Jacqueline Laurita Posts Delusional Blog One Day Before Her Hearing



Today is the day Joe Gorga, Chris and Jacqueline Laurita and Johnny the Greek head back into New Jersey court to answer to their misdemeanor battery charges.  Let’s think about this for a moment, three people are accused of assaulting one persona and one person is accused of assaulting three people.  The three people accused were angry with the fourth person about some comments on twitter (allegedly this is the story they will stick to).  You don’t exactly have to be King Solomon to figure out how this is going to play out.

But before we get to all that, I MUST address Jacqueline’s latest blog, most likely in it’s entirety which is not my general practice but this blog is so full of cray that I may have to address each line.  So grab a snack, this will be a long one.

Jac is very good at pointing fingers...

Jac is very good at pointing fingers…


I am not able to get past the title without a comment. Jacqueline is in full on victim mode before she even gets started. Why oh why am I surrounded by drama? It just happens to me!

Kim D. told me I had actually been in Penny’s presence a couple of times in the past in quick passing at her store and at one of her events, but for some reason, I couldn’t remember her AT ALL. I certainly don’t know the girl, and we have never been formally introduced. I am sure I would have remembered her if she had been rude to me in the past, so she must have been nice to my face. Even when Penny was pointed out to me at Moxie, she didn’t look familiar at all to me. Maybe I was distracted by her hair, but I didn’t recognize her face.

Jac realizes her saying she had no idea who Penny was is utter bullshit, so she lies about lying.

Come to think of it, I have met lots of people, and nobody has actually been rude to my face upon meeting them. I guess most rude people just talk behind my back or hide behind their computers like cowards.

For someone who spends more time on her computer than I do, and I am a blogger, with  no children,  it seems like you are the one hiding behind your computer Jacqueline. Even as you write this blog, you have a lot of trash talking going on that you would never do to JtG or Penny’s face.

Once we arrived at Moxie Salon, I was told it was rumored that Johnny may be coming, contrary to what I had heard previously. I really wanted to confront him about what he had been saying on social media, to the press, and around town about my family, me as a mother, and about my son. Maybe because his wife “taught Autism” he thought he was an expert on the topic and could tell whether or not my son “graduated” that class with a diagnosis. He is the one constantly talking about all of us on social media and everywhere else, but WE are the ones trying to get attention? Ok. (Eye roll.)

How stupid do you think we are? We may be addicted to some of the worst TV on the planet, but other than that, our brain cells still work.  EVERYONE, was talking about JtG being there on the shots shows in the episode on the way to the shoot.

And yes, Jac, you are the one trying to get attention by any means necessary even if it means disrupting Nick’s sleep schedule to exploit him on national television. Is Penny chomping at the bit for a piece of the pie? Sure she is. But you are definitely an attention seeker.


My husband and I were disgusted and bewildered by the amount of hate that was obsessively coming from him. It was unbelievable to me that a grown man would put so much effort into trying to ruin another person’s life that he didn’t even know for no apparent reason. I was curious if Johnny had an aggressive mental disorder that could potentially be very dangerous. What sane person tweets horrible things about people he’s never met all day long? Are his hot dogs not selling these days, because I can think of something entertaining for him to do with those left overs to fill up his…spare time?!
Maybe after confronting Johnny, he would tell me a random juvenile delinquent had hacked into his social media and it wasn’t really him. That would make much more sense. It certainly didn’t sound like a grown man. I decided to get to the bottom of it and ask the both of them face to face. If it was them saying those awful things I saw and heard, they could at least have the guts to look me in the eyes and say it to my face instead of hiding behind a computer like cowards. This was their big chance to say, directly to me, what they have always wanted to say, or had been saying about me and my family. I was giving them their shot. I then wanted to know their reasoning for saying these horrible, ugly things. I was just trying to make sense of it all. It was interesting how he announced on Twitter after that night that his attorney advised him to delete all his tweets over the past few years. That is why he had deleted them? I know why.

I confronted Penny because there were things on my mind that I felt needed addressing, and I wasn’t about to let it go. Penny was finally in the same room as me, and the odds of us being in the same room again were slim to none. To my surprise, Penny was just as sweet as pie to me. I was confused. I actually kind of liked her when she was being so nice to my face and when she said that she loves kids with Autism, although she kind of lost me a little when she said she “taught Autism.” I’m still trying to figure that one out, but that is neither here nor there.

So… Penny denied everything to my face as I looked her straight in her eyes, and she, of course, defended her husband. All I was hearing from her was that they didn’t do it, someone made them do it, and they were following orders from someone who was feeding them ammunition. OK… contradicting… but she sounded somewhat convincing, but truth or lie, what more could I say to her if she wasn’t going to admit anything to me? I wasn’t about to get into a “Yes you did!”/”No I didn’t!”  war with her. Either way, their actions were unacceptable. I had to move on from it. Ugh! I hate when people lie to my face and/or about me. Have some integrity.

I wanted to ask Johnny the same things I asked Penny. I couldn’t believe the things he said and did. Guess you’ll have to wait for the season finale.

You know Jac, it takes a special kind of person to go on a reality TV show that is known far and wide for humiliating the participants as much as humanly possible, and then blame some random couple on twitter for ruining your life.  The only way these people can ruin your life is if you make Twitter your life. Which you have. Allegedly so much so that you attacked a grown man  repeatedly with the heel of a stiletto for his opinion of you and your family on twitter.

Now I will address “haters” in general for a minute. Haters on social media baffle me. Please answer these questions.

I don’t think ‘baffle’ means what you think it does. I think what you mean to say is that I spend all day worrying about what random assholes I don’t know think about me instead of handling my business.

1. Why follow someone on social media that you don’t like? That is weird.  I don’t like your negative energy, and that is why I am not following you and blocked you. I’m sorry that you feel rejected. Try being kind.

Like you followed Teresa and went ballistic on her daily for months on end? Why didn’t you unfollow her or try being nice?

2. If we have never met, how could I have hurt or offended you personally, and so deeply, that you feel compelled to not only reach out to me, but to fixate, insult, obsess, and harass me? It’s as if you actually believe I murdered your puppy. I didn’t.

Look, Jac, I have always said that people that tweet you ugliness directly are overly involved in both RHONJ and Twitter. That said, I thought you blocked them?  Problem solved. Yes?

Celebrity Apprentice: I Hate Aubrey O'Day3. How is me living MY life, and the choices I make, effecting YOUR life so negatively? If it’s hard to watch, and effecting you so emotionally, I advise you not to watch me anymore. Fast forward or don’t follow me. Hate makes you ugly and is not healthy. Save yourself.

I don’t think people are wasting energy hating you. I think they watch a show where you make an ass out of yourself and they laugh at you for entertainment. That would be somewhat cruel if you weren’t already dancing for our amusement voluntarily. But you are. So deal with it.

4. Did you know there is a difference between constructive criticism and insulting someone? Google it! When you insult me, I block you.

Again, you keep saying you block people. Problem solved.

5. Did you know that repetitively spreading rumors consisting of accusations that are not proven to be true (FALSE accusations) and maliciously stating them as facts is slanderous, defamation of character, and harassment?

I know that JtG knows that. Yet you keep doing it, because you have to follow the Bravo script.

 6. Do you understand the difference between having an opinion of someone and seeking out a complete stranger to fixate, insult, slander, defame, harass, and obsess over them? It is abnormal, psychotic, and illegal.
According to you JtG is a complete stranger who you have accused publicly of all sorts of things and then attacking him with a stiletto. I agree, your behavior is abnormal, psychotic and illegal. Good luck in court today.
7. If your daily focus consists of finding ways to hate on me, aren’t you losing focus on yourself and on important positive things and people that you should be focusing on in your own life? While the hate inside you has been growing and eating you alive, I’ve been doing my job working for Bravo, creating a beauty website I’m hoping to launch soon (AltruisticBeauty.com) and beauty products, raising autism awareness in various ways, writing books, and taking care of my family. How you doin’? “Haters keep following me, while I follow my dreams.”
Altruistic Beauty? This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read. Do you even know the meaning of the word?  I love the order you used for what you are doing.  Although you forgot the thing you do most. Obsess over Twitter.
8. Do you have a psychotic disorder that may or may not have been addressed? That would explain a lot, and I would handle you differently. Check on that.  The reality is I’m really not your enemy; you are your own enemy. You are your own worst enemy. If you continue on this path, you will self-destruct, and I will not have done a thing to you. Get a hold of yourselves!
The truth always comes out in the end. That is why I don’t fear it.
I am becoming an even stronger Autism advocate as time goes on. As hard as you haters are trying, you can’t stop me. I have too much passion and I am too strong for you.
Thank you to all you wonderful, kind hearted, supportive people that have appreciated our sincere efforts to raise Autism awareness, who love my family, who have supported me no matter what, who lift me up, who have shared with me their own stories, information, and resources, who make me smile and inspire me every day. You are a part of my joy and I wish you all the best, always! (The rest of you….not so much) XOXO!
This may be the most delusional Bravo blog EVER. And that says  a lot.


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33 responses to “Jacqueline Laurita Posts Delusional Blog One Day Before Her Hearing

  1. She is all sorts of crazy, I’m afraid this only scratches the surface. NJ used to be my guilty pleasure that I hid from everyone, I’d only watch it when I was home alone, free from the ridicule my husband would throw at me when he caught me watching it. Last season I’d watch it sporadically, this season I DVR’d it and last night I deleted them all, completely un-watched. I just can’t bring myself to watch these people not only lie, but tear each other apart with apparent glee. I still have a morbid curiosity about their antics, but I only will only read blogs like yours. (I seldom post, but I’m here every damned day…Le sighhhhh.) I’ve concluded that its all grossly over scripted and that Andy Cohen is a nasty, misogynistic ass who thrives on tearing women down, (allowing that shameless “advice” book to be not only written, but actually printed) while running straight to the bank.

    All whining aside, any word on what happened in court today?

  2. eg

    Wow! You (TT) are being wayyy to kind when you say that (mess) that she wrote is “delusional”. She is an insult to delusional folks everywhere. Are we sure that it is little Nick that has the illness? That stuff reads like a rambling mad woman. She kept repeating the same point over and over again, like she was talking to herself (or the voices in her head) Man, that was a doosy!

    • khintx

      “………….She kept repeating the same point over and over again, like she was talking to herself……..”

      That’s what drunkards do.


  3. I truly cannot handle the name of her beauty products. That is just hilarious.

  4. deb

    TT I like you, and usually come to your blog for some comic relief relating to the brain candy (aka trash) that I am ashamed to say I watch on TV. But the way you hate on Jacqueline Laurita is not fun, or funny. I don’t really get, out of all the crazy, fake housewives, you have such an issue with Jac, who is IMHO one of the least objectionable women of the whole franchise. Anyways, just my opinion you can take for what it’s worth (probably nothing to you) but the over the top hate on Jac – including saying she exploits her Autistic child which is just another level of horrific accusation to make at any mother, especially one dealing with such a difficult diagnosis – is unappealing, completely lacking in reason and compassion, and makes me not want to read your blog.

  5. Wow, you were reading, but still a bit too nice. If she deleted them, then why is she worrying so much about them that she wrote a good amount of her blog about them? Either way, her days on TV are numbered, and she is looking crazier and crazier. Therapy does wonders.

  6. digal704

    Jac is super delusional! Tamara you are awesome, I loved this breakdown!

  7. Ok. I’m not even halfway in and it’s bonkers. “…ruin people’s lives…” Um… She’s not talking about what he said about nick here is she? That’s about the Caroline thing right?

    And how the FUCK is her saying the man has an aggressive mental disorder any different than him saying her kid doesn’t have autism. Nuts!

    Ok. I’ll be back.

  8. MamaJen

    As a blogger, you were the first I followed. I always enjoyed your writing, but I have to say in my opinion your used your blog as a way of spewing hate from a one sided point of view. If you hate the characters on this show, don’t watch it, but don’t use your position as a blogger to tell your one sided personal opinion of what a piece of garbage someone is, there are two sides to every story, and we all know Bravo creates story lines to up ratings. Most Bravo stars have sold out for the cash, and the people on the edges are the scum seeking their 15 minutes and hoping for more air time next season. New Jersy is the worst of them all, but I like all the full time cast, see it for what it is, and never fail to be astonished at how much emotion this scripted show draws out of people who know it is manipulated by producers.

    • Wait…don’t use your position as a blogger to post your opinions? That’s wrong in your mind? A blogger posting opinions is wrong? But …you posting that opinion of gamers is not wrong? That’s ok? You can post your opinion on her blog and she can’t? Jacqueline? Is that you? This was a very altruistic revelation.

    • Your phrase … “the people on the edges are the scum seeking their 15 minutes and hoping for more air time next season…” does make you sound like Jacqueline. Nice try, famewhore. Go spend real time with your kids and get the fuck off the internet, you plastic, bloated loser.

    • WTF do you want bloggers to do, kiss ass of cast members/Bravo/any other production company? They run independent blogs to state their own opinions. The idea that you find that wrong is mind boggling.

      Of course a blogger can only give their own opinion. They aren’t mind readers! And the whole point in blogging is to give their opinion!! And when it comes to opinions NO THERE ARE NOT TWO SIDES. You’ve confused “the truth” with “an opinion”.

    • Skeeter

      Here’s a thought – why don’t you start your own blogsite and not read this one? Ehhhh Freedom of Speech – I think that’s what it’s called – and WOW you have some nerve coming here telling someone how to write their own blogs on their own blog site.

  9. Lol. How is calling g herself an “autism advocate” any different than saying”I used to teach autism”?? It’s the exact same mistake that she HARPS on several times. I thought her mocking someone for muststating something g in a pressured conversation was funny. Because she’s not exactly eloquent. But she WROTE this shit. And had time to edit. And probably got input from her husband and rat face daughter. And she STILL fucked it up.

  10. Honestly? Do you think she named her cosmetics line Altruistic because it SOUNDS like autistic and that is her big claim to fame??

    • Do you honestly even believe that it even exists? Jaq has never shown any interest in beauty, except for neck lifts and tummy tucks, but you cannot sell those like a product.

  11. cherry

    Jac is stressed and it shows. She is overwhelmed and needs to simply take a break from all of this….maybe she is apart of the “shake up” that Andy told Wendy Williams about. Alls (with my Jersey accent) I know is by going back and forth in efforts to defend yourself, as well as the random twiiter rants, she is making herself crazy!

  12. altruistic beauty? well, of course! don’t you know beautiful people make this world a much nicer place? she is clearly thinking of all our welfare when planning her miracle beauty products.
    seriously, i wish your comments were on all the bravo blog posts. they would be much more fun to read. got a kick outta this one.

  13. Katrina

    I just cannot be mad at Jacqueline. I think Jacqueline looks at the world through rose colored glasses. I think Jacqueline uses twitter as an escape, just like people watch TV for escape. Twitter provides feedback and she is home alone with Nicholas most of time.

    • FedUp

      Nick is with a teacher 8 or 9 hrs a day,not Jac!Her days are free,all hers!Her Xanax,booze and twitter time while someone else works with her child!

  14. Tiara M

    I never post but I’m always here :) With that said, today I MUST. ALTRUISTIC BEAUTY?! Is she serious??? Clearly she doesn’t know what altruistic means and I’m embarassed for her.

  15. She is off her rocker and it’s unsettling.

  16. Jac has always been the most deep down crazy person on RHONJ. It’s hard for me to even fathom the thought of her being one of my favs on the first season.

  17. Has there been an episode of the show in the past two years where someone didn’t say something like “Jacqueline is under such pressure. She really needs to take some time for herself.”

    It’s a new drinking game.

  18. I’ve only commented in here a few times and often with a slightly different opinion or point of view than TT.
    TT has never disrespected me or my opinion. None if TT’s “family” in here has attacked me.
    So if want to have a different opinion do it respectively without attacking the blog owner. TT owns this site.
    For me that is a winning blog with a decent group of followers.
    JAC does need to take a break from the internet and television.

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