Scandal! Huck, Eli, and Jake Are All Scandalous!


Oh no, they are starting with a flashback to how Olivia met Huck! Huck has not been holding up very well through all the drama lately. I hope things don’t end  badly for him. After that Farewell to Finn episode of Glee, I really couldn’t take losing Huck tonight.

Oh we are apparently, still flashing back to Olivia and her father five years ago. He agreed to pay off her law school loans if she would agree to dinner every Sunday. Olivia is upset that he sent her to boarding school after her mother died.  She brought Huck a doggie bag every Sunday to the subway station where he lives.  Huck killed some guy who tried to rob her in the subway station.

Back in the present day Fitz calls Olivia and they have one of their “if only” phone calls. Olivia’s dad, wants the president to confess to the affair. Meanwhile, his daughter is going after the White House. Quite the father-daughter relationship, no?



I had forgotten that Huck worked for B613 the same agency that Olivia’s father is in charge of. Olivia has no idea her dad is in charge of the whole thing and thinks he works for the Smithsonian.   Her dad shows up to her office and she is with Huck. They give no outward indication they know each other. Meanwhile, Millie is doing a bang up job at setting up the poor young intern for having an affair with her husband.  Her father is there to blackmail to stop helping the intern or he will be sure she never sees Jake Ballard again. OOOOH dirty pool dad.  She asks how she knows he isn’t already dead and he tells her to ask Huck. Huck tells her without knowing why she is asking about the hole. Olivia calls Fitz and begs him to find out if Jake is alive. He goes to Cyrus, who we know will go straight to Olivia’s father.

Lots of flashing back and forth in this episode. It shows how Olivia found out her father was part of B613. It was when Huck went missing. Her father is a grade A asshole. When she found out, she cut off all contact.  Until she brought her fiancé the senator for Sunday dinner. He Dad sent her Huck back.

Olivia is going to the medical examiners every time a six foot tall white man is brought in looking for Jake. On one of the morgue runs, Millie calls the intern. The intern goes out to the car to talk to her and is back in her place on Olivia’s couch when Olivia gets back.

So Millie got to the intern and offered her $2million in an offshore account to admit to the affair. Olivia tries to convince her not to do it even though it could cost Jake his life. Olivia offers her dad Sunday dinners for Jake. He takes that under advisement.  She calls Fitz to beg him to save Jake. He says it is out of his control. She suggests he be the fucking POTUS. He calls an immediate press conference that preempts the other press conference. Fitz tells Cyrus to have Jake released or he will tell the world that Olivia is his mistress and run away with her.  Did anyone follow that?

Meanwhile in the flashback, Huck was returned to subway station. But her father took it out on her fiancé by having him end up in “an accident” that broke quite a few limbs.

Fitz went on the air and told everyone he fucked the intern so his mistress could get her boyfriend back.

Huck’s female sidekick who is getting all sociopathic did some digging and told Huck enough to for him know Olivia’s Dad is in charge of B316.  Huck went a bit nuts on Olivia and roughed her up a little. She told him it was true and he walked away. Hopefully to kill Olivia’s father.

Back in her apartment Olivia got a call from her father. She answered by saying she never wanted to talk to him again. He told her to go to her door. Jake was there half dead.  Her father says he will see her Sunday for dinner and he will choose the wine.

Next week the woman I called the intern for lack of a better name at the moment, has nine people in a white house office with a bomb strapped to her. Or it’s her mother. Y’all know I can’t remember faces. She looks like her but older maybe? It looks like she is going to blow everyone up unless Fitz admits who the real mistress is.  Also, there was a voice over at the end that said, “Jake is back, but is it good Jake or bad Jake?”







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10 responses to “Scandal! Huck, Eli, and Jake Are All Scandalous!

  1. Joan

    I thought it was odd to revisit Huck & Olivia’s background. In the previous season they did a good job of explaining his horrible past, and his being a street person when Olivia found him.

    • kinglady

      I liked that this was a little more in depth. It was revealing to see how Olivia handled seeing someone that she had gotten to know superficially go beserk! It was interesting how she learned her father was B316, but I call foul on that – if you have a secret underground job that’s not your job, you don’t use those pens…I wouldn’t think

  2. Mina

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! I didn’t think we needed to spend that much time on Liv and Huck either, although I guess we needed to know the whole tie in with the father and Edison and Huck. I wonder how Fitz feels about Liv asking him to get Jake back? As always, I still root for them, wrong as it may be. I wonder if he thinks she will nurse him to health and then they will be together? I wonder what Huck is going to do now, now that he knows Liv’s dad is Command? Will he leave? I pray not. He is my favorite. I can’t believe the twists and turns this show has. And the intern. Don’t even get me started. That was cray when Fitz went and said he DID have an affair with her. WOW. You know, if these players were in government today, the shutdown stalemate of stupidness and arrogance would be over. This is the best show ever. I love Hostages too. Anyone watching that one? Great review, TT, as always!

    • I wondered at first why they were showing the Huck flashbacks too. But this season we are finding out a lot more about Olivia’s past which has not been explained before. Her relationship with her father, Eli, was neatly tied in to Olivia and Huck’s subway encounters, Until this episode I did not think Olivia really knew what her father did. The back story is necessary for Olivia’s storyline and for Huck’s storyline. Anything with more Huck the loveable assassin works for me.

      I LOVE that we will be having Sunday dinners with Dad.

      I thought it was strange that Fitz would do all that to get Jake back to Olivia.

      Millie is the bomb this season!

  3. aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!! on my way outta town and cant watch til another nite. this is as confusing as heck! lol

    • I know! I’m sorry! I was blogging as it was happening and I was confused. :) The whole dueling press conferences thing was crazy! Finally the intern is going to address the press…we are hanging there waiting on which way she will tell the story…. Then Fitz breaks in with a presidential announcement with two possible scripts…which way will HE go??? Meanwhile the whole deals with Huck and Jake and Eli…. it was a wild roller coaster of confusing wonderfulness.

      • it is a really cool show, and i’d never have known about it if it werent for you. guess i can wait a few more days to watch and get even more confused!

  4. Toi Bowie

    Is it me or do you get the impression that Cyrus does not yet know that Eli is Olivia’s father?

  5. Missy

    I am pretty sure the First Lady’s name is “Mellie”

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