Andy Cohen’s Interview With Teresa and Joe Giudice

The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls - Season 3Andy begins by asking, “What has the last month been like for you?” Teresa says she is not happy about it. She’s sad. It feels like a dream. She has to be strong for her husband and her children. Joe says they were surprised by the charges. Teresa says she is not crawling under a rock and hiding. When we go to court everyone will see who and Joe and I really are.  Joe says they are not guilty.

Teresa said her castmates have all been supportive. Teresa says Gia knows there is something going on.  Gia doesn’t ask her any questions according to Teresa. It doesn’t sound like Teresa really tells Gia much. I have a feeling she is googling it. If she is, this is a very detailed yet easy to follow breakdown, if I do say so myself.

teresajoegrapesTeresa says she hasn’t really thought what she would do with her daughters. She is focusing on just staying positive.  Joe says they would not send the kids to live with Melissa and Joe. He says that he doesn’t think that the kids would even want to go live with them after all the things they have said about their mother on the show. Which begs the question, why do they let their kids watch this crapfest? Joe says they would probably go stay with his brother and his wife. Andy asks if Melissa and Joe have been supportive and Joe says notreally! Teresa tries to cushion it saying, “You know, I mean, they call but there is nothing anyone can do.”

Andy asks if they think the show brought this on. Joe says absolutely, if he wasn’t on the show nobody would care. Really? Cool. I am not on a show so does that mean I can defraud the banks out of a few million? I could really use a kitchen renovation! Andy says that a lot of the charges stem from before they came on the show. Joe says he doesn’t regret anything he has done on the show. I had forgotten that Teresa said she didn’t want to live in a used house. LOL.

Andy asks how she feels about continuing the show. Tre says she just wants to keep working. She wants the rest of the cast continue to treat her with respect.

Teresa just said she did not get involved in her husbands finances. Teresa said she did not withhold any information because she was not involved in the finances.

Andy brings up the horse whisperer confessions. LOL. Andy says that it seems Joe has fears in the back of his mind about going to jail (IT’S PRISON).  Joe says he has to keep it in the back of his mind because he can’t let interfere with his day to day living or he would be a mess.

Then Teresa delivers the following statement, “I feel like we are good people and I don’t know why this is happening to us.” Andy says, “You feel like it is happening to you.”  Teresa says she used to be a good sleeper and now she has a lot of sleepless nights. Teresa says she is being a rock for the family.  She has to stay positive.

Joe says his DUI was the first time he was in jail. He was there for a week. He says it was an interesting week.  Joe says he has a green card. Andy asks if Joe is afraid of getting deported and Teresa interrupts and says, we are not even thinking about that! We are staying positive! If he is on a green card the chances of him being deported are pretty darn good.

Andy asks Teresa if she feels like she has ever lived beyond her means. She says no. I can only imagine that is because she did not understand the question. I am being serious. Joe says people who have said that I think are just idiots, because we have never lived beyond our means whatever I could afford to buy, I would buy. We’re allowed to make money. That’s what I do, we make money. If you could see my face now it would look sort of like this…


Because he has 39 federal indictments on charges stemming for a BANKRUPTCY filing including frauding banks out of money and not paying taxes. It doesn’t sound like you were making lots of money and living within your means to me, Juicy.  Juicy says that she has to buy new things for the show. They can’t wear the same thing twice.

Andy asked them when they first found out about the charges. Joe says a few years ago we had some IRS guys show up to the house. We didn’t think anything of it. Good GOD these people are stupid.

Andy asks if in hindsight they feel like they have made any mistakes.  Joe says, “As far as what?”  SERIOUSLY? Joe says, “Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes.” Then he laughs. Andy asks if Joe takes any responsibility for anything that has happened?  Joe says no.  Andy says that when heard the charges carry a maximum of 50 years in prison, he got emotional because he knew them. Andy asks where their emotion is? Teresa says she has to be strong for her kids. Teresa goes off on some sort of tangent about not understanding why this is happening and how everything is a learning experience.  Andy asks her if she thinks she can survive jail and she says she doesn’t think about that. She says she hasn’t done anything wrong.  She can’t think about that.  Andy asks Teresa is she is in denial. She says no. Teresa says you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t with regard to her “being strong” (aka being in complete denial).

This time Andy asks Teresa if there is anything she wishes she would have done differently. Teresa says she thinks about things like that. Teresa says she wonders if she had not done the show if this would be happening. Teresa says there are good things and bad things. Andy says 39 counts is a really bad thing. Teresa says she doesn’t even know what the charges are. She asks Andy to tell her some of them and he reads a list. Both Joe and Teresa don’t understand the big words. Again, not throwing shade here, that is a fact. Joe asks what the charges like wire fraud mean, how do you do that? Juicy wants to know.  Andy asks Teresa if she did any of that and she says no. And that is where my DVR stopped. Anything good after that?

So that is it. They don’t know why this is happening to them. They don’t know what the charges mean. Whatever it means they didn’t do it. They did not live beyond their means. Everyone else is being an idiot. We have nothing to worry about. DELUSIONAL party of two? You table is ready in the Prison Yard.



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69 responses to “Andy Cohen’s Interview With Teresa and Joe Giudice

  1. ZenJen53

    Joe is a man who knows his days of freedom is counting down. I predict.that Joe will take a plea deal. He will plead guilty on the condition he does the prison time and not Teresa

  2. SB

    OMG Can’t wait to watch this mess…I think it is ABSOLUTELY impossible for Juicy Joe or Tre to take responsibility for anything negative in their lives. But I mean what are they going to tell Andy, “oh yeah, we did it”?

    • Anjannette

      From what I’ve read, cameras are not allowed in for a Federal trial.

      The Giudices (Geeeyoooodeeechayz) lawyers will probably make another plea offer. It will be interesting to see where that goes after this Train Wreck of an interview. The lawyers must have been pulling what’s left of their head hair out in clumps!

  3. Gingersnap

    I thought it was amusing when Teresa described herself (among other things) as “a hustler.” Keep talking, stupid. I thought Andy did a pretty good job asking some hard questions and got more out of them than I expected. Teresa feels like she got “roped in”, did no wrong and this delusion seems to be keeping her positive. Joe flat out said “no” when Andy asked him if he had any responsibility for their sorry state. He’s bound to be pissing somebody important off…that attitude pisses me off. Teresa and Joe are both victims of a system that won’t allow them to lie, cheat and steal. Wah, wah, wah.

    • You are so right, their attitude last night will piss some important people off. Without saying it, they are portraying themselves as victims of the government. And if J and Tre were not such “important, rich people”, they wouldn’t be made an example. They didn’t do themselves any favors last night.

  4. darla

    Tre and Joe may not be brain surgeons but they are not as stupid as they are pretending to be about the charges. They committed everyfraud they are charged with and think playing ignorant of the law will save them. Again they are committing fraud on everyone they try to convince that they are innocent.Wake up Hustlers you’re about to go to Prison! Their crimes required planning and organization and were repeated many times each time securing larger sums of money.They are narcissistic scam artists and the Feds will not buy their bulls**t lying.Denial maybe but its gonna be painful when they go away.Good grief.

  5. Tango

    They are guilty, how many counts of what will stick I don’t know, but I feel bad for those kids. Jeese can you imagine the fear?

  6. I don’t believe that crockamany story about not knowing what the charges are and not understanding why this is happening to them. BS plain and simple .The have a lawyer who is explaining everything to them as well as their defense strategy that they are going to use to deflect some or all of these serious charges. They are just playing ignorant for the camera, but if they are for real, then they need a new lawyer because that lawyer isn’t doing too good of a job if the client is being left in the dark about everything that’s going on. You should know something about charges you are being indicted on and may do hard time in the pen for. I’m just saying. They better Google that sh*t.LOL

  7. eg

    Have GOT to watch this one. Hope they show it again. The recap was priceless TT! Tre and JJ really sound like they are firmly in “lala land”. Won’t take responsibility for ANYTHING, and questions why this is happening to them??? And Joe saying he wouldn’t do anything differently really takes some “testicular fortitude” (strong balls in case they are reading this) Poor Gia and the other little girls, I hope they survive the embarrassment of this mess. I hope the entire rest of their family survives it. It’s really a shame.

  8. yeah, i was gonna say where’s teresa’s gif for “I’m a hustler”. and i’m sure the attorneys appreciate her saying she’d have her 12 year old daughter talk to the attorneys so they can explain things to her. oh well, billable hours…

    • Susan

      If Tre and JJ go to jail I too feel very bad for the girls. But – there’s always a but. Just maybe those girls can learn some values to live a little better with their attitude. The girls are clearly spoiled rotten. They have no manners at all and Gia acts like she is 12 going on 40. I don’t know if any of their family even wants to take those girls. The two younger ones I haven’t seen, but the two older ones are NOT little ladies. You can say what you want about Malisa and Joe Gorga but there kids seem to have some manners and are made to mind. All kids seem to not listen and some time or another, but the Gorgas seem to make their kids mind. It will be a hard lesson for Gia and Milania though, they seem so out of control. They need guidance so they can grow up and be decent human beings. Hey just my opinion but ya they need help. Those kids only act like what they see and say what they hear in their home.

  9. Good Grief, that interview could not have been approved by their attorneys. With Tre talking stupid or she just might be stupid, her attorney might have felt safe to let her.
    Federal Prosecutors did listen to that interview and I bet they taped. I agree with Gingersnap, those two did tick off the prosecutors.
    I hope Tre stops going to court with handbags costing four figures, that was a dumb stunt.

  10. Oops, my mistake, interview was approved by their attorneys.

  11. Urethra Franklin

    They were holding hands the entire time. When Andy asked Teresa about her charges of submitting alleged fake W2’s for a fake personal assistant job on bank loan applications Joe’s fingers went into nervous overdrive on her fingers as if he was giving her a warning to shut up.

  12. loriflack

    Teresa is reminding me of a Stepford Wife ( a movie I’m sure she doesn’t know).

    • eg

      @loriflack I’m sure she doesn’t know either. But I don’t think she would even make a good one of those seeing as how she (Tre) doesn’t know when to shut up, and at least the Stepford Wives sounded “logical” when they spoke. This woman should be in Congress with the way she speaks in circles and takes no responsibility and blames everything others.

  13. Shirley

    This interview makes no sense at all I’m lost Teresa is so dumb!! I can’t! Who aired this? How many times did I hear we are staying positive? Is that her only answer? I doubt she even comprehends what staying positive means!! #headfullofroachwings

  14. James

    I wish he’d asked her directly about claiming to be an admin and submitting fake w2’s instead of just glossing over the charges.

  15. LaurieNYC

    Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that they blame the RHONJ for their troubles. They accept no responsibility whatsoever. The FEDS might have decided to investigate them because they were on tv buying expensive things with cash but the charges weren’t made up because they’re on television. Teresa’s problem is that she never acknowledges any wrong doing. I read the charges. Teresa signed documents.She’s always going on about her degree but plays dumb when its convenient. These people set out to live a lifestyle they couldn’t afford and funded it by perpetrating fraud. The mere fact that they filed bankruptcy for 11 million dollars was insulting to the general public. How many purple fur coats, Louboutin shoes, Chanel bags, etc have we seen her with. I also hate the way she’s still throwing daggers at Melissa. They called…….not they call. Implying that they called once. Please get these two morons off the tv asap. They don’t deserve the attention. I would die before buying anything GIUDICE. I’m not funding their fraud. I hope they each get jail time. They need a lesson. I feel so badly for their girls though. They are so adorable.

    • spk

      I wondered about that too Laurie — was waiting for Andy to replay that first season scene where Teresa said “they say the economy is bad so I pay cash”….as she whipped out a wad of 12k and paid for furniture with it. Or follow-up on the “did you live outside your means” question by pointing out the bankruptcy.

      They actually are idiots. Cumin anyone?

      Feel terrible for any kid dragged into this show but this is the worst. I think Teresa’s lawyer already offered a plea deal, which the feds rejected…because they have enough to send her away and gain zero by cutting her a break. At least that’s what I heard one lawyer interpret.

  16. Mimi

    Teh federal government doesn’t need to entertain a “plea” for one second. If they were both indicted on 39 counts, that means there is pretty tight evidence. It’s not like a body is missing or eveything is just circumstantial. You can’t pretend to be a savy business woman with an empire and then say you don’t know what happens with the finances, especially when you are the person bringing in all the money? Tree is the best actress around. Karma baby!

    • I loved how Andy had to throw more subtle shade and still tried to seem compassionate. Things like, err. most people would lie low in this situation by you are posting pictures of your family going to the Hamptons….

      And do you think maybe Teresa goes a little overboard on spending? And Joe being all like, “Well Andy, we can’t wear the same thing twice! So uh, no!”

      • eg

        Yeah, that was a “Duh” moment. Andy had that “look” on his face (same one I had on mine) like, are you two people for real??

  17. Espistar

    I was disgusted when Teresa said she would she would let her attorneys talk to Gia if Gia wanted to know more about the charges. I mean I believe Teresa wants the best for her children but come on!!!! Gia is probably the most confused and scared CHILD. Although she is 12 going on 25 she should be told age appropriate details if any at all. Why put her in a position when the only thing she can do is worry? The only reason I think she should have some information is because she is in school.

    Also, I just about died when they said they didn’t live beyond their means. How is being in $11 MILLION of debt not living beyond one’s means?!? They are complete and utter fools. Heaven only knows how Gia seems to be the only mature person in the family.

    As an attorney, I would NOT have advised my clients to go on a show like this. Joe and Teresa are not well-spoken people. I get that they aren’t expected to understand every charge levied against them but it would do them both a little good to education themselves just a bit about the process and charges. I also think that Joe and Teresa could use a good publicist. They needed to practice answer questions in a direct and concise way without talking in circles and falling back on “we staying positive”.

  18. lwickedgirl

    Maybe I am mean but with all the fraud going on and the blatant excessive spending these two are doing on T.V. I hope they do do a little time just for being such dumb crooks.The IRS does not care if you are a mom or a dad: they want the money you owe the government.
    I don’t even care about their spoiled children but I do know Gia has to be catching hell at school from being teased to death. I say I don’t care because I reserve my pity for children in Africa who are AIDS orphans or the children in Brazil who live in the streets or children in Chicago who are being gunned down in the streets. Gia and the gang will have a loving family to take them in when their parents go up the river. Okay, I do feel a little bad for the kids because they do have dumb scheming parents who are fools thinking they can get away with conning millions of dollars out of the bank for their lifestyle and fake businesses and not paying taxes on the businesses they do own. I can’t decide if Teresa is playing stupid when she looks at Andy with her big brown eyes or she actually is just that dumb. Joe is arrogant and dumb and that is a plain fact.
    Just a question aside…how do you live in a country since your were a baby and never bother to become a citizen?
    Teresa is in just as deep as Joe and the IRS is merciless; just ask Lauren Hill and Wesley Snipes.

  19. Jenn62

    When Joe started calling people “stupid” and “idiots” I thought “Way to get the potential jury pool on your side, douchebag.”

    • LaurieNYC

      You’re so right! They’re not even smart enought to realize that a little humility might do them some good right now. They are such morons.

  20. This is my take on the Giudice’s interview with Andy Cohen last night. I believe that the Giudice’s were legally bound by their ironclad contract to perform this act. I believe the interview only happened because of Andy’s dislike for Teresa. Why not parade the Laurita’s or Wakile’s on his show, they have done virtually the same thing. That being said, my opinion is that Andy got the ratings, cash in his pocket and egotistic power of embarrassing the Guidices that he was seeking. The Giudice’s used the only defense they have available to them at this moment in time – not guilty!!! Did they lie? Maybe. Are they in denial? Perhaps. It is their only defense and anything other than denial could be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. BravoTV, Andy and the viewing audience are not the people that the Giudice’s have to convince of their innocence. People will believe what they believe. The Federal Government are the people that the Giudice’s have to convince of their innocence. Some people will say the Giudice’s need to get new lawyers because they don’t understand or know the charges against them. I say they need to sue their existing lawyers for malpractice!! What decent lawyer with a valid license to practice law in the State of New Jersey is going to allow their client’s to plead not guilty and to respond to a US Magistrate “yes” when asked if they understood the charges against them and the penalties if convicted if they didn’t understand? Come on now. Joe blaming joining the RHWNJ for their financial/legal troubles…..he’s somewhat right. If not for their quest for fame and money by joining the show, nobody would know of their troubles. His troubles wouldn’t have gone away but they wouldn’t be publicized on national TV. RHWNJ didn’t cause the problems, the alleged crimes were committed long before the show aired. All of the questions asked by Andy had to be responded to with a flat out denial or a “I can think about that”…..anything else would be misinterpreted as an admission of guilt. I think they did a good job playing possum considering what they are up against. These charges against the Giudice’s are some serious allegations and a clear indication of “pure greed” on their part if found guilty. They got away with it once, let’s try it again and again and again, until they got caught. That’s how greed works. These people are sorry…..not for what they did….they’re sorry for getting caught. Seems to be the way of life in their neck of the woods.

    • Lisa

      I so agree with you about their appearance being part of their contractual obligation – I do not claim to have a lot of knowledge about legal matters of this type, but it seems like attorneys just hate for their clients to speak publicly about ongoing cases. I can’t imagine this being something their lawyers were very happy about but they probably schooled them as much as possible about the phrases they should use and covered their eyes in fear, lol. What I find interesting about the “not guilty” issue is that I am also under the assumption that this is kind of protocol to buy time, is it not? Doesn’t mean they expect or want to go to trial (the lawyers I mean – pretty sure the Giudice’s feel they will have a good shot at beating this thing). I thought it was sort of status quo and most of these things end up being plea bargained. Even with the high profile.

    • Belinda

      Who ARE you ?

    • Katrina

      I was under the impression that when you say “yes” I understand the charges, it doesn’t mean all the details of the law. It just means that you know the Fed has a case and you are being indited on charges. That is why you have a lawyer.

  21. Katrina

    It will be interesting to see how this will play out in a court of law. Although, the Guidice have been charged, it is up to the Fed to prove it and it will probably take a while. I think the Feds want then confess, but I don’t think it will happen unless they get a good deal.

    • eg

      Anybody….do you think this will be a jury/televised/HLN type of court thing? Don’t know how they could get an unbiased jury pool since they are such tv-lebrities and their messy lifestyle has been broadcast nationwide for quite sometime. I only ask that since they are saying we’re not guilty of anything!

      • Katrina

        Michael Jackson had a trial, with a jury, and he was known world wide.I I am not sure if Federal trials are televised. Mark Cuban is in Federal court now!

    • LaurieNYC

      From what I’ve read the Feds have a pretty iron clad case against both of them. They will never confess because they really believe they’re above the law. I don’t have a good feeling about this for them. this is really bad.

  22. Tamara — Excellent writing and reporting. I loved the addition of the picture, “if you could see my face now” That was so funny!! Have a great day!

  23. RealChicagoHousewife

    Hmmm, after pondering this special for a while, I think the Guidices did this interview because they are either desparate to stay on the show as a means of income (Theresa mentioned she was a good employee) or they did the interview as a quid pro quo with Bravo. Maybe Bravo softened their finale edit or withheld more damaging scenes in order to get the “exclusive”. I just don’t see how this special benefitted their defense in any way. When you are looking at Federal time everything you do is to help your defense. Going on a talk show doesn’t happen. This was probably about maintaining a revene stream and showing Theresa would still be available to work.

    • sammiejane

      @RCH: I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the situation. Tre is the bread winner of the family as displayed in her advertisement of her line of hair products during the Posh 2 (sp ?) grand opening (paraphrased: I won’t sell you Milana (sp?) Hair Products! Fuck you!) fight. The appearance on Andy Cohen (WWHL) was an effort to retain her employment on RHONJ. What type of attorney would allow her to go on national tv and make such incriminating comments as, “I have always been a hustler.”? You could almost feel the cringe on her counsels’ face the moment she slipped on that remark! I have no doubt the Prosecution will be using the interview, as well as snippets from the show to bury her and JJ. As you mentioned, I too feel Bravo probably “lost” some incriminating excerpts from the show on the editing room floor. I find it a bit off any parent would state they would let their daughter speak to attorneys if she so wished (stated by Tre less eloquently, of course). What a disastrous mistake those two made by appearing in the interview. Instead of refusing to think about a negative outcome, they may choose to make sure legal documents are in place for their young children to be taken care of when they are incarcerated! SMH

  24. Guccinara

    I must take a visit to whatever planet they are on because everything is all pink and fluffy with no consequences. Aaah bliss. Melissa and Joe must be breathing a sigh of relief that they won’t have 2look after 4 extra children especially that evil lucifer incarnate one. It just goes to show how far you can get in life and what mess you can make of it with the educational knowledge of a 6th grader. Somebody needs to get them a dictionary and ask them to look up the meaning of living beyond ones means.

    • eg

      @Guccinara “evil lucifer incarnate one”. Too funny! She just mimics the behavior she sees and hears around the grownups she’s with. But that’s no excuse.

  25. Aedon Clay

    I feel like at this point they are INNOCENT until proven guilty. And if they are proven guilty then they will do their time like anyone else who commits a crime. But what I do hate about it is everyone’s comments like they never do anything wrong and that they are such model citizens all over the internet. NOW I would NEVER attempt to defraud a bank I am too scared of Jail but obviously Teresa and Joe did not think they would get caught, bc for them to do a reality show knowing they had committed all of these crimes is crazy.

  26. wildcatamy

    I thought Teresa looked bad, like worn out, last night. She repeated over and over that she was the rock of the family and I felt like she was trying to find the word matriarch in her not so big vocabulary. The feds don’t play around. You file bankruptcy and then get two huge cookbook deals and move into a McMansion and then act like no one will remember you went bankrupt, the feds don’t like that. She’s a hustler alright.

  27. I think she has no clue. I think he understands everything just fine. He’s known for years that this was coming. He did not share it with her.

    But really? I read in a magiseen that it’s fifty years??? I don’t care who you are. You get charged with a speeding ticket, you investigate what you’re accused of and the implications. My sympathy has worn thin. How about you don’t go to the beach or cook big seafood dinners in aluminum pans and you spend time researching and learning what you are charged with and what could happen to you??? It’s funny to me that Tamara has researched and gathered more info on the charges than Teresa has. She needs a reality slap. As for Joe, he knows “how you do that” when it comes to wire fraud and any other shady deal.

    • Well,they read all the indictments that the grand jury charged them with AND The potential sentences, in court. It actually looks like Joe was closer to right. If everything was served consecutively, they would never get out.

  28. JoJo

    Now that I’ve seen the interview and heard their seemingly preposterous responses, I’m thinking another possibility for allowing this appearance being green lit by their lawyers.
    Both T and J were intensely coached for all questions (probably had them in advance anyway), and this performance (although a gamble) capitalizing on their reputation, especially Teresa’s, for not being that bright, and was solely for the benefit of maybe the million or so NJ viewers, since that’s their jury pool.
    Obviously the show has a national audience but some smart attorneys looking for a NJ venue may have thought their chances better in the most rural part of the state. With that much evidence, you try anything.
    And I also think that they both were particularly non-chalalant about “where will the children go” since it’s not uncommon for one of a married couple to serve his/her sentence while the other raises the kids, then vice versa.
    Just a thought,

  29. cherry

    I do now know if they are playing “crazy” or of there really is a disconnect with these two. I really hate that the children are the ones who are going to suffer the worse. But this is my real issue and the ONLY reason I am even commenting on this……WHY ON EARTH DID THEIR ATTORNEY ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS….granted they did not really give up any REAL info, it still could be used against them on way or another, just like how they show Joe driving around town (welp this may or may not be a issue at this point because I have not been keeping up on his case pertaining to the suspended and fraudulent license)…..

  30. TT, better check your dvr schedule for Sunday so that you don’t miss it. The first part of the reunion is 90 minutes. Just saw a commercial for it said said super sized so I went and looked and sure enough.

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