Kanye West Is a Moron

I know we don’t care about Kayne West. No one cares about Kayne West. Except for Kayne West. As if he could not be any more ridiculous on his own, he opted to procreate with a Kardashian. So why  am I blogging about him? Well, I have seen a billion snippets against my will telling me that Kayne got his big fat feelers hurt by Jimmy Kimmel this week. Finally, I just had to see what awful travesty Kayne suffered at the hands of the evil Jimmy Kimmel.

Welp, now you know. It seems to stem from Kayne’s desire to get Fendi to make black leather jogging pants. Because nothing says workout attire like leather. Oh, and Jimmy seemed to find it amusing that Kanye thinks he is the king of rock and roll.  Yes, you read that correctly.


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  1. Oh lord, I have to stop watching this mental illness train wreck.

    • eg

      After posting my comments first, I then decide to come back and watch this youtube interview. Wow! This man is, I don’t know what to say. He’s coming across as somebody who has SO much info in his brain that he wants to share (but doesn’t know how to) and by the time it gets to his mouth, it comes out all disconnected and stuff, then he tells the listener, “You’re not hearing what I’m saying”. Either bipolar or sociopath-like actions. The listener could even agree with what he’s saying and he would still say the same thing. That’s probably why he has problems with some people.

      • Lisa MH

        Maybe he has Asbergergers? High functioning form of autism. They tend to be geniuses in some area but lack social skills, including empathy, reading other people’s emotions and facial expressions. They generally are brilliant but generally not likeable. I’m not putting anyone down, as their is a person in my family with Asbergers. They tend not to get people’s jokes, come to think of it, because of what I previously mention.

        PS Tamara, you would think his rude awakening would have been his mother dying after cosmetic surgery in Brazil, was it? Strange cuz Bruno Mars’ mother died the same way.

        PPS I’m sure he’d have plenty of backers (white or otherwise, I don’t know who “the man” is, but have always assumed its the white man) if he wasn’t so difficult to work with. Besides, his bestie is Jay Z. Can’t complain about that.

        Lastly, I’ve heard “rumors”, which could also be making him unhappy, ie he’s gay.

      • He doesn’t have Asperger’s. He’s either schizophrenic or just a run of the mill megalomaniac.

    • Diane

      After his latest rant about being the True First Couple of America, I wanted to wretch. It is truly an unfortunate combination – unearned ego and money. If either of them ever read a book beyond a self help I would be shocked. Morons – and the morons that follow them. And the world laughs at us – can we blame them??

  2. Gingersnap

    Kayne West is a buffoon. Leather jogging pants. Okay. Now, how would one go about cleaning these jogging pants after jogging and sweating your ass off in them? Kayne probably doesn’t sweat and stink like the little people when he jogs though. No doubt, his God-like qualities keep the moisture wicked from him at all times. Oh, and his self proclaimed title of the king of rock and roll is FUNNY. I wish Elvis was around to kick his ass…lol.

    • Lisa MH

      Duh, you just buy a new pair.. gawd, Ginger.

      I thought the entire debacle was absolutely hilarious! The tweets, his “photoshopping skillz”, Jimmy’s very laissez-faire responses, and Jimmy/Josh Groban’s satirical commercial! It was all a laugh & a half!

      If you (Ginger, Tamara, anyone) haven’t watched the Josh Groban thing, PLEASE DO! You will laugh hysterically. Seriously. I posted on Twitter, but will gladly repost here or anywhere else you fancy!

  3. Otherpeoplesproblems

    At least we got a good hashtag out of it #nodisrespecttobenaffleck

  4. Beverly

    The man seems delusional. He’s an “inventor”. I guess like Al Gore said he invented the Internet. I don’t like Kim but this guy seems insane. I would advise her to run run run. He’s a time bomb and he’s going to end up hurting someone.

    • Now, Beverly, you know that he just gets angry when people fail to realize he is a GOD with the most fascinating inventions ever and no one will let him invent them!

      WTF is Anna Wintour doing hanging around this lunatic?

    • Otherpeoplesproblems

      Gore never took credit for inventing the internet thats a common misconception- he simply signed the legislation that made it accessible to the masses. Hes a good guy! Nothing like this kanye west

      I think wintour hangs with him as an ironic cruel joke like she just makes fun of him the whole time

    • spk

      just fyi – last i heard, they did eventually show that Gore DID have a hand in creating the internet.

      but that still doesn’t explain Kanye…

      • spk

        ok WHOA whoa whoa. This is going to seem weird but I can’t edit my last sentence from above so I’m going to amend it here:

        I totally get Kanye now. Great. Interview. He is starking raving right on all points. The only thing, I think, is he has to decide if he wants to be considered an enlightened genius post-mortem or does he want to succeed while he’s alive. He’s in his own way. Read some autobiographies on people who resolved this for themselves.

  5. WAH what a BABY!
    I am so glad that this complete TOOL is being called out by the undeniably cool Jimmy Kimmel. I thought he just annoyed me because I’m old.
    Also Gingersnap-I think Kanye’s complaint was that he proposed the “jogging pants” to Fendi and they said no-then boom, they came out with them. Wah. And I think he meant to say “jogging-style pants” or “leather sweatpants” because no one ever would buy leather pants to jog in lol.

  6. bendy

    I think you hit the nail on the head, schizophrenic or manic?

  7. First I’m not a Kayne fan and did not like his responses in the interview.
    However it was a serious interview done in Europe and he was talking about white corporate heads in the fashion business. I completely disagree with him and factually he may be wrong.
    To characterize him as a child seems a wee bit mean.
    I cut him slack because other than the Taylor Swift incidence all he had done is fight with photographers. Photographers know what they are doing to him. No family abuse, no drugs or drunk driving. Yes he has a overblown ego as do many rappers.

  8. asshatonastick

    Hey, look at me, I can cut-and-paste, lol!
    Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence, “Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.

  9. RealChicagoHousewife

    Narcissistic, Grandiose, Paranoid, Delusional. Possibly Manic. Tick tick tick on this time bomb. This is a dangerous combination of attributes. I hope he was just hyping or playing some type of character.

    • Sadly no. I remember seeing him on a documentary news type show when he was just getting started in the business. He took the whole “I am the best musician in the universe” thing to the enth degree then. I remember thinking “that kid is going to be in for a rude awakening.” I am shocked it has not occurred. yet.

      • eg

        I always thought it was really “Little Richard” Pennyman (think that’s his last name) who was the real king of rock and roll but never gets credit for it. Won’t even discuss “Elvis”. As for Kanye, this young man clearly has issues. It’s like he can’t get enough attention, or he’s super insecure or something. I can’t really put my finger on it. Now why he chose to procreate with Kim K. is a whole other subject. That family gives new meaning to the word famewhore(s). They (the fam.headed by Kris) seem like they will do anything (and anybody) to stay in the limelight and they are absolutely famous for……..nothing.

      • Dee

        I think he actually thinks he is God!!

  10. A reader sent me this link to Kayne’s astrological chart. Um WOW!

  11. Shay

    All the ridiculous mental illness, astrology comments are cracking me up. Kanye always does this when he’s about to promote something ie a tour, album, etc. & everyone goes crazy “oh my God, what’s wrong with him? He’s mental, blah, blah, blah”. As much as people are obsessed with these celebrities and their antics, are we not savvy enough to recognize when they are trying to get extra publicity? And will u at all be surprised if this turns out to be another Jimmy Kimmel prank? Kanye lives for this stuff and he’s laughing all the way to the bank..

  12. Shellbelle

    He’s an asshole. Having a baby with a Kardashians makes him an idiot asshole. Thinking he is Jesus makes him a crazy idiot asshole.

  13. Tango

    Kanye is just an idiot with money. For some reason we expect idiots to gain intelligence with wealth. He is just like the many other idiot actors and actresses and pop stars. They can act or make music, but are really just talented, (as entertainers), and lucky nitwits with psychological problems…not role models, not revolutionary geniuses…

  14. docwall

    Jesus Christ on a bicycle!!!!! Total Looney Tunes here! He reminds me of a certifiable schizophrenic i know…….except my schizo lacks the delusions of grandeur. In general, i have great sympathy for people with mental illness, but this guy is a total mess and out of control! I know very little about Kardashians, but the young women have impressed me with charitable work and being kind, even to avoiding public judgement of others………so
    WTF KK? Is that a real relationship with her and how could this happen to her life………….unless it IS all some sort of act he is doing, although, why would anyone want to appear this way in public??

    On another subject, sorry to post this here, TT, but i am asking for Blessings and prayers for my dear Otis ( 10 year old Rotti-Chow mix boy). He has bone cancer and i am amputating his front left leg on Tuesday. He was a tiny little dumped pup when we got him and he is so sweet and shy and , well……..i am usually so OK with this sort of stuff, but i am grieving for “Scoobert’s” soon to be gone forelimb. (only treatment and should cure). So, thanks ahead of time for your kind thoughts and i miss talking, but shall only be a matter of time when i get back in the Bitch saddle here and piss off a few of you guys!

    PS: TT—-when you get a chance, please do send me email re:Bandit and you!!! I am thinking of you both XXOXOO

    • IT”S BANJO YOU IDIOT! lol. Bandit is a commoners name. And are you sure you want to do the surgery on Otis? BTW I just saw something with some celeb (shut up you know I can’t remember shit) with a three legged dog and everyone said that would be all the rage! So Otis is on the fashion forefront for dogs!

      Banjo sends best wishes. I was just today wondering where you were. xoxoxoxo times a million.

      Banjo has a skin rash pretty much all over. We are on the pred again. no vet.

    • Shellbelle

      Good luck with your fur baby Otis! Hope all goes well and Otis has a speedy recovery!

    • puravidacostarica

      Prayers for Otis, docwall! (Did you realize that “Otis” is also the name of an actual Kanye West song?)

      • docwall

        STFU Pura…..don’t give him the bad voodoo! I know he is Banjo, TT, I just have way too many Bandit patients and CRS (SOOOO SORRY SIS)

        I had another 3-legged, also with foreleg amputation I did in ’96. She lived many years post surgery. He is already 12 but this is only option for Otie (Scoobert is his nickname) Anyway thanks you guys and TTYS

      • So how is Otis? And We seem to have fleas again. Maybe. I saw one and I am trying to be in denial.

  15. JoJo

    Jimmy Kimmel’s response to Kanye being mad at him, and showing all of Kanye’s pissed-off, all capped TWEETS, was hilarious (unless as some suggest this is another prank and Kanye’s in on it). No matter, I don’t think Kanye’s mentally ill in clinical sense, just an arrogant, uber egoist with ADHD and average talent. And hell, if he thinks his clothing ideas are so worthy why didn’t he produce it, he’s got the $$, he’s God and Tupac, why does he need Fendi?

    • He says he is being held down by the man because he has no backers. I hate when that happens. I just need backers for a gossip site that has a few really good sources…

    • Then again, there is that nice Adrian fellow and his wife who donates gazillions of dollars to me every day in a variety of foreign currencies. Adrian is such a nice fellow. Have you accepted his proposal? lol

      • JoJo

        No. I have no backers, no gossip site, no clothing line being held down by the man, and the character from Devious Maids only Adrian that comes to mind:))

  16. SB

    Ugh I can’t stand him, his music, or his “fashion”! He could at least have a sense of humor….he is probably one of the most miserable people to work for.

  17. Maren

    You know who invented leather jogging pants Kanye? Cowboys and Indians…or maybe even Cavemen. Maybe people dislike you just because you are a tiny, angry, narcissistic douche. I know that’s my reason.

  18. kinglady

    OMG! When Kimmel was reading Kayne’s pissed off tweets I was dying…then I think KImmel started getting a little ticked at his schtick of #nogoodp###y and that cracked me up even more, especially when he Kanye said that only Sarah Silverman was funny, then said Kimmel never had any goo p###y and Kimmel said that’s actually a diss to Sarah…LMAO! I don’t think it’s an act, but if it is Kanye played his part of crazy, but actually Kimmel could have wrote the tweets for him…I was kinda surprised I haven’t heard an I was hacked yet…LMAO! Kanye showed the CRAZY!!!

  19. The Disher

    His thoughts are so disjointed. He makes no sense. He reminds me of Tom Cruise in those videos where he is talking about scientology. Cruise also thinks he’s God and has all the answers and is here to help….It goes beyond narcissism and is disturbing to watch. Can you imagine being in a relationship with him?

  20. Guccinara

    I just think he is a dick. Personally I don’t rate his music but I know he has fans and they are the ones buying his creations. Not because they are so great. I can’t imagine how life would be having to share it with someone like that. I’m not sure I even understood the whole rant correctly but he seems to have some sort of issue with celebrity and product and goes on like he is so deep and wise, but when it came down to it he chases the kardashian tail and locks her down as a babymama. Kim must just sit there when he goes off on one just smiling at him while completely tuned out. If I was her I’d think about getting some sort of panic room installed for her and north in their new drum.

  21. Carie Mahoner

    OMG Tamara, I’ve been lurking forever and love, love, love your blog *but* had to raise my head from the sand on this one; I’m still trying to understand what is wrong with the boy and am thinking there may have been more psychological damage, than realized, as a result of that accident he experienced.

  22. What type of mental predispositions will he pass on to his daughter..

  23. I honestly thought he was going to crack up after the first 2 statements. (I obviously haven’t heard him speak outside of songs before). Then when he kept going……delusional popped into mind.

  24. sammiejane

    No disrespect but, Kenya and his castrating c**t of a wife is uninteresting. Addition: her emasculating family included!!!
    Love your blogs TT

  25. Amber

    Jimmy Kimmel did everything Kanye kept explaining always happens to him, not being taken seriously as a black creative. There’s a way to satirize pop culture icons and then there’s ‘come look at the black man trying to art! Everyone look haha’. They didn’t even change his words, they literally replaced him with a child. That’s how white America sees Kanye and that’s his battle.

    • wtf? if a public figure comes across as an idiot, you can bet some comedian is going to make fun of it. pulling the race card is not fair in that situation. kanye west is a little full of himself, and it’s funny to see that teased on tv. i’m not a major kimmel fan, and i certainly think his ex GF sarah silverman is a racist, but kimmel does not come across as one at all on his tv show.

    • Lisa MH

      Because Kanye BEHAVES like a child.

  26. Amber

    Every Kanye hater sounds like every white teacher I’ve ever had that was mad I knew their language better than they did. If your main beef with one of the biggest artists in the world is that he isn’t ‘humble’, you’re a racist. WHY should he be? Name one reason. White artists are never lampooned for believing in themselves the way Kanye constantly is. That’s why Kanye means so much to so many people, he refuses to respect the message of ‘know your place’.

    • Amber dear, the man thinks he is Jesus reincarnate. That is a GLARING symptom of schizophrenia. It’s way beyond not being humble.

    • JustSaying

      Amber, your points are ones I’ve heard elsewhere. They make no more sense here than they did originally. The Kimmel bit is one that has been done before on late-night TV. The only racism there is what you choose to see. You’re clearly alienated (“their language”? what is your language, if I may ask?) White performers are often lampooned. I saw/heard satire on Gaga and Miley Cyrus just yesterday.

      If you believe that Kanye West is God, that’s your choice. Don’t call me a racist because I don’t believe.

    • What exactly is your language?

    • crispywonton

      Yes, all white teachers are mad at you for learning. What a ridiculous statement.

      Yes, there are really egotistical artists out there. However, have you ever heard Madonna say she was the Virgin Mary? Or Lil’ Wayne that he is God? No, but you hear Kanye saying stuff like that all the time. The more he says it, the more it dwarfs his successes. If the industry had a problem with him being black, he would never have been given the platform to say such ridiculous, mildly schizophrenic stuff in the first place. Don’t confuse people’s dislike of a person as racism. If you are really as smart as you claim, you would understand that (re:”I knew their language better than they did”).

  27. Lisa MH

    I dont believe this has anything to do with race. There are a ton of well respected African American singers, musicians and rappers. As much as I don’t like what I read about Jay-Z, he has class; I respect that. For as much weed as Wiz Kalifa and Snoop Lion smoke, they have class and I respect that. Kanye, while admittedly a very talented man, is a classless, tasteless, mean, violent, temper tantrum throwing, braggart baby.

    • i thought snoop was a cool dude til i saw him blow his top on the queen latifah show some years back. it was scary as fuck. i’ve given him a wide berth since then. kanye i’ve thought as the flavor of the month. i can’t stand his personality as i’ve seen it on the kardashian shows but for some reason hollywood seems to have adopted him as some “genius.” i don’t see it. can’t figure it out. figure it’s just someone else’s taste and not mine…

      • Lisa MH

        Wow, never heard that about Snoop. He seems so chill. Kanye’s been around for a long time. I read all the internet celebrity news. Pardon my French, but he’s a dick. Beats up paps, throws tantrums, is beyond egotistical. I can’t imagine anybody but Kim K being with him: she’s his female counterpart, as far as vanity goes. One time, the paps were distracting him, and he bumped his head on a street sign! The vid is hilarious cuz he acts like a 5 yr old, dramatic, holding his head, practically crying; and Kim ius fawning all over him. Which reminds me, in another vid, he and Kim are going into store, she pauses slightly, then opens the door for herself! Lol!

        I don’t think Hollywood adopted him as a genius. HE thinks he’s a genius. I can’t recall ever seeing a positive article about him.

        PS Tidbits: 1. He’s got his head shoved so far up Jay Z’s ass, 2. Sent his mum to Brazil, or something, for cosmetic surgery, and she died from the surgery!, and 3. Allegedly he’s involved w/a male, French designer, which is supposedly why he spent so much time in France while KK was preggers (along w/working on his latest release).

      • the queen handled it pretty well but you could tell she was shocked as well. snoop went totally gangstah and not in a good way, and cold as ice. i would have been terrified if i’d been there. i freaked just watching it on the screen.
        john legend, justin timberlake, and nicki minaj both said kanye is a genius. forget who else (within the past week). i don’t get it. laughed when he convinced kim k to get rid of her shoes and clothes so he could totally revamp her image. the replacements were pathetic. if i were her i’d be in major mourning over all the stuff he made her give away. a few of the things were really nice.

  28. g

    Leather jogging pants are in style and noy meant to be jogged in. Fendi has made many interesting garments for rappers so I do not see why this wouldn’t make the cut.

    Anyway.. Asbergers seems right.. he does have many sociopath tendencies we see through his interviews. Making Kim K pump his gas n open doors for him? Just odd.

  29. Jman

    So you write lyrics to go in place of the original hit song lyrics ! That is genius!

    Taking a song from another artist who painstakingly wrote the lyrics, produced the music , all of it and you just ad your lyrics into the music you never created or wrote, and you call that genius? Mmmm, sound more like stealing.
    Get your punk ass off your rocker and come down to earth. You are a total nut case. Go back to the Ice Cream parlor in Saint Mary’s Where I met you many years ago, 2 decades and come down to earth and maybe you can actually produce your own music then add your lyrics to it. If it becomes a hit and you have learned to play the piano, guitar, drums, acoustics and write your lyrics then you can honk your horn my Brotha. Not sermon , just a thought!

  30. I have become fascinated with Kanye West, he is seriously delusional. I have never really paid attention to Kim Kardashian, so I just found out the fact that she took a golden shower in her sex tape. He compares her to Michelle Obama, in her influence on culture. He is just insane and the Kardashians are morons if they can not see that. He is a neverending joke. Coldplay is better than the Beatles. I guess that puts his “I am the biggest rock star in the world ” in context.

  31. I just looked up Kanye qoutes and came upon his thoughts on race mixing. The important part is rappers love mutts (yes that is how he refers to mixed girls). There would be no videos without them. Just fascinating, I thought Taylor Swift and Jimmy Kimmel were the best stops on the crazy train.

  32. Holy Crap. Kanyne and Kim are in the ATL right now. I knew something smelled funny.

  33. Jk@aol.com

    Give a nigger money and fame and this is what you get..

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