Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Sigh. I’ve heard all the Real Housewives of New Jersey rumors this week and have been ignoring them for many reasons. Mostly because it is a bit early for contracts to be handed out. In general, this is not done until the complete season including the reunion shows are aired. However, it appears that due to the numerous adjustments that are going to be made to the show for next season, the axe is falling and changes are being made already. It’s kind of a good news, bad news situation for me. Tamaratattles EXCLUSIVE sources had a lot of interesting tea today. I did not want to believe some of it but my source has never been wrong so prepare yourself for the news. Please link and credit if referencing on your blog. RHONJjachowdareyou

Clearly, the headline is good news. Jacqueline Laurita will not be exploiting her child on the Real Housewives of New Jersey anymore. She is out.  The shocker is the reason she is out. According to my well-placed spies, Dina Manzo is coming back. Bravo had to make some serious concessions to get her back and the biggest one was to fire Jaqueline. Apparently, these two despise each other like no other. You can expect to start seeing a flurry of drunken Jac tweets at any moment. I expect her to spew hatred toward Dina like a volcano all over the Internet for this.

Dina returning is supposed to accomplish of few things. First Teresa trusts Dina. If Teresa manages to make it through the entire filming before getting locked up, we could get some heart to heart moments between Dina and Teresa.  Secondly, Caroline is “leaving” sort of (more on that in a minute) and we need a new level-headed mediator to keep the lid on the pressure cooker. With Jac and Caroline gone, Dina will be civil with most everyone. The show needs a “carrier pigeon” between rival camps. It is unclear whether Caroline left for the spin-off leaving a spot open for Dina, or if Caroline was another of Dina’s casualties as condition of her return. UPDATE: My source says I can stop wishing for Caroline to be back on RHONJ. After five seasons, she has had all she can take of the drama and wants to spend time with her family. She was not fired but left to pursue a spin-off. If her show goes forward, she will have production credits and will have control of when and where filming occurs. If it doesn’t go forward, she is fine with that and done with the housewives franchise. She is leaving in a good place. As of now she is adamant, she is done with RHONJ.

RHONJcarolinegifCaroline leaving is problematic for me. Her “spin-off” Manzo’s With Children has not been greenlit as a series contrary to other reports.  She is filming a pilot. Big difference. No money is on the table at this time for any number of episodes beyond the pilot. It could end up being a one episode event. Given the fact that I seem to be the only person who enjoys the Manzos  I am not overly confident in the ratings leading to a full series.  With Dina on the show now, returning to the RHONJ would be highly unlikely unless the current sibling relationship changes dramatically. This worries me.

Kathy has been dropped to a friend of the housewife. She will be around with Rosie but is no longer a full-fledged housewife. Melissa Gorga and Teresa will continue their fambly drama for another season or until Teresa goes to prison.

So that is what is going to happen. Do you think Andy made the right adjustments?


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212 responses to “Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey

  1. See when it was asked in comments yesterday/day before about the Caroline news I too was surprised since as you said, it’s too early for all that. I trust you/your source. I was already over the NJ show, not watching it this season and certainly wont watch next season if it’s just going to be more Teresa/Melissa. Also, I like Caroline and hope her pilot gets picked up. I’ll give it a watch whenever it airs.

    • I know I was the one that subtlety told y’all about Caro, but I heard it much not be picked up. Are you sure it is too soon, because TT called out Sheree’s firing weeks before it was known to everyone after her missing the upfronts. I knew thy were negotiating because of an interview Mel did weeks ago.

      • lol are you trying to claim to be the source?

      • No, not at all. I was going through the comments on Thursday, and there was no mention on what happened to Caroline. I asked if anyone knew what happened to her and hinted that things will be different sooner or later, hiring at it. That is all.

      • Hinting instead of hiring.

      • You’re funny. I wasn’t here for the Sheree bit last year so I can’t speak to that. ************* nm. I started to reiterate my point above so lemme just say, reread my post that you replied to. And you really didn’t tell us anything about Caroline (is it really that hard to type 4 more letters?!). You mentioning her made me go on a search and other sites told me what I found and then TT verified it with her trusted source.

    • What are you blathering about?

    • Buck Henry

      Thanks for the tea Tamara that explains alot and all the information about Dina coming back. Remember Teresa made comment the reason why Dina isn’t talking to Caroline is because she was backstabbed by Caroline (She supported Jax and her crazy ways when she was going after Dina online and in the show).

      • Why do Dina a Jaqueline hate each other? I’m gald J is out. She’s so boring. The woman has no brains and no spine. I can’t believe she is so torn up about Teresa and her not being friends. Can’t the woman make any new ones? Why is she so terrified of Teresa? J has become so weird; she’s so fake, says trite idiotic things, acts happy when it is obvious she is miserable. The woman has a whole new face. I thought they were in financial trouble. Her husband is creepy too.She seems terrified.

    • Cindy Hedrick

      Not watching , Andy what a mistake to get rid of the three ladies that had their head on straight to bring back a gold digger and three new airheads. Will not watch anymore, and that goes for the 13 other people that came to my house to watch every week.

      • Selene K Shine-Serio

        DITTO; 3 airheads is an understatement. I got a short dose the other night of the coming season and it is like 4 theresa’s are on the show. OMG. So low class. Where did they pick up those “twins”? double trouble for the show. I will not watch anymore.

  2. Sarah

    I also heard that Gretchen Rosii and Alexis Belino were fired from RHOC. Is that true? Do you have any tea on that?

  3. #TeamDina all the way. She doesn’t trust Bravo and for good reason… Unlike Melissa/Kathy, she’s not going to go on the show in order to destroy Caroline/Jac’s reputations, because they do a good enough job themselves. I totally respect Dina’s decision to not sign back on unless her family got the axe. Karma’s a bigger bitch than Dina could ever be to her nasty sisters.

    Bravo has been protecting Jac/Caroline since season 1, but Dina resonates with the viewers as well. I’m glad we won’t see them on our screens anymore. I agree T, I don’t think Caroline’s show is gonna do well, especially with her name getting dragged through the mud these days, and with Dina there, she won’t be able to return to RHONJ…

    Best RHONJ news I’ve heard in quite some time! ^_^

  4. No, Dina was boring, bur perhaps being single she will have a personality now. Perhaps that’s why she was brought back, to showcase her dating life.
    I like Kathy and her family.

    • I thought Dina was great. Her season 1 bitchiness towards Danielle and then her revamping into a more spiritual positive person in season 2. She’s a diva with an ugly cat. And her daughter is awesome. I do genuinely like Kathy though. I don’t think she’s as boring as others say.

    • I think the way she came back was more than trifling; she got Jaq fired, though I called out Jaq getting the boot months ago in the comments.

    • CEBG

      I do not like Dina. She lied about outing Danielle’s book while Caroline tried to take the blame, but I believed Jacklyn when she called Dina in her lie. Dina reminds me of a person who will stab you in the back to get her way. She did it to Danielle to get rid if her. What kind of reson falls out with their family like Dina has? There are always two sides to every story but more than one estrangement makes one very suspicious. I will not watch RHONJ if she is a part of it..

  5. WOW I just now left a post on another blog doubting the rumors of a Dina return! I”ll be really surprised if Dina comes back, and sick if Teresa agrees to continue the G on G crime for TV.

    I’m worried that Caroline’s show WILL be picked up. There are a lot of Teresa haters who might just enjoy a Teresa-less NJ show. And Caroline does have fans, tho I can’t understand why-sorry lol. That could be decent numbers to keep it alive. I bet the Manzos have a nice little run.

    Thank goodness for herself and her kids that Jac won’t be back. She just might break twitter though because of it.

  6. mamacita

    thanks for the quick update on RHONJ.
    best tea as always… I also did not realize the extent of the ill will between
    Dina and Jac Laurita…
    on a side note I just starting using Windows 8…. I hate it….. hope you have better luck than me using it….makes me want to chunk my PC into the street.

    • eg

      @mamacita, my windows vista (got it in 2008) just died on me and my repair person replaced the hard drive with win.7 (which I guess is the next level above vista). I mention this only because I’m hearing so many horror stories about win.8 So far the w-7 is working ok (if I don’t junk it up with a lot of games and shopping sites like before:( But anyway, I know we’re supposed to be responding to the demise of the poor crayzo Jacqueline L. In my opinion she needs to go (and get a lot of rest, stay away from twitter and any other social media) I remember Dina as kind of boring but didn’t realize she and Jac did not get along. Oh well I’m sure Bravo and Andy will come up with some little clever family drama twist to keep us watching.

  7. Belinda

    I don’t get the fascination with the Manzo family. They seem like a bunch of boring dolts to me. The sons are not even eye candy anymore.

  8. The Daily Blabber

    I’m okay with Caroline, the only reason why I was over seeing her on TV was because they kept showing her viper of a daughter on the show. I didn’t think she would be on the next season because it seems the dynamic of her marriage is changing a bit and she seems like a pretty private person. Good riddens to Jacqueline.

  9. RealChicagoHousewife

    I will always be loyal to family no matter how mad I get. Requiring her sister in law to be fired as a condition of her employment speaks volumes to me about Dina’s character ( if it is true ). Italians have a saying “everyone eats”. Hurting your family’s finances like that is taboo behavior. There must be some kind of payback going on here. I think the entire cast should be replaced and Bravo should do a legal woes miniseries on Teresa.

  10. I don’t know what to make of all these changes I guess it will mean great rating for the show with Caroline and Jacquline gone and with the welcome addition of Dina

  11. lilys mom

    Dina was boring, who is she going to fight with.? All must leave and start with new ladies.

  12. Beth

    I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that the rift between Dina and her brother Chris, was because he used to be engaged to one of her friends and then he was cheating on her with Jacqueline and the rift between Dina and Caroline was due to Caroline’s hubby and her former husband and something about the Brownstone, since they own it together. I watched the clip where Caroline was blaming it on Teresa and I really don’t believe that.

  13. I’m guessing since Dina had no children with her hubby that her settlement was not that great and she can use the money now. I think she will be the Lisa Vanderpump of RHONJ. I like Caroline, but she hasn’t had a story line in years. I am so over her kids. I can’t imagine her show with those wastrels will be that popular. Also how long could Caroline go before Bravo brings up all the rumors about Albert and his girlfriend.
    If things are as bad for Teresa as is being reported, I imagine we will be seeing more of her on Nancy Grace than RHONJ.
    I like Kathy, but she added nothing to the show and her hubby is gross. I do like Rosie, she adds a lot of humor to a very bleak show.

    • Willow

      I heard that Caroline left because of her new show, But mostly because she found out that Albert’s cheating would become a storyline next season, (leaked apparently by Penny) and she didn’t want that to come out, so she left. Anyone else hear that?

  14. Ann Colbert

    Yes I’ve been a Bravo RH fans from the beginning I’m so glad to hear of the changes for RHONJ especially Jacqueline she was just annoying and boring…..

    • Just Me

      Now this is just a wild guess or maybe it’s already news somewhere…Doesn’t it make sense that Chris and Jacqueline (sp?) would be regulars on the Manzo’s new show. I mean Chris and Caroline are siblings. Chris works with the BLK things. It will not make it more interesting but it just seems like an obvious transition to me.

  15. Amazing that anyone would call Dina boring. She’s so much fun to watch. She’s funny and smart and interesting. And her daughter is the same. They both have a great sense of humor. And while nice, Dina can do the snark and would never have to hit someone with her stiletto.

    • ITA with you about Dina, teecee66. I really loved her scenes with her daughter. They both have a great sense of humor & you could see the love between them. I wonder if, since Lexi is of age now (I think she is, anyway) & wouldn’t need her dad’s permission, if she’ll make an appearance.

    • I still use her coined insult: “I don’t know if she wants to BE me or wear me like last year’s Versace.”

  16. Kate

    Dina was featured on oprahs show where are they now about her decision to walk away from reality tv. She was pretty convincing about her disdain for the genre. Based on that interview I doubt she would ever consider a return to the rhonj.

  17. Dianne

    I like Jacqueline ~ I think she’s basically a really nice person ~ maybe this just isn’t the show for her. Also, she doesn’t exploit her son ~ she’s trying to help others who have autistic children. I’m sure the majority of know next to nothing about autism, so don’t judge!

    • LOL. It’s Jac who is clueless about autism. But whatever. She can tour the country without cameras and spew misinformation all she wants now.

      • love2hatebravo

        Amen, Tamara! Jac is nothing but a Jenny McCarthy sycophant, spreading propaganda and misinformation, and absolutely exploiting that baby! Very glad to see her go.

      • We’re going to have to part ways on Jenny M. I am “one of those vaccination people.”

      • i am too. good friend is a nurse with an autistic son. she thinks so too tho her dr hubby does not. all the respect in the world for parents dealing with this. tough situation.

      • Jen

        Oh I’m sure Jac will continue to seek publicity. Maybe she will go on her website and admit she stole the $18K from the Susan B Komen cancer charity. And then there is the millions that were skimmed from the clothing company. If in doubt you can research the facts like I did.

      • lilkunta

        vaccinations are not bad. what needs to be done is administer them STAGGERED. giving 3 shots at once is bad. and no sick child should be vaccinated as their immune system is already working on fighting the cold virus or infection.

    • I have autism, and I know how it works and it is very complex. Some say that she used that to get a spot on S5.

    • Skeeter

      As a grandparent of an autistic child, my opinion is that she does exploit her son. We who deal with autism on a daily basis already know the struggles. Jacqueline, Caroline and Kathy have all said that Jac has her hands full and then they show Nick having a temper tantrum. That is exploitation and if she had a fucking clue she would know not to upset an autistic childs schedule and she does that every time she has her son filmed – yeah like that’s on his daily things to do list.

      • that is a very good point. hard to show the real life challenges of an autistic child’s parent without showing the child, but the child’s needs should come first.

      • Just Me

        You guys may not like it but she is creating conversation about autism. I feel it’s over diagnosed but still important to create awareness. Better than selling a lame cookbook on love or parents recipes, weird flavored water or boxed canoles. I hope you hear some sarcasm there. :)

  18. Val Campbell-Jones

    I hope they take off OC Housewives all together…they are ridiculous, especially Tamara :(

  19. Tamara

    Not sad to see Jaqueline go. I so hope she starts twitter drama and starts spewing Dina ” secrets” !! Mainly because I’m nosey and want to know what the family rift is really all about.

    As for heart to heart between Dina and Teresa I wouldn’t believe it. Dina said on Oprah that her and Teresa are close but don’t talk about their problems

    I did like Dina so if she’s back I’ll watch

    And I’ll be watching Caroline’s spinoff :)

  20. Hahaha! Jac got that ass FIRED!!!! I’m happy. And my favorite, Dina is coming backkkkkk !! :) wonder how that will go with Caro. Sooo….Tamara I want to confirm….was Penny angling for a spot on the show?? I needed her interview and she never got back to me. Shady?? And I’m all about Melissa’s ass leaving,or being demoted like Kathy.

  21. About the poll where people voted to believe Penny over Teresa, I think it’s because people don’t believe Teresa anymore, nothing to do with Penny. If that makes sense.
    Penny is a trouble maker and her husband seems slimy.

  22. Starrkitty

    I can’t see Dina being an asset, she is very guarded. Teresa needs someone to set her off, she doesn’t operate well in peace & quit..gives her to much time to create fake & phony. The way Bravo as been slicin & dicin episodes I thought Dina told Oprah she was above all that DRAMA!!!1. Besides i thought Dina was going to be in some type of “scripted reality soap opera-ish” thing?..Sad to see Caroline go, she is the only one that has an ounce of sense.

  23. Shellbelle

    I likes Jaq at one point in time, now, nt so much. I won’t miss her. I will miss Caroline.. I like her and her boys. I will give their show a watch and wish them good luck.

  24. Shellbelle

    I know it’s not relevant, however, can I just say “Go Dawgs!!” One of the top 5 games I’ve been to I since we’ve had season tickets!!

    • OMG SHELLE BELLE! Off topic UGA comments are always APPROPRIATE! So jealous you were there. Go get drunk and screw young college boys. Those were the days. :)

      Back to the subject, I love the Manzos, they are a real NJ family doing real NJ things without all the drama., I thought that is what you guys wanted! I mean there is that whole skeleton in a trunk thing to make things interesting.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Yes you can!! But it is (and was) raining like a son-of-a-bitch!

      • Puravidacostarica

        Ignore me, I thought Shellbelle was talking about the Washington Huskies’ game. Their fans also say “Go Dawgs!”

  25. pdt090

    This is ALL good news in my book. Now just promote that shit-stirrer Kim D to full time and I’ll be set.

  26. All I wanted to hear is that the entire franchise was canned. Over & done. Every one of them and their storylines. Dina just needs a paycheck since her days as an actual housewife are over. Yuck,Yuck, and more Yuck. I canceled RHONJ a long time ago.

  27. Sunny Days

    The prob w this show, & why I quit watching, is the whole Mel & Tre non stop same old drama. It’s like high school mean girls but w even less to say. So I think they need to fire 1 of those two in order for the show to change. Since Tre isn’t getting canned – Mel just needs to get the ax by default. I can’t stand another season of we hate each other but lets point fingers & try to blame the other.

    • True but if Tre goes to the big house and Mel gets the kids,…. that is it’s own new show.

      • Shellbelle

        I don’t think there’s any way on hell Tre would let melissa take her kids if she goes to the pokey. Don’t know who’d she get to take them, but I don’t see her letting her kids live with melissa. Tre’s girls seem to be a handful, she may have a hard time finding someone that is willing to take them on.

      • To reals. I doubt Teresa is gonna make it through all the filming.

      • disgrazia4

        If Teresa (may God forbid it) goes to the big house, there is no way she put would put her babies in the arms of that strega. There is family on the Guidice side Mama and Poppa Guidice would likely watch over the little ones as well as the parents who lost their home because of a spoilt dufus of a son.

      • Sunny Days

        well now TT – that has my curiosity up. omg I can’t imagine Mel raising those wild kids who talk bad about her all the time.

      • All the time? How do you figure that?

      • Angela

        I read somewhere that joe giudice did an interview saying that his sister was the one and only person that they trust to watch their kids, but they know they didn’t do anything wrong so it didn’t really matter. Melissa is barely able to watch her own kids because she’s club hopping so much trying to be a middle age pop star. Her sister seems to always have her kids.

  28. So, who is this jayden213 commenter and what’s his story? LOL!

    Also, thanks for the tea! I was REALLY not buying the Dina gossip, but I trust you 😉

  29. I knew it, I knew it. I called it out from months ago from how the season was going and she had no storyline whatsoever. She had nothing going on and she did no improve in ventures and stuff AT ALL.

    She was less interesting than Kathy and had nothing going for her. She was only there that long because Caroline was there. The way that she got fired was more than shocking, Dina was an even bigger bitch than I thought for doing that. I think Mel is gonna be the only one that moves on to S6.

  30. JoJo

    I will miss Chris, Jac’s husband, I thought he the most normal, calm and even funny of all the men. Too bad they couldn’t keep him as a friend of the HW and dispatch Richy! But no surprise the Wahkile’s being demoted.
    I thought Dina was a tad cocky, then way too sensitive when called out on what she actually said and did. But, it will be very interesting to see how she interacts with Melissa, unless Melissa just kisses her a++, just a guess. Melissa now has no allies even fake ones.
    Guess we’ll have a whole season of the Gorga’s still defending themselves and/or blaming Teresa for all the “lies” about their past. I specifically remember when they were in AZ, Joe Gorga telling Teresa that what’s being said and printed had way too many facts and accusing her of spilling those beans. That was interesting.
    And, I don’t dislike Caroline and family either. I wish her luck, and I’ll watch if her show get’s greenlit. Too bad the 3 Manzo siblings couldn’t do this together on RHONJ

  31. Leslie

    I have 2 comments/questions. Regarding Tre’s kids, I get the impression that Tre’s parents are at her house ALL the time, so I would bet that her parents take over or Joe’s parents.or siblings. No way in hell she would let Melissa take the girls. My question is for you TT,. didn’t Dina have a reality show deal in place with Al Roker producing and also some soap opera show? If she is back will she discuss her life, ie: her divorce, her daughter, her family? Any thoughts..

  32. theREALHONJ

    TT I like Caroline too. I am just too through with the Melissa/Teresa BS. I’d much rather see a Let’s Get Rosie A Wife show. And that’s no joke. Hummm Dina? She can be a tad of a drama queen herself when shes not doing her zen physic mumbo jumbo. My sister and I have our problems sometimes but one of us always gives in because we are SISTERS and love each other. Anyhoo I’m awaiting RHOBH. They say it’s gonna be a great season!

    • theREALHONJ

      And I thought Dina left because Danielle told her Ex a bunch of lies about her exploiting Lexi for the show and offered to help him get custody.

      • These are the sorts of things I need a refresher course on. I drank away all those memory cells. :( um Cheers?

      • pdt090

        Word on the street was that the “horrible thing” Caroline cried over at the S1 reunion which Danielle had supposedly did to Dina was contact her ex. Allegedly, Dina had forged his signature to get Lexie to appear on the show, and Danielle told him that. That’s also supposedly the real reason Lexie didn’t appear on the second season. I don’t think it was ever confirmed one way or another, though.

      • pdt090

        I find that rumor questionable though since the ex would obviously know something fishy had happened regardless when the show began airing and his daughter was on it.

      • That makes no sense. If, during filming or even at the reunion, it came out that Dina gorged a release, they would have edited the daughter out.

  33. Tango

    Oh happy day. Bub-bye Jacqueline. Caroline I can take or leave, as with Kathy, but to know Jacqueline is done is really cool news. That little boy may have a mom who looks at him more than she looks at her iphone now…

    • The issue is, you are an abject moron who says they have never watched the show, posting on a site with a true source and acting like you knew everything all along because the voices in your head, or some other site told you something.

      I think it is time for you to take yourself back to all of those other sites. I am sure they must be missing your insightful comments.

    • When I was growing up, I was very religious ( Baptist) and in HS we would go on mission trips on a bus from like Atlanta to Lake Placid. It’s a long trip and there was a lot of conversation about entertainment and movies and stuff. There was one girl, let’s call her Michelle because that was her name, who always pretended to know the latest movies. No matter what you said, she had seen it and had an opinion. So once, when the bus stopped we all decided to make a movie name we had seen.

      Oh yes, Michelle had seen it too, in fact she went to the Premiere! It was super glamourous and she had VIP tickets because her Daddy knew someone! She had an autographed picture of the breakout star (we made up).

      Jayden is the Internet version of that. Clueless, desperate for attention and making things up as fast as her little fat fingers can type.

      • theREALHONJ

        OMG! PMSL!!!

      • I am not making up stud an not desperate for attention. I comment just like everyone else about their opinions and predictions about what will happen and why something happened. I never said I never watched the show, and I am familiar enough with the show to now who Gretchen and Alexis is. I am clearly not making it up if it is all over the blogs and stuff and has been confirmed by many. You don’t know anything about me to say that I made things up when they have happen or my prediction which is just that, comes true. It really is not that serious.

      • um who are Gretchen and ALexis?

  34. I had no idea Dina hated Jacqueline so much. This is why I love this site. I get all the goodies!

    • I had no idea either until today. I thought all of that was behind them. I think she just didn’t want any family members on the show…

    • pdt090

      Chris was originally engaged to Dina’s best friend when he meet Jac, and the hate between his wife & sister supposedly started then. That rumor always seemed a bit contrived to me but in light of these developments I guess it’s true?

      • Katrina

        Jacqueline also backed Danielle against Dina in the first season. Jaqueline aldo said Dina wad the person who outed Danielle and discovered the book. I’m sure Dina doesn’t trust Jaqueline.

  35. bunniecarrot

    My heart flutters at the thought of Jaq being gone.

  36. CFK

    You THINK you were the first to break this. NOT.

  37. ZenJen60

    Good move to bring Dina back,her cat grandma wrinkles (I think that’s its name) was a little creepy.BTW I am the original ZenJen LOL. I too always thought Albert his father Tiny and the Brownstone is where the skeletons lay…

  38. Mary

    I wish they would bring back Danielle Staub!

  39. The hate started back with Danielle. Didn’t it? That’s when and why Dina left?

    And I’m not so sure I’d categorize this as Dina getting anyone fired. It is just that she didn’t want to be on with Jacqueline. Bravo had their choice. They chose Dina. Maybe because Dina is more interesting. Maybe because Jacqueline had become a liability and a bore. Either way, they chose.

    • JoJo

      That’s exactly how I read it too, Dina is more interesting and Bravo made a choice. And if Lexi is on too, so much the better, she’s funny and interesting. I do think if Dina allows to get pulled in to any drama it will be between her and Melissa and that I’d like to see:))

  40. Rose

    No he didn’t!! I’m sick of the housewives changing every season in every city! I’m done.

  41. does anyone have any parting words for Jayden?

  42. SB

    Yes thank u Andy for getting rid of stale ass Jaq laurita! And the Caroline Manzo clan! I am very interested to see what happens with Teresa next season. it will be harder for her to play dumb this time around.

  43. sapphiregirl1970

    Amen! Prayers have been answered! Wacko Jacko is gone!! it really bothered me that she exploited her child for the Almighty Buck..it’s one thing to bring awareness to autism and I suppose on one level she did but to me she was parading that kid like a windup doll. Caroline? eh she used to be my favorite Jersey housewife til last season ugh! talk about mountains out of molehills..she has kind of worked her way back into liking her this season but you can tell she’s had it..she kinda phoning it in…a manzo spinoff? I will pass especially since her classless cow of a daughter will be part of it…I can stand that bitch! I hope Vito tells her to take a flying leap. So Kathy and Rosie friends of the housewives? I hope Bucky beaver fishlip Richie isn’t on..he’s probably crying his eyes out he’s not a housewife anymore! I can’t staff Kathy either a royal passive aggressive bitch! talk about jealousy of Teresa..she is big time…I hope that this is meho and stumpys last season I am so over those two and can’t believe Bravo and NBC would have the couple on their network that says basically in their book natural rape OK a OK! SMH And YAY for Dina coming back! OK that is my two cents!

    • SB

      For whatever reason the fact that Lauren got an effing lap band to lose 30lbs REALLY rubs me the wrong way. Wa Wa Waing about how she just can’t lose the weight, blah blah blah….When basically she didn’t want to work out/eat right and knew her mom/dad would get her the surgery to shut her ass up. Now she acts like she’s a damn Victoria’s Secret model! All three of those kids are delusional.

      • lilkunta

        i agree. Caroline lost weight by exercising and eating healthier. Why didnt she encourage her daughter to do the same? LAzy lauren..

  44. Katrina

    Ireally like Caroline and I was hoping she would stsy, but having her own show with the children will be better. I like Dina and she is still close to Teresa.

  45. Brillke

    I’ve never been a fan of Dina’s, I found her to be boring, but I thought Lexi was adorable and her laugh was contagious.

    I will miss Caroline. I’m sure she doesn’t mind leaving the show, this is an assumption on my part, and am sure she has plenty to keep her busy.

    There is a whole lot of mean going around in the comment section. You’re all pretty, not need to fight. :)

  46. This is a bit off topic but I just want to through this out there. I have been blocked by JacLaurita on Twitter for some time now. It seems that she does not agree with me that exploiting her autistic child and autism in general is in poor taste. JacLaurita also does not agree with me that stealing from charities is despicable. Occasionally, I look at her TL on Twitter. Yesterday, I discovered that almost every Retweet with a response from JacLaurita is FAKE. I reviewed RT’s for the past 6 days and with the exception of possibly 2 RT’s, all appear to be constructed by JacLaurita herself. She makes the RT’s look as though she is responding to a real person (in some cases she is) but she will add a fictitious last name ex: @mary Smith. When you click on @mary, it is actually a @mary Williams and she has created zero tweets let alone a tweet to JacLaurita. Notice JacLaurita’s RT’s, she almost always puts a last name of the person she is tweeting. So when the person receives her fictitious tweet, the unsuspecting person just thinks it was sent to the wrong person. Many RT’s go to “protected accounts”, therefore, the recipient never receives the tweet. Some RT’s go to accounts that only tweet in Chinese or Spanish. Some accounts do not even exist at all. She just makes up a name with @ sign in front (not in blue) They are ALL phony retweets. Here is an example: From: @JacLaurita “Always!XO RT@Fiona M @jacLaurita thank u for sharing ur challenges w/us on your show. U r educating & bringing awareness about autism2so many”. Fiona has not tweeted since 9/20/13 and she has NEVER tweeted to JacLaurita. NOTE: notice the “M” after @Fiona’s name? The “real” Fiona’s last name begins with an “L”.
    These fictitious RT’s go on and on. Unsuspecting people subtweet on these RT not knowing they are fake. She is not breaking any laws (well as far as Twitter goes she isn’t) but she is self-tweeting what an awesome autism advocate she is and the tweets are fake and it is appalling. If she was “really” an advocate for autism, would she have to make up tweets. She exploits autism on national TV and she exploits autism on Twitter. I have 2 grandsons with autism and this goes against everything the Autism Foundation believes in. I don’t have my own blog or website or you could rest assured that I would be all over this. People, especially these parents of autistic children who are looking to the wrong person for help and guidance, need to know that she is a fraud!!!!! Rant is over!!! I will not be silenced!!!

    • Someone tell me if this is for real? My head hurts.

    • OMG! I just checked a few tweets and you’re exactly right LOL! Who does that?

    • Tango

      Just more proof of what we know…Jaqueline is a wack job!

    • i’m relatively new to twitter but looks right. normally, if you retweet, at the bottom of the retweet it would say “retweeted by _____” and these don’t. i think more than two of the retweets are real but good catch!

    • lori

      I don’t use Twitter, but this is not surprising at all. I can totally seeing this whack job doing this. She reeks of desperation. I wonder how it feels to pretend to be a positive role model, all the while making up fake tweets of these people you have helped thanking you. Sounds like the inside of her brain is an absolute insane asylum, and I swear I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she winds up in one. How can Chris be married to her?!? Her and that neck of hers. So so glad she is gone. All we have to do is make it through the reunions and then no more jaq!

      • Whateveryou

        Having seen some of Jacs tweets, too funny. Never drink & tweet. You said what I’ve been thinking the last 2 seasons with this gal. How can Chris (who seems somewhat sane) put up with her. & why? I really liked Jacs during the 1st 2 seasons. Funny to think of the difference between how these ladies came across back then & how they seem now.

  47. Jacqueline Laurita tweeted about the Greek and he tweeted back. She also implied that she’s not out for next season.

  48. so glad that Jac will not be back…she has proved herself to be very unstable & I think she should have been canned when she was a no show at the reunion I will miss Caro and family (well, not Lauren so much) but I love Dina and am so happy she is coming back. Now if they could just get rid of Mel and her awful husband…they are poison (no pun intended).

  49. I used to like Dina, but no more. The fact that she continues to support Teresa, well, I have just nothing to say about that other than that, at the very least, she is a traitor to her own family. And she got Jaq fired? Shame on Andy for that one.

    I really don’t want to hear all the Peace and Love BS from her anymore. Pot meet kettle.

  50. LMV

    I like the Manzos. Yes, including Lauren. I like the relationship they have with each other. You can tell their family gatherings are full of laughs. Sometimes at others, but also at themselves. Jaq I am kind of “muh” on. I probably wouldn’t notice she was gone until the third or fourth episode. I am also “muh” on Dina. I never found her that interesting. I guess it is because I am not into psychics or saging (or whatever that is called). Plus I always got the impression that she married her husband only for money. Not sure why, since we never saw the guy, but that was the vive I got.

  51. I thought the rift in the Laurita clan was because Dina wanted Danielle ousted from the cast, and when that didn’t happen, she wanted all of them to walk off the show. Caro’s and Jaq refused, leaving Dina as the only one quitting. To Dina, they chose fame whoring over family.

    This would explain the satisfaction she would get from having Jaq ousted as a condition of her return.

    • Skeeter

      There are so many stories out there. I heard it was because Caroline and Dina’s brother (who got married on RHONJ) was supposed to get married on Dina’s cable show and Caroline stole the idea for RHONJ.

  52. Tana Elia

    Best decision Bravo has made since firing Larsa Pippen, Christy Rice from season 1 of RHOM. I have a special needs child and we depend on State Assistance for help. I don’t get to go to BH for a tummy tuck and Jac needs to seek treatment for mixing her meds. with wine and cut the impulsive tweeting. Kathy’s story line, YAWN! Last, I could careless of watching the “Manzo’s funding everything for their kids” #BORING…I am Team Dina! So glad she’s back!

  53. Michelle

    Pitiful! Caroline can go, her time on RHONJ was up. But getting rid of Jacqueline?!? Not a good move, in my opinion. I always liked Dina so if she does come back that’d be fine with me. Melissa and Joe need to go, they’re so fake! Keep Kathy and the fam, they’ll fill in as the honest people of the group because the lies that are bound to come from T & JJ with recent legal issues will need counterbalanced.

  54. Richard Cabeza

    Just FYI: You may want to stop drunk tweeting, insulting your readers/commenters, and stop begging for $. Unfollowing & no longer reading your rambling posts.

    • one thing I do not do is beg for$ the rest is all me. I am financially challenged at the moment. It’s very stressful and going to come out in my conversations, I’m me.

      • Belinda

        TAMARA………I sincerely hope that you are not hurt by the R.Cabeza post;
        It means nothing. I love your honesty and your spirit ( not to mention your intelligence and knowledge ). I have NEVER seen you beg for $ but your vulnerabilities are what make you so endearing even when you’re ripping someone a new asshole. Most of us believe you to be a very special class act.

    • lol as long as she’s funny while doing it, wth not?! :)

    • Avatar

      Rich, you don’t have to unfollow. Tamara blocks/spams everyone who calls her out on begging and b..ch talks about anyone who disagrees with her.
      For example. It would be a miracle if this comment makes it through. I’ll tweet it.

      • Welp, I guess it is a miracle. Not as good as turning water into wine, but still a decent effort by our Lord. Or Jesus. Or whoever is in charge of miracles.

        Jesus by the way gave all kinds of cool shit to beggars and healed them from blindness and lameness. He could heal your lameness too even those you have a different sort of lameness.

        Even the asshole God of the Old Testament was nicer than you and would have at least bought me a bottle of Merlot.

        Proverbs 31 6-7 Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress; let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.

    • docwall

      Richard Cabeza = Dick Head hmmmmm

  55. tina crocker

    Jacqueline is not only the prettiest of all housewives but also the funniest most compassionate and has the most beautiful soul. You are to good for this negative drama jac….many blessings to you and k3p up the hard work and dedication to Nick and autism

  56. Mandi

    Having autistic family members is a part of life for many American families. Not sure why so many people call it exploitation? The days of hiding disabled people from the public is over.

    • It’s exploitation because she made it her storyline. Autistic kids need to be on a structured schedule without strangers showing up late at night shining TV camera lights in their face because mommy is home from a several day trip to Hollywood to get cosmetic surgery. It’s exploitation because having a child on the autism means you need to be hyper vigilant about their needs and treatment and diet and not on twitter 24/7 pushing BLK water as a cure for anything, but focusing on your child. You need to be interacting with BOTH of your kids rather than buying shoes and playing in makeup and putting on pretty dresses to be on camera. You need to be checking out the program where your child spends 8 hours a day and making sure you are aware of the skills he is being taught so you can reinforce them at home. It’s exploitive. Sorry. Has nothing to do with hiding anyone’s disability. I put mine right out there on front street. We all need to embrace the hand we are dealt. But sadly Nick’s diagnosis is all about how it effects Jacqueline. And that is very sad.

      • Mandi

        Yes. I am aware of what it takes to raise an autistic child. I also manage to wear makeup, buy shoes, and wear pretty dresses. Not really sure of the correlation… I am also aware that these “reality” shows only show us a little bit of the lives of the cast members. I was unaware that a little comment on this blog would result in such a tirade. I have successfully unfollowed. I would suggest that you rename your blog to something more appropriate so people understand the purpose is to bash Jacqueline and facts are not important. Have a pleasant evening and I wish you the best. Thanks

      • I agree, I should probably have called it Tamara is allowed to tell her opinions. And I could be wrong. But I am not in this situation. But that was too long. So I went with something shorter.

  57. Amy

    Rhonj was the only one I watched, now I won’t watch that one. Andy why did you go & ruin it?

  58. Gloria

    Melissa is too old to start a singing career and I doubt her jealous joe would let her travel. Terese probably will go to jail, Caroline is in everyone’s business, Jacqueline is boring and Kathy is boring also, plus her husband is a pig. If Dina comes back it might be interesting. We will hsve to wait and see.

  59. Margaretta

    I am so glad Jacqueline is leaving. With all the drama with Teresa, she is more ridiculous for the all the grew. She acts like teenager and likes to gossip all the time. The only normal is Kathy – love her!

  60. Sandie

    I am sad!:(. I will not be watching the show any more now that Jacqueline and Caroline will no loner be on !! Show will lose in the ratings for sure !!!

  61. Teenie

    I’m not sure how to feel about the Laurita’s or the Manzo’s leaving/fired. I assumed and hoped that Theresa and her law breaking husband would be fired. Wishful thinking:( No more RHONJ for this house.

  62. cosmo3356

    well….Jaqueline and Caroline did provide a lot of drama…but, I really think they’ve gone as far as they can go with the current group of women.

  63. PennyR

    Thanks everyone, especially tamaratattles, for all of the above. I only Googled to find out whether Sonja Morgan (RHONY) ever managed to market her oven thingy and somehow ended up here. :) We (UK) have only just seen the RHONJ episode where Danielle turned up mob-handed at The Brownstone – hosted charity event to find there was no table for her and her, umm … associates. Dina has decided to break off all contact from Danielle and Jacqueline has just had her baby. We get to watch everyday so are rattling through the episodes at breakneck speed. Reading the posts here is rather like turning to the end of a book first.

  64. franK

    Good riddance to Caroline and Jacqueline…Actually, good riddance to RHONJ..this show showcases everything that is wrong with women.. and figures, a man is at the helm..(Andy).hope the show fails…won’t be because of Car or Jac leaving…it will be because it is garbage..good riddance to bad garbage..:(

    • Oh FranK, you seem to hold a pretty dim view of women in general. I don’t know any woman remotely similar to those portrayed on the show. One ex? Gangster’s Moll and one (+ other half) out on bail charged with serious crimes. Hmm. Whilst watching it’s easy to forget that nothing happens on this, or other similar shows, that is not manipulated by the producers, I can’t begin to imagine what will happen to RHONJ if at least 4 housewives have or might vanish from our screens. Can there possibly be any more disastrous ‘housewives’ living in New Jersey who would dare make an appearance? RHONJ seems to be slightly cursed does it not?

  65. dave

    are they auditioning for a new housewife? because wikipedia states that only Dina, Melissa and Teresa are slated to come back. There’s got to be more, right? They need to add more housewives to shake things up.
    Know anything on that front?

  66. Pat

    Andy made a bad move! Dena is a jerk. Why? Because she is a friend of Crazy Teresa! Her voice is like someone steapping on a cat.
    Also, I will miss Caroline greatly.

  67. kKarma

    Well Im glad wacko Jacko is gone.

    TT do you have any idea if Caroline spin off will be aired. Im in Aust & we haven’t gotten it just wondering if its already aired in the states or they’ve pulled the plug on it. Thank TT

    • ​No, since this post was written, they were given an entire season. It has been filming recently, not sure if filming has been completed yet or not but it should be near completion. No word on when it will air here yet, but I will definitely be covering it. :)

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • kKarma

        Thank you for replying look forward to ur blog on the show. If its a go or not.

        You really do have gr8 source i do read other blogs but yours is by far the best & accurate thank you for your hard work and a great job

      • You’re welcome! And thanks for reading and spreading the word!


        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • kKarma

        No prob Hun after all we are sharing my husband Michael it’s the least i can do LMAO XX

      • ​I love and am perplexed by the fact that so many women are willing to share their hot husbands with me.

        Mostly I love it.

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • kKarma

        Yeah don’t blame em gives us a good break LOL

  68. Jacqueline getting fired is Andy’s biggest mistack. Should of kept her and not Dina. Dina left once I pray she goes again. I dont like the new ones or the show now but I will n can’t wait to see Caroline’s new show miss both lady’s and Kathy. Andy what in the world was you thinking. This SUCKS BIG TIME THANK YOU FOR MESSING THE BEST SHOW EVER TO THE WORST SHOW WITH OUT THE QWEENS OF TV NOT DINA . (Can’t stand seeing her on the show)

    • Selene K Shine-Serio

      Ditto of your comments !!! The first show was boring and the twins are low class ignorant “women”. Melissa’s old friend (her name escapes me) isn’t interesting at all. Cheap low class group. They all deserve each other. Kathy’s too nice to be an “occasional guest” as they claim she will be. Where these gals get their money is from the BLOOD of the Mafia. UGH!!! disgusting. Dina came back because of her expected divorce and financial issues she’s having. I’d bet she having an affair with some producer of the show. Otherwise I find it so difficult that she had the “power” to make a “deal” with them to throw Caroline & Jacqueline off of the show. I will NEVER watch again. Looking forward to Caroline having a new show too.

      • kKarma

        Her name is Amber & IMO is a nut job.

        I would’ve like Jax to stay but Im happy bout Kathy being demoted to part time

  69. dawny

    I cannot for the life of me respect these women on RHONJ, yes I watch it, it’s what I call “car crash TV” you cannot help yourself but to watch it, and jacqueline was boring if am honest but Andy I hope you did the right thing here as Caroline and Cathy were the decent part of the show, speaking as they find and showing oodle’s of common sense and I love Rosie….no literally of course….it would not surprise me if Rosie ended up in another reality show all about herself, she is so sweet and is definitely worth watching….but as for Theresa and Melissa I could spew thinking of these 2…..god put some horrid people on this planet and most of them are now in this programme now….sorry but shutting it down now, don’t want to watch these ignorant,greedy,lying.2 faced greedy ….did I say greedy bitches spend thousands of pounds to be vulgar and some kids on my estate will be hungry with nothing this xmas time……they should be ashamed of themselves the money they spend on clothes alone!!

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