What Would YOUR Housewife Tagline Be?

favhouse1ZenJen suggested this topic and it sounded like it might be fun as a little game during intermission between posts.


I’m older than you, I’m smarter than you and my lawyer is better than yours. Don’t try me.


P.S. While choosing a graphic I found this one. Choose your favorite housewife, note the number and click through for your horoscope. It’s from a great site called ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.Com



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32 responses to “What Would YOUR Housewife Tagline Be?

  1. Melissa

    I love to act silly, MY laughter is the best medicine, I’m not as think as you dumb I am. 😉

  2. By the way, I appreciate the donations! And the stories that come with them sometimes, We are all in this thing called life together, It means a lot to me that you care. I make one dollar for every page view. So the important thing to me is to retweet a lot, and you are… so we can get more people in here.

    Here is a thing you may not know, Google has changed their algorithms and I am not getting any hits from google any more, Most places have had a 40% drop lately, That means I need 1600 people to make one dollar and none of my views come from Google anymore,
    The last two months make me think I HAVE to apply for disability, which I qualify for, but I would much rather make my own way, IF I go that route I have to stop blogging because we can’t have income.

    I really don’t need that much to survive,,, I hate the people who say I am begging, I’m not, I am just telling you it is getting to the point where I may have to take disability, I think that will be bad for me, I will miss you all, And then I have nothing to do but lay down and die, I don’t want to be on disability,

  3. That should say, I make one dollar for every thousand page views, So a million page views lol not even close would be a thousand dollars,

  4. eastjames

    My tagline: just because you are poor doesn’t mean you have to look poor.
    To Tamara: I’m sooo technologically impaired. I can barely get on this website! It took me about 6 mos of reading it to figure out how to comment. How do I contribute so you don’t have to go on disability? PS…For the first time in almost 2 years my husband and I, both well educated and hard working, are looking at full time employment for each of us. I’m excited but trying not to be too optimistic. Point being, things can turn around quick.

    • Urethra Franklin

      The yellow Donate button is near top right of the page under the TT header and logo.

    • people tell me on the phone it is way at the bottom and thanks,

      • James

        Tagline (not original): “I’m like Mastercard, I’m everywhere YOU want to be”

        Disability: if it’s any consolation, you can work while receiving it but there are caps to what you can earn

      • eg

        TT I AM on disability, and as soon as I get my check next month,I will break you off a piece of something (as the kids would say) I love your blog, and I don’t mind sharing with you. The next time I come home to the Atl, I am going to look you up. I would love to meet you (but I would email you first) On topic, my tagline would be….I am an Aquarian on estrogen, and we are ALWAYS right even if we don’t know what the hell we are talking about! (not really on estrogen:) lol

    • jarlath

      You’re not alone, there are many of us in your position unfortunately.

  5. jarlath

    “I fought too hard for this zip code …”

  6. Shellbelle

    The only thing I can think of is a line to a song I heard this morning… “I ain’t as good as I once was….”

    Disability: once you are on it, there are caps to what you am make AND you will qualify for Medicare- which means health insurance… My hubby is the specialist in the insurance field, it’s what he does to keep me in Bon Bons and our kids in clothes… :)

  7. eg

    Just went to that So You’re Like Really Pretty.com site and it is hilarious! Ryan has a very creative (bent) mind. Very funny!

  8. ZenJen53

    Everybody has a story,mines just more intriguing than yours! Loved your tagline TT!!

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Tagline: “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

  10. otherpeoplesproblems

    I’ve thought about this question too much.

    Mine: “I don’t ALWAYS get what I want, but 9 times out of 10’s not bad.”

  11. Urethra Franklin

    I’m like a box of Red Hot candy. Sweet & spicy and I can set you on fire.

  12. JoJo

    “I used to have a life – now I just comment on other’s”!

    (TT, I’m so empathetic to your situation and will do my part, beginning of month. Through the grace of God, I made it to 30 years of gov’t work to luckily retire to avoid disability – the last year was a bitch).

  13. I am the anti-housewife.

  14. Twilly

    I left behind a small town, and made this city my bitch! – Real Housewives of Boston

  15. I hate you all and I hope you die a slow, painful death. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  16. Monihew

    Some people say I’m a serious bitch…..guess what, they’re right!

  17. mary s

    TAGLINE: “I’m Persian AND a housewife, so I really deserve two shows on Bravo.” 😉

  18. my tagline: “What you see is what you get. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.”
    my evil alter ego tagline: “Money is the root of all evil, and I am filthy stinking rich [insert evil laugh here]”

  19. Anjannette

    If I was Teresa Giudice, my tagline would be:

    “Genuflect to me, because I am the Goddess”

  20. Tam stumbled on your site and dig it. Couple things I’d like to share w/ you.
    If you apply for disability, it can take up to 18 mos. depending where you live it’s a lot of red tape and waiting around ( they don’t make it easy). Second, again depending on where you live, you are allowed to supplement your income but a lot of different things come into play. exp. How long were you in the work force, your annual salary .. there’s a formula. My neighbor is a disabled vet and works out of his home. He writes a newsletter I think. Also a lot of seniors earn a little cash part-time. Hi, welcome to Wal-mart. Also, w/ the fed. government shutting down for what was it 2-3 wks. there was talk that social sec./ disability recipients were in jeopardy. The point being if you are eligible don’t be afraid of talking it over w/ your Dr. family friends etc. A lot of these call centers , cust service co. all employ seniors on fixed income apparently there very reliable employees.
    I also read your claim about donations.If I may, recently someone in the middle of the night abandoned a German Shepherd w/ a broken hip and femur on my daughter’s doorstep. (She runs a kennel and who ever found the dog was familiar with her business). Any who, she needed to raise 5 grand fast for this poor suffering animal for vet. costs to set the dogs hip and leg. She called me “what should I do? what should I do? I explained to her to send out an e-mail to all her client’s and all she would need is 100 people to donate 50 dollars or 50 people to donate a 100 dollars. So she emailed her entire contact list w/ the story and x-rays of the dogs trauma and within 3 hrs. she had received not only the vets.fee she had money for the antibiotics,pain meds. the whole shebang! It became like a thing. After months of her rehabilitating this animals injuries etc. her client,s children wanted pictures and progress reports as to how the dog was doing. She had a contest on naming the dog and the winning family received this gorgeous, trained housebroken creature. I guess my point is …get creative I mean you made this happen.

  21. If women would stick together, we could rule the world.

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