Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale Recap

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Gifs by RealityTVGifs

Here we go with the final attempt of this season to blog a show full of frankenbites and misdirection.  So far not a single word out of Penny’s mouth that says anything about Teresa and Melissa has been shown. For all we know they could be arguing about who is wearing the most expensive pair of shoes. Teresa the word is texts not texas. Meanwhile is that guy who walked in with Johnny the Greek the creepy guy that hung around Danielle Staub?

They didn’t even show the fight. Teresa was hysterical hiding behind Juicy. Then in the middle of it all, Teresa screams out a commercial for Milania Haircare products, “If they want to buy Milania Haircare products? Tell them to fuck themselves!”  LMAO. Only Teresa would think to do that. Interestingly, there were huge security types behind nearly every regular cast member. It’s almost like they planned it! Nah….

RHONJbagelheadJust like that, it is over and we are back to square one. Jac is talking about people running their mouth on twitter. Then it’s time for the kid to perform so I will fast forward.

I knew that the finale would be a snorefest this season, but I expected this last show to be somewhat interesting. Nope, it’s still the same old story.

We do get a Caroline retrospective, which to me means she told them long ago that done with RHONJ. I don’t recall any other housewife getting this sort of goodbye reel in the history of the franchises. Caroline decides not to renew the lease on the Hoboken apartment and stay in the family house.

Nothing says let’s make up with my brother like an on camera advertisement for BLK. Let’s see if Teresa manages to make the BLK thing all about her. Will she finally apologize for something?  And, are we really going to get through an episode without any Giudice kids? No Gia? This episode is so boring I am completely caught up and forced to watch commercial with 20 minutes to go. SIGH.

Teresa says “Maybe I do regret some of the things I have done.”  The more she says to Joe, the worse it sounds. Oh, wait she just actually apologized. Oh wait she is backpedaling. Then she cries and they hug it out. And they are good again. For now.

Juicy Joe has fixed up the shore house and thankfully we get to see all the girls! The house is almost completely finished. Apparently, it is complete enough for everyone to have a party on the water. This episode is like the longest goodbye.

Kathy has decided to build a new house that she is designing. Jacqueline’s daughter Ashlee is back home for an extended visit. Caroline let the lease go on the Hoboken apartment and is back in the house to film her pilot (which I think is already done?).  Melissa and Joe sold their house and moved half an hour away. And well, we all know what lies ahead for Teresa and Juicy.


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32 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale Recap

  1. theREALHONJ

    Pretty predictable. What scared me the most was the preview for Atlanta that showed KENYA MOORE! Oh Lord, say it isn’t so!!!!

    • pdt090

      Oh, she’s back. Can’t keep a good (psycho) sista down!

      I’m so excited for Atlanta to come and replace NJ though, usually they’re about equal entertainment wise but ATL Season 5 >>>>>> NJ Season 5.

      • theREALHONJ

        LOL! I am excited too pdt mostly because I like Kandy and it looks like she and Todd are getting married. It kinda looked like Nene and Cynthia have some issues on S5 too. What do you think?

  2. Gingersnap

    Oh look. It’s Teresa and her forehead. The aero bun is bad, but the Eddie Munster look is just too much. It startles me every time I see it.

    Teresa apologized for feeling “better” about hearing other people talk bad about Melissa. Wow, that was some real dirt to come clean with. Joey is very grateful that Teresa admitted any damn thing. It’s a huge leap in Teresa-land to acknowledge wrong in any shape, form or fashion.

    I thought the show was over and then Bravo blasted the Giudice’s legal woes in living color. Not a Teresa fan, but that was cold.

  3. i could not bring myself to watch it, i am so tired of the franken bites and the pulling of the strings and who even knows if they are really truely fighting. maybe they are all drag queens who the hell knows any more

    • Gingersnap

      I feel your pain. The only thing I know for sure is that the Giudice’s have 39 counts of lying, cheating and stealing against them. This much is true.

  4. ZenJen53

    Changes are coming and not a moment too soon. I think we are all ready for RHOA.

  5. bunniecarrot

    I’m a bit new to tamaratattles so I’m not up on the jargon/lingo so can someone please tell me what the HELL is a “FRAKENBITE”????

    • Hey bunnie. A frakenbite is an editing technique where the editor goes back and edits in words to fit the storyline that the person did not actually say at the time. It happens all the time in reality TV. Anytime the camera is not showing the person’s lips moving, there is a good chance that it is a frankenbite. Sometimes the words are hard to hear or understand so they will voice over the same words, but on RHONJ they have a habit of changing the conversation entirely with frankenbite editing to make it look like conversations occurred that never did.

  6. kelleyholley

    That pic of Teresa killed me, lmao! I really do like her and Juicy. I can’t stand Melissa. There’s just something about her that really irks me.

  7. pfffttt

    Check out Kim D’s twitter @KimDPosche she went IN on Caroline. LMAO! She has to be an official Housewife. She is an unapologetic villain, and is so entertaining. I love her.

  8. pfffttt

    Season 5 would have been much better if they didn’t edit this season and screw with it. Apparently a lot of rumors were addressed about Caroline’s husband Al cheating, but Bravo didn’t air it. I don’t understand why Bravo protects people like Nene and Caroline. When Sheree and Phaedra filmed with Nene’s sister, and she spilled dirt on Nene, Bravo didn’t air it. However, anytime someone wants to say negative crap about Teresa, they are more than happy to air. Why do people like Caroline and Teresa get protected?

    • pfffttt

      Should read, why do people like Caroline and Nene get protected, but Teresa gets dumped on all the time?

      • Teresa’s storyline was to include everyone else’s marriage having cheating except for Juicy and her brother. She brought up Melissa, Albert and Rich during filming. I think Caroline and Kathy just didn’t spazz out about it so that part fell flat and didn’t really go anywhere. I don’t think it was so much about Bravo protecting Caroline as it was Caroline not giving them any good freakout footage like Joe and Melissa do.

      • pfffttt

        But Tamara, we know that Penny even CALLED that Bulldog character that Melissa allegedly gave head to while married to Joe, and he confirmed everything. Bravo didn’t air that. Why was the focus on “who is the source of the rumors” instead of WHETHER THE RUMORS WERE TRUE? Also, neither Penny or Teresa “started” the rumors, it was Bulldog.

        This show is shit. Bravo needs to fire that production company. Their biased. They had a chance to air a juicy season, and blew it with their edited biased anti Teresa agenda.

  9. lori

    All I can say it’s THANK GOD this season is OVER!

  10. It’s funny. Teresa had to apologize for talking badly about Melissa? They all shunned her. So these vultures come to be her new friends. And she talked about Melissa. No worse than what Melissa has said in talking heads or what the whole group says when they gathered without her. And way less hurtful than the mocking the manzo kids gave her. I honestly still say she did nothing wrong. But her brother is a psychotic roided out mess. He’s not too bright to begin with. But between the roids and his shrew wife egging him on, he has this big imagined hurt that caused him to be a giant crybaby instead of a man. It’s embarrassing. She should not have been forced to apologize.

    Joe Guidice is fun. I like him despite of myself.

    So, wasn’t the episode supposed to be 90 minutes? What happened?

  11. amanda83

    Anyone else notice the manzo kids showed up in sweat suits to a fashion event? I think that was interesting. Also penny said to Teresa you KNEW Ur sister in law was set up…not u set up Ur sister in law. So who set it up then and why? They just made that stuff up out of thin air? And i think someone else commented something along the lines of the hype being all about who started the rumors and not if they were true or not. Now god bless Teresa but i hardly doubt she was smart enough to just make all that shit up and then just find 2 random ppl and convince them to put so much effort into “taking down” someone they didn’t even know. I mean we r supposed to believe these ppl cared enough to throw that much shade at someone just cuz someone else that the hardly know told them so?

  12. pfffttt

    Here is my theory. Penny wanted to be a Housewife, she met Teresa at a couple of events, and tried to get up Teresa’s ass to be filmed on the show. She wanted to be Teresa’s BFF on the show, so she would do things she thought would get her on the show, such as shit talk Melissa and Joe.

    I don’t think Teresa was telling her to tweet shit, or put her up to saying anything. I think Penny did this all on her own, wanting to be on the show, and when she didn’t get to be Teresa’s BFF she threw Teresa under the bus.

  13. eg

    This reunion pt1 is just now showing in my area tonite. My first observation is, that the Venitian location décor reminds me of how Tre decorated her home in s1. All of the gold, crystal, ornate stairs etc. Secondly I also noticed (no surprise though) that whenever anyone would get very close to nailing Tre with the truth about anything, or asking her for an explaination about something, she would cut them off or deflect it back to them. It’s like trying to talk to a funhouse clown or something. She is truly delusional, and I know it has to be exasperating for the others to try to reason with her on any level.

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