Sidebar: Jackson Family Civil Suit in Closing Arguments

Comprehensive Guide to Latest on Katherine JacksonWe haven’t talked about this much here but I am assuming some of my trial junkies are watching closing arguments on HLN.  Here is my understanding of what the Jackson attorneys must prove.

1) That AEG hired Dr. Murray. If the jury cannot agree on this point it is all over for the case. AEG denies hiring Dr. Murray and claims that Michael himself who hired Dr. Murray personally. AEG says that Michael paid Dr. Murray personally with money AEG advanced to Michael. AEG sent an email to Dr. Murray reminding him that AEG “pays his salary” ; however, AEG seems to say that email refers to payments to Michael that ultimately funneled down to Dr. Murray.

2) If  and only if the jury finds that AEG did hire Murray, alone or in concert with Michael, then the jury must find that  AEG should have known that Dr. Murray was a potential risk to Michael.

3) If the jury finds that AEG should have known Dr. Murray was a danger to Michael, the jury must find that AEG was negligent.

4) If all three of the above things are found to be true, then the jury can decide the degree of fault, or comparative negligence, for AEG and Michael.  They may decide that AEG is 100% responsible and Michael is 0% responsible. Or perhaps they will find that Michael was 90% responsible and AEG is 10% responsible. They will use those percentages to potentially reduce the amount that the Jacksons are suing for.

Apparently the jury cannot give punitive damages. I do not understand why. They can decide  to grant economic and personal damages which could be GINORMOUS.  Essentially the personal damages are all future earnings of Michael Jackson.

You can watch the livestream, commercial free, here.


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11 responses to “Sidebar: Jackson Family Civil Suit in Closing Arguments

  1. steve

    everybody involved in this is culpable to some degree. Michael, Murray, and AEG they all knew what it was taking to keep Michael going, for a long time too.

  2. ZenJen60

    I wish everyone wld allow Michaels children to grow n bloom without all these distractions. Michael was the moneytrain an it seems that when all is said an done its the lawyers who is profitting still. RIP Michael

  3. ZenJen60

    On the postive side it seems like Debbie Rowe is stepping up n becoming a mom to Paris. When all is sd an done Michaels estate will be depleted . Addiction. Dr’s lawyers family…

  4. guccinara

    That family seems to spend all its time dealing with lawsuits whether instigated by/or against them – could one begin to even count how much have they paid lawyers over the years? this one seems ridiculous. that family just aint right. and still trying to cash in on MJ – you would think it would be enuf that the dr was convicted and somebody is doing time his death, but no the family are gutted about the cash they are missing out on. the money was michael’s he isnt here anymore. u can say u are doing it for the kids but the kids are sorted and if managed properly wont be going hungry anytime soon. this is just greed. i was a massive MJ fan all day long but nobody forced that dr onto him. if i was aeg id be miffed about being accused of this, i dont know if they had insurance againt anything happening to michael cos it looks to me like they are the ones that are very out of pocket, paying for a massive tour that didnt go ahead. as for the jackson family’s lost future earnings. his sales have multiplied 100 fold since he died, maybe aeg should seek a slice of that.

    • Katrina

      When you have that kind of money and dealing with the music industry, lawyers are inherent. Michael supported his mother and children, so their lifestyle is affected by his death. Catherine does not work and her son was very generous to her. She is not going to give up her lifestyle if she does not have to.

  5. bendy

    How can they even claim damages? Michael’s death rehabilitated his image to a point where his bankrupt estate is now making money. Michael dying is the best thing to happen to the moneytrain since all the accusations against him.

  6. just saw that the family lost. AEG not liable.

    • (jury found that AEG had hired the doctor but he was competent so AEG was not liable for MJ’s death. jackson family lawyers said earlier that they have grounds for appeal. — saw this on CNN and twitter)

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