Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Pt 2: Alls Well That Ends.

IRHONJbagelheadt’s Round Two at The Venetian. For some reason I thought we already did this. Right off the bat it is all giggles  and  a humorous name calling reel.

Oh Lord, someone asks Teresa about the meaning of a sociopath and she says she was unaware they were in school today.

Someone is pissed that Caroline laughed when her boys talked about fat girls being blow jobs queens.  Well, we are! Is that a bad thing? Jesus, lighten up Francis.  I’m sure there is a point to sleeping with botoxed anorexics as well, though nothing is coming to me at the moment.

rhonjtrejoebathJuicy claims that he has never used the word cunt before that one time it was caught on camera. You should see Caroline’s face.  I am eating for the first time all day while this is on, so I keep pausing the DVR to take a bite. Every time it is frozen on Teresa, she looks sad, and medicated and she is looking down.  Teresa claims that Joe never called her a cunt. I dunno why we are rehashing last season.

Juicy is very chatty. He is jumping in to defend Teresa over the slightest thing.

Caroline is asked about her father-in-law and she shares some childhood stories of snow shoveling punishments.  Then Andy asks about Albert’s fathers death. He asks her twice. Caroline says she does not want to know.  She launches into the story about the day they found his father (rumor has it in a car trunk, dead)  the police came to the door at 4 am and told them. It was her birthday. Albert went out and picked up her birthday present and brought it back to her and said he was sorry her birthday was ruined.  Caroline says, Andy, I don’t want to go back there. And whoever doesn’t get it can go fuck themselves.  Andy, says “I get it now.”  Point Caroline Manzo.  That was a very tacky road for Andy to go down in the first damn place.

Time to talk jail time ! Joe says he has his driver’s license back and that is why he is driving.  A viewer asks Teresa if she believes her current legal problems are karma.  Tre says no, she doesn’t believe in karma. She’s catholic and the reason why she said karma in Arizona is because there was karma all over the place. It was on sweatshirts and everything!  It’s like a thing in Arizona! So that is why she said karma to Jac. Rosie doesn’t know what karma is. I doubt Tre does either. Andy says he thinks Teresa has said karma on the show before.  Teresa says that people on twitter are always telling her that this is her karma. She doesn’t know why this “came to them.”  She says there are things in life that  you have no control over ( like being charged with 39 counts of fraud in a federal indictment, or you know, getting run over by a bus) that you just learn from it.  Andy points out that some would argue that you do have control over it. Tre stutters and says it is in God’s hands.

RHONJcarolinegifCaroline is asked about a comment she made that Juicy would be happy living in a cardboard box but Teresa is the one who wants an opulent life. Does Caroline think Teresa is the cause of their legal situation?  Caroline says he is a man trying to do what a man does and make his wife happy.  As for the charges, I don’t know much about them and it is not my place to cast blame.

Joe Gorga says when he heard the news he got depressed. Again I have the picture frozen on Tre and she is looking down and away from Joe as he talks. This woman is very close to the edge.  Joe says it’s too hard for him to talk about.

This whole conversation about the legal issues is getting uncomfortable and sad. Teresa keeps saying she really doesn’t know why this is happening to them. I’m starting to believe that she really doesn’t know. Juicy says he can’t allow himself to go there. He has to stay positive for his family. He just wants it to be over.  Pretty much everyone is crying except Teresa and Juicy.

Once again, Andy says that Caroline experience with this because Albert’s best friend, the police commissioner went to jail. Andy had to dig all the way back to season one for that jab.  Caroline says you will soon find out who your real friends are. And she also said, “if things go the way everyone says they are going to go…”  So clearly everyone knows they are going to the big house.

If you could have done one thing different on any season, what would it be? Jac says she would have been quieter on the last reunion.  Caroline says she would have been sick all of season four.  Melissa says is stumped. Kathy says she would have tried to reach out to Teresa more before she joined the show to let her know she was not out to get her. Teresa says that with Jac  she …stutters… basically she said she wishes she would have been there for Jac more.  Melissa finally comes up with filming more with Teresa and the kids.

Andy asks if anyone has any final words and Teresa says she felt like everyone attacked her all season and Caroline hurt her feelings when she called her superficial ( clearly if she knew that word, she would know she is the poster child for superficial, she’s truly clueless).

Caroline is pissed. Crap my stupid DVR cut off Caroline’s last words. It is clear to me that she is about to say she is not coming back. I just want to see if she said it!  She says she cannot deal with Teresa anymore. She’s 52 years old and wants to enjoy her life.  What did I miss?


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47 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Pt 2: Alls Well That Ends.

  1. Because_racecar

    “Caroline’s done”

    Lmao….threaten me with a good time :)

  2. RealChicagoHousewife

    Anyone else notice how the camera didn’t bother to cut to Kathy most of the time when she spoke? She was just this disembodied voice from the sidelines.

  3. Beverly

    There is no way I will ever watch RHNJ next season and I won’t watch Caroline’s show either. She’s a waste of space. Ugh

  4. pdt090

    Good fucking riddance to Caroline. Insufferably self righteous and hypocritical to the end. She never even had the decency to make up for it by being somewhat entertaining.

  5. Puravidacostarica

    Everything in the third paragraph — OMG I can’t stop laughing!!

  6. SB

    Thanks for the recap TT, I just do not have it in me to watch anymore of this until next season. Loving the comments about Caroline, I can’t stand that bitch either!


      • Kat

        I don’t understand why everyone dislikes her so much. I find her to be the voice of reason when dealing with the idiotic, disgusting people she’s on the show with. She’s by no means perfect and her kids are spoiled, entitled brats, but the way she doesn’t let Teresa or anyone else get away with lies and the rest of the bullshit is refreshing to me.

      • Kat

        No sure why people don’t like her…then again, most people can’t handle a woman who’s brutally honest.

      • Shellbelle

        Mine too… She seems the most sane outta the whole crazy bunch!

      • Ugh, you need a few more happy pills then. Caroline is a dickhead.

  7. Beverly

    No wonder Dina doesn’t talk to her. And who can blame Albert if he has another woman.

  8. ZenJen53

    Since Bravo will repeat the reunion endlessly, I skipped the episode tonite in favor of Amazing Race. Thanks for the recap, TT. I guess since I’ve always identify more towards Caroline, I feel the same sentiment “I’m done”.

  9. Brillke

    Man, there’s a lot of Caroline hate going around. I happen to adore Caroline. Different strokes, different folks.

    • How old are you? Just curious because Caroline looks great for 52 especially for someone that has not had shitloads of plastic surgery and injections. Caroline looks fantastic for an actual housewife that is aging gracefully.

      • Sorry the above comment was meant for Angela.

      • Brillke

        Haha, thanks for clarifying. I was like, did I inadvertently insult/piss off someone again?

      • Susan

        Hi TT Caroline looks OK for 52 but could look a bunch better. Cut that damn hair, she looked much better with short hair, and she absolutely gained her weight back. That happens though I gain and loose a lot too, but I am 14 years older than Caroline and look a whole lot better, or so I am told. Keep yourself fit, eat right and stay away from the melodrama. I did like Caroline but then she became this person that knew everything about anything, and her words were supposed to be absolute. Well NOT, just cause Caroline said it does not make it so. Who died and left her in charge anyway. I think that radio show went straight to her head. If she would get off of her high horse and be just Caroline again it would be great. She does make sense much of the time but do you have to be so haughty about it. Then she gos off the deep end to let you absolutely know she is right. Oh well enough, I wish her and her family well, but I will not be watching if her new show gets picked up. I will not be watching RHOA either. By the way 52 is not old. Nor is 66, just wait till you get there and you will find out what I mean.
        Have a great day TT I always enjoy your blog.

  10. Angela

    I did not realize that caroline was only 52 she looks much older. Her family is really aging her. Hopefully she can learn to relax.

    • Joan

      Something to remember, she is red haired, light colored skin. Those two combinations tend to make them age more quickly than dark hair/dark skin. So I agree she is showing her age – but heck, why not? She has a great life – with both & good experiences.

      • Kisha

        I’m glad she’s growing older gracefully. Everyone (ahem, Jacqueline) are botoxing, getting implants, add this, subtracting that, etc. Nothing against cosmetic surgery or injections, but Caroline just seems happy to be 52 naturally.

  11. TT she’s your fave but u show that horribly funny gif?!!! LOL
    seen that photo of teresa before but tonite for some reason her hair looks like the atomic bomb.

  12. Caroline has announced on her FB page that this was her last. Her honesty will be missed.

    Teresa is the 9th wonder of the world in my head. I would donate to the “happy pill fund” to know what goes inside her head when she’s backed into the corner with the truth.

    Love the blog…

  13. Gingersnap

    Teresa-ism of the night: (Joey) needs to get the facade out of his head. Poor child.

  14. I liked Caroline the best and I don’t understand the hate. Sure she over stepped boundaries at times but they all did. Caroline never lied, was supportive of her family, gave of herself when asked so someone explain the hate.
    Teresa is uneducated, clueless self absorbed, and lies about everything.
    I never understood why anyone wanted her for a friend.

  15. JoJo

    In the quietest RHONJ reuinion ever, I welcomed with glee the Ghosts of Wahkiles Past. The absence of slimy Richy – a relief. His other half might as well not showed. I think TWO comments or references were to or about Kathy. This has got to be Bravo’s exclamation point on their future on the show. That bland baker wasted airtime, vacillating between goody two shoes & sappy sweet kiss ass to whoop-ass bitchiness but behind everyone’s back, since she’s a coward and forgettable. Why she’s even a small part of next season is beyond me. I hate boring cowards.
    Second, I have to give Teresa’s PR Crisis manager major props; everything was thrown at her by everyone on that couch and she absolutely held herself together. Very impressive.
    I never, ever thought I’d end up changing my opinion this much. This season and reunion I found myself not disliking Joe, and sometimes feeling sorry for Teresa. I waited, but she’s the only one made to apologize. (And the venerable Dr. V. laser-focused on Teresa, but let’s Melissa & Joe slide? Putting aside Teresa’s extreme difficulty with the English language and living in a bubble of denial, she withstood Andy’s microscope while Andy ignored the garbage said by and discovered about Melissa and her brother. I can’t believe he didn’t ask Joe Gorga about the rumors he admitted ARE TRUE, so they must have come from Teresa!
    Caroline aptly stopped the conversation when directed to her, but in essence the rest of the cast were relatively unscathed.
    Teresa appeared genuinely sorry for her brother being hurt (no one not being truthful cries that ugly & I believe she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong by being present whenever Melissa was being destroyed – these sidekicks, including Penelope Cruz, who knew? needed Teresa to even get on film to say anything).
    Melissa doesn’t have shortcomings as obvious as Teresa, but now I think she’s much more sinister, devious, a lot better at lying – a conniving, street rat with insatiable fame desires who has little Joey under her thumb or whip..
    As long as everyone’s focused on Teresa & Juicy Joe’s massive legal issues, the rest of the cast avoided the spotlight taking them to task for their dirty laundry. None of them are clean, let alone squeeky, and this Melissa has a lot to hide. I don’t like her at all anymore.
    Hope they beat this damn sibling horse to death this season & next is a little bit of fresh air.

  16. Joan

    Well, it certainly was different this year. No shouting matches, no throwing of ‘things’ and certainly no one stalked off the set. Hopefully, Teresa’s legal problems will be met – the family will ban together and if the children need to be taken care of I vote for the Gorgas!

  17. Kat

    Teresa needs to know that she is nothing more than an circus freak to her fans. Her entertainment comes from her lack of intelligence, grammar &her superficial (yeah I said it and what!) way of life. That all came crashing down with this indictment & she still says “I don’t understand” smh

  18. Mina

    I am over it. We need a new cast. They all had their day, when we loved and hated almost all of them. I would like to see a new bunch. What would next season be like? More of Melissa not being able to sing on cue, more of Fun Rosie yelling, more of Jac crying and tweeting, more of Kath making cannolis, Tre and Joe -well who knows? Stop already

  19. loriflack

    LOL ~ Trader Joe’s Shopping High ~ :)

  20. RHONJ needs to be put to bed………forever.

    Where’s RHONY?? It’s my fav.

  21. finally saw it.

    sad to see that teresa cares more about her relationship with jacqueline than anyone else there. when asked twice to sum things up jacqueline is the only one she seems to cherish. so much for family being everything. i know you pick your friends and you don’t pick your family, but still that was harsh.

    might be missing a word and switching two sentences but this is what caroline said at the end: “as teresa likes to say, i’m old. i’m 52 years old, i’ve had enough, i’m stepping out.”

    i’m 54 years old and i think caroline looks 10 years older than i do. so yeah the hag thing might apply if someone much younger was looking at her. she looks toothless in that gif (snort–lol).

    • wow, you are really immature for 54!

    • I think Caroline looks like a typical 52-year-old woman. I’m 50, also red hair and very light skin, and I don’t think she looks old at all for her age. Sure, she carries a little extra weight, and that’s a challenge for many post-menopausal women due to hormone changes (luckily one I’ve avoided, thanks to good genes), but she seems healthy and happy, and that’s all that really matters.

      To me, she wears her age with pride, since she isn’t undergoing procedures in a desperately attempt to hold onto her youth, so kudos to her. I’ve gotten my first grey hairs recently (though they’re more bright silver than grey), and I wear them with pride. I have no intention of ever covering them up, because the way I view it, I earned every single one of them.

      And I say all that as someone who thinks the Real Housewives shows are completely fake, so I don’t like Caroline any more or any less than I like any other cast member. To me, choosing sides on the Real Housewives would be like choosing sides on American Horror Story. Since it’s not real anyway, why not just sit back and be entertained?

      Of course, maybe the folks who think she looks like a hag would think I look like a hag too. If so, that’s fine, and I’d just laugh uproariously about it even if they said it to my face (which I seriously doubt anyone would actually have the guts to do, since the anonymity of the internet tends to give people courage and a mean-spiritedness which they don’t actually possess in real life). Truth is, I have no reason to care what others think, especially about something as superficial as physical appearance. I just wish I’d figured that out 30 years ago, as it would have saved me a lot of grief in worrying about my appearance when I was younger, LOL. :-)

  22. I have to say that I was pretty harsh on Teresa when she was spending money like there was no tomorrow in the first two seasons. You could see Joe was extremely troubled by it and trying to get her to stop spending…but she just didn’t get it. I think she (like they all do) got lulled in to “putting on the lifestyle” for the show, and now it has come back to haunt them.

    However, after watching her bust her rear on Celebrity Apprentice and getting in to everything she possibly could do to bring in money, I honestly believe she got the message loud and clear and are trying to get things taken care of – and they are both just scared to death about what could be happening to them and, more importantly, their children.

    While I like Carolyn (except for Season 4), she could definitely cut Teresa and Joe some slack in view of everything they’re dealing with.

    Regarding Melissa and Joe – there are no words. Er – well, massive suck-ups comes to mind – to any and everyone who can give them more fame. Someone earlier brought up that when asking what the cast members regretted this season – after thinking about it Melissa said that she would’ve had the kids film together more with Teresa and Joe’s kids. C’mon Melissa, the only reason you’re saying that is in hopes that there’ll be a slot open to you for next year after the cash shake up.

  23. Shellbelle

    I think Tre and Juicy Joe were both medicated… Or in complete denial, which I think is a possibility also.
    I will miss Caroline, she takes no bullshit and she owns up to her own faults and bullshit as well. I think she looks DAMN good and well, as was pointed out earlier- she hasn’t had all the facelifts and surgeries as some of the others who are much younger. I think that when you get older ( I’m a bit younger than she but old enough) you accept your body for what it is, wrinkle and all. Hell, I’m not a skinny or smooth as I was 10 years ago and I’m ok with it. My wrinkles and stretch marks are a testament to my life.

  24. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I can’t believe you left out the part where Joe Gorga says he doesn’t want the fame adn goes to work everyday. I think I peed myself a little laughting at that.

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