Catfish: The Little Bow Wow Version


Okay, so I usually watch Catfish on Saturday. I have lots of weekend shows, like Teen Mom 3 and Hotel Impossible and a whole gaggle of Anthony Bourdain shows. But sometimes, when a new Catfish comes on it manages to blow up Twitter and I HAVE to go watch it or be spoiled.  The best part of the show is when the person ends up meeting the catfish and seeing who they are. Even though they are almost never the person they claim to be, the reveal is always exciting.  Sometimes it’s  person of another gender than they represented. Sometimes everything is true. Sometimes everything is true but their picture.  Usually when I blog an episode, y’all being the Ruiny MacRuinersons that you are point out the show is fake.

Moving on. Tonight some chick named Keyonnah was convinced she was hooking up online with Bow Wow.  Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking.  Everyone was thinking it. Except in this case, the CATFISH was sending money to the Keyonnah! She received almost $10,000 in five months. And they met on Bow Wow’s Facebook page! So was it really him?


This is Dee aka Jacob Latimore

Don’t be stupid, stupid! Of course Bow Wow is not send 10K to random chicks on the Internet who literally work at McDonalds. It never matters if it is really the person or not. The exciting part is finding out who it is and if the person who was catfished will overlook it and continue to have a relationship with the catfish! So who was it?

Okay, here is what happened during the reveal. A little kid walked out! A little boy who might be all of 15! So I am thinking someone is on their mama’s computer, stealing money and sending it to hot chicks on the Internet.

BUT WAIT!  Keyonnah is all like. “I am not into girls!”  WTF? What you should not be into is children! But sure enough the catfish says she is a 23 year old chick who lures in straight girls and has a lambskin dildo that can fool the best of them.  She says she is a rapper named Dee Pimpin and makes her living in the entertainment industry. I am squinting at this little boy whose voice has not yet changed thinking my gaydar must have gone the way of my sanity.

But no. She’s a girl. She finally admits that people gave her the money to help support her career and she sent it to Keyonnah because she had such a connection with her and she hopes that she will get past this and be down with her skills with a lambskin dildo. Lambskin dildo? I been in more sex shops than the average bear and I can’t recall ever hearing of such a thing. And that looks like a little boy to me. A very pretty little boy with big ass diamond earrings that look real to me. Something just ain’t right.

Here is Jacob, Bow Wow and Young Marqus on 106&Park

Here is Jacob, Bow Wow and Young Marqus on 106&Park

But it ends with Keyonnah saying she is taking a break from dating. That she doesn’t respond to Dee’s texts and that’s the end.

Or is it?

I do some snooping around the Internet and find out that Dee Pimpin is really Jacob Latimore who at the age of barely 17 is an up and coming R&B Artist. He has been on 106&Park, a show on BET hosted by Bow Wow several times.


And to make things more interesting, Bow Wow put up a quick video on BET tonight acting like he had no affiliation to Dee… er,… Jacob at all despite a lot of photo evidence online to the contrary. So Bow Wow’s video saying he wanted to meet both of the participants in tonight’s show…was hogwash.

So THIS TIME, I got to beat y’all to the punch on being the Ruiny McRuinerson. It was still a fun hour of TV though. I just want to know if Nev and Max know the people are setting them up. Please say no.

I hear y’all screaming, “Don’t be stupid, stupid!” at me.  I hear ya.


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28 responses to “Catfish: The Little Bow Wow Version

  1. Chris G

    Ok. They may resemble each other but they were indeed two different people. Didn’t Dee pimpin have multiple tattoos and was slightly darker than
    Jacob Latimore. Do a side by side picture, they are not the same person.

  2. I love love love catfish real or fake the best part of this episode was the lamb skin dildo comment if people do fall for that what do she do about her/his tits

  3. Belinda

    I swear I don’t live right. I have a big booty, I am pretty literate, I can shoot the shit with the best of them, I’ll even work with a lambskin dildo……but, ain’t no little girls or boys sending me money. I wanna be catfished !

  4. brittsims10

    So wait. Some folks found Dee’s twitter page and there was a girl that IG a picture of herself and this Dee person. I am so confused. Lol.

  5. I refuse to accept that neither of the Catfish guys are gay. HOW? HOW?

    • Dede

      I don’t care if they are gay. Max is still adorable & I would trade my dinner for a hug from him. A loooong hug, but a hug just the same. :)~

    • No self respecting gay man would A. Walk around with that much body hair or B. resist tinting that gorgeous head of grey

      • Kisha

        Neve has a girlfriend. She’s a singer who’s music has been on the show. She’s kinda cute.

        But yeah, Max and Neve would look adorable together.

  6. JazzNikolw

    They are not the same person. Why would Jacob Latimore (who by the way is pretty popular with teen girls), pretend to be a lesbian woman? What in the world would he get out of that? When Dee walked out the door I knew she was a “she”. I’m not saying that Catfish is not fake. But this theory is waaaaay off base. Please try again.

  7. SharoRose13

    Jacob Latimore is a knows singer amongst teens, he is a boy, though people that know Jacob are saying, Dee should have pretended he was Jacob.

  8. michelle

    Not the same person. Similar look but not the same person.

  9. Urethra Franklin

    I haven’t watched this episode yet, but I will later because I just loves me some Max & Nev. Max is just the finest.

    But I am getting annoyed that this show is going the “scripted” route. Max & Nev are very creative, sensitive, sweet guys that have a talented background in documentary work. I don’t know if the producers are setting them up unknowingly on these “scripted” catfish hunts or not. But if Max & Nev are actively in on “the script” then I will be disappointed in them.

    • ITA. I was dubious about the documentary’s authenticity – I think it was staged to make a statement about the Internet – but there was an episode with a crazy guy who said he was homeless and catfished a guy in a relationship to punish cheaters? Well he came across kinda actor-ish to me. Reminds me of when the old daytime talk shows started featuring people who pretended to fight for a night in a hotel and dental work.

      • It’s worth considering that it’s not the SHOW that is intentionally being scripted, but opportunists who are trying to use the show to get their PR/fame. There would be nothing stopping people from pretending to be in an online-only relationship and submitting their story to Max an Nev, in hopes of being picked and being featured in an episode. Perhaps if Max and Nev found out it was fake, they’d put a stop to it… but if they, too, are fooled… then what? It wouldn’t mean the show is scripted, just easily manipulated by others.

    • lori

      Read the link I sent to Tamara a while back using the link in her recap. I indeed am probably the biggest Ruiny MacRuinerson (lmao) regarding this show, which I believe every episode to be at least 50, if not 100% fake. I knew without a doubt that something was really fishy after the Kari Ann Peniche episode. While you’re at it you can do a search regarding the movie being fake as well. That really bummed me out years ago when it came to my attention, because I really did love and believe that movie, but I don’t anymore. I guess it depends what you choose to believe, but I, for one, hate having my intelligence toyed with. If you do decide to read it, let me know what you think.

  10. SnookumsLynn

    this one was kind of hilarious, but i was more worried about Nev and Max being so nosy, why were they so worried about how she got her money, she didnt’ ask for it back, homeskillet (the catfishee) shoulda just went home happy she got some extra dough…cause after that little boy came out it was time to go….

  11. Katrina

    They really look a lot alike.

  12. We watched this last night and minus the Jacob find after, had the same reaction. A she?! Didn’t see that when he/she walked out the door!

    The fact that the Bow Wow page they met on was deleted shortly after them meeting was a huge sign. The real Bow Wow page would have stayed up regardless of who “he” was talking to.

    I’m not jumping on the “this show is fake” bandwagon. I love this show!! Yes some things are prearranged like the time that Nev/Max will video chat with the episode’s “victim” for the first time but I’d like to believe other than that all is good.

  13. Kisha

    I’ve never heard of a lambskin dildo (just condoms), but they do have ones called “Real Skin”. And if you’re not looking at it, you would never know the difference.


  14. otherpeoplesproblems

    You should blog Teen Mom 3, it’s getting good!!! And I don’t have a TV anymore, so the MTV family of shows I can still keep up with online.

    The thing that bugged me is Neve and Max play into the possibility that it might be Bow Wow. Neve gets all giddy and tries to convince us it just might be. But we know there’s no way it is. They did the same thing with the Peniche episode. The dildo was a hilarious twist however, and this episode was enjoyable to watch.

    • It’s part of the story-telling. If they just said, “There’s no way. It just isn’t Bow Wow. We will spend the rest of the episode proving this.” then it wouldn’t be a terribly exciting episode. They need some mini cliffhangers to lead into commercial breaks to tell an interesting story.

  15. lmfao

    My God you’re a dumb bitch. They are not the same person. This post is fucking hilarious.

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