Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: PLEASE LET THIS BE ALL

rhonjyourmomisabitchOnce again we start with the Giudice girls. Andy asks Tre which of her girls she thinks is most like her. Kathy says Milania. Teresa says that Kathy remembers her being like Milania as a kid but she doesn’t remember her childhood. Teresa’s parents also say that Milania acts just like Tre when she was a kid.  Andy asks what the funniest thing she has done lately is.  Teresa says she has been twerking a lot. Teresa has not had the sex talk with Gia because she has not started her period yet.  Jac says something about giving her a hand mirror so she can see what she is working with and Andy gets rattled and moves on. Are you concerned with Gia growning up to fast? Makeup, etc. Teresa basically says she caved.  They show a cute Christmas scene with Tre, Juicy and all the girls decorating for Christmas. RHONJGreggy2Then we see some unseen footage of  Albie and Chris going at each other over what to do when the apartment lease is up. Greg moved to San Francisco and they can’t afford to absorb his share. Albie says they should move home for a few months after the lease is up to save money for the BLK water debacle they are involved in thanks to their Uncle Chris.  Chris wants to find a new roommate and resign the lease.  Chris sets up a time for people to come interview for the roommate spot at the restaurant. Albie is irritated that Chris doesn’t get that this is a bad idea. We get to see a whole cross-section of Hoboken trotted into the restaurant, which at this time is just a construction site. I am not finished watching yet, but I am going to call it now that the boys go home to Mama.

Lauren got a breast reduction against everyone’s advice.  Caroline and Vito both tried to talk her out of it.  The doctor said he needs to fix some asymmetry. Lauren seemed shocked that her boobs were two different sizes, when Vito comes in the exam room she tells him and responds with, “I know, isn’t it awesome?” LOL.  Because men just want us to HAVE breasts and really don’t care about the rest of it.  It’s us that want lifts, or implants or reductions.  Lauren showed hers to Melissa and Jac in the bathroom during the Cafface party. Vito seems to still be grieving larger version.

Teresa and Kathy end up at the same Sandy Relief fundraiser.  Kathy tries to take the high road with Teresa, but Teresa took offense that Kathy asked after her father (on the reunion last season she called him a coward and this is their first film together). I mean I can see Teresa not believing Kathy is genuine, but just say thank you and walk on.  In unseen reunion footage it is pointed out that Kathy’s mother and Tre’s parents remain on bad terms.

Dr. V was doing her… thing and Juicy was unable to keep a straight face the whole time. While I don’t mind Dr. V on the show, I don’t think she is a very credible therapist. She’s a TV therapist.



Kim D’s Cuff line party was shown. Tre says in a talking head, “I think Kim D’s cuffs are fabulous….. if you are into cuffs!” Oh Teresa never change.  This was the first time Teresa and Joe had been in the same room since the water throwing incident at the gym. AWKWARD! Joe wants answers. Melissa tells Joe this is not the right time they are on her turf. Camera pans to Teresa all of Teresa’s minions. Joe goes up to her anyway. The second that Joe sits down with Teresa , “Maria” who is supposedly Kim D’s “assistant” whatever that means, pops off at Joe in Italian. Then Maria wanders around gathering forces telling them that it bothers HER that Joe is yelling at his sister. First of all, he is not yelling at her and secondly, it’s none of her damn business.  Joe’s talk with Teresa is the same old talk. Teresa refuses to listen and eventually gets up and leaves the entire event.  Maria is still ranting like she is someone whose opinion matters. She starts shouting to some group of randoms, “Let him be a man and say it now!”

Caroline catches on to what is about to happen and tells Joe she wants to leave right now in a way that seems to be saying, and you are leaving too.  Maria comes up to the filming table where the housewives are all sitting and tells Joe she is sorry, but that Joe needs to treat her with respect. Rich stands first. Joe says basically I don’t know you or why you are telling me what to do. Joe and Maria make up.

Caroline announces they are leaving (again) and everyone starts moving toward the door. Someone says “Who the hell is this fucking piece of shit?” That line seems to be attributed to Rich. Maria starts saying she doesn’t want Rich talking shit either. Kathy is standing right next to Maria and says for her not to concern herself with Rich. This leads to a Kyle and Kim Richards sort of finger-pointing SLUT PIG moment when Rosie goes AWF on Maria screaming “WHO ARE YOU?” over and over with Kathy shouting right next to her! Caroline manages to herd everyone out while Rosie is still asking who this chick is.  Maria makes some sort of fat grandma remark toward Rosie and Caroline. But eventually everyone gets out without a brawl. But Rosie ain’t happy.

And that I think is actually a wrap for the season, right? RIGHT?


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34 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: PLEASE LET THIS BE ALL

  1. Did anyone else see the stain on the ass of Maria’s dress as she walked away??? Go back to the recording and watch as she walks away from Teresa and Joe.

  2. Glimmer88

    I see what you are talking about but when u keep watching it appears to be gone. I think it was just lighting or something. I watched 2 or 3 times in slow motion lol.

    • eg

      I did that too,but couldn’t see anything either. and like someone else said on here, that woman (pink bandaid dress wearing skank) was looking for her 15 mins. That whole scene was stupid. The only one screaming between Joe and Tre, was Tre. Batting those crazy eyes, grabbing that “tail” on her head, and screaming. They really should’ve let Rosie wail on that B. Who died and made her (pink dress skank) Tres’ protector? I hope this is the final show for NJ. Maybe HLN will cover Joe& Tres’ vacay to the big house. Maybe pink dress will try to get in on that.

  3. Iwannano

    I miss Greg Bennett.

  4. As always, Joe is nasty right to Teresa’s face. He obviously tries to hurt her intentionally in what he says to her. I really don’t get how people can look at the way he talks to her and somehow not be disgusted.

  5. Jarlath

    I think you mean renew the lease, not resign …

  6. Pink-dress skank was desperate for her 30 seconds of “tv fame.” I would have wanted to punch her in the jaw.

  7. While Maria with the sanitary leak may have been off in approaching Joe, the whole Wakiihli, Rosie, Gorga screaming at her thing was way off. More maybe. She is Kim’s assistant. (While a hobag needing an assistant is slightly puzzling, Jr Hobag she is.). She most likely planned and organized the event. So them yelling who the fuck are you at the assistant of the owner of the property in which they were standing was retarded.

    • It was frankly none of Maria’s business to even confront Joe. I’d honestly be asking “wtf is she?!” too. That being said, Maria and Joe actually had a decent conversation until everyone started badgering them. Caroline trying to get them to leave actually incited the fight further. It wasn’t that dramatic… Why am I not surprised.

  8. The fact that Gia is mortified by her mom just shows you she is a normal well adjusted girl. But I’m sure all her friends are teasing her today about her mom telling the world that she hasn’t been visited by “Auntie Flo” yet.

    I was cringing for her.

    • I know! But I am sure she is used to it. Gia herself talked about growing pubic hair on the show. But really did BRAVO need to decide to include that?

      • Bravo puts a LOT of things on that show about Gia, which shouldn’t be aired. The episode-long temper tantrum, the first bra, the pubic hair talk with JoeGi, Aunt Flo… the list goes on.

        When I realized that those kids aren’t even paid for appearing on that show, I was livid. There’s no excuse for it, especially given that their antics are a major part of the storyline, so Bravo makes millions off them.

        If I were Joe and Teresa, I would have years ago refused to let them film my kids, unless they were paid for it. Bravo does nothing but exploit and embarrass poor Gia on an ongoing basis (of course, they couldn’t do that if her famewhoring parents didn’t go along with it, but doesn’t there come a point when some other responsible adults stands up and says, “Enough is enough”?)

        JoeGi, Teresa, and Andy Cohen should all hang their heads in shame, for exploiting a young girl who cannot possibly understand the potential long-term implications of what they’re doing. They won’t though, because “shame” obviously isn’t in their vocabulary.

    • Who wasn’t mortified by their mother at 12. But you know, in their mini worlds, these girls ar HUGE celebrities. And I’m sure they are atop the social ladder. They have the show and their mom to thank. I’m betting if Gia asked to not film or be discussed on the show, there is no chance bravo or the parents would not comply.

      • I read in several places that Gia is bullied because of the show. Her parents are a national joke, so it makes sense that her classmates hear that from their parents. That said, it is never OK to bully or make fun of another kid. But kids are still kids and bullying is ages old.

      • Oh bullshit. That word is so overused and mostly unjustly. I’m guaranteeing she is not bullied. If she were, she’d just have to sic Malania on them.

  9. Timeflies

    Sorry but that assistant had what looked like a water leak to me!

  10. Gingersnap

    If the most eventful part of the episode was whether someone had a wet spot on their backside, OR if it was a shiny strip of fabric, then NJ has completely tanked…and I guess it has. Hallelujah.

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