What’s Wrong With This Picture: Shahs of Sunset


I am not sure if I am emotionally ready for Shah’s of Sunset to return. Long time readers here know that when this blog first began, I did stories on Shah’s before anyone else even noticed there was a show. Because I was raised in Libya, I was quite fascinated with how Bravo and Ryan Seacrest would paint a show about exiled Iranians living in the US.  Of course the first thing they did was ditch the word Iranian in favor of the antiquated and not synonymous at all, Persian.  Because American’s would rather think of Disney characters than you know, terrorists seeking nuclear capabilities.  Reza has stated many times that he is American and doesn’t keep up with Iranian politics.

So it is peculiar to me that on the very day that Hassan Rouhani, the newly elected Iranian President was a no show at a luncheon where many expected Obama to bow extend the olive branch and shake his hand Reza tweets the above picture with the tweet,” Persian royal family! #shahs @mikeshouhed @MercedesJavid @AsaSoltan @LillyGhalichi @GolnesaGG .

Frankly, I don’t know what will piss me off more, if MJ and Reza make up, or if they don’t. I am not sure I have the stomach for another season.  Can we just give A$A her own show and get rid of the rest of them?


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27 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Shahs of Sunset

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    So, where’s MJ?

  2. lori

    Wow. I didn’t know you were raised in Libya.

  3. Tamara

    If Reza tried to makeup with MJ it will only be to look good in front of the camera again. He was a truly awful friend to MJ last season and it made me so sad for her. I hope she’s in a much better place this year and is able to have a good time with Reza but has learned that he can’t really be trusted.

  4. I know what’s wrong! The picture is blurry, out of focus because they didn’t have access to Photoshop to fix the ugly?

  5. Twilly

    GG looks almost like she’s wearing a wedding dress. And where’s MJ?? I liked the first season and the second season was totally unwatchable for me. I felt so bad for MJ, who is my favorite. Yes, she’s a little sloppy but she owns who she is, despite Reza and her mother trying to make her into something she isn’t.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    There’s a huge gap of space between Asa & GG. As if MJ was to be photo-shopped into the picture at a late date. Hell it looks like each of them was photos-shopped into the picture one by one. 3 of them are looking one way & the other 2 are looking opposite ways.

    Lilly looks creepily lifeless, and well Reza is just plain creepy.

  7. ZenJen60

    I also like MJ. Reza was a total douchfriend to her. Except for the addition of Lily ,the rest of the cast cracks me up. I’ll watch.

  8. ZenJen60

    Reza was a total douchefriend to MJ. I still haven’t figured out Asa. I want to like her but her passive /aggressive personality leaves me wondering what her true essence is. Too bad noone has a Grandma Flagg #million dollar listing that’s featured!

  9. ZenJen60

    Hey everyone bear with me. I’m a newbie. I’ll get the hang of it. Sorry Tamara n all ur followers.

  10. Olive

    So Tamara you like ASSa? I didn’t like her last season at all.
    I am so upset about MJ and Reza, I really hope she remains smart about him.

    I didnt know about your upbringing, that’s so interesting. Are you middle eastern– North African ethnically ?

  11. NAA

    I’m a little surprised at your view of Iranian vs Persian. I know a lot of Iranians and they usually self-identify as Persian if they are among sophisticated people and Iranian if its some dolt who needs to look on a map. I wouldn’t dismiss that, particularly with the post ’79 diaspora crowd who never really viewed themselves as Iranian.

    True story – I went to college with the Shah’s son who killed himself recently. Sweet kid. :(

  12. eg

    I took another look at that pic, and as someone already mentioned, could it be that MJ was photo-shopped out of this particular one? There is that awkward space between GG and Asa………ijs

  13. Olive

    Just re: the thing you said about Mexicans and Spanish. I’m 1/2 South American and refer to myself as “hispanic” when referring to that half. I prefer that term to Latino.
    I never ever ever say Spanish because I know actual spaniards. Plus Spain raped my relatives’ country and all …..

  14. AsaLover

    What’s wrong with this picture for me is that Asa seems to have undergone a body transformation. I love that woman because she’s all about embracing your this and that. Now out of nowhere she’s got an anorexic waist and ghetto booty. Hmmmmmm *side-eye* Looks like someone has had a little work done.

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