Revenge: Can We Talk About Nolan?


Yet another instance of the rag over the adams’s apple! Make.It.Stop.

I know I don’t usually blog about this but I do watch and enjoy RevengeLike everyone with any sense at all, I recognize that the best character on the show is Nolan. So can we discuss what the hell is going on with his wardrobe this season? Before we even talk about the clothes can we address the fact that he is clearly manorexic! He was headed there last season and now he is officially skeletal. Can someone feed Gabriel Mann as sandwich, please?  He has that vegan/manorexical look if you ask me.  I have no idea how to fatten up a vegan. Unless it is with Mango Apricot Greek Yogurt from Trader Joes. I am glad I looked at the calorie and fat count AFTER I tried some of that creamy goodness yesterday. Someone needs to send Gabriel a case.

Back to his wardrobe. I get that Nolan is supposed to be a quirky dresser, a bad dresser even, but this season his wardrobe has crossed the line.  What is the significance of the snot rag he wears tied around his adam’s apple like a deceitful cross-dresser every other scene? I just got caught up on the last two episodes and it was so distracting I decided to blog simply to ask you all if I missed some part of the plot that explains it. WTF? Perhaps it is the weight loss in part (is he dressing from the children’s department?), but his wardrobe is just beyond the pale this season. What is with the painted on blond highlights reminiscent of every gay man in the south in the 1980s?  Nolan is supposed to be bisexual and yet they are dressing him with every gay stereotype even circulated!  Are they going to give him a 70s porn stache next? I just can’t.

And speaking of Revenge guys. I was glad to see Aiden make a return on the last episode. He seems to be on Emily’s side, but are we really sure about that? Emily seems to have some sort of whatever passes for feelings with her for him and Jack.  I’m not sure who to root for anymore. Are you guys Revenge fans?




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5 responses to “Revenge: Can We Talk About Nolan?

  1. Nicole

    I am a Revenge fan. However, I think this season is kind of weird. I’m not sure if I like it yet. She seems a little off her game…. Will have to see where the plot takes …

  2. Tango

    Idk, I used to watch but last season I just caught up a bit watching past episodes on Comcast then this time I haven’t watched. I like the show but it got grueling with all the plot twists, I wanna see it done and Emily happy.

  3. I use to be a huge fan but last season was sort off the revenge angle. I enjoyed when Emily’s trainers from the past came on scene to assist her.
    Emily had a plan for “Revenge” and followed it.
    Not so much anymore, plots all over the place.
    Yes yes yes Nolon needs to eat and fire his stylist.

  4. therealdeb

    love the show, love nolan. hate the graysons, daniel especially as he is the worst of both parents and it just took a while to find that out. can’t decide who i like better, aiden or jack, both are wonderful. i want to see revenge completed on all the bad people but that would mean the end of the show.

  5. tee242

    Love Revenge! Fave characters are Nolan and Aiden. I was thrilled to see Aiden return this season.

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