It Looks Like Kandi Burruss Married Todd Tucker Today!


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Here’s another update. I have an exclusive source who is staying at the El Dorado Royale Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico.  Actually she is on her own honeymoon there! She filmed last night at a bar called  The Bellini Bar is probably going to be on the show so I don’t want to give too many details about her, but I will give her a Congrats on Your Marriage ! Shout out.  I did  not want to keep her as she is kinda busy… lol. But she dropped in out of no where that Kenya is a big ole bitch on and off camera.  They are on the same floor and … well. The Twirler is annoying to random guests!  How is that for some exclusive tea?

UPDATE: All the Housewives and the Bravo Production team are there at the resort. I guess I gave Kandi too much credit for doing it privately. Details emerging. Thanks to my Tamaratattles source,  Kelly for the information! All the ladies were scene drinking and filming at the bar last night. It looks like we will have a wedding finale after all.

We have all seen the drama on the  previews surrounding Kandi and Todd’s relationship. Mama Joyce seems none too fond of Todd even though I believe she is living in Kandi and Todd’s guest house. Kandi seemed to be losing her ever-loving mind in a manner very unusual for her.  She has also stated previously that she was unsure if she wanted a big (read Bravo) wedding.  It appears she went with a small private wedding without all the headache.

IMG01545-20131023-1606 (2)Today Todd posted a picture of what appears to be their beautiful wedding venue on a gorgeous beach somewhere. With only ten seats, it seems clear they opted for their own intimate wedding without the cameras. The couple and Riley have spent the last few days in NYC before flying to the remote location for a private destination wedding.  Kandi just posted this picture so I’m not sure if this is before or after the nuptials.  Do you think Mama Joyce attended?


Kandi and Porsha hanging out at the hotel.

006What are these to doing frolicking around the resort property together? Well for one thing, Cynthia is wearing Porsha’s Naked Hair weave and Porsha was taking some glamor shots of Cynthia. Then again, all of Cynthia’s pictures are glamor shots.

All the best to the bride and groom, from


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50 responses to “It Looks Like Kandi Burruss Married Todd Tucker Today!

  1. Kelly

    A friend is staying at the same resort right now.

  2. Tonya

    I hope Kandi all the best! She seems very humble and smart. Minus the “wig” Kim issue. If she did get married I hope it last!

  3. Katrina

    I thought they were going to get married in 2014? Kenya is also at some island. I wish Kandi the best! So this could mean a wedding finale for season 6 or a special for Kandi.

  4. eg

    I wish Kandi and Todd all the best, and hope Mama Joyce warmed up to the idea, but if she didn’t I still wish them the best. Sometimes grown folks just have to do what they want to do.

  5. Katrina

    Do you think Mama Joyce came?

  6. lilkunta

    is this an island in the carribbean or is this mexico ?
    why isnt riley in school? in NYC for a couple days and then flew to the weddng location. is todd’s daughter there?

    i’m disappointed that kandi is letting BRavo pimp her, but Kandi is smart w her $. letting bravo pay saves her $. plus getting married on a wednesday i am sure is even cheaper.

    when did mama joyce move into the guest house ?

    • oh please, I was pulled out of school a lot to travel and look how I … um nevermind.

    • Katrina

      Why pay for a wedding, when you can have a wedding for free. Everything is filmed and documented. People pull children out of school all the time. Riley is smart and will not get behind. I am sure Riley would not want to miss her mother’s wedding. Also, Kandi does not have to choose bridesmaids!

      • lilkunta

        @ Katrina : And that is why kids don’t think school is important, because they are being pulled out all of the time.

        How do you know Riley is smart, you her teacher ? You seen her report cards?

      • Katrina

        Kandi is always bragging about her having straight A’s on twitter. I personally have never seen Riley’s report card, but I assumed Kandi was telling the truth! If Kandi wad consistently pulling her child. out of school for any reason, I would agree.

      • Please, I am a teacher, and also a child who was pulled out to travel a lot. It is good for them.

      • Amber

        Also, just because you get good grades (primary – high school) does not necessarily mean you are smart. It usually just means you are good and retaining information and spitting it back out on tests and etc. Traveling at a young age teaches you about the world and gives you experiences you cannot learn in a textbook or sitting in a classroom.

      • Amber

        oops that should read * good at retaining information

      • lilkunta

        @ tamara : you are working again? i thought you had stopped when your compay closed/. unless i mixing you up with someone else.

      • lilkunta

        @katrina @ amber
        travel is fine. do it on the weekend and on school breaks. we all get the school calendar the first or second week of school.

      • It doesn’t look to me like she cared about having a big Bravo wedding if there are ten chairs there. But Mexico? She and Todd should have gone to Paris with their kids and hid Mama Joyce’s dentures and passport.

    • Lil, blogging is my only “job” at the moment. But I will always be a teacher.

      • lilkunta

        tamara, o ok. job vs career right ?
        you do this job well and have connections.
        no 4yr bs or ba in education degree needed!

      • LOL yes, I am highly overeducated for this. Masters degrees and all. I keep saying I am going to start some “real writing” but… this is super time consuming. :)

      • lilkunta

        @ tamara : No, WAIT. I did not mean that as an insult. i hate that intent/tone cant be conveyed over the internet.
        I am glad that since you stopped teaching you are blogging. I enjoy reading and hope you will continue. After all you already own you home, have a car, and stil lvacation in the carribean, so why go to work for the man.Be Your Own Boss. Don’t you like working in comfy clothes and no heels? I’d love to work for myself and be able to be comfy casual all the time.
        So pelase don’t stop blogging!

  7. lilkunta

    ps does kandi’s swimsuit have stomach minimizer bc her stomach is FLAT.
    and as usual nene’s hair is a mess.

  8. Urethra Franklin

    Great work TT on being the 1st blog to get the scoop and posting pictures from Kandi’s beach side wedding site. I hope that blogger assholes from Huffington or ROL dont’ steal this story from you without giving credit to you, the Queen of Atlanta’s gossip site.

    Everyone, TT works her ass off to be the first one to share a good scoop.
    Don’t forget the donate button at the top of the page, or the bottom of the page for smart phone users. Every little bit helps her keep things running for us.

  9. ZenJen53

    Once again uv scooped big media giants! Congrats to a job well done. Kim now Kandi both found their men due to Bravo! Kim sd “ask believe & receive”. May Kandi have everlasting union with Todd

  10. Crazy in NC

    If she did get married, a big ole congrats to her and Todd! I know what people say, but I really like them as a couple. Also, her body is fantastic in that beach shot!
    Wish her all the best, with a long happy marriage!

  11. Susan

    I think mama Joyce might be worried that she may not get her share of Kandis’ money if Todd is married to her daughter. I do believe Kandi and Todd signed a prenup. So mama Joyce just cool your jets I’m sure there is enough to go around. After all I hear you have moved into the guest house so that is a feather in your cap. Moven on up and no expense. But if that were my mom I would absolutely have her move into my guest housel. That is her mama after all, no matter how difficult she may be.

  12. It's A Crazy World

    Leave it to Kandi – the Budget Diva to get it done right – without wasting too much money. I’m happy for Kandi … and if Momma Joyce didn’t go – it’s her loss … she has got to let her daughter live her own life. I too like Todd and Kandi together … and I only wish them the best.

  13. ladymagenta718

    Just when I thought I was out – they drag me back in again! I can’t wait even with Kenya’s crazy ass returning. LOL!

  14. cherry

    Ohh they let Kenya come to a weeding….WHYYYYYYYYYYY? I hope it was beautiful! Kandi deserves a happy ending!

  15. Lee Me

    We’ve all known Kandi to be frugal but if true, she really stayed true to her guns. I married at a Karisma Resort property, they own the El Dorado’s and Azul’s located in Riveria Maya, and while the nickel and dime you for everything, they are VERY inexpensive compared to your typical American wedding locales. El Dorado’s are known for being adult only which makes me wonder where their children are lodging? If Bravo paid for her wedding, she was jipped big time!!!

  16. Pre1

    Kandi is one of my favorite “housewives” of ATL. She’s very frugal and I think she tries to get along with everyone (for the most part). At least Todd has a nice paying job and he seems low key. If they signed a prenuptial agreement, cool, because he’ll still enjoy the perks of being with Bedroom Kandi. I wish them all the best.

    Porsha looks happy. Cynthia is always gorgeous!

  17. lori

    Thunder thighs no more! Kandi looks great! Congrats to her and Todd, and I pay that Mama Joyce is wrong about him.

  18. Katrina

    It would be nice to think that Kandi would go against her mother and marry Todd anyway. However, I don’t think Kandi is that kind of girl! If this is not wedding, then maybe it is a bedroom Kandi event. I really hope Mama Joyce is there!

    • I just read on SFTA that Riley is at home with Mama Joyce…. perhaps they had a family wedding already and this is the TV version like she did for her birthday parties?

      • Katrina

        Good point! Kandi does that a lot. Real version versus TV version. I am looking forward to RHOA season 6!

      • lilkunta

        good, missing school was really bothering me.
        a real private wedding is great.
        i wonder if mama joyce came around or she is still anti kadni & todd.

  19. donna


    • charmaine

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