Real Housewives of Miami: It’s A Breath of Fresh Air

RHOM real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-joanna-romain-wedding-15YAY for Miami! I wish more people watched this show it is one of my favorites! Lea, Lisa and Joanna are off to LA. They show the MIA airport and I immediately have PTSD Flashbacks. /shudder  Lea has had her engagement diamond reset on a very high prong band. Of course I pause the screen to gawk at it and make my novice appraisal. It seems to have a visible flaw on my HD TV and is definitely not colorless. I don’t mean to imply that I would not kill all the babies in a remote village for it. I’m just taking a very close look.  She is also wearing a diamond band with diamonds all the way around and while it is a hard call on TV they seem to be a full carat per stone. She also has on a tiny very delicate chain bracelet with a chain that goes down and encircles her middle finger.

Once onboard,  the ladies appear to be flying business class.Surely, I am mistaken and they are in first. I guess it is first, it’s just a huge plane. I just spent way too long trying to figure out the aircraft. Sorry, jewelry and travel get me very distracted and this franchise has tons of both. EDIT: It was a 777 and they were in the bulkhead seats of business. I know I am the only one who cares about these things. I notice everything about traveling.

RHOM the-real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-kids-peter-and-frankie-14Meanwhile, back in MIA, Alexia is running the Venue cover shoot. Peter is wandering around shooting behind the scenes photos. Alexia is trying to keep him close and out of trouble. Alexia says she is guilty of giving the boys too many material things. At a photo shoot on the street a taxi driver blocks the shoot and flips off Alexia when they tell him to move on. Peter goes after the taxi and either kicks it or punches it (not exactly shown and stories vary) so the taxi driver calls the cops on Peter. Peter runs off and leaves Alexia to handle it. Which she does. And the taxi driver moves on after the cop explains he has better things to do. Alexia is very worried about Peter’s anger issues.

Alexia talked to her mother about Peter’s issues. Her mother is a psychiatrist. Alexia says she is worried about Peter’s judgment. The three go outside and Peter says he found out a lot of stuff about his birth father that he did not know from a blogger who called him for an interview. Alexia says a lot of that stuff was untrue but some of it was.  Peter’s father was in prison from his birth until about age five. No one ever told him why his father was not around. Peter was mad that Alexia  kept the information from him. Peter overly identifies with his criminal father and is angry at his mother. Alexia’s mom tells him she wants to counsel him confidentially. Though confidentially on this show generally means on camera “therapy.”

Joanna’s LA house is lovely. Lea has to point out that hers is smaller but in Hollywood Hills while Joanna’s is “over the hill.” None of these women can pack. Joanna and Lisa sit outside with Joanna’s mom and drink cheap wine and talk about sex.

Lea and Lisa go to Joanna’s wedding site which is a hotel with lovely views. But she wants to have the wedding by the pool? On top of the pool? I am not impressed. Perhaps it will be beautiful once it is all gussied up. Generally, I would vote against the wedding party, particularly the bride and groom walking on a runway over any body of water. Joanna says that Lisa has to choose who to be a bridesmaid for, she must pick one or the other. Adrianna has said essentially the same thing, but I think she may already have a dress for Adrianna’s wedding.

RHOM Adriana-hitting-her-head-on-Real-Housewives-Of-Miami-season-3-episode-2Meanwhile in Miami Adriana and Frederic are at their wedding location. Frederic is in a seer sucker suit. I LOVE a man in a seer sucker suit. I’ve never seen a non Southern man wear one though! Adriana is expecting all of her attendees to change outfits in the middle of the wedding to meet her Great Gatsby theme expectations. Her son, the smartest person in the room says that everyone will have to change in their cars. The property event planner says they can open the executive suite on the 15th floor for a changing room.  If that don’t beat all…

Lea’s house in the hills is drop dead gorgeous. Very modern. All black and white. Lisa and Lea hang out there while Joanna goes dress shopping for wedding dresses. Lea and Lisa go shopping for Birkin bags. Apparently you have to be a preferred customer to buy one.  Lea is a preferred customer so she is going to vouch for Lisa. Or some such.

Out at a girls dinner in LA with Joanna’s LA friends there is a lot of conversation about IVF.  Lisa is feeling very uncomfortable.  Lisa is unhappy about Joanna’s ultimatum regarding being a bridesmaid. Lisa tries to use Joe Francis as an example of someone Lea likes that everyone else thinks is scum.


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14 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami: It’s A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. ZenJen60

    Greetings! Tamara ur blog is the best. Congrats. I also love. Miami. Can’t imagine what it wld be like to own a Birkin. Sighhhh we can dream. Liking lea more this season

  2. therealdeb

    i think alexia is her child worst enemy. from what i saw she lied to the cop about anyone hitting the taxi with either a fist or kicking the damn thing. lying for an obviously troubled youth isn’t going to make it better. she can blame all of peter’s issues on frankies accident, the fact that his father is a gangster or what ever she wants but what it boils down to is i am sure she didn’t raise him to behave that way and she is covering and making excuses for him, she has the guilties for whatever reason. adriana makes me want to smack her so i try to ignore her but to expect her guests to do x y, and z is a bit much. she is a little to full of herself and her preceived stardom. her child really is bright though. can’t help it but i love lea, she reminds me of a crazy aunt i would love to have. lisa needs to stop obsessing about being a bridesmaid, joana appears to be much closer to her l.a. friends.

    • bunniecarrot

      Ugh! I’m so over Alexia. She has an excuse for every single thing her son does. I’m still not over the whole attacking a homeless guy thing. Her son is a rich snob who wants to be a gangster sooooooooooo bad. He’s going to get in to a situation very soon that his mother can’t get him out of

  3. ZenJen60

    I know how hard it is when ur child is going down the wrong track n u can’t stop the train. My heart goes out to Alexia. I didn’t warm to her til this season. Wishing Mama Elsa full recovery. Prayers to Marysol. Tamara ur blogs bring me joy n the comments r priceless. Carry on!!!

    • Thanks Zen Jen! And I think Mama Elsa returns next episode! YAY!

      • ZenJen60

        So glad to hear Mama Elsa wil be on. I’ve quitely followed u for sometime n most of the time u/sources r dead on. when a clarification is due u put on ur big girl panties on n own it. Ur followers spices the tea. Lea has some valid points concerning Adriana. Lea was introducing her to wealthy men all the while legally married assuming she was free bird.

  4. Loralei

    Love your blog and have been reading it for a few months. I read your traumatic story about MIA airport and fell in love with you and your descriptions of horrific/humorous events. I used to love Adriana I think BC that is my daughters name. (I spell it with 2 Ns), but now I am embarrassed for her. Didn’t Alexias son get arressted again, kinda goes into nature vs nurture, sad.

  5. RealChicagoHousewife

    If Lisa thinks Joanna is really her friend she is mistaken. Every chance she gets Joanna points out that Lisa is married to money and she did nothing to earn a living for herself. Joanna also shows a lot of insensitivity regarding Lisa’s fertility issue. Joanna uses Lisa as a friend of convenience because the other ladies in Miami ( other than Lea) don’t want anything to do with her. This us against them story line is old. Now the Alexia’s storyline on the other hand is interesting and doesn’t seem to be overly scripted. It’s real life happening and that’s what these shows are supposed to be about.

  6. Ame

    What is up with that picture of the ladies all being chummy with Joanna in her wedding dress? If the bad blood is scripted…,then keep the pictures consistent with them fueding Bravo!!

  7. Urethra Franklin

    It seems Lea never leaves her house without wearing & carrying less than several hundred thousand dollars worth of clothes, purses, & jewelery.

  8. SnookumsLynn

    I like Lisa, married to money or not, she seems to be a nice girl who loves her hubby and is trying her best with her life. I think her fertility issues are a sore spot for her and I feel bad, I definately think Joanna is not a friend to Lisa, and Lisa should keep it moving…both Joanna and Audriana are RIDICULOUS regarding who is being in their wedding and worrying about who is in the other girls wedding…
    I really like Alexia and I like that she knows she raised a spoiled brat, and knows that he needs help. I do not like that she tried to downplay his stupidity to the police, but parents will do that…at least she knows she has a problem. I’m glad she’s not in COMPLETE denial.
    Joanna and Lea, should just be by themselves…they are irritating and they both are LAME! Lisa should leave them alone in all their misery…after she gets her Birkin…lol, I am a design student and I just learned about how the process of getting a Birkin is had, they still are like a dime a dozen if you’re willing to spend over $10K for a bag, all the losers in Atlanta have one, except probably Kandi (she’s the only one that realizes that if she has $10K, she can earn at least $2K from it, I love a frugalnista…lol)
    I hope Lisa gets a new bag or 5, and I hope that Lea & Joanna choke on their LA homes..LOL! cannot stand them!!!

  9. lori

    My favorite part of this episode was when the Lisa went rolling down the hill with her suitcase, and I agree with Lea 100%! Anyone who packs that much stuff in their suitcase for a weekend vacay DESERVES to roll down the hill with it!

    I think it is ridiculous that Alexis’s Mom is going to be her sons psychiatrist. Isn’t the point of having a psychiatrist that they are unbiased. A third party who has nothing to do with the situation and no pre conceived notions about the person. Someone who knows no one else’s side but yours? I’m sorry, because I usually don’t write negative stuff about the housewives children, but as he is no longer a child, I am going to voice my opinion. He needs a good kick in the ass BIG TIME. After what he did to that poor homeless man… I just can’t. That is absolutely disgusting. And that he filmed it and put it on the internet?!? Well that speaks for itself in how he felt about what he did. If they showed him behaving differently, like maybe he learned something from the experience and sees the error of his ways, then I would feel differently, even with how horrific what he did was, everyone deserves a second chance, but apparently that is not the case. He is an asshole. Sorry, but he is. He’s not a little kid. I felt sort of sorry for her regarding him until I saw how she handles him. Lying to the cops, and stooping to that level yelling at the cab driver that “No, you’re going to jail”. She is doing him no favors. I think she should also seek some counseling, NOT from her mother, to learn how not to be an enabler. I can’t even watch the scenes that he is in. He just makes me very nervous.

  10. I’m watching it. Just saw the photo shoot. Alexia is a horrible parent. Just rotten. Sorry. I know you think the world of her. But I heard the kid say”That’s why you drive a cab!” to the driver. I thought that was awful. THEN, she said the same thing. I was appalled. I mean…it seems to me that people with a father and ex in jail for whatever, their high and mighty looking down on a cab driver is a little misplaced.

    Lea’s voice is splitting my ear drum. “FAB-U-LOUS”. Ack. She never says anything remotely nice about anyone without a criticism. Or a comparison illustrating that she has something better.

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