Andy Cohen Talks Teresa and Joe, Sean Avery, Housewives News on Wendy Williams


Andy Cohen was on Wendy Williams this morning  to promote the upcoming interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Andy said, “As you see it’s no holds barred we really went there, and it’s interesting to hear. They are at a very serious point right now. ”  “They seem to be facing it with strength together.” Andy says  It’s interesting to him that Teresa maintains such a strong exterior. He asks her when does she allow herself to be scared and if she allows herself that. And do they think they are going to beat the charges.

wendywilliamsAndy says they do think they will beat the charges. Wendy says, so they are in denial?  Andy says he asks them that very question on the show. Wendy says that when they have four daughters they have to put on a brave front for them but they are probably scared shitless. In response, Andy said, “right.”

Wendy moves on the RHONJ in general and tells Andy “this season has not been the best.” Andy says, “Okay then, we need to make some (pause) some, some, adjustments.”  Wendy says no more Manzos. They are too good of a family for this garbage show.  Wendy says, ” The Wakiles…..mmmmm I can take or leave them. They’re another good family.” Wendy says we don’t want to see good families pulled down by reality TV. Andy says, “You know what? You don’t have to be pulled down, you can also be frothy and bubbly.”  He seems a bit defensive.  Wendy wants more Penny the backstabber, (Andy laughs reacts with an Oh My God!) more Kim D (Andy still laughing yeah, okay). Wendy says okay so you are going to fix it up in Jersey. Andy says yes.  He did not seem comfortable in this conversation.

Moving on to I Dream of Nene. Wendy asks if he went to the wedding. He says no. He says his parents were in town that weekend.  He was excited to go. He says he got the invite 3 weeks before and his mother was not too keen on switching her plans. Wendy asks if he gave a gift. He said yes, she asked what it was. He said it was something from the registry, he thinks it was a big tray.

Wendy asks about his engagement. He says if you believe the Internet, I am engaged to a straight former hockey start named Sean Avery. He’s straight everybody. He’s straight. And he has a girlfriend. We are not engaged. Wendy, why can’t a straight guy and a gay guy “be buddies together and go on vacations without everyone thinking we are engaged!”  Wendy says she just wants him to find love.  She posts a Throwback Thursday pic of Andy cutting a lawn in a speedo. If someone wants to email me that Instagram pic I will ad it in here. Andy says he is still single and he is about to get a dog to help him brave the cold New York winter alone.  If there is one thing we know about Andy Cohen, it’s that he is a bastion of truth. So we can put that rumor to rest. BWAHAHAHAHHA.

Wendy asks Andy about the new Manzo’d With Children pilot they are shooting now. He says it is a fun little 30 minute show kind of like Don’t Be Tardy about the family.  Wendy deadpans him. Because she is a Manzo hater.

Then they played a Housewive game that they both sucked at.

Sorry for the poor writing on this one. I was trying to type as they spoke. I hope you get the gist of it.


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18 responses to “Andy Cohen Talks Teresa and Joe, Sean Avery, Housewives News on Wendy Williams

  1. pfffttt

    I agree with Wendy. The family drama is old. It was an interesting TWIST that set Jersey apart, but now it’s ridiculous. Bring in Kim D, she stirs it up.

    • Lulu

      I won’t be watching the Manzo’s. I hardly think they are a good family. Lots of secrets in the family. I also gave up on the Miami housewives. New York might be better this year now that Frenchie is gone.

      • Mina

        I kind of wish they would just get rid of everyone and start over. Or at least, most of the cast. Miami should be cancelled, and NY needs some new faces and dynamics, as does Jersey. Beverly Hills is tired, and Orange County needs to lose Gretchen. What else can they do with these people. ATL needs some new people too. I know we like drama, but it’s too messy. I don’t know, maybe I am just over it, period..

      • Urethra Franklin

        Their spin off show is only going to be one big promo ad to push their business ventures that need NOT be mentioned anymore. #Pass

  2. Amy in LV

    Has anyone read on Radar Online that Alexis and Gretchen were fired from RHOC??? I came on here bc I was hoping TT would have a post about this being true or false?

  3. lwickedgirl

    The Manzos are boring as dry bread. How many businesses do their children have to fail at before they just go back and work for their father? Kinda off the subject but who is the new housewife on Beverly Hills that looks like she is seriously anorexic? She looks ill.

  4. Tamara

    I like the Manzo’s. I think it’ll be a cute show and probably no drama. Vito is signing on to be part of the show too. Caroline posted a picture on teitter about it.

    Unfortunately, I never really got into Miami.

    And I think maybe they should just retire the entire New Jersey franchise. I think the entire cast needs to take a step back and focus on their families ( I’m looking at you Ms. Laurita). And we’re all sick of the family drama between Gorga Guidice mess. Well never be truly happy if they leave the more boring member and bring in unrelated crazies. Well just sit and moan that we miss the others. So goodbye Jersey!

    But Andy well still need them to occasionally appear on WWHL so that we can keep up with their ridiculous drama

  5. RealChicagoHousewife

    I’m looking forward to new cast members for next season’s RWHNJ. Of course it’s not like Andy has much of a choice. The Feds never lose.

  6. pdt090

    Thank god Wendy kept it real about how awful this season has been.

  7. pfffttt

    I love the Miami show. The women are beautiful, I love Alexia, and Adriana’s accents, the palm tree’s, the setting, their homes. It’s really great. They have drama, but not TOO much drama ie New Jersey. Not to mention Mama Elsa, who I have missed so much this season.

    • pdt090

      Adriana’s ruining the show for me at this point. It’s not like blatant lying and delusion are new to the franchise, but she brings it to such a level that it’s unwatchable.

  8. JoJo

    Meanwhile, as Andy’s getting schooled by Wendy, the Gorga’s are over at Bethenny show promoting her “book.”
    But, Andy’s dreams are coming true as all hell breaks loose at the same time by a piece written over at the feminist Jezebel, who’s writer is aghast & slamming the “book” for promoting rape (not to mention Melissa not pooping so she’s alway’s clean and ready I guess), giving detailed excerpts also suggesting Melissa’s probably an abused woman! Cut to today, the rush continues over at HuffPo and others picking up the “rape.”.
    All this wonderful publicity for a poorly written let alone conceived HW rag & the resulting controversy and the damn Reunion already filmed. I’d love to be a fly on the Bravo PR wall today. Guess we’ll see the Gorgas on WWHL for an emergency appearance to take advantage of the current firestorm!
    Andy’s early Christmas present – hell with cold NY nights:)

    • JoJo

      PS to self, I think this “book” is pure fiction, but I guess the hoorah is coming from people that aren’t familiar with the show. The Mrs acts like Joe has cooties if he touches her, but if there’s any BDSM going on by any stretch of reality, she has the whip!

  9. OMG please I can’t with these “Mando’s anymore this is going way to far now , ” Really if anyone that can sit there an watch that whole mess well then “Good Luck” too ya !!! I’m not watching them no way cuz I know more so now how much Fake they really are together it’s just sickens me an Caroline’s husband Mr. Goodie good old boy is just as fake Cheating for over what 5 years now an all of them know about it wow an that’s what all this Fighting Stuff was all about at the end of New Jersey it’s a big mess. To find out they all blame Teresa an it had nothing to do with her from the Beginning to the End it’s so shameful what Bravo has done to Teresa for almost 4 years my heart goes out to her it really does an now with all this court stuff God Bless her she is a true Beautiful Lady an a very Strong one for that, ” I hope things will be alright for Teresa an Joe as well their 4 Beautiful girls.

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