Murder, Masturbation, Mama Drama and Mason Jars Full of Jizz


There are some things that just can’t be unseen. We were exposed to incest, boiling jizz in mason jars, and Precious masturbating in front of a raging bull. I have to channel Joan Ramsey’s bible thumping character and say “In the name of Gawd, the Lawd, & Yeezus what in the hellfire hell was that?

“The Replacements”-Episode 3 of AHS: Coven is a depraved, perverted, and unnatural story of loneliness, loss, sexual desire, and the lack of love juxtaposed with racism, murder, cancer, sexual abuse, religion & politics meshed to keep the characters off balance. Visually we were kept off balance with the excellent cinematography of camera views that sometimes slithered through rooms like a venomous snake hunting prey ready for a strike.

It begins with a sleepless night, and a restless Fiona is sitting in the parlor room of the Academy with portraits of past Supreme Witches lining the walls around her. She is haunted by a 1971 flashback of her younger self at Robichaux’s Academy with AnnaLeigh, the Supreme Witch and her mentor. Fiona starts asking her questions about how she knew she was destined to be Supreme. AnnaLeigh tells her the Witch Council selects a witch who has mastered all of the seven wondrous powers. Even impatient in her youth, Fiona tells AnnaLeigh that she is ready to be the Supreme because she is old and sick with weakening powers. AnnaLeigh warns her, “Girl don’t test my wrath.” Then AnnaLeigh slaps Fiona and calls her “A vicious little gash” which is more derogatory than being called a cunt. AnnaLeigh did not even have a chance to use her power of clairvoyance to realize that Fiona was going to go gangsta on her ass and slit her throat which was witnessed by Spaulding. It’s easy to assume how he lost his tongue. #FionaTheCatGotYourTongue


Fiona is in a bar with jazzy music lamenting & reminiscing about all of her lovers and her powers of seduction to get laid. Her sadly eloquent internal dialogue about not being sexually attractive anymore was metaphoric, “The dance would end”. Fiona is realizing that her Supreme powers are weakening with age just as it did with her mentor AnnaLeigh…..and so Fiona goes to the plastic surgeon’s office seeking options. She insists on “seeing exactly how the sausage is made” by watching an instructional video for face lifts and is tearfully horrified. #Nip/Tuck

We meet Alicia Spencer played by Mare Winningham. She is Franken-Kyle’s grieving white trash pot smoking mother with a chin piercing. Her looks reminds me of Janice Joplin. While Zoe visits her, she confesses that she was about to commit suicide by hanging until she was interrupted by Zoe’s phone call. A depressed Alicia cries at never seeing her son again, and Zoe tells her that “Kyle has not left us”.

Some new neighbors are moving into the old colonial house next door to the Academy. The new twink is sweaty & shirtless and has six pack abs and v-shaped muscles down there. Madison, Queenie, & Nan are drooling at the sight of him, and we learn that Queenie is a virgin, and Nan is not. He is Luke Ramsey, the sheltered son of Joan Ramsey, a religious zealot. She is played by theater diva (or theatre to you Broadway snobs) Patti LuPone who adds more star power to this cast. #Evita …..Nan bakes a cake and Madison puts on her sluttiest freakum dress to welcome him to the neighborhood. Luke does not watch TV or use the internet so he does not recognize that Madison is a famous movie star. Luke is more interested in Nan’s sweet goods than Madison’s sexy sweet goods which annoys her. Nan confidently & awkwardly flirts with him and can read his mind that he loves her cake. Madison insults Joan’s religious beliefs and makes another sexual innuendo. As she starts to cut the cake, a pissed off Joan grabs the knife, and Madison telekinetically sends the knife flying inches from her face and into the wall. She kicks Madison & Nan out of her house. The drapes suddenly burst into flames, and Madison is wickedly surprised at the manifestation of her unrealized power. #GuestFromHell ….Joan senses something is not right with those girls next door.

We see Delphine LaLaurie’s reaction to the magic box telling her that a ‘Negro’ is the President, and then hilariously hissing to Fiona “Liiiiiiieeessssssssssssss” as she is updated about the progression & accomplishments of black people in America. #TeaParty …. Since they’re in a school, the ‘lieberry’ is now open for Delphine to learn how to respect people equally, starting with Delphine becoming the maid for the Academy. When an indignant Delphine refuses to serve food to Queenie and called her a ‘Negress’, Fiona karmically demoted Delphine to be Queenie’s personal slave. It’s good to know that a narcissistic Supreme Witch that impulsively kills has at least one redeemable quality, she does not tolerate racism.


Misty Day is lying in bed next to Kyle in her hippie swamp shack listening to “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac. She is singing while Kyle is still mentally vacant &mute while his newly stitched body parts have healed. Misty explained how Stevie Nicks only found herself when she found the band, “You can’t be your best self unless you find your tribe”. Misty is still searching for her tribe. Zoe shows up to take Kyle home to his mother, and Misty Day started showing signs of a stage 5 clinger. #FatalAttraction ….After Zoe leaves with Kyle, a crying Misty starts weirdly twirling like another 1970’s icon, Wonder Woman. Was she casting a spell of some sorts or escaping through the music?

Cordelia is at the fertility doctor and Fiona is at the plastic surgeon. The scenes go back and forth between mother & daughter as they each respectively receive bad news from their doctors. Sex & snakes did not work for Cordelia, and she is told she cannot have a baby. Fiona is told that she is a risky candidate for elective cosmetic surgery because her blood tests indicated that her immune system is weakening in a free fall. The fertility doctor ironically tells a crying Cordelia he wishes he could just wave a “magic wand” to help her, but he can’t.

Zoe, the princess of bad decisions, takes Kyle home and drops him off at the door. His mother screams in shock and hugs him while Kyle flashed a terrified look of “help me” as he is pulled into his home. Too bad Zoe doesn’t have clairvoyant powers to know that this was a bad idea.

The church lady visited Fiona during her cocktail hour and gifted her with the Bible. She tells Fiona that two of her girls invaded her property, and one was dressed so scandalously that she is worried about the long term effect those long lady legs will have on her son. Fiona calls her out on the religious hypocrisy towards sex, and says “Behind closed doors you are the biggest perverts of all”. Joan ignores that comment and says Madison threw a knife at her and missed. Fiona says she needs a better aim. The church lady says that if the girls don’t stay away she will press charges for assault and arson. Fiona inquires “Arson?” Madison walks in the room and taunts Joan about her sexually frustrated son. As she’s leaving, the church lady says “In Jesus’ name stay away from my family”…. Fiona pulls out a cigarette and Madison lights it with her mind from across the room. Fiona is slowly staring at her up and down and realizing that there may be more to her. “Come here. Sit down. Lets’ have a talk.”

Kyle is lying on his bed after his mother ambushed him while taking a shower. She noticed that his body is different now and is confused by the change. She starts kissing him on the lips the same way you would kiss someone after they bought you two shrimp dinners. He is unresponsive. Then his perverted momma reaches under the covers to give his new penis a hand job resulting in some emotion as he starts to cry.

american-horror-story-angela-bassettCordelia goes to visit Marie Laveau at her 9th ward Cornrow City hair salon that has a voodoo witch consulting room in the back. Marie wearing a black halter top jump suit and beads around her neck offered her a Coca-Cola while she is perched on a throne embellished with feathers, animal bones & skulls. Her bare foot is resting on a top of a huge alligator skull that doubles as an ottoman, and she is playing solitaire on an iPad; the mix of ancient and modern. Cordelia tells an occupied Marie that she has heard about her since she was a child. Marie knows who Cordelia is. Remember she can smell the stink of a Salem witch. Cordelia wants to know more about the Pochaut Medicine for her infertility. Marie tells her “That spell ain’t no picnic for anyone involved”. The tribal drums start beating, and we see the step by step voodoo tutorial that involves a mason jar full of Cordelia’s husband’s ‘baby gravy’, a hot Guinea pepper, fire, a goat, blood, and a soul train line of tribal dancers. But the star of this scene was Angela Bassett. She was stunning gorgeous & wicked while she sexily tongued the pepper and danced for the fertility god. Marie tells her it would cost $50,000 cash up front. Cordelia is still interested and wants to know when it can be done. Marie starts cackling with laughter at her, “I ain’t gonna do no Pochaut Medicine on you. You were born into the wrong tribe. You’re the daughter of my sworn enemy”. Cordelia begs Marie to leave Fiona out of this because she needs her help to have a baby. Marie cackles with more laughter and then gets serious as heart attack, “She done messed with the wrong witccchhh. She knows it and now you know it.”

Fiona is spending time with Madison to test her. Madison has a terrible mother, and Fiona confesses to being a terrible mother also. She tells the young witch that self-preservation is the most primal instinct, and gives her a lesson on mind control on an unsuspecting man that was manipulated to walk into traffic.

Delphine is cooking for Queenie and tells her she won’t be able to find a man eating that way, “Peach cobbler won’t keep you warm at night”. Queenie calls her a dumb bitch and says her problem is not food, it’s love. That kids with broken homes use food to replace love….Cue the scary music cause Delphine sees Minotaur man growling through the window. Delphine recognizes him as Bastien, her houseboy/servant, and is freaking out because the same dark magic used on her was used on him. He is ramming the door with his horns. Queenie realizes that her personal slave is THE Madame Delphine LaLaurie, a slave owning killer that she learned about during her field trip with Fiona. Queenie tells her she deserves everything bad that is coming to her. Delphine begs for mercy to hide from the Minotaur. Queenie tells her to go hide, and she cuts Delphine’s hand to get some of her blood on a towel. Queenie unlocks the door and goes outside. He is snorting & growling. She is luring him with the bloody towel like a matador in a bull ring. And here we go to the most confusing scene for me to interpret because there are so many levels to it…. Queenie says to him in a calm voice, “She told me what you did to her daughter. You just wanted love. And that makes you a beast? They call me that too. But that’s not who we are. We both deserve love like everybody else”. Then she starts masturbating in front of him. I know she has the powers of pain transference, but I NEVER thought about pleasure transference too. How fun would it be to make someone cum from across the room? ….Anyway Queenie is fapping her kitty cat and she says “Don’t you want to love me?” as Minotaur man comes closer to her. She is panting while his horns slide against her face. It was a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast. He is chuffing and snorting, and he is behind her in a very erotic manner then covers her mouth with his hand/hoof as she screams.

Alicia calls Zoe and tells her that she was right and that Kyle is back home and invites her over to see him. While Kyle is agitated & rocking back and forth Alicia tells him that Zoe is coming over, and wants to know why he never spoke about her. She acknowledges to being possessive of him and never meant for it go so far and so long. That he needed her as much as she needed him. Now it’s time for him to move on. But she wants to know why he is acting so different? Why doesn’t he talk? Why is his body so different as she rips his shirt open. She begins to cry and kiss her “baby boy” up and down his naked torso. She starts to grind him saying that she could please him better than Zoe (Um, no). Kyle finally utters his first word, “NOOOOOOOOOO” as he violently bludgeons his mother to death with a nearby sports trophy. Zoe walks into the house to find the bloody carnage and Kyle.

Gif by Koan of Surviorsucks

Gif by Koan of Surviorsucks

Fiona & Madison are out drinking and playing pool. Fiona is a devilishly dressed in red and Madison is in a symbolic virginal white dress. Fiona sees herself in Madison as she stares at her pensively. Fiona once was a young sexy blossoming witch just as Madison is now. Madison is sloppy drunk now and they go home. Upon entering the parlor room Fiona says hello to the ladies, the Supreme Witches in the portraits that cover the walls. Fiona sarcastically tells Madison that her portrait will hang “over there” which is a small insignificant area of the room away from the others. Madison doesn’t know why she would get a portrait. Fiona tells her that she is the next Supreme. Fiona confesses that she is the old Supreme and she is dying. “My time is up and you are killing me. Your powers are growing, and I am the source. My life force is pouring out of my body and into yours. This is real. I have cancer. I won’t last the year”. Madison offers to recommend an oncologist. Fiona does not want to go out bald and shriveled by the ravages of cancer treatment. While she is slouched in a chair and laments, “I lived a disreputable life, but I’ve done it in style, and I’ll die likewise”. She feels she doesn’t deserve to be on these walls. That she was a terrible Supreme Witch that squandered her powers & gifts and selfishly used them on herself while dressed up in Chanel, “I was a shitty Supreme”. She tells Madison that she slit her mentor’s throat to ascend to power, and presents her with the same knife she used on AnnaLeigh. Madison doesn’t want it. Fiona tells her to take it, “Do it, do it… feel my power flow into you. Do it you stupid girl”. Then Fiona slices Madison throat, and she bleeds to death on rug. Fiona has killed her spiritual mother and her spiritual daughter with the same knife to gain power and to retain her power….and of course with history repeating Spaulding walks in on this. As she lights a cigarette she tells him “Bury her deep. God knows what all that shit in her body will to do to the lawn when it comes up in the Spring”

After committing murder, Fiona elegantly sits in a chair smoking a cigarette, “This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug.” I have so many questions. I really want some opinion from you guys about the Queenie/Minotaur scene. What was she trying to do? Is he going to hurt her? Or just fuck her? Or use her to get to Delphine?…and poor Kyle. First he’s been sexually abused & objectified by his mom and now by Misty & Zoe with his new body. Is Stevie Nicks ever going to surprise us with a cameo in AHS:Coven? ….So the reason Fiona is desperate for the immortality potion is because of her cancer? Did she know all along or did she find out after the plastic surgeon visit? Is Cordelia going to betray her mother & Coven so that she can have a baby with Marie’s help? And I know that there has got to be some scandalous hidden connection between Spaulding & Fiona. I’m craving some discussion with you all…. post lots of comments here and follow me on twitter  @Urethra_F .

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62 responses to “Murder, Masturbation, Mama Drama and Mason Jars Full of Jizz

  1. Urethra Franklin

    What exactly are the seven wondrous powers that need to be mastered to be anointed the Supreme Witch by the Witch Council? I can only think of a few that Fiona has:

    Mind Control
    Fire making

    What are the others?


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  3. Brillke

    This will probably sound like a stupid question, it is a stupid question, but it’s bothering me and I have to ask. The hot neighbor asked if the cake Nan baked was lemon and she said ” it’s yellow with something “. What was said after yellow? I rewound it but still couldn’t understand what she said.

    I love to watch Angela Bassett’s mouth when she speaks. It’s sexy as hell, IMO.

    I hadn’t even thought about Queenie masturbating to give the Minotaur pleasure. I just assumed she was doing it as an invite to finish the job.

    I assumed Fiona was going to suck the life out of Madison like she did the dr dude and her cutting her throat surprised me. Will Fiona get all of Madison’s life force(?) and now with Madison’s gone, will one of the other girls fill her shoes as future supreme?

    Wouldn’t it make sense to bring Misty Day back to the house so there are no chances of anyone accidentally running into her? I don’t think Fiona or Cordilia know about her yet but welcoming her into the coven is something I think may happen soon.

    Great recap!

  4. SaraK

    Ok…I am showing my age here….and if you don’t know the song….Google or it is on iTunes….when Misty was swaying by hereself it reminded me of Helen Reddy’s Angie Baby. First song I can remember ever hearing on the radio. Misty will take that little FrankenKyle (FK to his friends) and make him her own toy. Am I the only pervert wondering if there was a black guy on the bus and Madison attached a large black penis on FK?

    As for the other powers I am thinking Fiona has them we just haven’t seen them yet. One has to be bringing people back from the dead, I want to say they called it resurgence but not 100% on it. Maybe something with potions like her daughter has? I am guessing that Cordelia is going to go dark witch on us before it is all over, and Queenie is going to go over to the Voodo side when she finds out about Marie Laveau. Wouldn’t they be from the same “tribe”?

    And that is my AHS long response to my favorite AHS recapper, UF, as encouraged by my girl TT. (Enough acronyms in there for you:-)

  5. steve

    resugence, transmogrifye/change stuff like water to wine, dissolution to disappear would fill out the seven. The queenie pleasure transference would be a way to *calm the beast* but if she could do that why she still a virgin? she could have made anybody hot. Misty is going to be the new supreme she just hasnt learned all her powers yet and Stevie will be one to crown my mind. ANOTHER outstanding recap U.F. Even for going an extra 15 minutes it still seemed too short

  6. steve

    TT I had wondered that about Kyle too but thought maybe now he is circumsised. Fiona knew about Misty being burned ive been thinking that when her powers started to fade she had her taken care of and when the powers didnt return she came to New Orleans to find out why and met Madison. Misty may have powers she dont even know she has

  7. Urethra Franklin

    Why is everyone talking about Kyle’s dick? Did I miss something in the episode?

    • Because we are sorta into the peen here. Virtually everyone except Steve is strictly dickly or lebonese. :) We were just thinking about taking the best parts of several dudes and well, I’d take a thick black cock over just about anything.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Bwaaahaahaa! C’mon, I for one can say that stereotype can’t possibly be true. UF, care to, uh, weigh in here?

      • Urethra Franklin

        I don’t discuss my dietary habits here.

      • Katherine

        Puravidacostarica, I can say from personal experience that it’s an extremely true stereotype about 8 times out of 10. Sometimes I think I need to reevaluate my life. Other times, I quite enjoy myself.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Dietary habits! LMFAO. And, Katherine, I will just say — good for you, girl! I’m married now (and quite enjoying myself in that regard as well) so I can only wistfully think back on those days. :-)

  8. This show is so good. I never watched before this season, so I don’t know if it has always been this good, but the cast and storyline is perfect.

    I know I’ve heard of butter cream frosting, so maybe that’s what she said since it was yellow and he had assumed it was lemon icing.

    Does anyone else recall a Fleetwood Mac video or Stevie Nicks video where she twirls like Misty did after they left? I can’t remember which video it was, or if I’m simply hallucinating.

    The end of the scene with Queenie and the minotaur was confusing. Looking forward to the next episode.

    • You’ve HEARD of butter cream frosting. Oh honey, are you a yankee? Come here and let me feed you.

      • Hahaha! Bad choice of words on my part. I have EATEN my weight in butter cream frosting several times over. Fifth generation New Orleanian with birthday cakes from Swiss Confectionery several times a year. I LOVE me some butter cream, but I’d be extremely happy and would never turn down an offer for someone would feed me. I could pretend to be a yankee.

    • No, you’re not hallucinating. Stevie Nicks used to twirl like that all the time, not only in videos but also in concert. It was her signature move (also with a long piece of black lace she’d wear around her shoulders).

      I’d love to hear “Landslide” on the show, that’s my favorite Stevie Nicks song. I’m not sure in what context they’d use that one, but the lyrics are interesting enough that they may:

      “I took my love and I took it down. Climbed a mountain and I turned around. Then I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills, ’til the landslide brought me down. Oh mirror in the sky, what is love? Can the child within my heart rise above? Can I sail through the changing ocean tides, can I handle the seasons of my life? Mm-hm, I don’t know. Well I’ve been afraid of changing, ’cause I built my life around you. But time makes you bolder, children get older, and I’m getting older too. Ah, take my love, take it down. Climb a mountain and turn around. And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills, well, the landslide will bring it down.”

      Come to think of it, I’d like to see Stevie make a cameo on the show.

  9. steve

    resurgence cant be one of the big seven. If the supreme could do that then they wouldnt get cancer and die. None of the other supremes have returned..unless thats how Misty fits in. Damn and i wanted Stevie to crown her too. All this supreme talk and nobody asked if maybe we can get Diana Ross as the ULTIMATE voodoo queen. 2oz in a mason jar will take a bit of work

  10. lwickedgirl

    This show is sick amd Lawd help me but I think it is awesome! Everytime I watch it I am shocked it is so peverse and so freaking good!

  11. steve

    10CCs or a lovin spoonfull TT. At least that the rumours of their why those bands got their names.

  12. Urethra Franklin

    This episode was written by James Wong. This is how he answered one question in an interview regarding Stevie Nicks:

    Interviewer: I talked to Lily Rabe about Misty’s Stevie Nicks obsession. She said the writers communicate with Stevie. What kind of input does she have?

    James Wong: Stevie has talked to us about some of the song choices. She gave us a list of things she likes. There was talk earlier in having her come on the show for a couple of episodes. I’m not sure if that’s happening. But that would be amazing because I love her. She and Ryan talk. There was a time when the country was like, “Hey, she’s a witch!” but I think that time has passed, and from what I understand, she’s comfortable with what we’re doing. She certainly didn’t ask us not to go forward.

  13. Urethra Franklin

    How did I NOT recognize Christine Ebersole last night? She was AnnaLeigh, the Supreme Witch that Fiona killed.

  14. Xanadude

    I know it’s wrong, so so wrong, but since Kyle is played by Evan Peters I’ve been calling him FrankenPeters. And Misty twirling is classic Stevie Nicks twirling in her shawl — her signature move.

  15. steve

    U.F. That sounds like we might just get to see Stevie. If there are 6 witches on the council maybe the White witch is one and a Dark witch is another what would the other 4 be? The council would be a step above a supreme if they judge WHO the next one is. Arent there supposed to be 13 witches in a coven?

    • By the way, the more you all spread links to TT the happier I am. If you go to message boards please link here for ANY subject. Mention us on facebook. etc, Any links you post anywhere REALLY REALLY help me so thanks in advance.

  16. Katrina

    If Fiona is the supreme witch, how did she get cancer? It serms the way Fiona became supreme witch was not appropriate. I thought you had to be appointed, but she killed to be supreme. It will be her undoing. Her daughter can’t have children and Fiona is supreme and cannot help her? Who is Cordelia’s father? I would think having a child could be a power. Another form of regeneration.

    • Urethra Franklin

      There are so many levels and possibilities.
      One idea I think is, in Fiona’s current state of mind, she blames the cancer on the blossoming powers of the young witch Madison. And that Madison’s youth, vitality, & powers are draining Fiona of her powers & health. She said “don’t you feel my life force pouring out of me and into you?” Remember Fiona sucked the life out of the scientist in Episode 1 for some sustenance. She tells Madison her powers are growing stronger and the source is coming from Fiona. I guess to a witch that could make her vulnerable to diseases. I’m just guessing, but that is what it looks like on the surface.

      • Katrina

        I think it is interesting that she sucked the life force out of the man and restored herself somwhat. However, with her power, she not able to obtain what was in his mind (knowledge). After Fiona killed Madison, it did not seem to have an effect on Fiona? Does this restoration power only work when she kills men?

      • Urethra Franklin

        Katrina, she did suck out the life of the man resulting in his death.
        But with Madison, it was straight up murder.

  17. Katrina

    It seems that minotaur has been with Marie, Delphine, and possibly Queenie. I wonder if they see what we see? The minotaur must be a good lover or he is being punished for a past deed. I thought the minotaur was going to kill Queenie, but he may have given her the physical pleasure she desired because she was willing to give him spiritual pleasure.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I still think when she was masturbating, he was feeling it too. Just like it happens when she exercises her pain transference powers. There is a fine line between pleasure & pain. Oooh, ouch, yeah baby.

      • MT

        I am scared for Queenie, she is from the same tribe as Marie but Bastian is her man and I don’t think she will take to kindly to finding out one of Fiona’s girls lusting after her man. She already said Fiona has started a war. Yet I can not wait to see what happens when Queenie gets on Marie’s radar.

      • Katrina

        Is Bastain/Minotaur what started the rift between Delphine and Marie? Somehow Fiona is connected to Delphine. We just don’t know how yet. Delphine slept with Minotaur and now is cursed to not die and watch as people get old and die. This exactly what Fiona thinks she wants to possess. Somehow Marie is in control of that particular power.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Delphine has sex with Bastien/Minotaur? Really?
        Thus far in the story, Delphine caught Bastien have sex with her daughter, so she tortured and killed him and put a bulls head on him. Marie was Bastien’s lover and she avenged his death by punishing Delphine to eternal life.

        And yes I agree that there may be some connection to Fiona & Delphine revealed down the road.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Yes MT, I think Queenie will be an important witch to Marie because Queenie is a descendant of Tituba, the voodoo slave girl.

        I suspect that Queenie may be caught between both the Salem Tribe & the Voodoo Tribe.

  18. LoriNYC

    The twirling scene by Misty Day was totally another nod to Stevie Nicks. That was her signature move, twirling. I don’t think it was anything deeper than Misty trying to connect with Stevie. I love love love Angela Bassett in this role, she is compelling to watch. Kathie Bates is wonderful and Jessica Lange is so incredible in this role. I love this show.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I am sure the twirling was a reference to Stevie Nicks. I jus don’t recall seeing her twirl like that…But it did remind me of Linda Carter twirling when she would change from Diana to Wonder Woman.

      • LoriNYC

        I can hear the wonder woman theme now. Such a fun memory! There are several videos of Stevie on youtube by the way. I loved your recap Urethra! It’s an honor to have you respond to me. Cheers!

      • MinotaurMick

        What kind of MO are you if you do not remember Stevie and the twirling?? LOL! Or much younger than the rest of us in the know…?
        (said w tongue in cheek…) Looking forward to the next recap!

    • Urethra Franklin

      An honor? Oh Lawd what a compliment. But really I’m just a regular dude. Thanks for reading my long-ass recaps. TT bitches about the length all the time. By the way I just read some great spoilers about the next 2 episodes. YOU ALL are gonna lose your shizzzzz when you see what happens.

  19. Urethra Franklin

    I HATE that I read the spoilers and know a few of things that will happen. But OMG shit is going to get crazy….
    …….Um I see dead-not-dead-but-still-dead-people….that’s my spoiler.

    • LoriNYC

      I cannot wait for next week’s episode and your recap!

      • Urethra Franklin

        I too am excited for next week’s show. I always intend to do a lighter more humorous recap with some snark, but I get so lost in the beauty of the details. The show really is fucking complex. I have to try and make the next one shorter. I do have a 3D life, but thank you all for the positive feedback. So far no one has told me to STFU. Which reminds me, where the hell is TeeCee?

      • Good question! I think I ran her off with my whiny post about perimenopause. :(

  20. MinotaurMick

    UF…amazing recap(s)!! Been lurking here since the start of TT!!

  21. loriflack

    I originally fast forwarded the whole Queenie and the beast scene because I was home alone and watching it at 3:00 in the morning. Later I read the UF
    recap and went back to watch it. Glad I didn’t miss it. I also agree that Queenie transferred her pleasureable feelings.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I am so thrilled that I’m able to get some of you scurrdy cats to watch a genre that you avoid. It’s a smart & scurry show.

  22. Angel

    I love AHS this season. I watched 3/4 of S1, until I felt it was too ridiculous. S2 I watched the first 2 eps, I found it to be just disgusting. I guess I deal with blood, sex, and scary better than depravity and poop.
    I used to need to watch scary shows in daylight rather than alone at night. I have seen so much of it this year, I am desensitized. I still cannot take my trash out to the road in the dark if I have watched a bigfoot show. I know, makes no sense at all

    Loving the recaps from both UR & TT. Better than the TV, usually.

  23. Stevie Nicks's Septum

    Stevie on AHS??? I can’t wait! (See what I did there?)

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