HOT Miami Tea: New Show and Major RHOM Reunion Drama

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Okay, I woke up this afternoon morning to all sorts of Miami drama.  Where to begin? Well first of all, it’s not news to anyone that I am one of the half-dozen or so total viewers of Real Housewives of Miami. Their ratings suck. In fact pretty much every reality show they shoot in Miami gets lousy ratings. Big Ang’s new VH1 show, Miami Monkey has been tanking in the ratings.  I don’t understand this. It’s such a beautiful city.  The housewives in my opinion are a second only to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  But alas, no one agrees with me. But that is not stopping Bravo from trying to turn the beat around in Miami.   There is one more Bravo show coming and maybe this is one we can all agree on?

According to Bravo Dish:

Bravo is thrilled to announce we’ll explore the real estate world with Million Dollar Listing Miami. Our new series will showcase the sexy city where top luxury agents battle it out in the world of high-end real estate. With a surging market in South Florida, properties are selling for record rates and agents are cashing in on massive commissions like never before.

On Million Dollar Listing Miami, the mansions are bigger, the high-rises are taller, the amenities are more luxe and the locals have access to amazing views, beaches and a lifestyle unlike anywhere else in the world. Business can get heated as the brokers attempt to make a name for themselves and outshine their competition by landing the next big listing in America’s hottest city.

I might actually watch this. I don’t know why exactly I stopped watching the Million Dollar Listing shows. I like them just fine. I love a good marathon.  So do you think this  new show will survive the curse of Miami reality shows?


BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.  Last week the Miami reunion was filmed.  As we all know, these reunion shows are a last ditch effort for the housewives to prove they are drama worthy. This is why contracts are never given out before the reunion. With RHOM fighting for it’s life in ICU the prospect of another season, the cancellation grim reaper expected at any moment, it seems a few of the ladies went full out in perhaps their last audience with the pope Andy to make the cut, if by some miracle they have one more season.

So there was drama. Lots of drama. Maybe enough drama to get you people to tune in to the reunion.  or not.

Reality Tea is reporting that Lisa is threatening to sue Joanna for defamation.  If you recall, Lisa threatened a lawsuit before when she claimed that she was libeled by a commenter on a blog.  At that time she told Miami Herald journalist Lesley Abravanel:

“This person is an acquaintance we’ve invited in our home and who has smiled in our faces. She had no shame in saying these horrible things. If you are going to put something that nasty, saying someone’s an escort, a porn star, that’s a big deal to me . . . . The fact that she knows me, and I’ve seen her in my home, well, it just sits the wrong way . I’m not going to go after every blogger and commenter out there. Trust me, I’ve been called way worse. I have thick skin as part of this whole show, but this really struck a chord. I didn’t want it to get out of hand, and I’m all for freedom of speech, but when you know someone personally and act like you’re friendly with them and then go making an accusation like that, it’s a big deal.’’

Could it be that Joanna made a similar allegation on the reunion? All signs point to yes. Is it the pot calling the kettle black? Absolutely.  Remember last year when Adrianna called Joanna a porn star and an escort?  Then on WWHL Adrianna told Andy it was true and Joanna called in from Poland or somewhere all sue happy?  Pot. Kettle.  I would think this was all storyline if it were not for the fact that Lisa had done this before and tried to keep it out of the press. I mean down here in Georgia we have a saying, “A hit dog howls.”  That is, if you were not a porn star or an escort you would not care about the allegations.


Meanwhile on twitter, Ana has not mended relations with  Lisa  since their feud and is tweeting that if a reality star wants to file defamation charges on someone they better be squeaky clean. Which reminds me… I haven’t heard another word from Sheree Whitfield about her defamation lawsuit against me. That would have been some JUICY blog fodder. When you agree to go on a reality show, especially one that’s goal is to make you look foolish and dance for our enjoyment… you can’t really sue people for damage to your reputation.

I tried to contact a Miami source about the reunion. That source said she had only heard one word about it, ‘trash’.  Which is great for us right? Isn’t this what reunions have come to be all about?  Trashy, classless fighting between former porn stars/strippers/escorts/whatever?

So will you watch the new Million Dollar Listing Miami? Or perhaps the reunion?


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25 responses to “HOT Miami Tea: New Show and Major RHOM Reunion Drama

  1. Shellbelle

    I love Miami… Beautiful scenery and I love most of the ladies. Lea and Joanna not so much, but I will surely be tuning in to see the drama.
    Side note, I thought this weeks episode with Lea trying to redeem herself sucked. She couldn’t help throwing jabs at her family and that’s pretty shitty since they said nice things about her.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    I love RHOM. There is a lot of colorful fashion, a hot Latin flavor, and thanks to Lea the biggest “jewurry” I have ever seen. And of course my adoration for everything Mama Elsa….. But since a couple of weeks ago Ana & Lisa have been very unladylike and slaying each other on twitter.

  3. Delurking. I LOVE the Miami ladies–always have. But I’m not really sure why they can’t seem to catch on with much of anyone. I also liked DC to, and am glued to the TV every time it reruns. I’ll watch MDLM, but I probably won’t make a *point* to watch it as I mostly watch MDL in general in passing now.

  4. Buck Henry

    I totally agree with you Tamara, that is what was said that Lisa was an escort. Lisa Hochstein met her husband when he hired her via Bella Models when she escorted. Still hangs out w a bunch of new crop of escorts. Also she actually appeared at Andy Cohen’s show (original producer for the entire RH franchise for Bravo) right after the premiere of the first show of the Miami housewives. There, they showed her in a fetish tickling video from several years ago and her reaction was something like “I earned my own money and its better to do a tickling fetish video than to become a hooker like everyone else in LA”

    She used to escort, I bet that is what was brought up and she went ballistic and her husband wanted to protect her from that (because he hired her). Also I explained before about Joanna.

    I definitely got that escort vibe from her. What people don’t understand is that there are levels to escorting. Street walker to ads on eros or craiglists and online to UTR (under the radar) escorting to big money. I will post a comment someone said that is totally true from Eddie (you’ll see). To me she gave off the UTR (under the radar) escort vibe big time.

    Re: A Fast Eddie Memorial
    “In Fast Eddie’s memory, and without dropping any names ( Sorry ), I will explain it as it was explained to me by no less than three people in the know. The first is a long time friend who got me invited to my first Beverly Hills UTR Party. The second is an agency owner with whom I stay in touch and the third is a lady friend who’d done a lot of modeling and some acting, while doing a little UTR escorting on the side.

    Unless you are an “A List” actress or have a steady endorsement contract, you are NOT making the big money. LaLa Land is an expensive place to live. California taxes are high. Divorce is the state sport.
    What’s a gal to do ? The market for trophy wives is limited. Well if she wants to keep driving her Mercedes, keep her house in Malibu, Bel Air or Brentwood and get to shop on Rodeo Drive and/or keep her kids in private school, she needs income. Many are land rich and cash poor.

    As I’ve posted before, the highest rate I know of for a fact IN THIS COUNTRY is the $ 25k an hour two former PMOY got. They got MORE in Hong Kong and Dubai. I’ve heard about $ 100 k for two former Miss Universe title holders and one former Miss USA but again that was paid for work OUTSIDE the U.S.
    I know for a fact that NONE of them could get anything more than a booking or two at that rate in this country.

    There was a time when all sorts of numbers were flying around. $ 100 k ,$ 200 k even $ 250k an hour. That was several years ago ; Pre- Lehman Brothers ;Pre- Spitzer and Pre – Tiger. Is it possible that there is still six figure jet set action ? Yes, but not as much and it’s being done with a LOT more caution and care than previously.

    As I posted earlier today, I was advised of the availability of several well known models and actresses. Not so much for my benefit but because A. I was trusted with the info with the understanding B. that I would make very discreet inquiry with some whales aka high rollers that I knew to see if they would be interested. The ballpark numbers ranged from $ 5 to $10,000 an hour. A couple gals were 25k for a 3hr. minimum. Those are current numbers and a number of us knowledgable about these things are probably all struck by how relatively low they are. That’s right. First it was the porn gals who were forced to lower their prices. Then it was the Playmates and now even the straight actresses and models are getting less than they used to. One very simple reason : Supply and Demand, Supply and Demand.

    Here’s the real shocker. A few are MARRIED ! I was first exposed to this phenomenon in Miami where a LOT of the higher end ladies are married. It’s no different in LaLaLand. Just not as common.”

    I think that she was a very hot Eastern european girl who saw that she was able to get big money and big money men (who knows how Ramon met her, he could have been one of her clients). There is a few sites that offer exclusive VIP membership where you pay 1500 to 2500 dollars to join (this is in order to check you out) and there you get hooked up with certain escorts who don’t want to be known because they are “famous” or embarrassed but still hot looking. And if you stay with them use there services for a length of time they will allow you another level which will include actual actresses (A list and more) But with anything you have to have the lifestyle aka money. Also there are clubs for uber wealthy that cater to men and women who say I want that person and they will get her for the right price.

    • Buck it is Lisa that wants to sue JOANNA for defamation over something JOANNA said about LISA on the reunion. That said with a few name changes this post still applies.

      • The post indicates Lisa was in a tickle fetish video? (that’s how I read it) That was actually Joanna in the video, she admitted it and they showed a clip on WWHL.

  5. Gingersnap

    I will watch Million Dollar Listings Miami, no problem. I watch LA and NY and could dig a Miami too. The homes and views work for me, even if I kinda hate the agents. My fave is LA. As a matter of fact, tonight is the season finale and it’s gonna be a good one. Looks like nerdy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Josh Flagg SLAPS the ever macho, real estate shark, Josh Altman right in the face. HAHA! This I gotta see. I hope it’s as good as Bravo is hyping it up to be. Josh, Josh, and Madison will be on WWHL tonight. That will be worth watching too. Guess I have my night all planned out :)

  6. I’ll definitely give MDL-Miami a chance. I love the other two franchises in the series.

  7. ZenJen53

    I, too am a fan of RHOM. Season 1 castmates Larsa Pippin and Christi Rice came off as mean girls an lost the Miami luster. Season 2 miscast Karent. Season 3 finally we are on track so Ihope Bravo does greenlight it for at least 1more season. Prayers n love to Mama Elsa

  8. ZenJen53

    P.S. I love Edith Flagg. Her story is inspiring and who can’t love the lady who brought us polyester? Ahhh the 70s #MMLLA

  9. pfffttt

    I loved Season 2 of Miami. This season has been boring. They never should have cut Ana out, she was very outspoken, and didn’t back down from anyone. She is also very smart, and has a thriving career, instead of living off a man.

    Less Housewives equals less drama.

    They need to get Lea out, she is just too old. Miami is a YOUNG party city. She just isn’t very entertaining IMO… and bring some more people on board if they get a new season. Young hot women.

    Also get a new production company. It seems like they screwed over Ana. She was supposed to be a full time Housewife.

  10. Hmm, I’m sick if all the fighting housewives.
    The Teresa show has hit an all time low, never liked the screaming Miami crew, I did like how the new NYC girls began but that screeching Ramona took over and love the Beverly Hills minus Brandy. Her husband moved on, get over it. I don’t get it why she doesn’t fess up to her playing around.
    Brandy is out classed on that show.
    I enjoyed the DC wives, but understandable why it was canceled.
    OC wives … sad! Very sad Vicky.
    MDL Miami sounds good.

  11. Sheree is on an episode of some show no one has heard of on some network no one has heard of. Kim z retweeted it.

  12. ZenJen53

    I tweeted Ana couple nite ago: “i wld love to know what was in the folder n if Roy Black had Bravo shut it down?”. To my surprise she tweeted me back,” A nice tellall frm ‘Madge’ wld b great whnevr it doesn’t breach said contracts #damncontracts” indeed.

  13. anniem

    New to your blogs… but totally love them! I like RHOM. I hope it stays for another season..pretty much only interested in Romain. I love the Real Housewives franchises but maybe they need to start bringing in new people each season and have former wives do guest or “friends of housewives” appearances. I think the women tend to bore me after a while and Miami especially, seems like they desperately look for ways to create drama, dont get me wrong I love the drama its the only reason to watch, but a lot of the drama was just plain boring this season.

  14. peachteachr

    I love RHOM, and I especially liked Ana. I want more of Lea, who I can’t stand, and the stuff about her hawking her skincare line out of the back of her Pinto which was all pre-Roy.

  15. Bombero129

    Have you seen this interesting article in the Miami new Times about Tomas Kramer? Am I allowed to post links to articles? Take a look its super interesting!

  16. I would love a Million Dollar Listing – Miami. I would also love to see Amanda Zuckerman from BB15 on it. She is a realtor in the area and not afraid to speak her mind.

  17. Kheppera

    I like the Miami housewives They need some new people. With all the people in Miami, they should be able to build a better cast. I like Joanna because she is very honest. I like Adriana because she is a liar and very dramatic. I like Lea too. But Alexia, and the rest can go. They should have kept Ana she isnt scared to run her mouth

  18. I’m excited. Joanna is so unlikable. I’ve never been a fan and I never will. The passive aggressive digs she’s thrown at Lisa aren’t just playful but down right nasty. Can’t wait for the reunion. I’m one of the other 12 viewers out there.

  19. Ame

    I love the RHOM! I love all of the other housewives as well! I wish that they would have kept Miami Social, that one was my favorite. I always think that I won’t like a new reality show, but they ALL suck me in. I’m sure that I’ll love MDLM too! Thank goodness for my 3 DVR’s on different satellites!!

  20. O'Malley The Alley Cat

    RHOM is easily my favorite of the Housewives franchise but I believe Bravo made a huge mistake barraging us with ‘Weddings By Bravo’ as of late… Ppl get tired of the same old thing & although Tamra’s wedding seemed a welcome exception, the countless others have literally bored me to tears. I too am in the boat of ppl who am surprised at Bravo’s decision to demote Ana as she adds so much authentic drama and plenty of outspoken sass. Marysol, however, seems to have come out of her shell as a ‘friend of the Housewives’ serving us plenty of one-liners & actually diving in head on to the drama this season. If Bravo doesn’t deliver us another season I will be sure to have a full fledged meltdown on twitter, lol.

    As for MDLM, I’m soooo down… I am a Miami resident, so watching any reality show set on my home turf is a must for me. I am a fan of MDLLA, but have never caught on to the New York one. Miami has great views and some rly unique properties, for sure, but the characters will be just as important (if not more) in ensuring the shows success. Bring it on!

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