What Is Cynthia Bailey’s Health Condition?


Cynthia Bailey was on HLN today discussing a new campaign targeting young girls in NYC showing all different kinds of beauty. Cynthia mentions a new health program she has created to teach young women to make healthy choices, eat properly and maintain their proper weight. I believe I must have misheard or she may have stretched the truth about creating a program. She is currently on the  www.Genovive.com  food program. It is a WEIGHT LOSS program that concentrates on natural foods send to your house that allegedly match your DNA profile.

phaedracynAs you may have noticed in the Real Housewives of Atlanta Pictures post, I am stuck in some sort of a whackadoodle mindset these days. Suddenly, I MUST KNOW what is wrong with Cynthia.  Back in the summer, the rumor was uterine fibroids.  This is a pretty common problem in women. Yet, whatever Cynthia is going to share with us on the upcoming season is something she says she knew nothing about. She is going to be “raising awareness” (frankly I am sick of that term that is so ubiquitous lately).

On HLN today she mentioned that she discovered that the poor choices she made healthwise in her youth are taking their toll on her now. Clearly, as a model, she had to keep her weight pretty low. The program she is on has no medical claims other than weight loss. Maybe Cynthia is a mere mortal who is going through perimenopause like the rest of us?

She appeared to be drinking a glass of wine in the RHOA pictures.  I need for RHOA to start or for Cynthia to spill some tea before I REALLY start over thinking this.  What’s your guess?


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25 responses to “What Is Cynthia Bailey’s Health Condition?

  1. steve

    osteoporosis. She never thought that poor nutrition could weaken her bones or make them brittle. Had to say something TT.

  2. Buck Henry

    It would be great to eat healthy but eating healthy costs money and if your low income and/or on food stamps you get food that is cheap and filling thats it. Also I wonder her food program that matches her DNA what does that cost? I bet it isn’t 20 bucks a month and if she gets it for free to promote how much would it cost for anyone to do the same thing?

    • The program is hella expensive. And the DNA dog and pony show is…… let’s say, unsubstantiated. You actually CAN eat healthy on the cheap. It’s hard but doable. Eat things that are in season. And Whole Foods my be super expensive, but they have a really affordable area. Their bags of frozen organic veggies are not as much as the chemically ones at other stores. You just have to not look at too much other stuff there. Buy your produce at Trader Joes. Buy publix greenwise everything…canned beans, ice cream, whole chickens. The reason eating healthy is hard is more because you have to eat fresh, and cook. If you throw out your microwave it helps a lot.

      Stephen, how would osteoporosis make her gain weight in a rather sudden unexpected way?

      • LaraM

        I agree with @BuckHenry. When I was a single mom, and then laid off, we eent from eating almost Organic to Dollar Food Store for Stauffers.

        I also agree with @TT, I would never send away my DNA to anyone via mail. Lmao.

        She might be having GI symptoms and I agree, perimenopause. The osteoperosis is also a good guess. I know ballerinas and some gymnasts get that from low calorie diets as youth.

      • docwall

        Lara, I’m seeing a Lifetime movie out of this thing: “The DNA diet seriel killer” Unsuspecting women in pursuit of eternal youth submit DNA to a whackadoodle seriel killer, disguised as a diet company, whereby hundreds of people are poisoned by the foods sent to them but the DNA planted on the murder weapons is that of the wealthy and naive clients of the diet company. Oh nevermind!

    • Eating healthy,meaning fresh fruits and veggies, is expensive?

  3. Brillke

    Arthritis, maybe? Maybe the weight gain is due to inactivity due to flare-ups and/or steroid use?

  4. steve

    TT the pics didnt look like she had weight gain and you said take a guess. I made my guess that poor nutrition may lead to osteoporosis. And that may be what she is trying to bring awareness to. So many girls try to look like models and get disorders instead. With the dna specific program do they actually test your dna to customize your diet?

    • So they SAY, Steve, So they Say. :) It seems to definitely have something to do with nutrition. She originally addressed the rumors because she had a pregnant looking tummy region. Could be fibroids… osteoporosis too maybe? Hopefully it’s nothing very serious.

  5. misscologirl

    I wonder if she WAS pregnant and unfortunately lost the baby? The pics really made her look pregnant, not fat or with some other health problem. She had fullness in the face, a pregnant glow, and a pregnant roundness to her belly. Since when does fibroids make your face fuller?

    • Mahkaw

      What can cause a middle aged female to look pregnant with a fuller face you ask? a SOB called Perimenopause. Is when your body starts turning against you.
      Things you took for granted like a good functioning metabolism and healthy digestive system start going into slow motion and you develop ovarian cyst, fibroids, etc… because of hormone fluctuating. It F’ing sucks!!! But, on the bright side you are wiser…fatter but wiser…WOOO HOOO!

      • Preach it sister. I’m a beached whale over here. But I am a veritable fount of wisdom! Of course no one listens to fat perimenopausal women… lol.

      • docwall

        Mahkaw, it all leads to menopause as an answer. And that, Steve, along with starving yourself in order to be a size 2 for modeling, also leads to osteoporosis.
        My diagnosis is menopausal-induced psychoses. This is where you NEED a mission, you cannot model anymore for all of Mah’s reasons, you are stressed and have high cortisol levels, and estrogen and testosterone deficient (enter laying on the fat), and you JUST CAN’T BEAR to go through this without a little spotlight on your BS.
        As a medical professional, both human and our “better” counterparts (woof and meow), and someone pretty well-versed on nutrition, supplementation, and other healthy jargon, this “DNA-based” diet plan is a bunch of bullshit!! What a great way for her to put self in spot-light and gain income as a spokesperson. We freaking Americans just love a gimmick in the form of a MIRACLE!!***
        Lots of ways to eat healthy, agreed, TT. Like grow your own veggies and cook! (becoming a lost art in this country) And, oh yea, plan meals.
        I digress, diagnosis stands………….possible Attention Deficit Delirium…as in “I am still badass and can’t stand to be ordinary”. Give me ordinary any day!!

      • Lisa MH

        Noooo! This can’t be true :( I’m 48 and have been experiencing the symptoms of menopause; I won’t name them, to spare the men on here. I have gained some weight after averaging 125 my entire adult life. I want to stay there… *sniff*

        On a serious note, I’ve had fibroids and ovarian cysts. I was about 112lbs when I had a cyst the size if a grapefruit. You can’t see them or feel them. Same w/fibroid tumors. I worked with a woman who had a 14lb fibroid tumor, again, you couldn’t see it.

        The only thoughts that come to mind have to do with eating disorders. If you continually starve yourself, eventually what little you do eat, your body “hoards” or stores it. Think: starving children with big tummies. I imagine this could cause some sort if metabolic imbalance, but I don’t know that it causes a specific illness that would need awareness raised about it. (by the way, I love the word ubiquitous!)

        Last thing I can think of is bulimia, which, as far as I know, can cause esophagus and teeth problems; nothing that would swell you.

        I’m gonna do some snooping on the internet and see if I can find anything.

        PS Maybe she had a beer belly!

      • docwall

        Lisa, my ovaries just went “BLINK” around 43 and then i was out of the feminine hygiene budget list for life! Saves money but boggles the brain and body………………God i WISH for a 20 pound fibroid!!!!
        Of course, we gain wisdom and a better “take” on the world around us as hormones wane (aka lose patience with others’ BS)…….check out some Christiane Northrup (sp?) No, Steve, not bitchier, just “sick of it and not gonna take it anymore” LOL

      • Lisa MH

        @docwall “menopausal induced psychosis”… love it, not as a real thing, but as a Cynthia thing :^)

      • docwall

        Lisa, trust me “Menopause-induced psychoses” is a real entity…..i live about twice a month nowdays. Check out Kwashiorkor Syndrome-that is the starving kids thing………….also might look into roundworms as that’s what a heavy infestation looks like in pups and kittens…………..Hypoproteinemia……………alas, not her deal. I mean, the “DNA diet” is all about protein, after all………..and so, as i go to sleep, i leave you all to consider this: “The most complete form of amino acids that we have in nature is the EGG” (think i could do a diet based on that??—–TT, we could market it right here……just need a catchy name) Even market it for perimenopause like: the “I want my eggs back diet” ??

      • Are you having periods two times a month two? I am literally losing my goddamn mind. I don’t know what to do? Is this fucking normal? Why don’t our elder women WARN US? I am literally losing my shit. Once a month was hard enough but now I am blindsided ALL the goddamn time. Sometims ELEVEN DAYS in between! /sobs

        I swear to god I am about to get in a car and drive to your house.

        I am tweeting about living in a house that smells like old people ass and menthol cigarettes… on a twatter where I am UNCOMFORTABLY clear that I have shit going on and someone was like. “Why don’t you tidy up and wash the dog?” And I am like WHY DON’T I HUNT YOU DOWN AND GUT YOU INSTEAD? If one more person tells me to go for a walk or go do something fun….

      • docwall

        TT, EMBRACE the rage!! For real, I just woke up sometime in Jan of 2005ish and NO MORE PERIODS. Gone……….hello flashing (spontaneous internal combustion), sleeplessness, memory issues, weight gain, having to work 10 X as hard to gain muscle and lose fat. And oh yeah, alot less tolerance for other people’s BS.
        Christiane Northrup talks about how menopause removes a mask we have been wearing for all of our reproductive years that helps us to now see things clearly and say: “No, not me, no more”. Society will say we are bitchier, I say we are oh-so-tired of being “sweet llittle tolerant, put-upon angels”. We are sick of giving and getting sympathy, or directions on “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, need to” from the universe. Enough shaming, enough criticizing, we ARE like a fine wine……….with age we become better (and more full-bodied, LOL) This is our “me” time and we are entitled to feel what we feel……….

    • total guess? steroid use, such as needed if you have lupus. kidney trouble such as w diabetes could cause it, or could hypertension. lots of diabetes and hypertension in the black population.

  6. ZenJen53

    I agree with TT. I speak from exp, as a woman in full blown menopause. Cynthia has the symtoms plus her age make her prime for perimenopause. Plus it rarely has a platform since youth n looking young at all cost dominates our culture. Having a hot flash…

  7. steve

    thanks Doc. I looked in my ancient med books and couldnt find weight gain stuff..lots of weight loss diagnosis though. I didnt think that dna would show dietary needs. The new buzzword will help sales though.

    • Mahkaw

      Three Cheers to Docwall! Yes, Yes and Yes to everything you said, “it is our “me” time and we are entitled to what we feel” Amen.
      Raises hand , me too having period twice a month. Gyn suggested ( after having ultra sound &biopsy to rule out that nothing scary was going on) having uterine ablation..uhhh, no thanks prefer not have my uterus lining burnt away…Much rather have a martini.

  8. Dawn

    Tamera: you must have the uterine ablation ASAP– will change EVERYTHING for you–it saved me! Was dealing with ALL same issues you are- outpatient & easy…..
    Thinking maybe Cynthia has diabetes??

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