Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault

chrisbrownjailWelp, Chris Brown is in the pokey in our nation’s capital.  If you missed any of my former posts about this douchebag, you can read them here.   They are actually a pretty good read if I do say so myself. But on to today’s news…

It seems the little punk is highly homophobic. So much so that he can’t bear to take a picture with gay guys lest some of their gayness rubs off on him.  As the story goes, Brown was coming out of a hotel in D.C. around 4:30 this morning when two female fans asked to take a picture with him. As they were posing two guys that Brown determined were gay using his powerful gaydar ,photo bombed the shot by jumping into the background of the picture.

Chris responded to a bit of harmless fun by screaming that he isn’t into gay shit, and punched one of the guys in the nose. The guy he hit has a broken nose and will have to have surgery to reset it.

This will be the third official violation of Brown’s probation in a year. The previous two do not include the stolen cell phone incident in Miami because Florida is incapable of handling criminal cases.  On the off chance he actually has to face consequences for his actions, he could go to jail for up to four years.

You don’t have to worry about Chris Brown being in jail. His bodyguard got arrested on the same charge and is in the pokey with him. Brown is expected to go before the judge tomorrow. I hope he gets a gay judge.


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25 responses to “Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault

  1. willlynn

    Seriously, how many chances is he going to get before they realize that he needs to do some time. I feel the same about Lindsey Lohan.

    Did they just let CB off of that charge about him not doing all of his Community Service and lying on some of teh forms? I thought they had evidence that on several of the days he claimed to be picking up trash on the highway he was actually hosting a party in Mexico.

  2. lori

    That’s horrible. He has proven time and again that he is a true menace to society. I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that he will do about 6 months for this cherry on top of his violent outburst sundae. This is in a new category, unless I am wrong, because this is the first one that is a true hate crime. The thought of him having a gay judge makes me very happy. One can certainly dream…

  3. James

    I wish it was me that he punch on the face… It would have been the last person he punch.. But people like him very smart in picking their victims. I hope he keeps up with his out bust because very soon he will pick that wrong person and we will all close our eyes and say a prayer.

  4. Gingersnap

    This guy has rage issues and anger management classes won’t cut it. He doesn’t seem to have too much fear of the law either. Time for a time out and do some time, before he manages to kill someone.

  5. Lil Tex

    I hope he gets anally raped while in jail!

  6. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    “…because Florida is incapable of handling criminal cases.” = best thing I read on the internet today.

  7. eg

    Chris Brown just will not cut himself any slack. He just continues to do stupid thing after stupid thing. He does seem like Lohan and Bieber and Cyrus and a few other ones in that millennial group who are talented f–kups. I don’t feel sorry for them cause they make more $$ than I can ever hope to have, but eventually they will hit a brick wall (or the wrong person as somebody said) and have to go away for such a long time til we will be saying “Chris who?”

  8. How anyone could compare this to Lindsay Lohan is beyond me. She’s a flake and endangers herself and others. But not through violence and hatefulness. This punk and Kanye West both need to get their asses beat to a pulp by real men. That will shut their punk asses up.

  9. ZenJen53

    What a disgrace! I don’t understand why the male hiphoppers are so homophobic. Surely as a civil society we can accept personal choices. I support all unions,u haven’t lived til u experience a divorce 😉 Mark Geragos chachingg ur client has effed up again.

  10. steve

    maybe the other guys will think twice before photobombing again

  11. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

    No suprise whatsoever. If these young punks get away with bad behavior time and time again, they never learn and just get worse. The legal system seems to be afraid to treat them like ordinary folk and hold them accountable when they step over the line. Let’s just hope the young man he injured sues and wins super big time. When people like CB protest like they do……”methinks he protests too much”.

  12. Tango

    He is just an a-hole. He should feel lucky anyone wants to be in a pic with him. I hope the gentleman with the broken nose sues him and gets all his med bills plus a hefty sum. We have to send a message that gay bashing and violence will not be tolerated from anyone.

    • Chris is saying that the guy was not trying to get in a picture but trying to get on his bus. So he personally had to sock the guy in the nose. Depsite having a body guard right there that is paid to do things like keep people off a bus.

      Not buying this version.

      • Tango

        Ya I don’t buy it either. If the guys didn’t hit him there was no reason to hit them. And noooo reason to bring up gay. A fan is a fan, gay or not, he needs to realize that. I hope the gay community boycotts his concerts/cds etc.

  13. steve

    have they released why this is felony assault instead of simple assault?

  14. Oh look. Now there is some sort of clerical error on the police report. It first said the bodyguard threw the first punch. It was since corrected to Chris Brown punching the guy. Guess he will skate again. Not shocked at all.

  15. steve

    HLN is saying due to calif overcrowded jails most likeky just get community service or maybe house arrest for CB..If anything. It would be interesting if somebody could find out how many not famous people get their probation revoked and get sent to jail there.

  16. Lulu

    Sherri on The View this morning started pumping her arm and screaming “Defend the black man.” Wonder how she would feel if he beat the shit out of her.

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