Real Housewives of Miami: Going to Hell in A Handbag

Credit: Purveyors of Pop Twitter

Credit: Purveyors of Pop Twitter

I watched RHOM last night but didn’t take any notes or start a blog. I know some of you are asking where to talk about it so I will put up a brief recap here.  Basically what happened was Lea Black threw a party at her newly renovated mansion. Say what you will about Lea, but she is one of the few housewives that is actually wealthy. Actually most all of the RHOM except for Joanna and Adrianna are wealthy. Yet another reason I wish more people were watching this show.  I digress.

Lea is expanding her empire into a “movement” or something. So she has not one but two events to hawk her wares. The first was at some sort of storefront. Media was there to interview Lea about her new handbags. It was a big deal. It was as the housewives like to say, “Lea’s Special Day” which of course means someone will sabotage it. This season, that means Lisa will do something stupid.  First she drags Lea away from her guests to implore her to drop her wall and make up with Adriana.  WTF? Lea is WORKING. It’s not the time, or the place, or any of Lisa’s concern. Just like when she interfered with Marysol’s confrontation with Lea. Lea manages to wiggle free and goes back to work.

Credit: Purveyors of Pop Twitter

Credit: Purveyors of Pop Twitter

Then somehow Lisa and Joanna got into it. Joanna is all stressy planning her wedding.  When Lisa starts talking about being the peacemaker, Joanna loses it and the two have a knock down drag out fight. Joanna kicks Joanna out of her wedding and tries to kick her out of the event. Eventually Lisa storms off.

Because Lea Black is Lea Black she has two special days. Lea invites ALL the ladies to her house to see the unveiling of her newly renovated house. It is stunning.  So much so that two tentative truces were called. Joanna and Lisa talked and half-assed apologies were given. Lisa is  back in the wedding. They love and adore each other.  Essentially the same thing happened with Lea and Adrianna who agreed to disagree on whether Adrianna was a liar who used Lea for her money and MOVE ON.  The RHOM are all better than the other franchises at crying on cue.

And they all lived happily ever after. I believe we will have a Vegas wedding for Joanna. Or at least a Vegas bachelorette party. Oh Joy. What did y’all think?


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38 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami: Going to Hell in A Handbag

  1. I did not watch the whole episode yet thinking about going to see Joanna Monday she will be here in Chicago downtown for a appearance to watch the wedding with her. It is not far just not the easiest to get to we will see if I’m not to tired it might be fun

  2. Nicole

    First of all, I like to point out that I LOVE Lea’s necklace that she wore with her black dress at her housewarming/reveal party. I did not care for the one she wore with the red shirt in the talking head.
    2nd I like the décor in her LA house better
    3rd The housewives of Miami, even the poor ones, are richer than any of the HW of NJ or HW of Atlanta (exception of Candi) or even some of the HW of OC are “poor”.
    I really like watching the HW of Miami, but the accents is kind of straining sometimes, especially Joanna. She talks like a THUG!!!

  3. Lulu

    Most of the Housewife shows have become so boring. I cancelled Miami from my DVR as well as NeNe’s wedding. May not watch ghetto Atlanta as well.

    • Cleo

      Lulu, what exactly makes the Atlanta housewives “ghetto” in comparison to the other franchises?

      • SnookumsLynn

        NeNe Leaks, Marlo Hampton, Kenya MOOre & sometimes Phaedra…I believe she got some hella skeletons in her closet…

      • Cleo

        SnookumsLynn there’s no reply button under your comment so I’ll post here. Your response doesn’t answer the question. On the RHOA what specific behaviour or portrayed environment can be deemed as ghetto?

      • I thought her answer was NENE. If it wasn’t I will answer for her. NENE Leakes barely speaks English and if you search her here you will find she has a long history of legal issues. She is ghetto as hell. So is Phaedra and her past. SUPER ghetto and shady, Then there is Marlo the felon. Kenya is perhaps the most GHETTO of them all.

        I will reverse the question to you. How is RHOA NOT the most GHETTO of all the franchises?

      • Please don’t leave Kandi out of the ghetto.

      • Amamda

        I second tamaratattles’ question. There is so much they’ve done in their past that’s shady (as we say in England) or dodgy that it makes them ghetto. No other franchise seems to have Housewives with such ‘interesting’ back stories…

      • Cleo

        Marlo is ghetto can’t deny that but she does not hold a peach and constitutes to a small picture of the show.

        So to you shady equals ghetto. If that is your definition of ghetto then I guess each housewife form NJ is ghetto, Adriana & Joanna from RHOM are ghetto alongside housewives from other franchises. Teresa barely speaks English so that would also make her ghetto by your definition, correct? The point is; whether you believe that the RHOA are ghetto or not, why are they the only housewives referred to as ghetto when we’ve seen worse/similar behaviour in other franchises? By your definition RNOJ is the most ghetto, not to mention the physical fights portrayed almost every season and accusations of recent criminal activity carried out by Tersea & Joe, and Jacqueline. Yet the RHOA are the most ghetto for the simple fact that it’s a word only associated with black people.

        Not here for the covert racism. Good luck selling your gold and raising the money you need for your Happy Pill Fund.


      • love2hatebravo

        Sorry ladies, but I have to agree with Cleo. RHONJ are at the very least, equally ghetto as the RHOA. The truth is that the RHONJ are probably even MORE shady and low brow than RHOA, and I am NOT only referring to the Giudices. If all the franchises had black characters, this might be easier to perceive at face value. But the Segregation by Bravo silently promotes covertly racist sentiment.

      • Um…no one said NJ is not ghetto. And shady and lowbrow alone do not make for ghetto. Sorry. Fact: they are black and they are ghetto. Nj are guidos and guidettes.

        Segregation? The black women forced kim out because they were jealous. I’m pretty sure NONE of them want a white woman on that show. Who is segregating?

      • pfffttt

        I think it’s funny that people say Jersey and Atlanta are the most ghetto. I remember during one of the up fronts one year they interviewed the cast of Jersey and asked which city they liked the most and most of them answered Atlanta. They asked the Atlanta wives which city they liked most and all of them answered New Jersey. Nene even said “They’re gangsta!”

      • love2hatebravo

        The black women “forced Kim out because they were jealous”? I think I must have been watching a different RHOA. Kim is a clown. And I have watched her for amusement. But I have a really hard time believing anyone is jealous, much less that they “forced” her to do ANYTHING.

  4. I want to like this show, but it is a poor imitation of all the other Housewive’s shows. The only interesting ones on the show are Adriana and Lea, and they don’t speak to each other. Lisa, Alexia and Marysol are useless. They need to revamp the whole show or dump it. All these shows are becoming like infomercials for the ladies’s products. Lea should probably spend more time being a mother to her son RJ, he gives me the creeps. I am sure we will see him featured on Nancy Grace someday. Good thing Lea married an attorney.

    • Twilly

      It seems that RJ is exposed to a lot of Roy’s trials. I remember last season Lea watched Roy’s closing arguments with RJ in a murder trial. I remember thinking that this young boy is being exposed to murder trials and in his world they root for all defendants to be found not guilty, regardless of evidence.

  5. spk

    I’m repeating but seriously–I don’t mind Lea so much but girlfriend, you gotta get a REAL bra. Puhleeze. I beg you.

  6. Brillke

    Lisa’s heart is in the right place but all she ends up doing is stirring the pot. When she said they, Adrianna and Lea, should feel lucky to have a friend like her, I cringed.

    I didn’t really care for the ballroom, I think that’s what she called it, but I did like the kitchen. Those were the thickest marble counters I’ve ever seen.

    Joanna is a psychopath who is in dire need of anger management classes. ” I’m a fighter” was what she said but what she really meant was ” I’m a spoiled brat who always gets her way or I’ll make you suffer!” Bitch is cray-cray.

  7. lori

    Lisa is the most annoying person ever! I can’t even stomach her anymore. I felt like jumping through the screen and bitch slapping her myself… with or without a Lea Black handbag. She must be Bravo’s dream come true because she sits shit every where she goes. I could never in a million years be friends with someone like her. I can’t stand anyone being in my business, and I am floored by her lack of boundaries, getting involved in so many matters that she has no business being in. And she has such a big mouth. She repeats everything anyone tells her, and often to the LAST person that person would want their business told to. That is no friends. She tries to cover it all up by saying she is a peace maker, but that is complete bs. When she went and sat on that couch to eavesdrop on Lea and Adrianna, it made me ill. There is something really wrong with her. Honestly, I don’t know how Lenny can deal with her. No wonder he’s never around. I would not be surprised in the least if he divorced her in the near future. I have no basis for that of course… just a feeling.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I wonder about her and Lenny….he seemed to be mighty irritated with her at the wedding, poor girl needs a hobby, she should just adopt so she can feed her baby desire, she seems like a nice girl, she probably would be a good mother…

      • I don’t know why all these needy women want to marry doctors. Because you will attend a LOT of events alone when you think they are coming. Constantly called away. I couldn’t deal. But I know that. Lisa doesn’t.

      • Lenny is starting to remind me of the guy who hung himself. Maybe he is just over the stupidity of it all. Or he’s over her. She’s rude to his mom, needy as hell and spends his money like its water. She’s honestly not even that great to look at.

      • lori

        IMO, she was a lot better looking before he got his hands (and scalpel) on her. Now she just looks like every other chronic plastic surgery patient.

      • Twilly

        She should just accept the surrogate idea. Some people don’t have the means for that option. They both badly want a child, but she is unwilling to compromise and have a surrogate, as she has been unsucessful in carrying to term, multiple times.

  8. You can see a direct connection between alcohol and Joanna going off the deep end.

    • lori

      Definitely. I notice that Roman mentioned that Marta has given up drinking. I don’t blame her for not wanting to go to Las Vegas. Way too much temptation and stress. Johanna should take a page from her sister’s book.

  9. if lea is so wealthy, why does she have those businesses? does the world really need another handbag line? isn’t there something else she can do with her time? i only watch this one rarely, just because i can’t relate to any of the women. guess i need to find a recap somewhere…

  10. good lord someone needs to duct tape Joanna’s mouth I cant stand that bitch..she is a Beautiful girl until she opens her mouth..Roman needs to lock her in a closet or something…the rest of them..meh Lea’s not too bad but Ugh..just don’t know about any of these shows anymore!

  11. ZenJen53

    I like Lea,does she give nice/nastys? Yeaaah. I wish they had a HW that is closer to Lea’s age. Someone who’s close to 30 n something close to 50 has little in common. And those Birkins and diamonds is a girls best friend.

  12. Valley View

    I still like the show–it was almost as if they were showcasing Lea’s past and present business accomplishments to refute Ana’s comments she got where she was on her back.

    I think Joanna may have some money at least more so than Adriana and probably Alexia. If I recall correctly Alexia was in trouble with the taxman last year for unpaid payroll taxes.

    Recently it was revealed the rift (and possible) lawsuit between Joanna and Lisa is Joanna accused Lisa of asking for drugs at her wedding. I will be watching closely the next two weeks to see if there are any indicators that give rise to Joanna’s allegations.

    I think this show suffers from some corny producers and the mistaken belief that people are interested in Adriana.

  13. “Say what you will about Lea, but she is one of the few housewives that is actually wealthy. Actually most all of the RHOM except for Joanna and Adrianna are wealthy. Yet another reason I wish more people were watching this show. I digress.”

    That’s why I love the RHOM as well. And for some reason, I have a soft spot for Lisa. Always have, come to think of it.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I used to have a soft spot for Lisa, but her boredom and desire to be with the popular girls, under the guise of being a peacemaker is really about to be her undo-ing…

    • pfffttt

      I’d say JoAnna is wealthy. Did you see her home in Los Angeles? I don’t think she is to hurting for cash.

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