WWHL Has a Live Wedding!


First, Andy gives the bride a FIAT! I love Fiat, there used to be a lot of old ones in Libya when I was growing up there. Lisa Vanderpump won as the bridesmaid and she is there with Giggy. The couple getting married are Bravo superfans, Christy and Matt.  It looks like they live in a really nice place in New Jersey! They seem very young and Matt is VERY tall, maybe 6’9″ or so.  They are not that young, they have been together 8 years.

So the bride walks the two steps to the altar and sees Lisa Vanderpump for the first time and says “I love you!” to her.  LOL  Lisa suggests she save that sentiment for the groom.

Andy’s vows are hilarious.  “Matt do you take this woman to be your real housewife, to keep her love tank full, to have her back if anyone ever throws shade at her, for better or worse, if you are very rich or not very rich, in sickness and in health?”

“Christy, do you take this man as your real house husband and agree to all the stuff I asked Matt for?”

Then they did their own proclamations of love.  In the ring exchange they said, ” I give you this ring as a token of my affection and because life isn’t always diamonds and rose but it should be.”

Sonja showed up for bouquet tossing ceremony.  And the wedding singer was……

Thankfully Jenni Pulos!!! ( the other choices were Kenya or the Countess).

All in all, if you are really young and on a budget, it is not bad way to get married on a budget!  Free wedding, Free Car, On Live TV, with everyone’s favorite misogynist!


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17 responses to “WWHL Has a Live Wedding!

  1. Katrina

    I thought it was a fun.wedding too!

  2. Katrina

    I also liked the people impersonating housewives Teresa G and Ramona S giving marriage advice

  3. JoJo

    I’m commenting on purpose without reading TT’s blog or any other comments, first time ever doing that just so I won’t be influenced by other opinions (I’ve found myself changing opinions because of what everyone has to say, since you all make sense, and of course TT’s opinion, gulp)!

    This WEDDING. WWHL. Worst. Ever, Ever. And I’m maybe never, ever, ever, getting back together!
    Andy WTF was he thinking, it stunk to high heaven, even with Lisa V., who I always enjoy. The least offensive chosen singer, Jenni, still stunk and Sonja, I just can’t – asking her of ALL people to add a few words of marriage bliss advice? please. I’ve never been more bored but more so amazed that WWHL/Bravo could suck that bad. The ONLY dim bulb (not meaning she’s dim) was that comedian imitating all the HWs – she’s pretty funny at HW impressions. Now that dumbass Couch Potatoes R’ Us is on – and I’m so irritated I watched this crap. In fairness, maybe because I just watched “Scandal” then ended up with a 180 for the use of brain cells – might have influenced me (or a freakin’ sinus infection, or typing this so hard to begin with I locked my mouse pad & had to search for the plug in mouse!!!). I’m close to pulling a Kris Kardashian: My Cheating on Bravo is getting close to separation, maybe ending in divorce, but this is END OF RANT, Sorry:(

    • JoJo

      OMG, just read blog and comments – boy am I the odd one out on this one. I’m going to have to re-watch this. prob in morning and not after anything clouding my brain, like good TV:)) I obviously had a BAD night, maybe overreacted? LOL!

      • James

        I thought that wedding was CRAPTACULAR! I hated everything. .. the ceremony, the dress, the husband… EVERYTHING (except Giggy of course).

      • No, no you didn’t Jo Jo. It was ridiculous, it was just that it was not as bad as I expected. I was mostly saying it was a memorable wedding for free if you are young and broke. Like a wedding by fat Elvis in Vegas.

        I did not mean to imply it was good TV. I am just having a hard time breaking up with Andy. :)

      • JoJo

        I do feel better now that I’m not alone in wondering “Where in the World is Andy Cohen” or What in the Hell Happened to Bravo?”! The nobodies wedding special was so incredibly overly promoted I naively thought it couldn’t possibly be as bad as it ended up.
        And James, “Craptacular” describes it perfectly – should be a name of one of Bravo’s future shows but it fits so many of their staples. (Just loved Below Deck, and now I don’t trust those farts to bring it back.)
        Haven’t seen one episode of “New Atlanta” – I’m “Atlanta’d” out already – isn’t 8 or 10 enough?
        Geezus, bring back “Inside the Actors Studio” already – once a week and dump some of this crap already, beginning with “Couch Potatoes R’ Us” – pathetic. OTOH, it sure frees up time for some very good scripted relatively new and brand new TV….so there’s that:))
        Besides this bomb of an idea for a Mr & Mrs. Joe Blow wedding on WWHL I, too, have had my fill of ANY wedding, renew vows, remarriage – or any variation thereof; no books by illiterates, no songs, appearances by no-talented, auto-tuned, tone deaf fools, etc.
        Ok, I guess I just got carried away again and killed off any storyline probably acceptable for any HW series, other than family feuds and jail prospects…..ooops.
        With that rant out of my system, again, I don’t dislike Andy at all. Misogyny aside, on WWHL, he has had some fun and famous guests and is genuinely so excited and often pretty funny. At reunion time, seems he’s gotten a little ballsier but needs to be more equal opportunity on the flame/shade throwing – spread it around, they ALL deserve it.
        Guess I felt humiliated for him on this latest WWHL wedding crapfest, seems like they’re running out of ideas. Guess it was bound to happen -the reality TV apocalypse is coming since the Kardashian klan elders are “separated”- damn what’s the world coming to?

    • HAHA good for you JoJo!
      As I was reading the re-cap I was thinking to myself…ugh. Nothing about that wedding sounded like fun to me, and how ridiculous to have ANDY FREAKING COHEN perform your ceremony! Plus, Lisa Vanderpump has worn out her welcome for me-luckily for Andy, the bride felt differently. However, to be fair, I broke up with Andy and Bravo a couple of seasons ago, so…there’s that.
      And lastly, don’t be afraid to disagree here! We all love a good, fair fight :)

      • JoJo

        Cammierari, thanks mucho, and I’ve learned that (with all props to TT for swatting away those who abuse and prohibiting name callers!)

    • eastjames

      You’re right on Jo! I miss shows like 9 by design, that work out show with Jackie Werner, and I can’t get enough of Roble or Top Chef. Oh ya and I love Jeff Lewis! I wish Bravo would get a 2nd channel and just show old reruns!

      • JoJo

        eastjames: yes, yes, and yes to all you mentioned, I liked those and watched. I even got into the art competition. Top Chef, if I remember correctly, was the mother ship after they lost Project Runway? I’m afraid somehow they’ll screw it up w/ too many variations (i.e., the sous chefs, online etc.).
        And, I’m pretty sure James Lipton’s not an invalid, & there’s enough actors in this world to have a weekly “Inside the Actor’s Studio” other than a showing twice a year or whenever they do that!
        And, I’ll break down and register and comment on the Bravo blog if they dispatch “Below Deck”!!! Oh yes I will (although I’ve read the Bravo machine monitors too closely to let negative comments they don’t agree with on site;)

  4. ZenJen53

    I missed the wedding so thanks TT for the recap! Those vows was so housewivey. LOL if any of u guys haven’t seen Amy Phillips’ impersonations of the HW, they r priceless

  5. jenni pulos? ugh boy am i glad i skipped this one. wouldnt mind her design eye on this one but that woman needs to stop thinking she can sing/rap. vomit city.

  6. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting sick of all the weddings? Granted, the WWHL one was short and sweet – not having to be tortured for several weeks with all the “planning.”

    I do have to say that Nene’s show is a bit different in that it’s kinda a cross between RHOA and Top Chef…I mean she did say in the first episode (and each one since) that one bridesmaid is going to get the ax before the wedding.

    But really, is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of these endless weddings and re-commitment ceremonies?

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