Nene Leakes’s Sister Kendle Kenya Sherman Has Something to Say!

After watching all the family drama on I Dream of Nene, I have been fully expecting Nene’s sister, or sisters(?) to come forward with information on why Nene is estranged from part of her family.  Courtney Luv at has landed the first “sister interview” with Kendle Kenya Sherman who is Nene’s half-sister, or sister depending on who is telling it.

In the video she talks about why she was not included in either of Nene’s weddings (though she claims she was invited to attend, but not be in the first one.  How she ended up at Phaedra’s first birthday party for Ayden. She gives us insight into her family dynamics both before and after The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  And details her own aspirations for reality TV fame.

Thanks to the fabulous @HHDPress of for alerting about the interview!


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40 responses to “Nene Leakes’s Sister Kendle Kenya Sherman Has Something to Say!

  1. Mel

    I can see why Nene keeps away from this thirsty sister. She is trying soooo hard to ride on Nene’s back and takes every chance she can to rub elbows with anyone associated with Nene for her chance to be “on”. I think Nene has a huge ego…but is a loyal to those that are loyal to her. Hopefully Nene will not engage with this back and forth with this woman and keep it movin.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    I have to LOL at when she said “diemanics” instead of dynamics. Yep she’s Nene’s sister alright with that butchered English.

    Phaedra was her attorney? Interesting because the big stink between Phaedra & Nene when Phaedra joined RHOA is whether they did or did not know each other prior to the RHOA show. I think Nene was lying about that too.

    Ms Kendra-Kenya sure does have an axe to grind with Nene. Using whatever drama between them to plug her comedy career/reality show. Mmmm Hmmmm. After giving Nene a side eye for years, now I have to throw some side eye at her messy shade throwing sista.

    • JoJo

      If this gal is a comedian, I’m Nene’s long lost sister! She much more scary than funny. And I don’t dream of Nene.!

    • JoJo

      Ok, can’t help but add, besides “dienamics” when she said “bride maid” that clinched her familial relationship – whatever it is. And, irony of ironies, this half-full, thirsty, wig-selling funny girl, going by “Kenya” in Atlanta, being friends with her doppleganger Kenya of RHOA, pretty much confirms Nene hates Kenya of RH ‘for real’!!

  3. Water is free & clean in America. No need to for this lady to be dying of thirst.

    • Mel

      So she only went to Marlo’s event to buy hair??? Yeah (eyeroll)…..beyond thirsty. With family like that who needs enemies.

      • puravidacostarica2

        I agree. How about having family members with IQs so low they post every bit of a family’s personal info (including all the a mother’s maiden names and her children’s birth names (first and middle names) and years of birth in an online memorial and THEN post it on Facebook. Idiots apparently run in my extended family!!

  4. Katrina

    I am not sure I even believe this women is Nene’s sister. The only thing that identifies her as Nene’s sister is the fact her twitter says she is. Who knows? How can you be raised together, when her Aunt said Nene has been with her since she was 3 years old. Nene and her brother were raised by their Aunt and Uncle. It is my understanding that they were adopted. Nene and her brother were thought to have the same dad (Curtis). Nene’s half sisters were raised in New York by her mother and husband. Kendle sounds delusional at best! I saw the story about Marlo and Kendle on Freddie O. Kendle states that Nene asked her mother to stay with her Aunt so she could go to school, but her mother was more than capable of taking care of Nene. She never mentioned the brother. She totally contradicts what the Aunt said. I don’t believe a word she says. Kendle is just trying to get on TV and make a name for herself. Even if she is Nene’s half sister, she is going about it wrong!

  5. JoJo

    Ok, I thought I heard this gal say “we share the same mom, we share the same dad” – does ‘share’ mean DNA in her ‘culture’? Color me confused too.
    Now, I can just hear Nene saying “maybe in the next century, you can own to shithole salons”;)

    • JoJo

      Damn, no edit button…..meant to say TWO/2 (not to) shithole salons!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Thank you for the American Horror Story:Coven reference.
      Every post here could use one.

      • JoJo

        UH….I had to stop myself from including more. I’m ADDICTED to AHS, and for some reason, Nene and her shenanigans and connection to R Murphy ‘eerily’ remind me of Coven. I swear I expect her to pop as a surprise relation to the voodoo gals….a voodoo ghoul, maybe Queenie’s Hollywood glam-mom? I can’t stop!!

      • Seriously....

        Your recaps always make me watch things that were not even on my radar.See you on wednesday with bells on and a minotaur.

    • Katrina

      That is exactly what she said. We all know that is wrong. Nene’s sisters definately have a different dad than her.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    Seriously thank you. Pun intended.

  7. Valley Girl

    I’m still trying to figure out who is more bootleg – NeNe’s sister or the “interviewer”.

    Just horrible.

    • eg

      Lol! I agree with you. The interviewer was giving much “side eye”, like there was an inside joke that only she knew about. If I were being interviewed by her I’d have to ask her what’s up with the fake face of concern she was exhibiting. And the so called sister is not believable to me. She come across as “If I just drop Nenes’ name a couple hundred times, people will pay attention to me, and I will get my foot in the tvland door via Nenes’ coat tail”.

  8. ZenJen53

    NeNes sis is being a vicious little gash. Have another swig from the mason jar. Giggle

  9. The Daily Blabber

    Sometimes people have issues with their families. Personally I’m much happier with the family I’ve created for myself than the one God gave me. While, it’s obvious Nene’s sister is an opportunist, it simply isn’t our business.

  10. terry macon

    TT tell me how can this so call sister say they have the same father when NeNe did not know who her father was. If she love her sister than why can’t she be like Oprah sister Pat. I trust NeNe’s aunt, let’s
    Take this trash sister and place her where she belong in the trash can.

  11. Pre1

    I think it’s a shame. Nene has a lot of ways but she has never spoken badly about her family. She has come a long way. She thought Curtis was her father and even had a DNA test. Her sister is more of an opportunist than Marlo. Nene has been in the public eye for years and you can see her rags to riches kind of thing. But to speak out against her when you can pick up the phone!

  12. Buck1906

    Tamara Tattles I think deep down inside you don’t like Nene based on your recaps on her wedding her ring. But yet and still u were begging for legal fees when when Sheree was taking you to court. Let it go!!! I like your blog but you can come off kind of jaded and delusional.

    • You are not a very linear thinker. You are in the comments of a post about Nene’s sister.

      Why are you ranting about me not liking Nene because of “recaps on her wedding her ring”(which makes absolutely no sense at all)?

      Then you move on to insulting my commenters who donated to the legal fund.

      You suggest I let ????? something go. ???? Not sure where you were going with that either.

      And you think I am jaded and delusional? I more coherent than you when I am blasted out of my mind and acting a fool on Twitter. I think you may be having “an episode” of some sort.

      In closing, I just want to let you know that you can take your illiterate cunty maccunterson self the hell on outta here. Ain’t no body begging you to be here Gurllllll Bye.

      • Jaded

        There appears to be some confusion here… I am the jaded and delusional one! I have to have something 😉

      • Lydia

        See, this is why I love you Tamara Tattles. Cunty Maccunterson? LMBO (jots down in notepad for future use) OWNED.

  13. Buck1906

    Your title on your site say not tea no shade and you throw major shade. For the record I am never country or ignorant I am just saying how I feel about your posting in the blog.

    • If only you could speak in standard English with properly conjugated verbs and proper punctuation.

      I think your time here has come to an end. Please waddle your country, ignorant ass toward the exit.

      • Ellis Scarlett

        I have donated to your site because I love TT’s recaps AND I think NeNe’s ring is definitely a topaz. SO WHAT???? What does this have to do with anything?? Go away and never come back so those of us who appreciate TT can talk amongst ourselves.

  14. Buck1906

    Keep going with your hating and dislike for people who have achieved something you have not. I hope you can find true happiness in your life. At the end of the day I am not country. For the record country is not bad thing. or nothing to look down upon. I love my African American heritage that’s what makes difference between me and you. You hide behind white face and discredit black folks which is sad. I hope you have blessed evening.

  15. Wes Plano

    bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids…bridesmaids… THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS BRIDEMAID OR BRIDEMAIDS.

  16. JoJo

    You know, in my short time participating while reading on the sidelines for about a year, #1) I immediately caught the ‘tongue in cheek’ “No Tea, No Shade” since the whole damn purpose of anyone being drawn to a blog is the good-getting tea, and what is good-getting tea w/ no shade? – the whole whole damn HW franchise & every one lucky enough in their eyes to get on national TV didn’t jump at the opportunity to get on those shows to be ignored. And puppet master Andy is chock full of shade along with his women; and #2) see Number 1!
    Just thought I’d throw in an opinion since I have one:)

  17. Victoria

    This Courtney Luv chick is not a good interviewer. She is on par with Alexis Bellino a la Fox 5.

    Nenes stalker-sister comes off as stuffy, rehearsed, arrogant, and bitter. Cool it honey, and take your goddamn wig out of your eyes. Don’t you have two HAAAARsalons?

    Ok, I’ll stop. “Go ahead and interview this trash box. WIG!”

  18. O'Malley The Alley Cat

    Well this family ‘diemanic’ is all kinds of crazy. Oh the GIFS that could be made from this video… It’s literally a gold mine! Those looks the interviewer was tossing around were absolutely hilarious!

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