Real Housewives of Miami Recap: It’s Nice Day For A White Wedding

RHOMadrianamargkidHere we go again watching  Real Housewives of Miami ! It’s my favorite franchise lately! It’s time for Adriana’s Wedding. This should be great. She’s a Bridezilla!

Alexia is at the beach looking stunning as usual. Sadly, she is there to talk to Lea. UGH. Really Alexia? Alexia is also wearing the wrong sunglasses. She should be wearing the white pair with the white outfit. It’s sad that I know so much about her sunglasses.  Oh Joanna and Lisa are there too! Alexia is fraternizing with the enemy camp! Stupid Lisa is the carrier pigeon this season. I love Alexia. She asks Lisa how she got involved.  Alexia is prettier when she doesn’t “dress up.”  Lea is vile either way.

Lea and Joanna get together at Lea’s house to have girl time since neither was invited. Lea’s top floor of her house is almost all closet! It’s huge.

Adriana’s wedding location is stunning. Her sister and her niece are there to represent her family. Marysol is hysterical. Both she and Alexia have decided to be bagel heads at the wedding,  Only Alexia’s stylist is not so stern with her bun. And neither is on the top of their heads like a bagel hat. Marysol says her bagel is so big it looks like an engorged testicle!  Who doesn’t love a good bagel head joke?

RHOM Adriana-hitting-her-head-on-Real-Housewives-Of-Miami-season-3-episode-2


Adriana seems to be procrastinating. I think she is seriously afraid of commitment. But come on. She’s already married.  Frederic can’t find his tux.  Adriana will not get dressed. The wedding was at 6 and by 7 she was still not ready. Adriana looks STUNNING in her wedding gown. I got choked up and I don’t even care for Adrianna that much.  Adriana tears her veil apart because she doesn’t like it. It seems like Adriana is paying for this wedding and not Bravo. No blatant commercials. I don’t even know who designed her gorgeous dress! The room at the Biltmore is possibly the only thing that got comped.

Someone needed to be in charge of Frederic, his hair needs combing and is bowtie is awful and wampyjawed.  That said, it was the best Bravo wedding I have ever seen. It seemed very real and not like a production.

The reception is over two hours late already. It was a DINNER reception. People must be passing out. It’s after 10 and the guests have not eaten a bit since well before 6. People are leaving in droves.  It’s 10:45 and no food.  Lenny says he wants to leave he has been up since early morning and worked all day. Lisa doesn’t get it. Adriana finally arrives an hour and 55  minutes late to her reception.  Lenny leaves and Lisa is furious! Lisa manages to drag Lenny back in for “20 minutes” he’s exhausted and starving. Lisa doesn’t seem to get that marrying a doctor means attending a lot of functions on your own. Lenny doesn’t understand that Lisa is very young and insecure and she is embarrassed to be the one in the room without her man. Again, this argument doesn’t seem staged.

The sword guy there to open the champagne with a sword, can’t open champagne with a sword. Nonetheless,  Adriana had a fabulous time at her reception where they partied until the wee hours.


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17 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami Recap: It’s Nice Day For A White Wedding

  1. Urethra Franklin

    A few of the male guests at the wedding ceremony were not wearing all white. I noticed some dark suits & tuxedos. I’m sure Adriana tossed a few curse worse that required a lot of rolled r’s. Her sister looks just like her. Her wedding dress was gorgeous and ethereal but her reception dress was ummm well, tacky as hell. I still think Adriana was a very rude and inconsiderate host to make her guests roam around a parking lot and the hotel lobby looking for a place to change into a 2nd look; and then to make guests wait an additional 2 hours at the reception to eat. Hell they could have gone home, ate dinner, changed comfortably, and driven back to the reception to party likes its 1929.

  2. lori

    Couldn’t help but notice that her wedding ring was placed on her right hand. Is it because that is the way it is done in her country? I am baffled by this. Frederick had his placed on his left hand.

    Adriana’s sister is her clone, but with short hair. If I were there, I would have left early too. Her being an hour and half late for ceremony and two hours late for the reception, on top of making her guests change outfits is beyond selfish. It’s absolutely disgusting. I have never cared for her anyway though.

    I agree with you Tamara, Alexia looks so much prettier without all the makeup and stuff. I feel that way about quite a few of the housewives.

    I love how Lisa and Marisol went through this whole speech about not getting into what happened, and then they get into what happened. To think that any housewife from any franchise can ever make a whole day about someone else is just a silly idea anyway.

  3. ZenJen53

    When they used Mama Elsa’s mantilla during the ceremony,I was touched. Marysol has a lot of airtime to be a ‘friend’ which I don’t mind. No wonder Andy made fun of Lea’s turban on WWHL. She looks lik she has wet hair twisted up in a towel like we do when we get out of the shower! But u gotta give the girl credit, she has some nice jewels n let’s not forget the Birkens Bags!!!

    • Urethra Franklin

      ….and she toted a blue Hermes to the beach!

    • I actually LOVE the turbans on Lea. I SOOOO Want to like her but dammit she just makes it impossible. I would probably be her friend if I lived the life in Miami, but without that cloak of friendship, I just can’t begin to make excuses for her. She incredibly underhanded.

      • I can’t get with lea either she’s the type to throw a rock and hide her hand with a smile on her face

      • exactly! What sucks about Lea is that if she would just stop being shady and gravitating toward assholes she would be thoroughly likeable. She has good parts, she is attractive, rich and has FABULOUS jewelry. I would love her if we could just give her soul a good scrubbing.

      • love2hatebravo

        Her scummy pals are often ex-clients of her her husband, right? So their money subsidizes the Birken collection…Which I can understand to a degree because even murderers have the right to counsel, but brainwashing their kid into believing that the criminals are actually innocent?? There is a big difference between innocent and not guilty in a court of law. I don’t get the mentality of that, nor of pal-ing around at Bravo functions with people like joe Francis. I think Joanna is very naive or maybe actually crazy-like-a-fox to be up Les’s butt.

  4. ZenJen53

    One last thought,while I agree with Tamara that that this wasn’t a Bravo bought/produced wedding and it was indeed beautiful, that sd it isn’t my fav. My fav is from the same franchise. It is Marysol’s ceremony in the snow on the mountain top! That white fur coat she wore was nothing short of elegance. Quick trivia that’s Adriana singing RHOM theme song.

  5. Shirley

    I agree love RHOM! The wedding was beautiful. The waiting was awful! Adrianna looked gorgeous, flawless! The mantilla was a very sentimental part of the ceremony, it gave it a real touch you could feel the love! I agree with TT this was a real wedding touching. The bridesmaids looked great, the reception table was amazing! Adrianna was very happy! I did hate Frederic hair, it was going sideways lmfao lol he needed a hair wash and a blowout!!

  6. JoJo

    I like RHOM in general, lots of fabulosity. Might have enjoyed wedding more if I liked Adriana more, like I have prior seasons. Her dress was either gorgeous, or she looked and definitely acted like a prima donna from The Black Swan – a pale bronze swan (or duck). She regarded her ‘guests’ horribly between the waiting and the changing.
    And, I guess this was filmed out of order? Hadn’t she and Fredrik made up w/ Joanna and Romain in a prior episode? I guess she won’t be at Joanna’s wedding either then. I missed them this episode, I like looking at Romain:)

    • pfffttt

      She went to Vegas for JoAnna’s bachelorette party. There were photos of them together.

      • JoJo

        Are they friends then again? I know after filming on WWHL Joanna apologized for something she said about her. Maybe Jo was invited to Adriana’s wedding too and it just didn’t make a good story?

  7. SB

    I loved her wedding dress, but making your guests change, and then making them wait 2+ hours for dinner is ridiculous! I thought Lenny was being a bit of an ass, I mean if you’ve been there that long what’s another hour or so. You just don’t leave your wife at your friends’ wedding because you’re tired….

  8. lori

    On a complete sidenote, James/Elaine was on drunken monkey tonight.

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