Bethenny and Omarosa Still Feuding After All These Years

I don’t normally watch Bethenny but when I turned on the TV this morning the last few minutes of her show were on and she and Omarosa were really going at it. The clip above conveniently ends before the part I saw. But now I know what the argument was about. Bethenny went on the view and made fun of Omarosa saying essentially Omarosa was just a reality villain and Bethenny was a brand with a real career.  Bethenny bets Omarosa 10K that she did not say she had a real career. But she did. The last thing I saw as the show ended was Bethenny making a motion with her hands to write Omarosa a check.

Here is a clip from Joy Behar’s show from 2010 that explains the genesis of the feud, and some reality TV discussion. I liked Joy’s show but confess to rarely watching it.

By the way, Omarosa is a preacher now.


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40 responses to “Bethenny and Omarosa Still Feuding After All These Years

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Don’t right checks that you’re ass can’t cash does not apply to Bethenny. I can’t believe she is going to pay that loud mouth $10K.

    • puravidacostarica

      In Omarosa’s world, “strong” doesn’t equate to “loud-mouthed, overrrated, pain in the ass, don’t practice what she preaches, bitch”. LOL

  2. Omarosa could have taken the high road, but instead, she went right after Bethenny with low blow after low blow. I’d say they’re both even-two aggressive business women made famous by reality tv, who don’t mind telling you what they really think.

  3. Katrina

    I thought Bethenny made that statement on the View. Omarosa was very angry about it! Wow, I hate I missed this episode. I am shocked Bethenny booked Omarosa. Years ago, Omarosa went after Wendy Williams about something derogatory she said.

  4. Iwannano

    I used to be a super fan of Bethenny, lately not so much. HOWEVER, what she said about Omorosa is the absolute truth. Bethenny did build a very successful brand. What brand did Omorosa build?

    • I agree, the Bethenny I saw in this Omarosa interview reminded me of the Bethenny I fell in love with on RHONY – tough, takes no prisoners, and won’t stand for bull.

    • Tango

      I know, it was funny when Bethenny asked her what her brand is, and she didn’t answer. There is no brand there, it’s just Omarosa promoting Omarosa.

    • Truly

      I dont get it tho.. Bethenny was wrong, what is exactly is she gaining by saying such a thing? ok fine we know you have a brand, but why must you say something mean about Omorosa? mind you i dont like Omorosa. but B was wrong in this case. Bethenny has been quite fortunate. she needs a little humble pie.

  5. Kate

    I have heard some horrible things in the past that Omarosa said about Bethenny. Really rude and crass behavior on Omarosas part. WWJD? Seeing how she is a preacher.

  6. Pam1234

    I can assure you I would not wasting my time watching either one of these irrevelant women. They both stand for all the things negative about sucessful women. They are not powerful – they are decietful and mean.

  7. Nicole

    I don’t really care for either.

  8. eg

    I’m sorry, but Omarosa just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. She comes across as being rude, and entitled and arrogant. I get that she is unapologetic about being a strong African American woman who goes after what she wants and blah blah. But really, there are lots of AA women who do the same and don’t come cross like she does. Bethenney isn’t much better (just more neurotic acting) If it hadn’t been for reality tv no one would know who either one of them are. She (O) couldn’t have many real female friends, or if she does, they are probably just as fake as she is.

  9. michelle

    I cannot stand Omarosa and I used to be a Bethenny fan. I was entertained by Omarosa’s swift evisceration of Bethenny. It’s one thing to toot your own horn, but to put down other people to make yourself seem superior is another. Pride cometh before the fall. She got what she was due.

    • But…isn’t that exactly what omorosa did? And didn’t shortcake it further by talking about Bethany’s looks and husband?

      Funny, after she threatened to sue over someone mentioning m.c. Duncan.

    • Tango

      That’s ALL Omarosa does, toot her own horn. If it wasn’t for Trump she’d be nowhere. I get the feeling Bethenny could have done her Skinnygirl stuff without Bravo eventually, but Omarosa’s entire claim to fame is being on Apprentice and some other show with Trump nobody saw.

  10. puravidacostarica2

    If I were Bethenny, I would have offered to write Omarosa a check for $100,000 if she’d shut her mouth and never speak publicly again about Bethenny or any other reality TV personality for one year, but if she failed, Omarosa would have to pay her double that amount back. :-)

  11. Omorosa has delusions of grandeur. She’s always got a list of achievements that is over inflated and not nearly as impressive as she thinks.

    • I agree, Omarosa’s achievements are all in the past. “I WORKED in the White House” “I WAS on The Apprentice”
      All she really is now is a D-List celebrity, and she should admit it and “own her truth”

      • SnookumsLynn

        yes her achievements are in the past, I don’t see how she could ever get a job these days…too many people know just how ugly she is

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        She’s a double DD list celebrity. She want all around the alphabet and came back again. And Bethenny, who I am no fan of (but love her skinny girl cocktails) went after her after Omorosa publicly said Jason was gay.

      • Katrina

        I think Omarosa is very well educated. She could do anything she wants to to do. I think she chose to stay in TV, motivational speaker, etc. She appears to to be doing very well. You don’t have to be on a TV show to be successful. There are many types of success.
        I think Bethenny started it. The comment about Jason came after.

      • Who cares about the order in which they were twats? Calling someone’s husband gay is fucking shitty.

        And you’re wrong. She’s actually not intelligent. If you watched Apprentice and if you are intelligent, you would know that. She would not hold a job as a clerk in organizations for which I work.

        And..well…you notice that trump uses her as a trained monkey on TV. But he has not offered her a job in his company, now has he?

      • Tango

        Right teecee!

  12. Tango

    Omarosa is full of it. I never could understand how being a bitch equals being strong. The only reason anyone knows her name is because she is nasty. Her whole “brand” consists of her telling us all how wonderful she is while she badmouths others. And I haven’t seen or heard squat about her since Apprentice, other than when she is on tv catfighting like this. Omarosa needs to go away already.

  13. loriflack

    I saw that show when Omarosa ( remember how flat chested she once was)
    started picking on Wendy. She even dissed Wendy’s wig saying it was too big on top, she was so nasty about it. She is clueless and classless.

    • Ellis Scarlett

      What I will never forget about Omarosa is when she intentionally sabotaged a finalist on the first Apprentice, causing him to lose. When she was asked about it, she had the most evil, self satisfied smile I had ever seen. I think it’s a joke she’s a “minister”.

  14. Omarosa is right the Ms. Frankel is mediocre and Frankel is also correct that Omarosa is more infamous than famous – there!

  15. Face it. If Sheetrock never fell on the bitch’s head, we wouldn’t know her name.

    • Stella

      LOL, on which bitch did it fall and why didn’t I hear about that?

    • SnookumsLynn

      you are sooo right, I think that Trump was ready to cut her loose prior to that big stink she made, then she ran with that all the way to the bank! I still think she would have made a name for herself as an awful person

  16. I liked bethenny until I watched this episode of her show i thought she was a strong no holds barred tell it like it is kinda chick when o confronted her about her comments she said I didn’t say that I would never say anything like that then when she seen that she indeed had said those things she said and I still believe and stand by those comments she only owned up to it when the proof was in her face then she wanted to act like a bad ass o is right her talk show is mediocre

    • Duck

      Saint hella took the words right out of my mouth. I feel the exact same way. I don’t look at Bethenny the same after this.

  17. I think Bethenny should have reached over and throttled the life out of Omarosa.

  18. How many more lies has Bethenny never been called out on….

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