real.  Reza leaves with no car.

MJ continues to try to mend her relationship with her mother. I’m sorry, I know this is her mother, but sometimes you have to distance yourself from family if they are always dragging you down. MJ tries to turn her mom into Cyndi Lauper. Not going to happen.

ShahsREzagaycrisisEw. It’s Lilly. Lilly is turning 30 and “her friend”  Mohammed is hosting the party. MJ has not RSVPed, allegedly. Annnnnd here we go with the MJ bashing.  Reza is giving lip service to being her friend and trying to keep drama from happening. Allegedly. I am fantasizing about dunking Lilly’s huge head in the ocean. Repeatedly.

GG and her sister are friendlier. Her sister is going through a divorce and she has a very young child. The kid has a pediatrician that makes housecalls on TV. I am noticing  GG’s gold bangles and it makes me sad I have to sell mine. :(

Finally, we see A$A!  And she is with family. I love those scenes. And Reza is there because he has to be in everything possible. I am DYING at the Persian food. Yum.  Asa introduces her cousin to Reza and he says “welcome” as if it is his household. I can’t with him already.  DAMN at Asa’s bangles. Sorry it is a middle-eastern thing. I was raised in Libya and my family adopted many traditions including gold and silver bangles. Sadly, it is time for this chick to sell the gold and go back to silver.  So I am a little obsessed and envious at the  moment.

MJ greets GG at her door wearing a “Thug Life” t-shirt. This is after a talking head where GG says she is ready to be a grown-up.  #foreshadowing  MJ is single and her dogs are fat. GG is helping MJ clean out her closet. I would like to be at her garage sale.  MJ is reluctantly going to Lilly’s party which is going to end in drama. Already the show is focusing on MJ’s drinking even thought GG is drinking with her. I don’t know if she has a problem or not, but either way, Bravo’s exploitation of her is unacceptable.

Jessica has converted to Judaism for Mike.  They go to some sort of social event for couples with one partner converting.  Some 75 year old man got circumcised to complete the process. Kidding not.  Some single black guy is there on the prowl for a Jewish woman. Jessica has NO RING and is not engaged!  Gurrrrrrl.  Be careful.

Reza shows up with roses and gifts.  I love MJ’s response. Flowers only come from one place. Guilty men. I am telling you. Having your best gay fuck you over is WAY worse than having a boyfriend do the same. It’s a whole nuther level of a relationship. Reza is there to tell MJ that since she didn’t RSVP she may not be allowed in to the party for Lilly. Of course Lilly could just add MJ to the damn list. It’s not like this is some celebrity event people will be trying to crash, but let’s play along. MJ actually says, “You are worried about humiliating me NOW?” And Reza is all, yes!  Oh douchebag, you have done nothing but publically disgrace her and now we are supposed to pretend you care because you brought over roses and a cheesecake or whatever?  Chile, please. MJ texts Lilly about going to dinner. Lilly tells her she can’t go because all seats are accounted for.

In Bravo mean edit fashion, We see how fugly Lilly is without makeup prior to her “glam squad” hiding her real face behind two TONS of makeup and hair. Priceless.

So it’s time of Lilly’s party with all of her nearest and dearest fake friends. It’s like a presser for some plastic surgeon. Bleck.  Her nutso dog is wearing a dress to match her “first look.” She plans to change FOUR TIMES during her party. Jesus. These poor people. They have no idea how to party.  Reza takes Adam to the party but does a whole talking head about another guy.  Supposedly they move in together this season. Sigh. No, Adam. Just no.  Has he no faghag to tell him he is making a big mistake?

Did I mention that dateless Lilly is having a “prom” after dinner because no one asked her in High School?  She is having people vote for Prom Queen because she thinks she should have been one in High School but she had not had the surgeries yet, and she was raised in Texas and Texas don’t play that. In fact it looks like she had MORE plastic added to her face for the new season. #plasticpersian  At least everyone is mocking Lilly and missing MJ. GG apologizes to Asa and it seems genuine.

OMG. I love that everyone is wanting MJ there, but for Reza to blame Lilly for  AND I QUOTE, “alienating my best friend?????” What the Mother Fuck? I have never in the history of reality TV seen someone deliberately try to harm  another the way that Reza did MJ. EVER.  He was a brutal asshole.

There was no extended trailer on the disk. But I think I cover  pretty much everything.

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44 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Preview of Premiere Episode

  1. Shirley

    WOW that’s all I gotta say! WOW

    • HW fan

      Most everything on TV has turned into Reality shows, I admit I do watch them. After watching the premiere of Shahs of Sunset Lilly disgusted me even more when I did not think she could make me any sicker… she thinks she is so entitled. She is ignorant. Really 30 some years old and a prom B-day. Get a real life!

  2. JrLeaguer

    Does Lily still sound like every statement that she makes sounds like she is asking a question?

    • Olive

      There’s a word for that condition. They had it on the news the other day.

      Wendy Williams makes fun of the kardash way of speaking like that too.

    • JrLeaguer

      Thanks, Tamara. I guess it is such an issue that it now has a name. My sons all know not to bring home a girl that speaks that way. Can you imagine if Lily was a practicing attorney and being the attorney on the opposing side never knowing is she is making statements or asking questions of the witnesses? Her voice could be used as a torture technique!!

  3. Olive

    I can’t read the rest of this – just the beginning. I HATE REZA AFTER LAST SEASON. how on earth does bravo or Semencrest think people still like him? Because he’s a loud mouthed gay Persian man. Wtf?

    Thanks for the write up.
    ASSa is on my —list too. Does SHE have a ring yet?
    And I feel bad for GGs sister. They just had a 2nd child last season. How sad.

    What a surprise the non-Jew converts. Shocked #notshocked #neverisitviceversa

    Can’t wait!
    And does Lily wear lace front? That’s what someone said last year on some blog.

    Thanks again for the review

    #hatereza. Team MJ forever – as the Bravo polls clearly show all the time duh

  4. That’s for the preview I love this show I can’t wait :)

  5. Bored with Them!

    TT, I’ll read your comments on this show and cringe, but I won’t watch another season of this BS! There’s not enough gay or persian drama to draw me into their sorry circle again. Especially A$$A. Yuk, why is she appealing to anyone? On another note, TT, why aren’t you covering The New Atlanta?

  6. Seriously....

    yup will only be watching this one through your recaps like most of Bravo’s shows. When does RHOA premiere?

  7. LoriNYC

    I won’t be watching after last season. I hate Lilly and Reza and I am totally grossed out by MJ’s drunken behavior. She’s in her 40′s and lies about it. She acts like she’s Snookie. I’m not a small gal either but she really doesn’t dress appropriately for her size and shape. With her money, she could do so much better. GG is a hot mess but because she’s willing to throw dowm…..I like her. Asa is annoying and I would never buy her diamond water.

    • I love that MJ is happy in her own skin. As we all should be.

      • WTH

        I love MJ….. I love how well she handles certain situations…. Heck could you imagine growing up with a mother like her’s, even if her mother didn’t really raise her….. The girl definitely knows how to have fun and she doesn’t have any kids or husband to answer to so I say more power to her…..

      • I too love MJ. But out of that love,I really want her to get some help. Only she knows what type help she needs and she doesn’t need a bunch of fame whores screaming at her to get it.

      • Twilly

        MJ is the only likeable one on the show! Mike is ok, too. The rest can get bent.

      • Mrs Smith

        I can only deal with MJ & Mike. What planet is Asa on? Could Lilly find a higher horse to be on? Could Reza be any more of a disgusting excuse for a human? Could GG be any more of a hot mess?

  8. That diamond water is not germ free ~ could be hard on someone with a weakened immune system.

  9. ZenJen53

    TT quick question is Mohammed who is hosting Lilys party Mohammed Hadid? I love the Shahs but I think Andy gives Reza a pass. The Persian culture is so steeped in World History. #idreamofjeannie

  10. Twilly

    I watched the first season and enjoyed it but last season was so nasty and negative and I just CAN’T with GG. She might be my least favorite reality personality and that’s saying A LOT!! Not sure I can stomach this season.

  11. Lord, that Mohammad guy AGAIN?! What is this, his third Bravo show? And I understand the dog is impaired, but Coconut is annoying. I don’t even like dogs…

  12. Stella

    I watched a few episodes the first year after reading Tamara’s recaps, but this people are just too mean & annoying for me. Like others, I’ll follow along here with TT’s great write-ups. :)

  13. Amber

    Asa and Lilly were the only ones I really liked from the last season. I feel like I missed a ton of episodes or something because what did Reza do to MJ other than bring Lilly into the group?

  14. Stella

    I think I dogged Reza on TT’s twitter if I remember right and Tamara scolded me. See, I was right, Tamara! lol

  15. Urethra Franklin

    I can’t stand that bitchy Persian mustached queen or that Persian bobble-head. I checked out last year.

    On the good side, I will read TT’s recaps, and I’ll not have wasted an hour a week of my life on these fame whore-assholes.

  16. ZenJen53

    Does anybody miss Sammie? I do. Yea he let M.J. down when he blindsided her with her ex then the ex proceeded to maul her while Sammie looked away but that’s nothing compared to Reza’s antics. Id rather have Sammie than Lily. Anybody else agree??

  17. loriflack

    Lily seems too fabricated for me to relate to, that plus her never ending question tone when she talks. I would prob vote her off the island.

  18. DJ

    I LOVE your recap. Your humor is brilliant. Glad you are sticking up for MJ. I was horrified last season how Reza turned on her like a rabid dog.

  19. ZenJen53

    While watching #SHAHS reruns I so miss Reza n MJ friendship. When she says that hugs are so important esp when ur raised in household that doesn’t show affection. So true. Oh and I started to pay close attention to the bangles and they glisten n sparkle so dif from huge “synthetic” rings.

  20. Sorry, I cannot find any redeeming features about any of these clowns.

  21. bunniecarrot

    I’m just not here for that stupid diamond water. Actually the” Persian pop priestess” sounds stupid as well. Girl just say you’d like to be the Persian Britney Spears and call it a day. Mj and her mom, she’s still trying to work with her mom I commend mj’s strength. What’s the 30th Persian Paris Hilton wannabe again? Oh Lily. Evite are a public announcement. How important is her bash that Mj has to come? Must be a big filming thing. I really don’t think Mj is that concerned with skinny unproportioned Persian Paris Hilton’s 30th. Bravo is plugging the hell out of Mohammed’s house , HAS IT SOLD YET????

    • I thought it had been sold, bunnie. And MJ will OWN that lollipop head this season. :)

      • bunniecarrot

        well that’s nice for him that it finally sold. We’ve seen it on Million dollar listing LA with Maurico and Josh the one with the ego (oh they both are pretty arrogant, ok I mean the straight one), um Real housewives of Bh, Real housewives of Orange county I believe, and here on Shahs. I believe MJ started on Lilly but at this point Lilly is being petty. She shouldn’t have sent the evite to MJ in the first place. If you don’t like someone, you don’t deal with that person.

  22. Denise

    Honestly Lilly talking about having no class when she sends evites to her ridiculous party. She looked pretty stupid changing her dress a million times. I hope she is the target this season. Stupid Barbie

    • bunniecarrot

      You know who sends else with class sends evites? NENE!!!! LOL I am howling with laughter as I type this. Lilly is from “real money” and has a law degree , yet her level of social etiquette and class is on the same level with NENE LEAKES!!!! Dying of laughter here…**sighs**

  23. Annie M

    This pathetic, insecure, gold-digging excuse for a woman should just marry a man whose only interest is having an ignorant bimbo by his side. You’ll find a higher level of class and more attractive women in any trailer park across America compared to this embarrassment of a sk@nk.

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