Porsha and Kordell Get Ugly With Each Other

RHOAporshakordBefore I started blogging, I was a blog reader. Once you have your own blog to worry about, the bigger it gets the less time you have to read other people’s work. So I nearly fell off my couch this morning when I heard Wendy Williams quoting Atlanta’s premiere blog, Straight From the A about Kordell Stewart’s sexuality this morning. Congrats, Atlien!

Most of us have seen the preview of next season where Porsha says that Kordell never wanted to sleep with her, leaving her to wonder what it is he wanted.  This renewed YEARS of speculation that Kordell is gay.  This rumor dates back to his football playing years and has followed him up until today. This is not some Bravo drama they just pulled out of nowhere.  Also, all Porsha said is that he didn’t seem to want to be intimate with her. On RHOM Joanna says the same thing and… oh um nevermind bad example.  Anyway so y’all did indeed let me know that the rumor was going around again and that Kordell was denying it but I ignored it because, well… It is what it is.

I'm sorry, but If you are married to this....

I’m sorry, but If you are married to this….

I did not know that Straight From the A received an exclusive email from Kordell’s lawyer that said  in part, ” I’m very ashamed of my wife for saying something that she knows is not true at  all.  The rumors have never been true. I’m not gay.” Go to SFTA for the complete statement.

Atlien seems to be on Kordell’s side despite posting some tweets from Kordell that essentially say that Porsha slept around during their marriage and that is why he would not sleep with her. I on the other hand find it interesting that Kordell has to come up with an explanation acknowledging the allegation that he did not sleep with Porsha. Frankly, I will continue to give Kordell the side eye. Porsha was beyond in love with her man and defended him even when he didn’t deserve right up through the finale. He left his wife to defend their scenes alone on national television while every other REAL woman had their man there by their side.  So, for me, this lawyer statement means nothing.

I totally believe that Porsha was blindsided and perhaps hoped she could er…pray away … the issues in her marriage so that she could have a child with Kordell. Perhaps Porsha was unaware of the rumors until the show aired and they all began to circulate again. Either way, unlike Atlien, I lay the blame squarely on Kordell’s shoulders. He should have known there are consequences to not showing up to a reunion show when summoned by Andy. Please go read Atlien’s opposing view and tell me what you think.


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16 responses to “Porsha and Kordell Get Ugly With Each Other

  1. I’m so surprised that Porsha has gotten a lot of negative press due to her comments. While her comment WAS shady, and could be interpreted in two different ways, she never explicitly accused him of being gay. Seems like Kordell is really defensive…

    I’m squarely team Porsha on this one. You don’t get a more loyal wife than her based on her appearance on RHOA. She has defended this man to death. Playing Devil’s advocate, let’s say she did cheat on him. It was probably because he was cheating on her with guys… lol

    • Buck Henry

      I know all about those rumors about Kordell over the years. In fact that was the main reason why he got out of football early and retired. It was getting closer and closer to him being found out. In fact I won’t talk about the one rumor where a cop did find him with another guy in a park (you can google that) back when he was playing but he kept quiet about that. But I will say this though, in the black community as we all know the being gay think is considered an insult big time. If your not married, you must be gay. If your not attracted to me, you must be gay. So if you don’t dive on the first black woman or if your a woman the first black guy that shows interest you must be gay and no other reason.

      We all remember when Peter came out at the reunion to defend Walter when Kenya was saying he must be gay since he’s not interested in her. There are many reason other than being gay. In Kordell Steward it’s a major 50/50 split, because as you said Tamara and I know also those rumors followed him for years well before even Bravo was a network. And in Walters case, he likes his women younger and he was just in it for the show. Kenya was trying to run a scam with Walter and hopeing he would marry her by her trying to shame him into doing it. We all know that Kenya is long in the tooth and all the rich sugar daddies are going after the younger ones. She is looking for a man with money to hang onto.

  2. lori

    If he is gay, I feel bad for him. In this day and age, to me there really doesn’t seem to be a reason to lie about it and hide it like there used to. If he is lying about it, it’s sad that he has such an internal battle, accepting who he is and being happy in his life. I know that being a pro athlete may make it a more difficult than for many others, but it seems to me that the athletes who have come out as of late have gotten a warm reception from the general public and their teammates (at least as far as they show on tv). You can be gay and still be macho. It doesn’t change who you are. Your personality is still your personality, etc (which in kordell’s case is unfortunate). He must feel a great deal of shame or something. I tend to think that he is gay. Why has it taken him so long to put out a statement saying otherwise? Or better yet, why even put a statement out at all? Why let it get to the point of building up for all of these years? If someone really isn’t something that others are saying that they are, they usually refute it right off the cuff, no big deal. Maybe even chuckle a little. I used to be accused of being a lesbian all the time, and I found it funny, because I’m not. I would also f#ck with people who thought I was. Kordell’s so serious about it that it makes me think it must be true. Well that and that he didn’t sleep with his hot wife. So if it is true, I hope he can find some peace with it. I still can’t stand him for what he did to that poor girl, ending it the way he did after she seems to really put her whole heart and soul into that marriage. It was just straight (ahem) up mean if you ask me.

  3. LPH

    His not sleeping wit hher does kind of explain the side-eye he gave her when she brought the pregnancy test back from Vegas. If he thought she’d been sleeping around during the marriage and barely slept with her himself, then I can now understand SOME of his actions.

  4. I saw the preview, and I do not know if she meant it like that, yall know how Bravo editing works. Either way, that does not take away from the rumors of his sexuality from years back, and how he treated his wife and cowardly bailing on her the way he did. The pregnancy test and the rumors of Porsha though are a tiny bit suspicious, especially if he barely slept with her.

  5. pdt090

    Porsha’s going to have to do something really awful for me to come down on her at this point. She was loyal to him to a fault and he played her in return. Whatever is coming his way now is his own fault.

  6. There’s nothing fishy about Porsha and the pregnancy test. It only takes sex one time to get pregnant last time I checked…

  7. What about the fact that my man Kordell told Porsha he didn’t want the to be on the show again, and Porsha went ahead and started negotiating for the next season? Why is that being swept under the rug as being the reason he filed for divorce???? I believe that really happened, and Porsha thought Kordell would cave, stay with her, and stay on the show. He doesn’t strike me as the caving type. He strikes me as the man of the house,protecting his family,and he’s not going to allow lying and sneakiness to occur. I don’t care about the gaay rumors. I like his character as a man, and how he defended his woman. I don’t know why everyone else sees that as controlling. I personally need a strong man to put me in my place.I don’t call it controlling, I call it being a man.Too many weak men out there now.

  8. It’s his Achilles heel. And she went for it. She knows it’s the worst thing she could do to him and she did it. She is a shitty person pretending to be a victim. But do not take my word for it. It will come out. She will self destruct. Btw, that naked photo of her is hella unflattering.

    I’m not sure why you’d criticize Kordell Stewart for not being with her at the reunion. They were days from separation. And if you buy the blindside thing….well let’s just say I do not.

    How many times did she lie to him or half truth a story to him to appear to be the victim during the season? You don’t see that person as a natural liar and manipulator who is used to doing whatever to get her way.

  9. bunniecarrot

    I am so late on this post……but…….I swear Kordell got back with his son’s mother and that was one of the reasons for the split.??

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