Chris Brown Hearing Update: Lots of Drama at the Courthouse


UPDATE: After leaving DC Chris Brown met with his LA attorney and the next thing you know he is in rehab for anger management. Looks like he knows he violated and is headed for the jailhouse and this is a last ditch attempt to reduce or remove the possibility of serious time.


There all sorts of hullabaloo going on at the court room in DC where Chris Brown is expected to make an appearance before the judge. First of all Trey Songz is there throwing a hissy fit about not being let in screaming at a US Marshall. Several members of Chris Browns family and entourage are yelling at the police. Extra security has been called in to monitor the hallway. The courtroom is packed and the judge is asking for a larger courtroom to accomodate the reporters and Chris Brown’s supporters.

Chris was set for a 3 pm hearing but all the drama seems to be delaying things. The bodyguard was set to go at 5:30.  Reporters on the scene are crying favoritism already because they seem to be setting up extra escorts to get Brown and his family out to his car. This sounds to me like they have already decided to release him.

Chris Brown was arrested yesterday morning for Felony Assault.  Updates to follow but it seems like a certainty he is about to be released.

UPDATE: As of 4pm Chris is still in the pokey. No sign of anything in the courtroom yet.

Update: As of 5pm still in the pokey. Reporters getting restless from waiting. Me too. I have other things to blog about. Don’t know why I am wasting my time doing this. Maybe just procrastinating. lol.

Here is a pic from Twitter of Trey Songz showing up a few hours ago,


And here is a Twitter picture of the police report that has the wrong information on it. You can see they referred to the arrested guys as S-1 and S-2 and that led to the mixup. I guess.


Chris Brown’s Mama and Aunt arriving at the courthouse earlier today.


Update: 5:45 pm Charges have been dropped to a misdemeanor. Chris Brown still has not made it to the courtroom.

Updates to continue, if it kills me. :)

UPDATE: Just after 6 pm Chris Brown appeared before the judge in ankle chains and cuffs. The judge reduced both his and his bodyguard charges to simple assault and is now preparing to release them.  They will likely face a mob of paparazzi which has been waiting outside all day.

Simple assault is a misdemeanor and the lowest of three forms of assault under DC LAW.

According to DC Attorney Jason Kalafat:

There are many variations on DC assault charges. The most basic of these, under DC law, is referred to as simple assault, and involves an attempt or effort of violence. This means you do not have to touch the alleged victim to face this charge. An attempt paired with the ability to carry through on the attempt is enough for the prosecution to gain this misdemeanor conviction.

Assault with Significant Injury is a more serious offense, classified as a felony. If it can be proved that you knew your actions were capable of causing significant bodily injury, or if you intended to cause such injury, you could be sentenced to up to three years in prison and $3,000 in fines.

Finally, an Aggravated Assault charge is a serious felony that carries a potential 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. This could be the applicable charge if the prosecution believes they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you purposefully caused serious bodily injury to another.


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22 responses to “Chris Brown Hearing Update: Lots of Drama at the Courthouse

  1. Bravocueen

    It makes sense that he will be allowed to post a bond and get out. HOWEVER, if this latest violence doesn’t violate him and send him to prison once and for all for nearly beating Rhianna to death a few years ago, I have ZERO faith in the court system. . . not that I had much to begin with!!

  2. Belinda

    Was he supposed to be on The Talk today ? How did Miss Julie handle his no show ( I assume )?

  3. Chris Brown is a teflon scum bag who will continue to be a scumbag because there are no consequences to his scumbag behavior.

    In other news, water is wet.

    • lilkunta

      snapnoodle: i am not excusing cb’s behavior. he got violent and attacked rihanna. but how come he cant ever be anything other than a woman beater?

      miles davis abused both his wives–frances davis and the legendary cicely tyson –for years. he would talk about it in his performances. he would laugh about it. it didnt hurt his career.

      ike turner kicked tina’s *ss all over the world and never got his reputation back. when he won a grammy in 2007 for best traditiional blues album–bc he is a great bluesman– it was still oveshadowed by his abuse of tina in the 60s.

      carter is on the cover of vogue, he isnt called a drug dealer ,or a stabber(he stabbed lance rivera) , he shot his brother, or a woman beater(there is a tape of him punching a lady in the face).

      woddy allen fingered 1 daughter and married the other but people still call him a great director instread of a child molester.

      roman polanski drugged and raped a teen and then ran away to france but he is called a great director…and hollywood is rallying around him for the cali charges to be dismissed WTF?

      josh brolin was arrested for spousal battery in dec 2004 but no one says anything about it. it hasnt hurt his career.

      all i am saying is let us be fair.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Maybe the differences have to do with the public’s perception of talent and no-talent. Said tongue in cheek and as snark.

      • Seriously....

        I think it has to do with times, overexposure, and personal attitude.
        Times: Beating up on the little woman was more widely accepted. Think of The Honeymooners where it was a running joke. Thankfully, society has gotten more educated. Now let’s work on rape and slut shaming.

        Overexposure: While everyone you listed did those things, you often found out about it years later or you had to be in the know. Nowadays, almost every moment of celebrity life is catalogued and broadcast to the point where it makes you sick. Take Justin Bieber for example. He is no more of a douche than say David Cassidy was. However, we know instance of his doucheness thanks to twitter and Tmz etc (Here’s Justin being a douche in a bathroom, watch him be one in China etc.)

        Personal attitude: This I feel has been CB’s greatest failings. He comes across as an entitled, arrogant, whiny thug wannabe. He committed an act of violence which was reported worlwide. Is he feeding starving children in India or building schools for girls in Africa? No. He is breaking windows at NBC, calling women c–ts on twitter, going back and forth between 2 women publicly (one of whom happens to be the one he committed the violence against.) etc. Then he is going to cry on titter about being targeted. Negro, please.
        Take T.I for example. After being arrested with an arsenal of weapons big enough to outfit 3 swat teams, he went on a national (and televised) ” Don’t be like me, kids” tour, dropped a cd about doing better and loving his wife and has reinvented himself as a Cosby like family man with an adorable family.
        That’s how you get your name out of our mouths, not punching people at the club.

      • Tango

        Huh? Let us be fair how exactly? Be kind to a violent person who continues to be violent because other celebs were violent and still what…were celebs? Not following you here.

      • Seriously....

        Funny thing this morning, I turn on the tv to see Justin Bieber…. building a school for girls in Africa! I died laughing… Think he read my post? Anyhoo, let’s see how long this lasts.

  4. Angel

    This brat, that seems to respect no one, will keep inflicting his temper and lack of judgement and maturity on people, until he finally kills someone. He is a waste of talent, for certain.

  5. WHY do people care what this piece of crap does? His music sucks, he’s an abuser, and his opinion of himself is hilariously inflated! I hope the judge throws the book at him and he’s locked away from polite society.

  6. LOL! Marshal, as in Deputy United States Marshal, is spelled with one (1) L.

  7. It seems that all these celebs get out of any wrong doing no matter what.He should be made to stay in jail but he never will. Thanks for all the info.

  8. Brillke

    Can’t we put Chris Brown and Lindsey Lohan in some underground bunker, lock the doors and forget about then?

  9. Katrina

    I wish Chris Brown would get it together! I guess his stupidity has to run its course. He just does not seem to learn from past mistakes.

  10. As we say in these parts, “he’s done gone and lost his damn mind”. In the real world, you can’t just go around punching people, because people will punch you back. These celebrities don’t live in the real world, though, so it makes them think they’re invincible.

    Punks like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are always surrounded by bodyguards, so no one can ever get close enough to give them a taste of their own medicine. A good ol’ fashioned ass-kickin’ is what both of them need, though, because that would cure the problem once and for all.

  11. Tango

    So why were the charges lessened? Because of a typo? Angry relatives? Ridiculous.

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