Sorry Bravo I’m Cheating On You Like Crazy!



If you are like me, and addicted to TV while trying to wean yourself from Bravo you might be eyeballing some other options with the rollout of the new fall season. I’ve been cheating on Bravo like a trophy wife whose elderly husband is being held hostage in Somalia.  So I thought I would give you a brief overview of just who I have been laying around with.

Michael J. Fox (The Michael J. Fox Show)

I grew up with Alex P. Keaton and I was excited to see MJF coming back to my small screen, Parkinson’s and all.  If enough time passes since the break up, you start to forget the bad stuff about the relationship and think maybe the relationship deserves another chance.  We’re older and more mature now, right?  Well, I gave it the good ole college try, and I’m sad to report the spark wasn’t there.  Plus, he expectedly lasts for just half the time now and I am just not sure what to do with the other half hour.  It’s not working for me. Plus the name of the show is stupid.


The Blacklist


Robin Williams (The Crazy Ones)

Speaking of only lasting for half an hour, I had to miss spending some time with Robin Williams to hang out with MJF.  Despite the much higher ratings for The Crazy Ones, those who chose Robin for their Thursday night guy seem to have left a bit dissatisfied as well. I may give him a shot this Thursday. I heard that Brad Garrett is on this show, and I find him incredibly sexy. Yes, I do know that is weird. Which is why a show called The Crazy Ones, will probably be right up my alley. we’ll see.

Stuart Townsend (Betrayal)

Betrayal premiered on Sunday and I was stuck with Bravo at the time so last night after all of you guys went to bed, I stayed up and got to know a new guy named Stuart.  The problem with Stuart is that he looks pretty much every other guy on TV. I have this same issue when I watch Nashville. He’s an interchangeable good looking brown-haired guy who is having an affair with a woman who is married to another good looking brown-haired guy. The chick that Stuart’s character, Jack, is screwing is the star of the show. She is now in a BAD situation. She is married to a decent guy with political aspirations who is a prosecutor. He’s a good father and seems like “the good guy.”  But Jack…Jack has presented himself to her as someone who , like her, has never really felt a strong connection to anyone until Jack showed up at her photography exhibit.  They have undeniable chemistry. But we’re not really sure yet if Jack is a hero or a villain. He is a defense attorney. Her husband and her lover will be opposing attorneys on a murder trial. Juicy, no? I plan to spend a lot more time with Stuart, albeit it, perhaps not on Sunday night.

Gabriel Mann ( Revenge)

After spending time with Stuart last night, I totally wanted some time with my gay best friend Nolan Ross.  I tried to watch the new episode of Revenge but very quickly stopped the recording because I needed to see the finale again for anything to make sense. So I watched the two-hour finale and will probably go hang with Nolan as soon as I get a chance today.  Nolan is perfect in every way. I hope he doesn’t die this season! No spoilers please!

James Spader ( The Blacklist)

James and I have a long standing love affair.  The Practice and Boston Legal were must see TV for me. The there was the movie, The Secretary.  Oh, yes please.  But now he has gone all Silence of Lambsish on me. I do not care for scary stuff.  But never fear, The Blacklist is not scary, but it is a thriller. I missed the first episode and was able to pick right up on episode two.  It’s sort of like any legal type show in that while there are season long story arcs, each episode can stand alone as well.  James plays “Red” a terribly bad man who comes to the FBI and offers to help them catch all the other bad guys for immunity. So far, they are still working out the details of that. Red makes no effort to hide his dastardly ways and this show is delicious. Because RHOM has moved to 10pm on Monday, I will end up watching him in the dark of night. Which seems deliciously appropriate. I don’t mind sharing if you want to check him out.

Who have you been cheating on Bravo with? Come on, I know you are doing it. Spill the tea.






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63 responses to “Sorry Bravo I’m Cheating On You Like Crazy!

  1. Manuel

    I am digging “The Blacklist”- the wife not so much… Next best thing to 24 out there right now. Last Night’s ep was fantastic – Isabella Rossellini was not bad for Network production.

    Re: the Robin Williams/SMG show-
    I can see the scenario. About Feb last year TPTB @ CBS-

    ” Mad Men is so good- They get ALL the Emmys…”

    ” I know they are so great”

    ” We need a “Mad Men” type show – with a twist – to avoid litigation”

    ” Hey how about a comedy version! That would be great- Ray Romano-”


    “Hey i heard Robin Williams is looking for something a little more 9 to 5..”

    ” Looks like Ringer won’t be up for renewal”

    ” Crap I love that show. You KNOW she plays twins in that.”

    ” So versatile”

    ” I know…”

    ” Hey I have an idea…..”

    • Have you watched The Crazy Ones yet Manuel? Does it suck?

      • Seriously....

        I really wanted to like this. Sarah Michelle Gellar is in it (and I still heart Buffy). It wasn’t as tiresome as I thought Robin Williams would be but this will probably be a 3 am on demand booty call for me.

      • lori

        I don’t think watching RW at 3:00 am is wise. Seems almost like the equivalent of a triple espresso.

      • Manuel

        I will tonight will get back in the morrow. :)

      • Manuel

        Hey finally watched the first two episodes. I have to admit I laughed at Williams’ obvious ad-libbing he’s a Master. Like watching a Master Samurai in Battle. Everyone else stands up but they are all in his shadow. Rightfully so. I caught myself laughing at the “secretary”- she’s a natural too. SMG is fine I wonder if the inadequacy of her character is really Geller herself in a Fruedian reveal… I give it a Solid “B”

  2. steve

    TT you ought to check out *cold justice* on TNT. In their four first shows they have gotten one confession and three indictments.

  3. steve

    i think tonight 8-9cst. If i remember right. I will try the blacklist. LMN has *killer profiles* starting soon. Dont know what night but LMN has been running sneakpeeks of shows early A.M. and ive seen it there. Real profilers going over cases.

  4. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I have the Blacklist and The Crazy Ones on my DVR, but I’ve been watching non-stop Breaking Bad from episode one since Sunday morning. Until then, I’m off Facebook and anywhere else (most of the internet) that might spoil. Should take me two more days to finish. :)
    Otherwise I’m still with all my usual cheats: Survivor, Amazing Race, Project Runway. But I’m willing to try anything you think is good.
    OH, I also have Masters of Sex on my DVR, haven’t seen it yet though.

    • Enjoy the marathon! We did similar but nowhere near that short of time. We just started watching BB last month but watched it as often as possible to catch up and finally watched the finale last night.

    • lori

      I’m jealous that you are just getting to watch the whole bb series now. I’m in a sort of depression about it being over. One of my fav shows off all time!

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Hah! Well, the problem is, if I want to have a great finale, I have to pretty much stay off the internet until I’m done. The great part is, the show pretty much just takes part over a week, right? (LOL) I mean, the wife was pregnant for more than TWO YEARS in BB time, hahaha. I’m on the last episode of Season 3 right now.

      • Brillke

        Lori, I feel your pain. BB was so well done, I can’t say enough good about it.

        I watch Sons of Anarchy, Elementary, The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Raising Hope, just to name a few.

        I watch a lot of Netflix. Got tons of shows to recommend on there.

    • Joan

      Ditto on Masters. Think you will as well. While it has the ‘feel’ of Mad Men – same era – the writing is not stellar. Perhaps it will get better as we move along…

  5. Chris Terrian

    Don’t forget Dylan McDermott in Hostages. He was also on American Horror Story and The Practice. He is still yummy. I am all about Betrayal as well.

  6. Chris Terrian

    Oh yes. I watched Masters of Sex on Showtime. Mad Men but with som sex thrown in. Really good.

    • that’s exactly what i thought (re mad men). the promos for masters of sex had me totally disinterested in watching, but a critic i like said it was great so i watched. not bad. dont like mad men, but i liked this one.

  7. Sandra

    Hey TT, Have watched all the shows you’ve mentioned, except Betrayal, which is still on my PVR.

    Reserving judgement on MJF Show, (ya, really lame title) until I’ve seen a few more episodes. Hope they haven’t used up all the good material in the first two… Did a good run on The Good Wife last year, but hoping his character won’t recur.

    Enjoyed Crazy Ones with Robin Williams, ANYTHING with Robin Williams on prime time is ok with me, tends to be cleaner comedy than his stand-up stuff.

    Revenge is still on my PVR, but have loved the last two seasons. Can’t wait to see what happens this year. Any chance Victoria Grayson has changed her Morticia hair style?

    The Blacklist, well, anyone else figured out already that James Spader’s character “Red” is Elizabeth’s father? It’s so obvious, despite all the heavy-handed hints all through the first episode. Second episode waiting to be watched, hopefully tonight.

    Rejected Back In the Game immediately. Ugh, what a waste of time, esp. Jerry O’Connell in a man-kini. Can’t get the image out of my brain soon enough. Maybe there’s something to be said about Alzheimer’s…

    Sleepy Hollow a) creeped me out , and 2) bored me silly. Another one of those never-ending pursuit dramas with no resolution in sight.

    Wow, great beginning to The Good Wife, and I hope Patrick Jane catches Red John very soon on The Mentalist, because that story line is getting so old.

    • Sandra

      Ops, have confused Back In The Game with We Are Men. Am willing to keep watching Back In The Game, at least for now, but not at the top of my list. So done with We Are Men. Lead actor isn’t even remotely attractive.
      I hope The Blacklist isn’t trying too hard to be the next 24.

      And I can put up with SMG in small doses if Crazy Ones doesn’t make her the main focus of the show. The girl can’t act her way out of a traffic stop.

  8. I watched The Crazy Ones. Hubs is undecided but for him that can be a good thing, at least he didn’t hate it! I liked it. Never been a SMG fan (I remember her as Kendall, Erika Kane’s daughter on AMC!! HAHA) but she was good imho. I love Robin Williams and it would take alot for me to not like something he was in. This character is so much the Robin we’re use to seeing in EVERY comedic role he does.

  9. lori

    Ugh. I just typed out my whole recent love it/hate it list, and I don’t know what the hell I hit, but the whole thing just disappeared right before my eyes. I just can’t type it all out again right now. #aggravating

  10. ashleyabr

    Hey TT! You should check out Hostages on CBS..its awesome. And season 2 of The Following on FOX starts later this year, its yummy as well.

  11. Ashley

    I watch Hostages, Revenge, Nashville, Parenthood, The Crazy Ones, Modern Family, Trophy Wife, Survivor, Dance Moms, Catfish, Teen Mom, Cheer Perfection, Miami Monkey, Basketball Wives, Hollywood Exes, and Shark Tank. I didn’t like Betrayal. But the best show for me is Revenge. But I do still watch Bravo!

    • Rain

      I diggin trophy wife and this other show on cbs called mom oh and the new show , I think it’s called The Steins. We watch the same shows

      • Is American Horror Story, “Scary?” or more like True Blood.

      • Rain

        It’s scary , sexy it’s everything! Every season they have a different theme. 1st season the house was haunted 2nd season was about an insane asylum this up coming season is about the characters being witches . They use the same actors every season but the story ends with the season . So it’s not like you have to watch the other seasons to catch up because the same actors play totally different roles. The first season is on Netflix

  12. Rain

    Don’t forget about SCANDAL!!!!!!! Can’t wait till Thursday. I also LOVE AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!!

    • I’m Skeert to watch American Horror Story.

      • Rain

        Well don’t be Skeert lol it’s a great show!

      • Chris Terrian

        Don’t be scared TT. It is really good. I think you would like it. And each season is a new story so you can watch this season without missing anything.

      • Brillke

        Season 1 was pretty scary and season 2 was good too. They were completely different types of scary. Jessica Lange is amazing in both seasons. Can’t wait to see her as a witch.

      • JoJo

        Oh no, please you have to pull up the big girl panties for AHS! Now since every season is a completely different horror, I can only go on the great pluses of the first 2: acting/actors (Jessica Lange, Zach Quinto, Dylan McDermott & this year’s emmy winner, James Cromwell to name a few); writing: odd 180 from creator/writer of Glee, New Normal and Nene lover, Ryan Murphy, but I didn’t watch his comedies! Last season was probably as scariest as I’ve seen on TV, so I’m prepared & can’t wait for Head Witch Jessica Lange. You gotta’ at least try this one TT!

      • i think it’s more freaky than scary. atmospheric, tho.

      • Joan

        Me too. Hubby loves it though…so I hide in his back until the icky stuff is off the screen.

  13. steve

    TT American horror story is good. Last years story was asylum, this year is coven. Last year had a good storyline and cast..not too gory but kept you waiting for the next show. :)

  14. therealdeb

    i love scandal, revenge, chicago fire, the black list. i was thinking red was her father to whom even mentioned it. need to watch betrayal,have it ont he dvr… what the hell did we do before dvr’s?

  15. sammiejane

    The Black List, I predict to be award winning! Being around when “Pretty In Pink” and “Less than Zero”, I witnessed firsthand James Spader’s career skyrocket. Then he fell out of the public eye.Giving way to the Brat Pack (Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Robert Downey Jr., Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Rob Lowe and Molly Ringwald both temporarily) I love to see aging men put on a couple of pounds, as we all do when we age, I find him hotter than before. I also feel his acting abilities to have evolved wonderfully. Kudos, NBC!! You may have given rebirth to a career once thought to be over! I will never miss an episode!

    • sammiejane

      Sorry, riddled with grammatical errors. Though I have a migraine, I must comment on my boy, James!!! Thanks for the leeway.

      • eg

        Love me some James Spader. Fell in love with him to in “Less Than Zero”. He was so bad (but good). I must watch American Horror Story. I did watch it when it first came out last year, but thought this one would be more of the same. I liked it so I will try to catch it this time around. There are so many good shows out there, I just have to take the time to look up their dates and times and wean myself away from Bravo and MSNBC, TMC.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Loved me some James in that movie he did with Susan Sarandon where he played the widower and she was his cougar-like lover…so sexy

      • sammiejane

        As with all sitcoms, there is a usually downfall. But, with Spader I am willing to last this one out.Not a fan of the skeezy sidekick (wishing it was more of a “Clarise” character) I am willing to stick it out for the long haul. In the words of Tresesa I “love, love, love” James Spader!

  16. yadda.yadda.yadda

    I wasn’t aware that Revenge was back so thank you for this post! My DVR has failed me big time! I am definitely interested in checking out Blacklist now.

  17. lori

    I am pretty picky when it comes to sitcoms, but I must say, I am liking the new sitcom “Mom”.

  18. LMV

    I love Parks and Recs! I want to live in Pawnee. Can’t miss The Amazing Race and still hang in there for Survivor. I have liked the first couple of episodes of The Goldbergs and the new Andy Sandberg comedy Brooklyn 99. I also watch a lot of the competitive shows on the food network and am pretty psyched for Halloween Wars. Pretty talented bunch.

    • James Spader, Sex,Lies, and Videotape. I will check out The Blacklist. Justified,on FX is amazing. The series is based, on the late great Elmore Leonard, character Raylan Givens. I would advise watching back episodes. Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, Walking Dead ,and, Breaking Bad. Opinions on tipping point appreciated. My” little” children started watching 4 yrs ago. I started the end of season 3, I will truly miss this show. Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared on Netflix.

      • lori

        Regarding breaking bad… did you not see the first two seasons? If not you MUST! They were soooooo good! You can watch while series minus this last season on Netflix live streaming. I am in a mini depression now that the series has ended. Nothing got me more excited than a new episode of Breaking Bad.

      • lori

        Duh… obviously you do Netflix since you mentioned it in your comment. Lol Freaks and Geeks, imo, is one of tv’s biggest mistakes ever. How they could cancel a show that good is beyond me. That was rough when that happened.

  19. JoJo

    Now I can admit I’m a major Bravo cheater too; more so this Summer than ever. Can’t wait for Lifetime to churn out another Devious Maids; mad, mad lover of all things James Spader, so Blacklist for certain; Nashville. Hostages.
    Addicted to cultish FX channel & American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Justified; and had toothpicks holding eyelids open for a 4-day bender on Breaking Bad marathon, planning same with Mad Men. Missed most of those aired episodes because of Bravo (I’m in a no-DVR time warp – gulp). A dose of non-Bravo reality: Duck Dynasty, Project Runway. the Voice, DWTS.
    I think the masters of network and cable TV universe took hostage every writer in Hollywood to come up with something to compete with reality “must-see-TV” addiction, and I’m looking forward to giving their efforts a chance!

  20. We finally watched “We Are Men” today. We really liked it. Unlike his undecidedness with the first episode of The Crazy Ones, even hubs liked it right away. He’s not one of those people who’ll watch just anything, he’s picky in a way. I like Tony Shalhoub and Kal Penn and absolutely love Jerry O. The only one we’re undecided about is the unknown to us new guy, Christopher Nicholas Smith.

  21. peachteachr

    I have betrayed Bravo b/c they took advantage of my viewing. I watched RHOA from the beginning and now, other than Miami, I can’t tell one from the other. I wasn’t going to like to like The Blacklist. I had made up my mind as I saw the trailers but I did and I LOVE it. I’ll just tag along with the others who claim it is 24 like. I watched The Bridge on FX and loved it. They have renewed it so I know it will be coming back. They will probably do a marathon of the show since the season ended Wednesday. I highly recommend it. It has a bit of the telenovena about it but I really liked it. I liked Betrayal somewhat but I am afraid that I see more in it than is there, sorta like Nashville. Love Revenge and Scandal is back on tonight. I also have watched Dance Moms since it began and Abby’s Ultimate Dance show is good and someone goes home each week.
    Doc, I hope your dog is OK. You know I have a big heart for animals. I guess we all need another trial like JA so we can comment everyday together, not that I’m wishing that horror on anyone else.

  22. sammiejane

    Bavo is becoming redundant, predictable, and simply boring! RHONJ did it in for me (and NeNe for RHOA), especially Melissa’s *screeching* probably due to all Joe’s poison, or shoe/hair polish (and the loss of Caroline). I will remain a fan of RHOBH (based on the axing of Camille and Taylor… Pheeew!) but the rest have lost my interest! Lisa is my only reason for staying! Andy needs to know when to throw in the towel!

  23. I may have some very, very, very good news about AHS! Two letters U F
    He’s a huge fan and he might blog it if we beg him. His twitter is @Urethra_F

  24. lori

    Okay… just finished watching every available episode of Miami Monkey and really enjoyed it. It reminds me of Vanderpump Rules, only so far I like it more.

  25. lori

    Hey TT, I can’t find the thread where we were discussing Nashville. I just wanted to say that I think that even more than wanting Rayna with Deacon, I think I want her with Liam. I forgot about him. They had amazing chemistry last season, and I’m only half way through this week’s episode, and he just made his first appearance. Maybe they will hook up by the end of tonight? I will know in about half an hour I guess. He is definitely my crush of this show. Totally the guy “I’D” want. Hot hot hot!

  26. lori

    Survivor just got goooood tonight!

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