Nene Gets Married!


Why is Nene chatting with Vivica Fox? What was the point of that? Is Vivica like really hard up for air time or something? That made no sense.  Now Nene is taking her aunt dress shopping at some sort of pic-n-save store. She claims she doesn’t have for time this. Give your aunt the Neimans card, call the personal shopper and tell her to put her in a dress.

All of Nene’s kids and Gregg’s kids go out to a Mexican restaurant. Even the glambaby came. Nene is going on and on about how important family is but she will not even acknowledge the existence of her sisters.  Now her dad has decided not to come to the wedding.

The boys all went out to party. My DVR is now paused on Peter dancing with some big earringed ho and staring at her chest. I’m gonna call it right now that this episode will piss Cynthia off. I wouldn’t mind the stripper thing (which I assume is coming) but going out to the club and dancing with other women is unacceptable. Some of these  chicks are stripper and some are not. I’d like to point out they are not at one of the nicer strip clubs in Atlanta either. This is straight up Skanksville. Hmm, it’s called the Shark Bar & Grille.  They should probably just all it the Tuna Bar & Grille. Why would anyone want to eat in a place with wall to wall skanks?  Then they get on the party bus with three skanks in tow and spank them all the way to their next destination.  Looks like they stripped them butt naked too!

Nene took all those flowers in the bridal suite home with her. I saw them in her living room on the RHOA premiere. Marlo is in hair and makeup rather than supporting the bride. Omarosa is at the girls’ wedding breakfast!

Nene is acting like she is upset that her invitation got leaked. Heh. She probably called TMZ herself to make sure they sent photographers.

In Touch and USWeekly have the exclusive on her wedding and they are furious that Omarosa tweeted a bunch of tweets! Man, wish I had caught that, lol.  Nene is pretending to be upset that she has to run from the paparazzi on her wedding day.

Two hours before the wedding, Marlo goes to Nene’s room to complain about her dress. Nene throws her out. :) Nene gave Gregg a Rolex watch and he cried. Aw.  Why did Kim tell Phaedra she was not having a baby? Phaedra had to have had a tummy tuck on the table when she gave birth to Dylan, her stomach has never been that flat before. I can’t believe Gregg brought his dog. Just when you thought you would never see Jill Zarin on Bravo again, there she is with Bawby. She got lots of air time!

Nene is in some kind of a funk. I don’t know if it is because she has to use the service elevator and go through the kitchen like hired help or what, but she is super quiet and withdrawn.  Right before she walks down the aisle she has a panic attack. When she finally goes down the aisle, everything is perfect. This is the best wedding by Bravo ever.

Kim and Nene had a touching moment after the wedding.

Wow Ryan Cameron DJing the reception. And Fantasia! LOL at Al Reynolds being there.

That was a great wedding! What did y’all think?


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39 responses to “Nene Gets Married!

  1. eg

    I thought it was a beautiful wedding. (even though I don’t care for Nene) Tony whatever his name is, did an excellent job on the venue. It looked even better than Tamras’, and I thought hers was pretty too, but this was amazing to look at. The bridemaids (bri-may) all looked pretty, and considering all of the drama-for-the camera leading up to the wedding, it all appeared to come together flawlessly. They even had me crying. Now on to RHOA.

  2. Monihew

    I can honestly say, Greg really loves Nene. Really loved her moment with Kim though I don’t think they are friends since she called her octomom.

  3. Shirley

    Yes, so far best wedding in bravo history. Wtf Jill zarin Lol she’s desperate !

    • I know right? And what about that wretch from Orange county hw with that creepy guy boyfriend? I think her name is Gretchen? Maybe I am wrong as I just can’t stand that hw show and stopped watching a couple seasons ago. Jill Zarin is really a nasty looking broad.

  4. Ellis Scarlett

    Kim tweeted that she hardly knows Phaedra and would never give that kind of personal information to an acquaintance.

    • Valley View

      Phaedra should not have even spoken to Kim. At the time she was suing Kim and Kim was represented by counsel. Bad attorney Phaedra. Last thing she should be doing is asking Kim questions.

      The scene between Kim and Nene was touching.

      • Crazy in NC

        I didn’t even think of that.

        Of course Kim isn’t in a rush to talk to her! I know they had a really rough start when they were on the show together, including Kim having to show her nursing license to Phaedra.

  5. vivaladiva831

    So I was really hoping Nene and Kim had made up, and maybe not BFF but were friends again. I saw nene on a talk show where the host asked if she and Kim were friends and nene said ” you know we really are just at different places in our life, I’m acting and focusing on my career, and Kim is octomom.” With a sneer and a chuckle. Huh. Wonder why.

  6. Michelle

    The Octomom statement was a joke it’s not that serious

  7. I watched the wedding tonight…it was a Beautiful wedding better than Tamras and Kims It was nice seeing the wives from Atlanta there including Kim. i still dont get why Marlo was involved that bitch hasnt changed shes all about herself i am glad Nene threw her out. that being said i truly enjoyed it and i am glad i didnt wstch the whole series

    • James

      “I’m glad I didn’t watch the whole series”

      That has to be the most random thought ever. Would watching the whole thing have upset you that much?

      • I didn’t say it was upsetting…what I meant was I am glad I didn’t watch the whole series because I don’t think I would have enjoyed the actual wedding as much..not really a random kinda thing just my opinion

  8. Riann

    Who cares about Kim ? GTFOOH with that…….. Nene’s and Greg’s Wedding was EVERYTHING!!!!!
    BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS , ELEGANT, AND FUN. Best spin-off and wedding in Bravo history HANDS-DOWN !

  9. Gingersnap

    Even though I’ve been hard on NeNe for her “rich bitch” shit, I did get a real kick out her vow “for rich and richer”. At least she’s consistent. Their little high five was cute too. I liked their actual wedding more than I thought I would. I didn’t really like her dress or her whole ensemble vibe. If that’s “Hollywood Glam” then it can die with NeNe. Take it with you when you go, gurl. I liked her reception dress though, and the fact she didn’t give a damn about showing off her back fat.

    Marlo and Diana really had fun together. Booze was able to build a bridge. Marlo seemed to know a lot about the male musty ball smell. Figures.

  10. FGF


    I think the scene with Vivica was a jab at Star Jones. She and Vivica used to be bff’s and Vivica was one of her bridesmaids but she sided with Al after the divorce and they are no longer friends.

    The wedding was beautiful and every detail was well executed. I’m still unsure about the choir but everything else was perfect. As for Nene’s sisters, you never know how much tea they spilled while filming w/Phaedra and considering the whole paternity thing, it seems that family has serious skeletons. Sort of makes sense why she keeps quiet about them.

    Did anyone else see Lisa Wu and that cocka doodle do atop of her head?!

  11. Susan

    I agree with all of you that the wedding was beautiful. I wonder where Nene got soooooooo much money to throw around on every little thing. I know she has made money on her acting but it can’t be that much, and if it is she must have blown her bank account on the wedding and the watch. By the way, her acting right before going down the isle was pretty good. What drama. Nene is for Nene and no other, It’s I, me and mine. My way or the highway. I guess you can get away with it for a while but it won’t last forever. I was surprised to see some of the people that attended, but you know even move and TV people would go to the opening of an envelope if they get and invite and know that the paparazzi will be there. ( and cameras of course). I thought I would laugh out loud when Nene was upset with the paparazzi being out in front and maybe chasing her. She probably paid them to do that and totally told them what was going on and when. It was nice with Kim and Nene to have a special moment, but you all knew that wouldn’t last. The first time Nene gets a chance she has to knock Kim. Nene’s first dress was so, so of course she had to throw in the 58 thousand dollar remark, hmm I wonder. Her second dress was beautiful, both made her but look like she was ten feet across in the rear though. The third dress was awful, looked like a T shirt. The money part just boggles me, where did she get so much to just throw away or did Bravo foot the bill, and the watch if it was real, and her ring if that was real. They make excellent knock offs these days and you know Nene would never admit to it. Oh well – and so it go’s with as the stomach churns. Nene should make a business card that reads I am so wonderful just ask me ( or not) I will tell you all about it then her name

    • Bravo paid for the wedding, that’s how she could afford it.

    • Bravo gets sponsors for every single thing for the wedding. The linen company, the venue, the flowers, I don’t think they got anyone to sponsor the cake so they made up some cockamamie story about flying in cake from NY. Tony worked for free for the publicity. The dresses and the Loubs were donated for advertising.

      The ring, is not a 15 ct diamond. It could be a zircon. Nene cannot afford a 15 ct diamond. IT’S A SHOW.

    • eg

      I had forgotten about the “58 thousand dollar dress”remark she kept throwing around (don’t know how I for got that) It was a nice dress but……? But all in all I did enjoy the wedding, it was really beautiful.

    • FGF

      It never ceases to amaze me that people automatically assume the worst when it comes to NeNe. I’m no fan of hers but some of these comments are comical. Could it be that she was genuinely concerned about papparrazi because she had a contract w/a magazine for exclusive rights to the wedding pics? Also, I know for a fact, as my brother works for everyone from Usher to Jennifer Lopez, that Christian Louboutin does not give out free shoes. VERY few celebs have received complimentary shoes from him and even after JLO recorded a song about his shoes she was denied freebies for the video. I know Nene nor Bravo have the pull to get freebies directly from CL. They could have had a deal with a high end store but not directly with him.

      Also, has anyone ever considered the fact that her ring just might be real?! People are able to finance jewelry and/or purchase with credit cards. A lot of rappers and athletes finance jewelry purchases with no and bad credit by making large cash deposits. Just something to think about.

  12. vivaladiva831

    I felt a little sorry for Bryson, I can’t remember but didn’t Gregg practically raise him? I wish he had gotten a hug like Brent.

    • Monihew

      I did notice that. I think Brent is still a child and Gregg probably felt bad because he broke up the family. Besides, I never noticed on camera that he and Bryson had that good of a relationship. Remember when he was getting into trouble, Peter had a talk with him. I just never saw the love.

      • vivaladiva831

        That’s true, I just felt so sorry for him when I saw him wiping away tears while Gregg was hugging Brent.

      • Katrina

        Actually Gregg is the person who went and got Bryson out of Jail. Gregg and Nene both talked to Bryson about him stealing. Brentt is 13 or 14 years old and so I think he was caught in the middle. Bryson had already graduated from High School. Peter did talk to Bryson, but I think they felt he would listen to someone else, since he kept getting into trouble.

    • I thought the same thing, Bryson should have gotten a hug too.

  13. Angela

    Did anyone else see Slade Smiley on Greg’s party bus looking at the strippers? Or was that just someone that looks like him?

  14. Asia Smith

    I teared up watching the wedding. It was one of Bravo’s best. Kim really seemed happy for Nene and I loved the moment between the two friends. Yes, Slade was on the bus looking rather smiley. Nene loves her variety of friends and I appreciate that she loves them for their individual pros/cons.

  15. I also enjoyed the wedding and was fighting back tears. It was great to see a couple that are really in love with each other. The family dinner was great, I do wish Nene and her sister could have reconciled before the wedding. I will agree it was one of the best wedding Bravo has ever had!

  16. Katrina

    I really enjoyed the wedding! It was amazing to see how Tony Conway pulled Nene’s fantasy together. He totally transformed the hotel facility.

  17. Rhubarb

    Did anyone else notice that when Alexis and Marlo drove to get Nene’s dress they were driving an older brown foreign model SUV but when leaving they hopped in a shiny new Black Escalade?!

  18. Pre1

    Tony Conway did an amazing job. I love that Nene and Kim moment. I know Kim has her own show now, but I would have loved to see her back on RHOA. I’m not a fan of Kenya Moore’s acting skills on the show, although she is rather entertaining. Marlo would be a better fit.

    I’m a big Fantasia fan! She can sing the alphabets for all I care. The editing on the finale was horrible if anyone noticed. Decent show, but no more spin-offs and please no more I Dream of Nene

  19. cherry

    Why was I crying when Greg and Brent hugged at the alter. I was done! That touching moment with Kim had me too. I don’t know what’s going on with me ughhh! *holds back head thinking about it*

    • The moment between Kim & Ne was indeed touching — my personal favorite! (Those girls have been through some chit together, both good and bad.) Surprised Kim’s daughters weren’t there; they loved NeNe.

  20. mochababy

    #pick n save ****DEAD**** lol

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