Real Housewives of New Jersey Unseen Footage: No Mother Of The Year Awards Were Given

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs Who the hell would take these four girls to raise?

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs
Who the hell would take these four girls to raise?

Well hell, I wasn’t expecting to have to do this again tonight. Imagine my dismay as I am watching Dancing With The Stars wondering who all these “stars” are (the only two I recognized were Amber Riley and Snooki) when suddenly my TV flips the channel to RHONJ!

At least they are starting with some unseen footage of Milania. This might be worth watching if it were all Milania. Milania is hitting the other kids at school and Teresa misses the point. This is terrible parenting. Why am I not surprised?

Speaking of horrific parenting, Joe and Melissa are talking about sex in front of Antonia. Meanwhile Joey can’t add 30+30+11. Melissa says Joe doesn’t know the tens place from the ones place. Melissa had to redo Joe’s homework. Perhaps they should have let Antonia do it.



Back to the Juicy Joe and Rosie drinking at the bar at Juicy’s house while Gia is doing her homework. Juicy says he is very good at Social Studies. Gia says, “Oh, I’m sure.”  Juicy says, “I’m like a brainstorm. You don’t even know.”  (HEAVY SIGH) They want to be quizzed so Gia asks the capital of New Hampshire. Juicy says “Rhode Island.”  A Rhodes Scholar he is not. Neither of them know where the Grand Canyon is, Um, they went to Arizona. Neither knows the closest planet to the Sun. Juicy’s guesses are not even planets. Gia just leaves. Rosie does a talking head to explain that Gia is doing college level work in the 6th grade. I just can’t. If you wonder why other countries think we are blithering idiots, it’s because, overall,  we are.

Kathy’s son Joseph gets an inappropriate lesson in sex education from Joe and Rich. Joe is telling Joseph he needs to get it in as much as he can.

Juicy and Rosie play pool. Juicy is practicing his Italian. Which is good. He will need it when he gets deported. Juicy says he lost his virginity at 12 to someone older. I wonder what his name was?

We also missed a couples yoga class in Arizona. Sadly, we are about to see it now. I predict fart jokes in advance. I KNEW IT! Why is Rosie Chris’s partner and Jacqueline is sitting out? Oh, she was just over surgery I guess. The yoga ladies were appalled.

Jac goes to Amish land in search of camel milk for Nicolas. (HEAVY SIGH) she takes the Manzo kids and Rosie. I hope one of the camel’s spits on her. Camel’s are not friendly creatures. Noah the camel milk guy left some milk in a dirty utility bucket and they took it.  Then Jac finds a dead burnt camel.  A cat comes running toward them and they all pee themselves like little girls.

Caroline and Albert meet with a photog for a family portrait.

RHONJtrepeaceTeresa gave her first speech to the Nephcure people when she was honored for her work. Teresa says, ” I have a confession to make, this is my first speech so please bear with me. I’m not a doctor, but I found out some amazing things about the human body, the average man’s private part is three times the length of his thumb. And women’s attention spans are longer than men’s. For example, the women are all still listening to me now, but the men are all busy checking out their thumbs.”  Poor Tre was so scared and shakey. I really do think that she is serious about Matthew and Nephcure. She could have stopped when The Apprenticed ended like most of the celebrities do, but she didn’t.

More Rosie and Juicy. This time they are looking at porn together. How sweet. If Juicy wasn’t going to jail I bet Bravo would have considered a Joe and Rosie spinoff.

The Manzo boys go boxing. They were quickly too tired to continue.

Melissa Gorga shows up 40 minutes late to her performing bootcamp because she wanted to lie by the pool.  Joe did the Never Let Me Go routine with Melissa. They were about the same level of ability both singing and dancing.

Teresa has another scene with her kids and Kim D talking about a party Jen Dalton was throwing.  Not much of interest except that Tre was not wearing makeup and hair!

This party by Jen Dalton is a big deal. I can’t believe this scene was cut. This would be a great episode. Kim D gets drunk and starts going in on Jen about her event. Jen calls Kim D “grandma”.  Kim D says Jen gives her kids away so she can party. Jen says Kim D had a boyfriend for 20 years that would not marry her. Kim D says she is not desperate to be married like Jen is. pushing and shoving happens and then, Kim D gets tossed out. Teresa just stood there grinning the entire time.


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25 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Unseen Footage: No Mother Of The Year Awards Were Given

  1. Gingersnap

    What in the world was Jennifer Dalton wearing anyway? Jeeze, what is wrong with these women. It makes me think of Phaedra’s bathing suit cover up mesh thingy. Ridonkulous.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    Hi Tattlers.
    Urethra Franklin here and I like you the rest of you want TT’s blog to continue. There’s a donate button at the top of page cheekily named the happy pill fund. But really it’s for more than happy pills. It’s Tamara’s livelihood. She appreciates all of her readers (well most of them), so please show her some support & appreciation in return with a donation that you can handle. No amount is too small. Everything counts…How about something equal to the cost of one of those overpriced fancy tall lattes? Surely you can skip one for just one day?#SorryNotSorryStarbucks. All you regulars readers here know about Tamara’s periodic hard times. Plus she works hard to get the scoop. Just days ago she was the first to spill the tea on the Nene/Marlo bust up… xoxo UF

  3. ZenJen53

    Couldn’t of said it better UF. TT provides a service and a forum for us to comment. Its no dif than paying for an app r download. She works hard and deserves to get a fee for what she does. She has earned it. Personally, it wld be a loss to me if she no longer cld afford to blog. So donate and click those ads. Let’s show so love and appreciation.

    • oh lawd. that feels weird. Thanks for the compliments y’all!

      How the hell did I fail to mention Jen’s get up? It was like a silver spangled swimsuit with a see through long black thing on top. RIDICULOUS!

  4. ZenJen53

    LMAO over Juicy and Rosie having to wear their reading glasses to watch the porn! Just had to share…

  5. lori

    My favorite part by far was Teresa’s girls. Could watch them all day. And TT, Melania said someone accused her of hitting someone but she didn’t. Could be true because she’s usually one who seems to tell it like it is. I’m sure these kids all get at least a little picked on in school unfortunately.

    Joe’s math skills were embarrassing. I don’t understand how someone can be a successful builder without basic math skills. Isn’t there a lot of that involved in figuring out things like how much lumber and stuff is needed for example? Square footage? IDK Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Also, you know Teresa’s expressions and reactions to confrontation that everyone always says makes it obvious that she is guilty. I just want to point out that she had pretty much the same reactions to Kim and Jen’s fight, which had nothing to do with her.

    I liked this episode more than the whole season. So much more real.

    • Oh please. You must not have kids. And neither do I. but I have spent more time with kids than most parents. 8 hours a day for 280 days a year. Milania hid her report card because she thought the teacher annotated it with her behavior issues, She clearly clobbered some kid and was trying to cover her teeny ass before her mother found out.

      • lori

        Okay, maybe I was stretching there. Lol I knew I would get slack for it too! Just couldn’t help myself. I love that little Milania!

    • Also kids today are milking this “bullying” crap for all it’s worth.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Joe isn’t a successful builder, so the bad math skills make sense. I also believe, from watching three seasons of him on this show, that he cannot read or write either.

  6. Mya

    Anybody else catch when Teresa said she always wanted 3 kids and never imagined having 4. Except she received fertility treatments to conceive her 4th. Does she think if she pretends to not have had IVF then the lawsuit for unpaid IVF treatments will go away? Just like she plays dumb with the Federal charges thinking that will exonerate her thieving ass? Ugh

  7. eastjames

    The math question’s answer was eleventeen, the capitol of RI is Disneyland, Grand Canyon is a candy bar, the closest planet to the sun is the milky way (also a candy bar.) Can I be a housewife now, please!?

    • eg

      @eastjames I think if you hurry and send bravo your resume’, they would sign you up asap! I like your math, science and geography “skilz”! Lol. Of course, you’d be right behind Tre and JJ and Nene, Gretchen in the lineup because you know they are the top brainiacs in the franchise, but I think you could give ’em a run for their money! LOLOL

  8. Beverly

    I’m not saying it didn’t happen because I miss lots of episodes, but I can’t remember Tre and her fertility treatments. Is that true? I do remember that Jac went through fertility treatments. There are studies out there that say there is a higher degree of autism in children who have been conceived that way. Take that with a grain of salt too. Just one more study that will be debunked next week.

  9. JoJo

    For me, I was amazed that this ended up being the most enjoyable episode in ages of RHONJ. I literally laughed out loud at couple of scenes – Joe & Rosie’s inanity (reading glasses to watch online porn is just classic), the Camel trip, a non-HW girl fight while they’re dressed in Frederick’s of Hollywood……!

    • Bravocueen

      I soooo wish more of the show had included these light, quirky things. I deleted it without watching because I gave up on the season half-way through and figured this was more of the usual.

    • JoJo

      Saw re-run today, liked it even better. Should have left The Manzo family portrait part in the show. The boys ranting about it’s stupid and for old people, and no one does this in age of smart phone cameras; Albie saying something like it’s a metaphor for the whole family, ideas starting out w/ great intentions that end up going to shit; and Lauren really looked happy, smile and dimple. Liked her beauty trick she learned from some actress to stretch your neck, look up and look thin. Chris admitting he’ll never find a girlfriend if they saw this picture of him.
      And at the end, the 2 Manzo elders standing together unveiling the photo looking like Grant Wood’s 1929 Farmer and his Wife. Al did great job if he was acting in that scene! See, this is what I hope a spin-off will be like:)

  10. The RHONJ unseen footage was quite entertaining and I enjoyed it tremendously! IF you ask me, the entire season should have been filed under “unseen, never to see the light of day” footage it was so horribly contrived! Next season’s editors should really consider listening to what the viewers have to say and follow those instructions to the letter!
    Oh, and I too felt that the adorably sassy, Milania was being dishonest about being bullied..that kid kicks the crap out of her siblings and even her parents. There is no way she’d allow someone to bully her and not seek vengeance like she was taught to do.As a mother, I can tell you, children will look you in the eye and lie like rugs! Put a camera in their face, and it’s worse! LOL! Hel-loo!.. Learned behavior folks, learned behavior!

  11. LMV

    Teresa and Nephcare. Of course she is staying with it. This is exactly the kind of accolades that she craves. People telling her how good, and kind and wonderful she is. Giving her awards. It is exactly how she sees herself. With that being said, any work that benefits a charity is good work and she seems sincerely touched by the child.

  12. Amber

    I actually liked Jen’s outfit. Maybe not right for someone her age who is not a performer/entertainer, but I’d definitely rock it.

  13. shebysheray

    Melania explaining things, and Juicy and Rosie together, that’s a show I would watch!

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