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First of all, Jacqueline’s daughter is the bartender and I did not recognize her. She looks STUNNING. She says she has just lost some weight, but she is styled from head to toe. Congrats to her for growing up I guess!

‘Penny’ is the drinking word. Andy is going all in with shade on Penny. They make fun of her “I used to teach autism.” comment (deservedly so).

Jacqueline Questions:
What were you thinking or feeling the moment you heard Penny say Teresa wanted to destroy Melissa? ” Ummmm can I plead the fifth? stutter stutter. I mean I have heard that before but I thought everybody was in a different place. And I thought Penny and her husband definitely are media whores trying to get on the show. ”

Tonight you said that Lucy and Ethel were possibly back.  Did you feel that your mended relationship with Teresa was authentic and what is your friendship status today?  ” I think everybody just got to a point where they did not want to fight anymore. And I think that we’re on really good terms. I lives have changed since we were friends before. So since we have stopped filming we have texted each other from here and there. We have not been able to spend a lot of time together because our lives are different. I’m very busy with what I am doing, she’s busy with what she is doing. So it’s different, but it’s in a good place.”

HOLY CANNOLI! Andy has taped WWHL for next Sunday Primetime and he showed a preview of the questions he asked without their answers. What have you told the kids? Are you in denial about how serious this is? Would you leave the kids with your brother if it came to that? Are you worried about being deported? Teresa do you think you could survive in jail (IT’S NOT JAIL ANDY, IT’S FEDERAL PRISON!)  This will be the highest rated WWHL in history. I predict 3 million viewers RIGHT NOW.

The poll question was who do you believe, Penny or Teresa and It was a landslide for Penny. Kelly said, “Well America got it wrong again!”

Aftershow Questions:

How are Teresa and Joe doing? Jacqueline says she doesn’t talk about it. Andy says he did the primetime interview with them today.  He asked Tre about not opening up to Jacqueline.  Jac says she likes to vent when she is having problems, but Tre just likes to think positive and not discuss it. Kelly says that Teresa seems like she is really trying to hold herself together.

What is your planned next step in your advocacy journey for Nick? “I tweet as much as I can, I blog as much as I can, I speak at lots of conferences. ”

Seriously? Not a single word about spending time with you kid and getting off of twitter?

Lots about Kelly in the aftershow, that was all for Jac. Oh and Andy SORT OF apologized for implying bloggers don’t have there shit together. I feel so much better now that he says blogging is okay if you are not doing it on your own site. SMH.











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27 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Jacqueline Laurita and Kelly Ripa!

  1. Penny said “I used to teach children with autism.” Bravo conveniently left out part of it…

    • Gingersnap

      Wow. Those inglorious Bravo bastards. Wonder if Penny thinks it was worth all this…

    • Skeeter

      Is this confirmed somewhere? The comment was of ignorance and lead me to believe she didn’t even know what autism is. I’m really hoping it was an edit and she’s really not that clueless about autism.

  2. spk

    Kelly was rockin’ some Heather Dubrow Peter-Pan collar tonight.

    • Gingersnap

      Peter Pan collar is right. Wasn’t she wearing “Valentino”? Whateva, I didn’t like the dress, at least on Kelly Rippa. I can’t really think of anyone I would like that dress on though. Even great designers have bad days. SMH/IMO

  3. estrellitabacio

    . Any woman that heard that their brother may be getting cheated on would investigate I know I would. Melissa wasn’t liked by her in-laws since day one. Modern woman and OLD SCHOOL Italian don’t mix. Trust me! My grandparents would talk like a dog about people my siblings and I would date, but in Italian at the dinner table. For example If the woman was too loud, wore clothes that were too sluttish to meet them, and didn’t think to get up and offer to clear her dish she would get put on the puttana bruta list. Is it right? No but this is how old school Italians, and I will put Hispanics in that same group are lol! Back to the point I’m trying to make. If what all the family hears is bad crap then guess what you’re going to have to deal with the repercussions till you can somehow prove otherwise, but that’s only if you’re into family approval. Some people could give a flying fig about in-laws. Teresa had every right to side eye her and if it’s still going strong all these later then where there’s smoke there’s fire. Melissa strikes me as the type who’ll throw the rock and hide her hand.

  4. Beverly

    That was a joke a obout 3 million people watching WWHL. Right? Very few people I know even watch or know RHONJ. I watch HW but stopped watching RHONJ a couple of weeks ago. It is way too scripted and phony. Do not plan to watch RHONY this season. Frankly, I’m tired of the whole HW series and will be glad to see them tank. As someone else said “they have jumped the shark”. Can’t believe Manzo’s got a spin off. Can’t stand “miss goody two shoes, Caroline, what a phony. Back to RHONJ. I’m probably the only person in my family and I mean extended family and friends who even know who Theresa and Joe are. NO ONE cares about them. So why would 3 million people watch WWHL. Don’t get mad at me and ban me from your site TT. Just my humble opinion. I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Not kidding. RHONJ has reached 2.5 at least at times. (Don’t have all my facts and figures) Plus all of NJ will tune in to see this particular train wreck. You don’t have to watch RHONJ to want to see Tre and Joe interview.

    • Agree 100% My friends and I used to laugh at the beginning of this franchise because Jaqueline’s face looked like a face that someone sees on acid. Her face looked like something out of a carnival mirror; what with mismatching facial features. Distorted. Did some badly needed chin reduction. She’s soooo fake. Hit the jackpot with Laurita, otherwise she’d be living in a trailer in the outskirts of Vegas. Laurita is a chump to marry a woman who gets naked for money in front of a bunch of men.

  5. TT-you know I love you but…really? You believe this shit? You actually believe that Penny’s “I teach autism” comment wasn’t edited by the producers to make her look stupid? You didn’t notice that Jac didn’t answer the Q about T saying she wanted to destroy M-maybe because T never said that? I gave up on watching this show once it became apparent that it doesn’t reflect what is REALLY happening, which I can see on twitter and in the news. I might watch if the shit they were making up was FUN to watch, but it’s definitely not.
    I love me some Teresa, but I will not be watching her on WWHL, and as much as I would like her to have the highest rated show of the season to prove that she is the QUEEN of Bravo, I will understand if no one else watches either. Made up, fake, stupid drama between fame whores fails to entertain.

    • Beverly

      I read somewhere else that she said “I used to teach children with Autism” but Bravo edited it. Just too fake. I can’t watch it anymore. I don’t think I can watch TandJ interview on WWHL because you know we won’t learn anything new. They’ll probably both go to prison. I think joe Gorga is the next one to go down. He was probably doing the same shady things.

      • You read that somewhere?

      • JoJo

        I read it too that this Penny gal was edited. It was on the #RHONJ twitter feed, which had links to notorious pro Giudice blogs and vehemently anti rest of the cast and included Penny’s own twitter response. That being said, considering Bravo’s editing history, it wouldn’t surprise me that what she said was edited, but one can’t discount the source.

      • I realize that Bravo edits everything, but we saw Penny’s lips move on that. When they frankenbite, the camera is usually not on the speaker.

    • Sorry, Cammie, but the real Queen of Bravo is Andy.


    • JoJo

      I wasn’t watching closely enough, but I tend to believe you TT. Generally, most of these gals clawing to be on the show certainly aren’t scholars, but some are seriously more handicapped than the others. It’s very likely after being told or reading how utterly ignorant “teaching autism” sounded, Miss Penny did damage control, got on twitter, blamed editing, and/or make buddy buddy with some prolific pro-Giudice/hate everyone else bloggers willing to print it!

  6. Katrina

    I can’t wait to see the Tereasa and Joe interview. Them being charged was national news and a lot of people want answers. All the questions that Andy asked in the preview were questions I have seen around the web.

    • Gingersnap

      I admit unashamedly I will be watching. They may not answer much, but it will be interesting watching them in the hot seat. Those are some pretty tough questions. I doubt if Andy will prod them too much either.

      • I fear Andy will ASK those hard hitting questions and they will not be forthcoming with answers. Their lawyers surely have them pretty gagged.

        I liked Kelly’s dress. Kelly looks great in everything (the upside to not having boobs, you can wear couture…) I’m a fan of simple dresses, peter pan collars not a bunch of hullabaloo.

  7. Otherpeoplesproblems

    Jacs daughter looks good after many surgeries. Im probably just bitter because i cant afford them

  8. I’d rather see an interview with all the people that Teresa and Joe screwed. Now that would be interesting. Of course this is going to be a hard hitting (fluff piece) interview with Tre and Joe.
    As for Penny, doesn’t she own a salon? Yet her hair looks like crap all the time. Not very good advertising. Penny’s husband, Johnny The Greek, does own a hot dog eatery on River Rd in Clifton, NJ. It’s serves great hot dogs if you like them deep fried. Used to go there as a child.

  9. JoJo

    I agree TT that 3M viewers for the WWHL with the Giudices is likely, especially after the snippet of the preview and Andy’s “hard-hitting” questions, which I doubt we’ll get any real answers though. I was a tad shocked they agreed to or were allowed by their attorneys to even be on and questioned. So, I’ll be watching to just see their reactions to the questions I guess.
    I have to agree with some that it’s lost it’s entertainment value. After the first couple episodes this season, I just read the recaps here and occasionally watch a re-run – it’s not even fun-fake or interesting anymore.
    (I found the delightful Devious Maids this season airing at the same time and maybe Mark Cherry could help RHNJ with the script next season!)

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